Friday, October 20, 2017

Five on Friday #128

EINS -Things from this week:

-Bridal portraits went swimmingly.  I ended up using our wedding photographer because shit just wasn't working out with the other photographer I was trying to use.  She was already booked on the date the library had told me I could come and after calling the library to schedule 3 times, I said fuck this shit and emailed Nick to ask if he was available.  He was, and I get the digitals.  Done.

Although I did almost have a meltdown when I arrived to the library and saw all the scaffolding on the outside and when I walked inside there were chairs set up in the main part of the library and there was cardboard covering the floor and the windows had been removed and the holes covered with ply boards. When I had called about doing the shoot there, the lady had said there was "some" construction going on.. Uhhh "some" construction is like a single room being renovated.  For someone who runs a library, I expected her to be a little more concise.  I may have said something to the effect of, "Our entire space is covered in dust from entire building renovations and we have black sheets hanging up and there is ply boards over the windows and random items stashed in the stacks.  But if you really want to have a shoot here, ok.  Also, we start turning off the lights at 5pm, even though we close at 5:30."  I guess now I understand her weirdness when I called about it in the first place.  Lesson learned.  I think we got some good photos though.  We stopped at the Charleston City Market and Nick was a rebel and got a photo of me in the market, per my request.  We then walked around downtown, kinda like what we did for our engagement photos.  Again, I got blisters on my feet from walking in my heels.

I got so many awwwws and compliments and congratulations while we were shooting.  We're having a cold snap (which I'm hoping is a permanent snap for the remainder of the year) and it was perfect outside.  I got a little sweaty wearing a mabillionty layers of tulle or whatever my dress is made from, but it wasn't as miserable as it would have been last week, so praise Allah.

Finally, I didn't pay to use the library, like I had originally agreed to when I scheduled the shoot.  1- I was barely able to use the space since there was so much construction, 2- we were only there for 30 minutes. 3- the lady I scheduled with never even came out to greet me and no one asked me for money, soooooo you no get my dollas.  #sorrynotsorry

Also, a HUUUUUGGEEEE thank you shoutout to Twin Mom for being my assistant after I realized on Sunday that I was going to be unable to dress myself on Sunday night around midnight.  We are super lucky to have such a great group of friends in Charleston.

I'm obviously the one who misses and falls.

-Makeup and hair trial is finally over and I'm so glad.  I wasn't worried about it, but it felt like a huge ordeal and I knew I couldn't forget anything since I was going straight from work and it was a lot of pressure since I've been pretty scattered brained these last few months.  Things just fell into place perfectly since I had a huge assignment due on Weds morning, which meant that it needed to be completed by Tuesday night, which meant that Wednesday I got to focus on my shit instead of school shit.  YAY.

I was informed that I was going for a more "fun" (see: less traditional) look and the makeup artist seemed a little out of her comfort zone at first.  Once she saw how pleased I was, she seemed to be ok.  Honestly, a monkey could have done my makeup better than me, so my satisfaction isn't really a standard of measurement.  I wasn't super pleased that she kept telling me that she didn't have time to redo things since we had a time crunch.  Uhhhh, what?  Why is there a time crunch?  Either way, shit got done and it was fine.  I also cemented the fact that while I might be less traditional for my eye shadow, my always needs to look sharp and sleek and my brain literally wrinkles when my hair is teased for volume.  Hate, hate, hate.

-Our glass unity ceremony stuff arrived AND my wedding band.  Is it Nov 1st yet?

-I spent most of yesterday creating signs for the reception.  I love making signs.  I love fonts and typography and spacing and getting everything JUST right.  Except when I leave off vital information and have to redo all that meticulous work.  Still, it was better than sitting in discrete math not knowing what the fuck is going on in my life.

ZWEI - Money I've spent:

As is my luck, Chase recognized some fraudulent charges on my credit card, which means that they completely closed the card and had to reissue me another.  This is annoying for several reasons. 1- That was the card that is saved everywhere for my online purchases and I'd pretty much memorized it.  2- It was an awesome card, like the physical card was awesome.  It was made from titanium or something and it was very heavy compared to a plastic credit card.  I don't know if I'll get another like that.  3- I hate that identity theft is a thing.  Ugh.

  • Gifts for my people.
  • Wedding earrings
  • Ariel costume for bachelorette shenanigans, to include a wig (Lawd, help us me)
  • A map to use as a guest book/poster for guests to sign.  I need to get it printed.
  • Spotify
  • WeddingMix for a wedding video service.  I wanted a recording of our vows and maybe the toasts that people give and a way for people to share their photos with us.  We'll see how it works out, but I hope that with enough pushing, guests will USE this service... and that I'll be able to wrangle 3 people into being videographers for the night.
  • Pasta sauce - otherwise, I'm ignoring the grocery store this week and we'll make do with what we have.. aka we're probably going to starve.
  • Coffee Weds morning.  I bought peppermint mocha creamer for the house, so that eliminates the need to pay $5+ for coffee, but I thought I'd splurge since it was bridal portraits day.
  • Verizon bill
  • Teh German's wedding gift
  • Dinner for Twin Mom and I (with a large tip because I'm super needy and because our server was awesome and didn't interrupt us when we were in the middle of a conversation)
  • Parking garage for downtown
  • Photographer for bridal portraits
  • Hair/makeup trial 
  • Cake/cupcakes for the wedding

DREI - From my phone:

They make overhead projectors still.
Mind blown.

Teh German's face when he realized that our cake topper also included Pax and Meri, which he didn't know about.

The Ariel hot mess express is comin' through.

I was pissed to open my coffee and see that my $4.50 cup of coffee wasn't completely full.
I hadn't drank any of it since it was practically boiling when the lady handed it to me.
I opened it up to add some peppermint mocha creamer since I don't think she added any syrup to my order.

Wednesday was 2 weeks exactly!

Gettin' all fancccyyy

Walking into the library and seeing this was only the start of what could have been a meltdown.
It turned out fine.
I was still pissed.

Am I naked?  You'll never know. ;)

What $150 looks like when Fiance says he wants it to be a surprise.
Not included: false eyelashes.

Pretty sure I looked like a 90s rock band member because of all the hair spray.
Piece of hair were clumped together like dreads.
A shower tamed the hair beast.

Teh German officially requested that full ownership of Pax go to him.
I never did this with Phil, but Pax is officially Teh German's dog after he gets the certificate back.

VIER - From the internet:

-I spent a lot of time on Pinterest this week pinning wedding shit.  If you want to see it, it's here.  No one cares though, and I'm fully aware of this.

-That whole #MeToo thing went around this week and if you've been a Gentle Reader for long enough, you know that I have my own story to tell.  Sadly, so many of us have stories to tell that we don't talk about because it's easier not to but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.  Awareness is key.  I started reading through the Twitter posts and started to loathe humanity more than normal.


FÜNF - 10 things that made me happy this week:

  1. CHARLESTON SUMMER!  This means that we've officially left Charleston Hell behind and people can go outside without significant concerns that someone will be suffering from heat stroke in the next 30 seconds.  Normal people call this phenomenon "Fall".
  2. Tackling the bridal portraits hurdle.  It was a big deal and a big day and it was a huge relief off my shoulders when it was over.  Getting to hang out with Twin Mom while eating Mex 1 definitely didn't hurt either.
  3. Figuring out QR codes.  Now we just hope that they work on the day of the wedding.  Really though, if they don't, IDGAF.
  4. Evenings with NO homework and NO computer.
  5. Plans to go to MD to take a turn being Teh Running Bestie's post-surgery nurse.
  6. Wedding signage.  SO MUCH SIGNS AND FONTS.
  7. Riding Bagheera to work and school today.
  8. Rereading favorite books.
  9. Making plans for visitors.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. Glad the make up is what you want, so important on a special day.

  2. LOL I still have overhead projectors in my classrooms.


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