Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Unpopular Opinions Part 1

Megan's unpopular opinions...

Beer is disgusting.  All beer.  Cheap beer.  Craft beer.  ALL BEER.

Don't try to change my mind.  Yes, I will take a sip of Teh German's beers every now and then, but there isn't a beer that I've tried that is enjoyable.  Not a single beer has graced my mouth that made me thing, "Yeah, I want more of this."  I have drank beers before that have been experiments in toleration.  It's not my jam.  It means more for you.

All wine tastes like Jesus Communion wine.

I don't like wine either.  I blame this on being raised Catholic.  Just like beer, I've tried many a sip of wine all to the same result: I could probably tolerate some of those wines, but nary a one has been something that I wanted to ingest more of.  Again, more for you!

Doing things on a mobile device/tablet is better than doing it on a computer.

NO.  That stupid tiny keyboard is only meant for making me feel like I have oversized foam thumbs.  Autocorrect is of the devil.  Mobile websites are complete garbage since they usually don't have full functionality (with the exception of our mobile wedding website, which I purposely made with exactly the same functionality as the desktop version, you are welcome very much).  That said, "I don't use a computer," is NOT a valid excuse if you are constantly updating your Facebook from your phone.  If you can use the Facebook app, you can manage to open up the browser app and go to websites.  It's a thing.  I promise.

Winter is best.  Fall is bestest.

I live in the asshole of the South, if you don't believe that, check out a map of South Carolina and determine the proximity of Charleston in relation to the east coast's butt (PS. Lake Michigan looks like a dick).  When someone was discussing how they thought it was super miserable this summer after they moved here in June and myself and another individual had to inform them that this summer was actually very mild compared to "normal" Charleston summers, they almost packed up their shit right there and moved to another state.  Most people in Charleston are all about that "Salt Life" (barf), but I'm all about that Hood Life.  By hood life I mean HOODIE life.  My world is pretty much perfect when I'm wearing a hoodie.  There is never a day that I'd rather be hot and dealing with swamp ass over being cold.  I love some warm socks and blankets and snuggles.  Die, Summer, die.

TV is stupid.

People seem to have a hard time accepting the fact that I/we don't watch TV.  I don't know why.  I cannot stand the commercials, I can't stand the stereotypes and pushed agendas.  Essentially, I hate everything.  There are times when I think to myself that I want to watch TV and then I spend 5 minutes watching it in public somewhere (doctor's office or at someone else's house or a restaurant or the vet center on campus) and I remember why I never watch TV.  Yes, I could choose to watch awesome shows after the fact without commercials, but that leads me to my next point...

Popular things are stupid.

Ok, on this point, I've been proven wrong a few times, but generally, I am strong in my opinions about this.  I didn't read Harry Potter or Twilight until 2012, pretty much at the start of their decline in popularity.  I didn't want to be part of the fangirl crowd and that continues to this day.  What does this mean for me when I do finally get around to partaking in whatever craze is going around?  It's probably already over.  All the books are published, all the episodes are released.  I don't have to wait on the next episode.  #betterlatethannever  PS.  I've fallen out of touch with Grey's Anatomy, Game of Thrones, and Silicone Valley.  I'm not heartbroken about it.

Coffee is gross.

Unless it contains a diabetic coma inducing amount of sugar and/or flavoring.  Peppermint mochas year round for me.  I have partaken of pumpkin spice, but I'd rather have a peppermint mocha any day.

Energy drinks are the worst.

The smell of Red Bull makes me gag.  Seriously.  I don't understand how people can drink that garbage.  Teh German likes to get them when we drive long distances and I spend a majority of that time with my nose in my shirt.. sniffing my boobs?  Whatevs, anything is better than the smell of chemicals that are probably not digestible.


  1. I hate red bull and the southern summers (damn you humidity!!!!) and I do feel that there are way to many agendas that get pushed on prime time television. But we watch an embarrassing amount of tv shows, so obviously I submit. But then Chris and I discuss for a good 30 minutes after it's over how we are tired of agendas being pushed in nearly every single damn show we watch in some form or another. And I would much rather type on my laptop or desktop keyboard any day. The only thing I do on my iPad is read books and pin things on Pinterest.

  2. I agree on the TV one. I watch Netflix but that's about it. And when I do watch Netflix I binge an entire show before starting a new one.

  3. Agree 100% about beer. There are plenty of other things to drink. Like cider! We don't have cable, only Netflix,Hulu,& Amazon Prime. Saves money and brain cells! LOL

  4. I do NOT like the taste of beer and wine either. Oddly enough, the beer I like the most (taste-wise) is Guinness. If a Bloody Mary is made well, I like those too. Otherwise? ICK.

  5. ugh no summer live, winter die. gross. though i do like a hoodie, i will wear a hoodie in june. anything under 80 degrees is cold to me. i can't handle coffee at all, even with a truck load of sugar in it. gross. no thanks.
    as for the popularity thing.. i used to care about stuff like that, if something was super popular my first instinct was NO but i got over it as i got older. now i read what i want, watch what i want, do whatever i want regardless of how popular it is. that doesn't mean my expectations aren't high or low based on hype, but whatever. i do what i want. ha

  6. I agree with most of these! I can't stand beer, although I can do the hard ciders and thankfully NC is doing well with those. For wine I pretty much only do muscadine wine, which I'm not sure even counts. Netflix is the only TV because yes, ads are the WORST. And peppermint totally trumps pumpkin spice.

  7. I actually drink Red Bull and Monster energy drinks but that's because I mix them with my Jagermeister. I don't care for beer either, thus the reason I drink Jager. I have to agree with ya on the autumn weather but I despise winter.


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