Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday Dump

-I didn't feel like a 5 on Friday was gonna happen, so a dump post instead.  #weddingweek #sorrynotsorry #atleastIshowedup

-I feel like we should get at least 3 points for typing up our math homework.  Seriously.  It takes me 30 minutes just to type up the questions, which is a requirement.  #ihateeverything
Update: apparently is NOT a requirement to type up the question.  So glad the instructor could tell me that... <

-My German professor opened up all the homework assignments for me through Nov 6th so I can complete them early.  My CS professor said that if I fall behind he will allow me to submit late assignments with no penalty since real life comes before school life (he totally gets me and I'm sad he's not teaching the follow on class next semester).  My math assignments are due on days that I'm in class, but my professor and I discussed my absence on Weds next week and she said the class I'm missing is probably one of the best classes to miss.  We're learning how to turn binary and hexadecimal numbers into actual numbers and vice versa.  I'm actually sad to miss this class because I was actually excited for that lesson (don't judge me).  I didn't get to speak with my Chem professor, but she's already posted an assignment and we just took our test so I'm not overly worried.

-35/50 on my last computer science kinda sucked, but we can make up some points and we drop our lowest test grade, which is good since that tanked my super high A to a 94.  I know, I know.  #MeganProblems.

-80.5 on my chem test that I was mostly unprepared for.  It was a 78.5 but there was a grading error so +2 points for me pushed me up to a B.  BOOM BITCHES.

-My class average in my hellious math class is an 83.something.  It's a B.  If I make a B in that class, I'm going to celebrate so fucking hard.

-ALL THE WEDDING THINGS!  I rocked this week.  Not only was it girl week (ugh, but better now than next week #perspective) but I accomplished ALL THE THINGS and spent the money to prove it.
  • Guest "book" designed and printed out.
  • Handouts approved and printed.
  • Emails sent to the DJ about music selections.  Yes, multiples.  Music is serious.  Perfect songs must be selected and played at the appropriate times.  I know that this is something that means a lot to both Teh German AND myself, thus it is a priority.
  • Plans, plans, plans!!
  • Multiple trips to Total Wine... (this speaks for itself)
  • Gifts distributed

-We went to see Bill Engvall on Thursday and it was spectacular.  My face hurt from the lols.  It was nice that it was just Bill.  No opening act.  The show started 10 minutes late and he was done by 9, which was ok for our group of old people.

Top: Teh Running Bestie, Me, Teh German, Roux's Humom, Mr. Golfer
Left: These people were going to photobomb us and then I invited them to.

-I've been doing this thing on FB where I share a/some photo(s) of Teh German and I with a little backstory each day since we hit one week till the wedding.  It's bringing me great joy.

-Group projects should be banned for forever.  Seriously.  They are the worst.  I forget what it was like to be 18-20 in college, but if I was like the dudes in my math group, I hate college Megan.  There was that one time that Teh WJL and I stayed up until at least 3am writing a speech once for my Public Speaking class.  #ThoseWereTheDays

I just can't understand how these kids are soooo busy they can't even respond to an email.  I go to school full time AND work full time AND I have a pretty active social life AND that whole thing about I'm getting married in the immediate future and I make the time to do things before last minute.  But ugh.  YOUTHS!

From the phone:


This is what chemistry looks like.
Pressure and volume to be specific.

Wedding things at Staples.

How cute are my beasts?
I love that Pax is finally making himself at home by getting on the bed...
Even if it means black hair all over my comforter.

What do you call a crocodile that hangs out between buildings?
An alley gator.
Yes, I'm aware that alligators and crocodiles are different.
This joke came from the internet.


  1. So very exciting! I can't believe it's almost time for the wedding I feel like with my hiatus from the Internet that I have missed out on so much! But I'm so excited for you all! Also music is very important so I totally understand that I was pretty manic about our music as well. I have no idea how you're doing all the school stuff and wedding stuff and working stuff. I can barely manage the mothering stuff and the home stuff.

  2. You are doing great in your classes!

    BOO YOUTHS! And group projects. Seriously...emails are so easy. Just write back already.

    It's almost your wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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