Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Weekend Review {10/30} - The weekend before we were MAWWIED.

TL;DR: Drunken shenanigans and puking in streets and dressing up like princesses and ALL THINGS WEDDING!


Chilly FALL morning with the fog over the parade field at The Citadel.

I'm not sure why I don't go to the Dollar Tree more.

We had some issues printing out the guestbook sign/poster and Staples was awesome at assisting me to get it PERFECT.
I think the lady was satisfied to see the look on my face when I came in to pick up the corrected poster and I was elated.

Every time I went to the store I'd think to myself "Do we need more beer?"
NO, MEGAN.  The answer is NO.
We look like we have a problem.
Fortunately, a large dent was put into the collection on Sunday night (as expected).

After a long day, I took a nap and Teh German went out for his bachelor hangout.  Teh Running Bestie and I hung out with Teh Neighbor Besties.  We ordered pizza and played Organ Attack.  Eventually we headed back home and did some late night teleworking.  YAY for teleworking.

It was pretty early when Teh German came home white girl wasted.  He had puked and that debacle was hilarious to me.  His claim to fame is that he puked ON OUR STREET while the car was still moving.  I helped him get cleaned up and into bed, then went back downstairs to document the night away.


Teh German rallied well and had no issues getting up for our walk on Saturday morning.  #TeamInjuredBrokeAsses walked almost a whole 5k, which was boring, but the most we could commit to with 2 bum ankles and my hip.

We met a 7 year old at the end who needed some "fuel" to keep going and we encouraged her and jogged with her.  Her chaperone didn't seem very into it, so they were glad we showed up to save the day.

After our run, we met Teh Neighbor Besties at Sam's to pick up some items for the gathering on Sunday night.  I ended up with a whole lot more than was on my list, butttt #weddingweek #donotcurr.

After a required nap, I showered and Teh Running Bestie and I met Teh Neighbor Besties downtown to start my bachelorette shenanigans.

When you are just not strong enough to hold up to my abuse...
I broke Teh PT Wife's credit card and it was definitely weird.

After the bar, Teh Sister and I walked down to Callie's Hot Little Biscuit to pick up a hangover biscuits.  It was worth all the steps and bitches stepping on my feet with their spike heels.


We headed to brunch on Sunday morning with an extremely hungover Megan and Teh Dental Hygienist.  I joined the street pukers club and regurgitated all the water I had consumed since I woke up at 0615 on the side of the road.  While not our street, Teh German and I have our own club again.  #bestteamforever

Rutledge Cab Co brunch
Huevos rancheros with Teh PT Wife's eggs.

After brunch, we headed back home.  I tried to get my life together and work on immediately due homework and things.  I did end up taking a nap because there were a LOT of people coming to the house in the evening and I knew that I needed to not be a grouchy pants.

We gathered with the neighbors and the Germans and I believe that everyone had a good time.


I went to school on Monday because I need to learn things in class.  NC State Megan would have just skipped class, but Citadel Megan has to go to class to learn things.  It was torture because I did NOT want to be in class.  I did remember to stop and pay for my parking pass since it expires at the end of October (because that's super convenient).  I asked for a blue parking pass instead of the red day vet one and they said yes.  FUCK YES.  This should be a complete eliminator of future parking citations.

Pax was super interested in the feather on our wedding present from Teh Sister:
A lady and dude dinosaur dressed up in wedding regalia.
They are epic.

Monday evening included dinner with the newly arrived Germans who were not here on Sunday night.  I have been unsuccessfully attempting to do homework since I got out of school on Monday and have not been very successful.  This post was yet another procrastination methodology.  Siiiigh.

Tomorrow is the big day.  I'm excited and not really nervous and excited.
But do not worry, Gentle Readers, tomorrow's blog post has been scheduled for at least 2 weeks...  :)


  1. Haha did you really have bachelorette shenanigans if someone didn't puke in the streets? I think not! Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend. Damn that is a lot of beer!

  2. Successful shenanigans? I think yes! Happy wedding day tomorrow!!

  3. dollar tree!! i don't go because i spend all the money.
    hahahaha white girl wasted! poor guy. at least you joined the club later haha.
    RIP credit card. love the outfits you girls wore!


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