Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Week Review {10/18}


Friday is a school/work day, so the AM was spent in class.  After my math test (which I was feeling rather skeptical about), I decided to celebrate by skipping Chemistry, a class I rarely get anything from.  There was a huge book sale taking place over the weekend that opened at 11 on Friday, so I headed there.  I had selected several books to purchase and then put them all back after I decided that waiting in line for over an hour just wasn't on my agenda for the day.

Since I was already in Mount Pleasant, I made a pitstop at Metto for coffees and delivered to Teh German.  We chatted for a few minutes and then I headed to work for a few hours.  I had talked to Teh PT Wife and she had invited Teh German and I to join the Neighbor Besties for evening activities.

After leaving work, I headed home, got in a quick walk with the beasts, and then we were back out the door for activities.

The first stop was Smokey Oak Taproom for dinner.  It's no secret that Willie Jewell's is my favorite bbq in Charleston, but the brisket at Smokey Oak beat out Willie Jewell's.  But, Willie Jewell's pulled pork still reigns at #1.  After dinner, we headed to Folly Beach for drinks at Pier 101. 

Teh Dental Hygienist is an artist.

The bar closed at 10, which we felt was super early.  The night ended with Teh PT Husband being forced into a drunken serenade while Teh PT Wife used him as a human body guard.  After, we all headed home for bedtime.


I had a hair appt at 10 on Saturday morning.  I walked out looking fabulous.

Teh German had decided that he wanted to go to a greyhound meet and greet on Johns Island since it was at Low Tide Brewing.  I said ok since it's always nice to go on an outing with the beasts.

We met Julian while were there, a Frenchie puppy.



We made it home by 2 and I spent the rest of the afternoon doing homework while Teh German worked on Bob the Bobber Bike.

That seat is ziptied onto the bike.
So yeah, definitely a work in progress.

In the evening, we headed over to Teh PT House for dinner.  It was super loud (which happens sometimes) and I ended up going home a bit early, which was the start of everyone else leaving too.  Oops, my bad.  I was sleepy tired, despite taking a short nap.. story of my life lately.


Sunday, Teh German and I both got up with the dogs.  Teh German said he wasn't tired anymore so he was staying up and I had a million years worth of homework to do.  I made plans with Teh Dental Hygienist to go shopping at 11, so I wanted to accomplish some homework since I wasn't sure how late we would be out.

Pax with his new beer collar.

Teh Dental Hygienist and I hit up World Market first.  I found a few items I was looking for.  Then we hit up Ross and TJ Maxx on the hunt for my bridal jewelry.  After, we stopped a Target for a few quick things.

It says "Hey Ewe" on the lip.
I loved it.

Halloween at Target would be pointless if I didn't share some costume wins with you.

We made it home around 2 and I sat down and worked on homework until I was afraid my head was going to slam into my keyboard.  I headed outside and read for a few minutes and tried to nap in the hammock, but it was really just too hot outside.  CharlestonSummer problems.

All the while, Teh German had been out to brunch and then riding with Teh SC German and Teh SC Teacher.  When he came home, we relaxed on the couch for a bit before I finally heated up some leftovers for dinner.  While we were eating, this HUGE ASS OWL came to hang out in the trees behind our house.  We've been hearing this guy for weeks, but this was the first time I've seen him.  UUUGGGEEEEEEE.

After dinner, I worked on homework until it was bedtime.  I had wanted to fit in an episode of Mad Men, but it just wasn't meant to be.


School again on Monday.  Learned something essential in German that no one else seemed to understand... it also might have made a difference if they would have been awake for class, but whatevs.  Test in computer science.  Got an 83/100 on my math test from Friday (WOOOOOTTT!!!), which was a surprise to myself AND the teacher.  Chem class was as useless as always.  I spent lunch working on my chem lab homework, which is the only way I've figured out to help myself pass the quizzes we have every class.

Copper and Silver and hydrochloric acid?
I can't remember what this was anymore, but it looked cool.

Received my FOURTH parking citation, for those of you keeping up with that saga.
Another vet student tried to tell me that they had more tickets than me with 6.
I one-upped him like a boss when I explained that I've received 4 tickets since AUGUST.

I hit up Total Wine and Target on my way home from class for some "essentials".  #notsorry

As I was doing homework (I'm working on this million year long chemistry assignment that is due on Wednesday morning), Teh Cupcake Queen delivered our last test batch of wedding cupcakes, strawberry shortcake.  Teh German had one and said, "THESE."  He hadn't commented about any of the other test cupcakes at all.  So yeah, we'll be having strawberry shortcake cupcakes for the wedding.

This is me having a stare-down with my 2nd cupcake and eventually just deciding to eat it right then because it was sooooo delicious.  #notsorry

I did homework for a little while longer and finally decided to call it quits for an episode of Mad Men. 


I'm glad that I'm getting the swing of weekends and normalcy and homework load.  The anxiety medication still has me functioning at top notch and I lurve it.  No crazy meltdowns, no screaming at the dogs.. I'm like a normal, balanced person.  I'm not crazy stressed about all the things I have to do (which are really starting to accumulate with the wedding countdown dwindling).

In the past week I've been accomplishing the shit out of wedding things.  I've been taking care of detail stuffs.  Decisions have been made about music.  I have some print outs to do, but I'm ready for some font work.  I placed my cupcake order.  I have bridal portraits today (Wednesday) since there is no class because the Cadets are having Leadership Day.  I know they are reading this, but I bought some gifts for my peeps who have been instrumental in helping me keep my sanity throughout this wedding process.  I'm waiting on shipments this week for several items, including my wedding band, which should be here this week (yay).


  1. -Your had looks awesome.

    -Target has much better costumes than I would have thought.

    -WTF on those tickets. Bless you.

  2. Ha that mug is awesome! The hammock picture just makes me want my own house already. I want to do house things. I want to care about where I live & make it mine.

  3. That unicorn head is seriously so creepy looking lol


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