Monday, September 28, 2020

Weekend Review {9/28}


In the morning was work things, lunchtime included dropping off Willow for 30,000 mile maintenance and picking up Willie Jewell's for take-away lunch, and the afternoon consisted of more work things.

I actually got to do a work task and it was minimal, but I did it!

In the evening, we went to Subaru to pick up my car, but it was locked, unlike what I'd be told, and I was PISSED we'd wasted a trip out.  I mean, I hadn't been overly pleased at the idea of leaving my car unlocked on the lot, but my ride (Husband) wasn't available until after they closed, so I figured it'd be fine.  It was not fine.  I couldn't bring Willow home.  DID NOT LIKE.

Since we'd eaten a big lunch, we snacked for dinner and spent the evening watching Silicone Valley.


Saturday morning was going pretty good until Teh German asked me if I wanted to go pick up Willow and I remembered how livid I was at the dealership.  UGH.  We handled that situation, I went by the grocery store to pick up ice cream for the Willie Jewell's bread pudding we'd gotten on Friday and by Bojangles for a gravy biscuit since I was already out. #SorryNotSorry.  I got home and ate my breakfast and Teh German and I did some slight house keeping to make sure that the house was picked up since we'd agreed (despite how pissy I was about it) to let the buyers come view the house again.  I'm not really sure what they needed to see, they kinda did another complete walk through.

There was some initial sass about the dogs being home (although they were outside) but things smoothed out from there.  We tried to explain some of the smarthome stuff to them and explained that we'd leave a list of apps that go with each device so they can manage it.  I chatted with their realtor about Barbados (after she asked when we'd be vacating) which was fun.

They did decide they wanted the washer and dryer and we agreed that if we were required to replace the HVAC drip pan (that has a motherfucking rust spot in it, despite having been replaced such a short time ago, also, fuck that HVAC) that the money could come from that.

I was rather irritated when they arrived because we were literally sitting around waiting on them to arrive and we noticed a car pull up at 2:15 and then another 10 minutes later and they didn't actually come in until 2:30 and their appointment was for 2 and well.. tardiness and I are not close friends.  Also, I was just generally angsty because what if these people were horrible and wanted to replace the floors and take down the pallet wall and repaint the walls AND THEN THEY TOLD ME?!?  By the end, it wasn't so bad, but still, I'm an escalator and shit was escalating quickly.

They left by 3 and our day resumed it's normal nothingness.  I got motivated and decided to make this sweet potato/chickpea patty recipe I'd found (with a greek yogurt dipping sauce) and it was an absolute flop.

1- I had to hand grate an entire sweet potato.  Rude.
2- I don't oil fry things, so I had to determine time/temp to put these in the air fryer.
3- They just weren't that good.

So blah that Teh German and I agreed we wouldn't be eating the leftovers if I cooked them, so I didn't even bother to cook the rest of the patty mix and tossed it (I would have fed it to the dogs, but it had raw onion in it).

Teh German had posted our trailer and the fish tank for sale on Marketplace and the trailer was gone within 2 hours of the listing.  Teh German's next goal is to acquire a covered trailer, which he's been talking about for a while, with the money from the trailer and motorcycle sales.

In the evening, we watched Silicon Valley until WAYYY too late and finally went to bed by midnight.


Teh German and I agreed that we needed to start hitting up some of our favorite CHS places before we leave and Holy City brunch was HIGH on that list.  We agreed to take the bikes out and go to brunch on Sunday morning.  We were functional at 0900 when the realtor messaged us asking us to call.  Things I was not interested in: dealing with house/realtor that early in the morning.  Things I did: ripped off the bandaid and called the realtor.

The buyers were negotiating repairs/washer dryer pricing, the also wanted to purchase the trailer.  I straight up told our agent, they should have spoken up yesterday when they were here/to my face if they wanted to buy stuff.  We're selling as much as possible so we don't have to move it...  We discussed some options and then I got off the phone and Teh German and I got ready to leave.

We headed out by 1030 and still there was a short wait when we arrived.  We were seated and had ordered when the realtor called me to discuss their rebuttal.  Gentle Readers, I HATE negotiating.  HHHAAATTTEEE ITTTTT.  I hate having to overprice everything to get what I actually want to get from a transaction.  Having come off a Marketplace selling streak, my skills are sharp right now, and also, I was really taken advantage of in Bahrain multiple times because of my ignorance.. so I'm bitter too.  But the reality is, these buyers are making me feel like I'm being nickeled-and-dimed for every.little.thing.

While I was talking to the realtor, our food came and I started eating because I was starving.  I was confused at the presence of onions on my meal, but just kinda pushed them to side and dug in.. Then I got off the phone and was explaining the call with Teh German (since it was too loud inside for speakerphone) when another entrée arrived to our table and was offered to me as "the meal you actually ordered."  I hadn't even remembered what I had actually ordered.  In my defense, they entrée they brought first was actually my backup choice, so that's kinda why I couldn't remember... and I was distracted when the food arrived, so that too.

L: Poutine; R: taters + egg

Everything was delicious.  I had almost ordered the chicken and waffles, but we might actually go back to HCB next weekend because they are my favorite brunch place.  It is what it is.  We stayed for a while and sipped our beverages (mmmm sweet tea) and discussed the situation with the buyers and negotiation and just stuff.  Eventually, we decided it was time to go and we agreed to ride down to Folly Beach and then come home.

The ride out was great.  The weather is perfect riding weather, not too hot, not too cold.  Also, I hadn't been to Folly in a hot minute.  I was supposed to do a half marathon there in Feb, but I was dying of the Death Sickness (was it COVID?  Was it not?  no one knows!) so I didn't get to run that race.  Fun fact, riding the distance on a bike felt just as far as running it!

On our way home, we encountered a pretty bad accident where our entire side of the highway was shut down so we had to turn around and make a significant detour to get home.  Fortunately, the weather held out so the ride wasn't bad, but my poor inner thighs were screamin' by the time we got home and lawd was my crotch numb.

When we got home, I showered and started working on Meri's birthday cake.  Teh PT Kid came over for some math tutelage. We worked through his study guide so he'd ace his upcoming test.  When the cake was done, I fed him cake.  I also prepared birthday treats for all the beasties (resident hounds and neighbor hounds).  I dispensed bday cake (human vanilla cake + dog icing (greek yogurt mixed with crunchy peanut butter) topped with an apple slice and some mini marshmallows) to our beasts and new toys.  After Teh PT Kid departed, Meri and I walked down to Roux's house for some yard/social time and to deliver birthday treats to neighbor furiends!

Around doggy dinner time, I headed home to reunite with the fam.  Dinner was pizza fries.  Evening entertainment consisted of dog petting, screen time, and Silicon Valley.


Overall, a fabulous weekend.  Good weather = motorcycle date, which is one of our favorite activities, for sure.

I cannot stress enough just how over the entire house selling/buying shit I am.  Because, truly, I hate everything about it.  From "that's the way it is done" to negotiating and feeling like an asshole for standing my ground.  I know that we'll walk away from this process with money in our pocket, but it feels tainted and there's no joy because it feels like every penny we get to keep in our pocket we've had to fight for and it's exhausting (also, most of that money is from when we were overpaying on the house payment, but ya know, details).  And the worst part is... we're only half way through this garbage.  So many of the things our buyers have asked for are things I'd NEVER ask for.. but I'm confident as soon as the MD realtor says, "that's just the way things are," I/we'll be asking for the same things and feeling like an absolute sleezebag.

We have to repair the HVAC drip pan and replace some vent cover thing outside the house that Teh German acknowledged breaking (which is a few dollars).  They also requested that we repaint the wall in the living room with all the photos on it and I straight up said NO (and the realtor backed up me on this since it's cosmetic).  We're leaving the extra paint for you to do your own touch ups.  You know what, you have to do SOME work when it comes to buying a house and moving in.  I'm not doing it for you.  I have to do MY OWN MOVE and buy my own house and deal with all the same shit.  How about you think of that?  Jesus, take the wheel.

I did agree to having the carpets cleaned because they have needed to be cleaned for a while and I never had it done because we were waiting on the HVAC to be repaired, then it got side-lined because school, then we painted and I wanted to wait till after that.. Then COVID.  Soo, fine.

They will be purchasing our washer and dryer, which saves us from having to move those bitches and being paranoid about mold from any water that remained in the washer and them from having to wait on ordering something that is currently backordered.  There was also talk about purchasing the curtains/rods, so I'm waiting to hear about that.

The appraiser came earlier today and took her photos and measurements.  It was super quick, she was very friendly, and we talked about the resident beasties. 

I am beyond NEEDING to go to the Chiro.  I'm about to have to have Teh German drive my broke ass.  I had considered going this evening but it's POURING rain and these fools around here can't fucking drive in the rain, so I'm not even going to bother.  This is extremely shitty since I'm not sure I'll be able to go tomorrow or Wednesday and I am in some serious pain.  My neck keeps tweaking and despite how warm it is, I imagine that a heating pad is in my future.

Ya know what we haven't had in a while?  A countdown to something that is ALL positive and barely causes any anxiety. 

So that anxiety causing is more of a when I don't actually put any detailed thought into the situation of international flights during a pandemic, but here we are...  trying to ignore real life, kthx.

Happy ALMOST OCTOBER, Gentle Readers!

Friday, September 25, 2020

Five on Friday #242

EINS - Random Shit

If I get a bill for $10 from your office for medical treatment performed TWO YEARS ago, I am less likely to be pleasant when I have to pay it.  TWO FUCKING YEARS.  $10.  Like you couldn't just write that off?  Go fuck yourself.  Worse is that it wasn't even for a fucking procedure, it was just a sit and chat to discuss issues.  This is after you already billed me in May for $30 and I paid it without being a bitch.  Also?  Fuck shitty US health insurance.

I could get on my soapbox about how I'm lucky I am able to afford my medical expenses and how there are people out there that cannot afford to be nickled and dimed for an office visit, but I will not.


In that same vein, my new health insurance card FINALLY arrived, coincidentally on the same day that I took my last hot flashes pill.  Called "the Walmarts", had the script re-refilled, headed to the store after a while to pick up the items on the grocery list and pick up my meds.  I went by the pharmacy to pick it up and I didn't have to sign anything and was preparing to get out my card and I asked how much it was and the lady said there was NO CHARGE and I almost peed my pants I was so excited.

I'm used to paying $25 a month and that's with the manufacturer coupon since my prior health insurance was (apparently) rather crappy and wouldn't cover the medication.  3 months (with insurance) would have been $350ish and I refused to pay that, but the manufacturer was actually refusing to let me use the coupon when I went to refill the medication in August because my insurance company was not paying enough on the medication.  So I was used to paying $75 per 3 months.  Zero dollars definitely floated my boat.


Sold (everything we listed):
-Loft couches
-Entire master bedroom set
-Teh German's Bobber bike
-End tables
-Teh German's Suzuki bike (white)

I'm NOT sad to see the master bedroom suite go.  That headboard was an absolute monster to move every.single.time.  It was heavy and awkward and huge and we gained a significant amount of square footage in our already huge master bedroom by getting rid of that bed.  Considering that we are planning on downsizing for the next house, it was like a weight off of my shoulders to get rid of that entire suite.  It fit my needs when I bought it and apparently having all that storage really enabled my hoarding tendencies (inherited from Teh Dad).

In my defense, we had 3 queen size beds in this house and when I emptied out the drawers I unearthed at least ELEVEN sets of sheets.  Granted, that entails a warm set and cool set for each bed, but that's 6 sets of sheets and that's still not absolutely required as the 3rd bed was only used TWICE while we were in this house.  So I purged and selected the sets I will keep (5, as we will have a guest room at the next house and we still have 2 queen size mattresses unless I decide to get rid of the guest room mattress that Phil/Meri/Pax have put holes in, even though it doesn't affect the sleepability (that's a word now, don't look it up), it definitely makes the mattress look extra shitty).

To the twat who only wanted the 2 end tables and played me into separating the set for the 2 end tables and the chest of drawers that you "coincidentally" couldn't fit into your car but made sure to tell me, "If someone else comes along and wants this piece, it's fine."  Go fuck yourself.  The situation worked out, but still, fuck you for being the way you are and taking advantage of someone being nice.  It was me, I was being nice.  I didn't even know what you were doing until it was too late.  This is why I hate everyone. 

This move is about lightening the load.
I am not fucking sorry a little bit.
Also, someone please remind me of this when I start buying shit for the next house.


I think my realtor told our buyers they shouldn't come to the inspection (because we work from home) and then had to roll that back after I told her, "If my day is going to be a royally interrupted in the middle of it, it needs to all happen at once."  Unfortunate for them because they had also asked to see the house again this weekend.  I figured if they came to the inspection, a weekend visit wouldn't be necessary.  The buyers didn't show up to the inspection.  Guess who isn't in the mood to vacate her home with her entire farm for the buyers to come and peruse this weekend?  THIS GIRL!

It would be one thing if they wanted to come while we're home and I wouldn't have to leave with the dogs.  That's cool with me.  Come over, chat with us, we can get to know each other or whatever.  I'm cool with doing things NOT "how they are always done".  But asking me to pack up my entire herd for you to come and just reassure yourself that you're happy with your purchase?  No thanks.

Obviously, I'm the weirdest home seller ever.  That's what I've decided.
Also, my realtor thinking she knows me and spouting shit off before she even asks me?  She needs to learn some thing quick.  I'm a wild card.  You don't know me.  If you are expecting me to do something, you're probably wrong unless you've known me for a REALLY, REALLY LONG TIME.  And she don't.

It annoys me that we have to have these hired middle (wo)men for home buying/selling.  It also annoys me that the buyer and seller rarely get to know each other.  I have pertinent knowledge about this super huge thing you are about to buy from me and I want to share that knowledge with you, but for some reason, we're expected NOT to talk about anything ever and just let the transaction happen?  It's awkward and weird to me.  I, obviously, hate everything about this entire process and I'm sure home buying will be equally painful.


We have learned that the buyers "don't like animals".  I'm not sure if that a realtor's way of saying "doesn't like dogs" or these people really don't like animals and two things.
1- DAFUQ?  Who doesn't like animals.
2- As Teh German told our realtor, "They are going to have a hard time in this neighborhood."
^^ he ain't wrong.


After dealing with Best Buy/Geek Squad fuckary, my new laptop finally arrived.  Should I have had to be the one to initiate the calls to actually start the process of getting a new computer?  FUCK NO.  So FUCK YOU Best Buy.  

There are times that being an absolute control freak is annoying and anxiety inducing and times that it is beneficial and this was one of those times that it was all of the above.

Anyways, while I wanted a 17" MSI, they were all sold out on Best Buy's website and since I had the insurance policy, I had a store credit for the value of what I paid for the last laptop to use on a new computer.  I considered selling the gift certificate and then realized what an absolute pain in the ass that would be, so I just settled for a 15" MSI, that was essentially the new version of my old laptop.  I ended up paying $180 out of pocket for a new laptop with a 1 year warranty on it (because we are moving and well... I'm me).  I considered waiting to see if any of the 17" would come back in stock, but I really needed my laptop back, so 15" it was (and also, none of the 17" MSI options are in stock).

The last photo of Teh Regenbogen!
Look at all those fantastic stickers!!!

So I've accepted the 15" life.  And here's how you know I'm committed to this new laptop:

The first sticker was a RBG sticker.

There are more stickers to add, but I'm trying to figure out proper placement.
I also need to make another STEMinist sticker and that requires setting up the Circut and ugh, so much work.


Downloaded 398482949294492 (approximately) fonts yesterday.  I really should just keep that folder and save it on my external hard drive so I don't have to keep redownloading the same ones, but here we are.. doing it the hard way since 1986.


It's ring day for some of my favorite cadets/Citadel seniors.  I'm super excited for them.  Like, more than I thought I'd be.  I'm sad that they are having to do the ceremony without their families there, but at least they are able to have a ceremony and run across the field to tap on the doors of the Chapel.  I imagine that even the rain (that has been off/on all day) won't stop them.


When you sell your entire bedroom set and you gotta do some rearranging.

So empty.

I've also realized that I'm too old to be sleeping in a bed so fucking low to the floor.  Jesus, I'm old.


Lesson: Do not schedule a multi-hour maintenance appointment at 2pm.  Take my word on this.  As someone who was told that her unlocked car would be waiting for her under the camera in the Subaru parking lot since I wouldn't make it to the dealership to pick up my car in the 25 minutes before the service department closed and said car was NOT unlocked when said someone was delivered to their car after 6pm when the dealership was closed.


ZWEI - Money Shit

-Foreign Transaction Fees (rude)
-$10 charge from my former OBGYN for some uncovered shit from 2018.  Thanks United Healthcare for all the ways you fucking suck.
-plastic containers for moving/storing shit.
-KFC for lunch
-impromptu moosage (absolutely zero fucking ragrats)
-Stingrays mask for Teh German.
-Stretch/plastic wrap for moving

DREI - From My Phone Shit

It came ... too late, but it came.

Teh German was able to take the Bobber on one last ride since the guy who bought it doesn't have his motorcycle license, lol.

When you sell your furniture and have to empty out all your hoarder storage spaces.

When you sell all the things and have all this cash.

Sandra really gives Meri no choice when it comes to sharing her space.

When you want to set up your new computer, but it's dead and the outlet is full.
So you just sit and look at it.

My guard dog being guard-doggy.

And then there were ONLY TWO.

Betty Crocker creation: Pizza fries.
Must figure out how to make the fries not get soggy from the pizza sauce.

Pax drooling on my couch.  Classic Moose.

These floofs.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Not this week.  Sorry.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Lightening the load.
  2. $$$$ for the load.
  4. The lady who bought the bedroom furniture had to make 2 trips.  When she came the 2nd time she brought 2 men with her who were competent and had the ability to move furniture without damaging it or the house.
  5. Class of 2021 getting their rings.  Technically, I was supposed to be class of 2021, so many of CS cadet homies got their rings today and I'm super happy for them.
  6. Sandy sitting on Meri and Meri not snarking at Sandy.
  7. Getting to do ACTUAL WORK!  It was something simple, but I did it myself!
  8. Getting Willow's 30k maintenance taken care of before we start the 2020 Migration.
  9. A Husband who talks me down from my rage when we wasted a trip out of the house and who, earlier, had agreed to Willie Jewell's for take-away lunch.
  10. Silicon Valley.  We started watching it and there were actual lolz.  1- I'm a nerd.  2- Teh German appreciates that and still finds humor in some of the less nerdy things.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Weekend Review {9/21}


Dog baths, work, chiro, afternoon training session..  Then I walked away from my desk expecting Teh German to come down soon after.. and that didn't happen so I ended up falling asleep on the couch waiting for him to come down for dinner... 

When he did finally come down at 6:45, having "lost track of time" (which I found a little incredulous considering his training call ended at 5, which would have been an ideal time to walk away), he wasn't hungry and I was ready to stab him.

We were expected at Teh PT House ~7 for hanging out with Teh Neighbor Besties and I did end up grabbing a piece of pizza there, but I did have to apologize for my hanger before we went over.  My reaction to his overworking was exacerbated by my hunger, but I'm very intentional about my work/life separation because I do have a spouse who I try to pay attention to and "losing track of time" and making him wait on me to do something (i.e. eat) would not be handled well, so I make a point of walking away by a certain time.  Teh German teleworking is still fresh, but I also want to be clear about my own expectations in the beginning before bad habits start to develop.. and working until 7pm is a BAD habit IMO... especially when your spouse is downstairs waiting on you to be finished working.

We hung out with the neighbors for a few hours and we're all old so we ended up being home and in bed by 10:30.


See that "pillow of separation"?  I taught them that, lol.

A slow start with no intentions for the day.  I made the menu for the week and piddled around the house.  While Sandy was relaxing on the couch, I decided that it was time to trim her paws.. which moved to her legs, then up through the rest of her body and she ended up getting an all over trim which is unfortunate for her since I'm not a trained dog groomer so I was just randomly clipping hairs that were "too long".  Honestly, she doesn't look that bad.  Her fur is thinned out and I'm hoping that helps keep her cooler AND the hairs aren't getting as tangled/matted, which is wonderful.. ALSO.. SHE'S SO SOFT AND FLUFFY NOW!!

Final product.

Gratuitous dog photos from the rest of the day: 

Teh German annouced that he was going to sell Suzi and the Bobber (the two original bikes in his collection), so he cleaned them up and took photos and posted those on FB while I did laundry and scrolled and whatever else I did that I can't remember.

In the evening, we decided that it was FINALLY cool enough to burn some of the pallets ANDDD I broke out my first hoodie of the season.  If my RBG hoodie had arrived as it was supposed to, that would have been my choice for first hoodie of the season, but it did not.  We invited the GLCK neighbors, but it was just us, which was fine too.  We chatted about the move and packing and things to sell and scrolled.  It did start to sprinkle a bit, but the last pallet that had been sitting on the grass was on the firepit, so we waited for it to burn down before finally going inside.


After dispensing dog treats, it was bedtime.


I woke up super early on Sunday to get in a half marathon.  I really didn't want to get out of bed, but I knew I'd be pissed if I passed up a perfect weather opportunity for such a long run, so I forced myself to get moving.  I had planned my route on Saturday evening and I was pleased to have figured out  13 mile route without having to go on the dirt access road behind the development across the street from ours.  Besides the weather, other motivating factors included: no hills (unlike if I waited until we get to MD to do the run) and getting a medal on the rack before it has to be packed away. 

The other thing I'd planned is to carry water this time.  I don't like carrying things (in my hands) while I run, so this was kind of a trial, but with the way the route works, I was able to leave the bottle at the ends of the streets I run down and back, so I only had to carry it for short intervals, which was nice.  When I ran my last make-up half in April, I didn't have water and ended up drinking from the spigots of empty houses that I found on my route (praise Jebus).  Otherwise, Teh German would have had to make a water delivery and I wanted to make sure that wasn't an issue this time.

Even with carrying a water bottle and no one running with me and no course cheerleaders, I managed this one in 2:22, which pleased me.  I'd love to get back down to under 2:15, buttt ya know what, for no training because of the heat and carrying the water bottle for some of it and being 10 lbs heavier and 5 years older than when I set that unrealistic goal, I'm cutting myself some slack.  Under 2:30 is a perfectly acceptable half marathon time.

I came home and rested for a few minutes and chatted with Teh German, then I went upstairs and showered so I'd be ready for breakfast with Teh NY Chef when she arrived.  Teh NY Chef, Teh German, and I went to Big Bad Breakfast downtown because we'd talked about going to brunch and hadn't done it and we'd promised her a brunch outing for Mother's Day and with her bday passing and my being unable to attend her bday dinner, I wanted to make this happen, so we finally did it. 

I had initially planned on coming home after breakfast and taking a nap, but then I realized that we were supposed to attend a going away gathering during my naptime... Le sigh.  There are few things harder than running a half marathon and NOT getting your requisite nap after and still being expected to function.  We arrived late, as expected since we went to breakfast, and we stayed until 4 when I was finally DONE. 

The owner actually shared a concoction with us that he'd created: Holy City Pluff Mud Porter + a Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee and it was actually really good and didn't even taste like beer.  It's called The Beard Bomb and you can get it at The Bearded Ax in Park Circle.

When we got home, we dealt with beasts, Teh German pulled out the Bobber and took it for a ride around the neighborhood since someone had expressed interest in purchasing it.  I laid on the couch and listened to the rest of my audiobook, falling asleep during the end because I really DNGAF about the book, only about finishing it, which is so stupid, but here we are.  I had already warned Teh German I wasn't hungry for dinner, since I'd had a snack at the going-away gathering, so he managed dinner on his own and I headed upstairs to get ready for bed at 6:45.....

And then I started getting messages at 7:15 from Matilda and Teh Bestie about not being able to get on the Google Meet... yeah, because the host wasn't there.. Oops.  So we video chatted for about an hour to catch up.  Right after we ended the call, Teh German came up to get ready for bed.  Despite the sleep aid pills I took, I still slept like shit because my throat has decided to be sore (I assume from the drastic weather change) and my body has some minor aches.


A fantastically low-key, lazy weekend.  We hung out Teh Neighbor Besties and some of Teh GLCK at the going-away gathering and we finally managed to take Teh NY Chef out!  We hadn't seen her since July and that was like 28941 years ago!

Our home inspection is scheduled for this week, so hopefully there are very minimal things, if anything, that needs to be fixed for that.  Otherwise, nothing else going on around here besides selling shit to lighten the move load.  If you're interested in a motorcycle or a bedroom set or a couch, hit me up. I know a lady, lol.

(I'm not sorry for what I did there.)

Friday, September 18, 2020

Five on Friday #241

EINS - Random Shit

When I used to get lots of free samples and shit, I created a 2nd FB account so I could use it to like companies/etc and not have to see that shit on my main FB account.  Since FB revoked my access to marketplace on my main account after selling the watch to that creepy mf-er in 2018, I have tried to appeal the decision multiple times and I get nothing more than a macro response from "Ava" that nothing can be done, which is absolute fucking garbage.

So anyways, fast-forward a few years and I'm trying to offload some items since I don't want to have to move them.  I cleaned up my 2nd account and added a profile pic and put my actual fucking name and posted a few items for sale.  Anddd, FB has revoked my marketplace access on that account too.  I'm fucking livid because I don't know why.  You can't tell me people don't create FB accounts just to post shit on marketplace and nothing I added was against their rules.  So much rage.  I requested a review, but I'm sure that I'll get the same canned response and unhelpful messages that don't tell me WHY my access was revoked.  And also, because it's fucking FB, they don't care and they have other problems to attend to, so why bother dealing with my problems?

I'm worried that posting the stuff from Teh German's account will also get him banned from marketplace and that's one of his favorite scrolling places.  I don't understand and Teh German was like, "Call FB about it." Uhh.. one does not just "call Facebook."


Storytime! The dogs switched food and I donated the old food to the animal society.  Since I was going to the chiro today, I figured I'd drop the (open) bags off on my way home.  Of course, as I turn out of the neighborhood, one of the bags falls over and spills.  It's fine since the back is covered with comforters but unfortunate since I will now have to wash the blanket.  Ugh, whatever, fine.

Go to chiro, drop off food donation, come home and I'm pulling the blanket out of the car and not one, but TWO BIG ASS MOTHERFUCKING COCKROACHES GO SCITTERING!!! There is much shrieking from me, my insides wither because now I'm hunting for cockroaches and I fucking hate cockroaches and THEY ARE IN MY CAR.  These bitches have been using me as their taxi!  And for how long!?!  NO ONE KNOWS!

So I pull out the other comforter and one cockroach moves to the lip of the hatch where I whack-a-mole that bitch with an empty cardboard juice container until I finally make contact and smash it dead.  The other found another crevice to hide in.  I checked the back seats and the wheel well and didn't find it..

So there's probably a fucking cockroach in my car and I really loved Willow, but it looks like I'm going to have to set her on fire and it's quite unfortunate, as I refuse to let a cockroach ride along for free until it decides to set itself free or dies in some mysterious place where I will never find it.

TL;DR: Some people get freaked out by spiders, some people by snakes.. But for me, my arch-nemesis is any type of cockroach.  The bigger it is, the more threat it poses.  Is this irrational?  IDNGAF.  ALL COCKROACHES MUST DIE.


Guess what I still hate?!  The instant pot!

I tried to make meatloaf in the instant pot.  Of course it wasn't instant AND I could have cooked the damn thing in the oven AND dirtied less dishes had I just baked in the oven to start with.  It wasn't cooked when the recipe said it would be done, thankfully I temperature tested it, otherwise we'd have both been suffering.  I ended up having to put it in the oven to finish cooking. 

Hate hate hate.

And those scalloped potatoes are 100% a Sam's impulse buy and they were delicious.


On Tuesday we accepted an offer for House.

I'ma be honest.. I'm ignorant about some adult things because I've never experienced them and that includes buying/selling a house.  Fun fact: I find it absolutely ridiculous that the SELLER is expected to front money towards the BUYER'S closing costs.  Apparently, "that's just how it is", but also, that's fucking stupid.  Why should I, as a seller, pay money for someone to buy my house?  That's not the fucking point of this transaction. 

Teh German and I agreed that we'd never even considered asking for closing costs in the negotiation part of home buying because.... why would we?  Also, our experience home buying is from a builder, which is probably much different than buying from an individual.  Even so.

Wanna know another thing I disagree with?  The SELLER paying for both parties realtor fees.  WHY?  WHY should I, as the seller, pay for the buyer's agent who probably also took them to several other homes that were not mine?  WHY?  "Because that's just how it is."?  That's fucking stupid reasoning.  FOR ALWAYS. 

From last week, I also struggle with paying a realtor 3% of my sell price.  Granted, I made fucking sure our realtor earned that 3% because I'm kind of a twat, but I'm not sorry.  For $9,000 for very minimal effort (from my perspective), you're definitely going to work for it.


Sandy has these weird skin spots going on.  It's almost like a scab, but not quite since there is no wound, just weird... discharge?  She was on an antibiotic for it but it didn't help.  So now we're changing foods and weekly baths are probably in her future (poor me and poor her).


I think I've already decided to make boxed cake for cupcakes for Meri's (7th) birfday on the 27th.  It's almost incomprehensible to me that she'll be 7 soon.  She will forever be my crazy little Monkey-Doodle who ate all my shit and was such an energetic terrorizer.  When I think (hard) about it, she's DEFINITELY slowed down since those first 2 years.. but her personality is so poignant that it doesn't feel like she's aged.  I'm not really sure how long Podencos are supposed to live, but obviously Meri is going to live forever because I need her.  That's actually not an exaggeration.


The day that FB banned my Marketplace access, Teh German showed me a Marketplace posting of someone selling "WW2 memorabilia".. What was the "memorabilia"?  A NAZI FLAG.  Some fucktard can sell a fucking Nazi flag on Marketplace, but I get banned for posting furniture?

Someone else tell me they see the problem with that! 
So much rage.


Oh and to follow up on the FB review, I received the same canned response from the account I do use, "We cannot take further action and we will not revoke this decision" or some thing rage inducing to that effect.  I asked HOW I had violated the standards and they refused to answer.  That's fucked up.  Period.  I get that FB doesn't care about a single individual, but I searched around for others also having this problem and they are out there.  Granted, most of them don't seem to speak English well, but still. 



We had a showing on Monday evening and opted to take the dogs to Commonhouse while we had a beer.  It was decided quickly that if there were more showings, we'd be sitting our ass in the pool parking lot because I just could not deal with that again. 

Sandy insisted on sitting on my lap, the entire time.  Teh German, I guess, thought it was going to be a good time for scrolling and got pissed at me when I asked him to take one of the 2 dogs I was holding while I ate my fried Oreos.  Meri pooped on the fake grass.  I'm always paranoid that with all 3 dogs in the back of my car, one will get snarky and chaos will happen and we'll end up at the e-vet, because I escalate EVERYTHING quickly.


We're using a POD to move our shit and it arrives on Oct 2nd.  It could have arrived tomorrow (Saturday), but I didn't want it sitting in the driveway making me feel guilty and I know that once it arrives we're going to want to get everything packed. I also know that we don't want to live in an empty house ANNNDD we do not currently have packing materials (and I'm banned from Marketplace to try and find any, of course).  So I pushed it back until Oct.

In the meantime, I've really got to figure out a way to get some shit sold.  I've told Teh German he really needs to post the stuff he wants to sell on FB and get it gone so he can then post the furniture for me and sell that. 

I shouldn't feel bad that he's going to have to deal with that, but here I am, feeling bad for sharing domestic problems/duties.  Why am I the way I am?  Seriously?  He's just as capable as me at selling shit.  Probably more so because he's way more cut and dry than I am.


I'll be making a multi-purpose trip up to MD at the beginning of Oct.  Multi-purpose, in that, we'll be delivering some stuff up there (motorcycles, dogs) and I'll be dog sitting for Teh Bestie/Teh Chief Smartass while they are away.  Teh German will come up with the remaining dog and stuff and go back over the weekend.  Then I'll leave during the following week and we will finish packing our shit into the POD, pack our shit for Barbados, go to Barbados, then come back and haul ourselves to MD.

In case ya know, you were starting to think that there wasn't any enough chaos in my life! :D

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Birthday collars for Sandra Dee.
-RBG "I dissent" hoodie (it spoke to my soul, I couldn't not)
-birthday gift cert for Matilda
-Med Sonic smores milkshake that has been eaten over 4 different dessert sessions.  #Win
-Bully sticks.

DREI - From My Phone Shit 

All these beings in the office "break room"!
Frogs and dogs!

Sandy decided that she was le tired and would be sitting on my lap because I'm Santa.

Finished up my 5ks for my runDisney virtual challenge!  Wewt!

Lemon Chicken Picatta.
I combined several recipes I found online to make this one and added spinach (that needed to be used) and omitted capers because we do not like.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Me, about selling our SC house.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. "Downstairs Music" Alexa group which enables me to listen to music with "surround sound". lol
  2. Teh German saying, "You're going to have to set Willow on fire," when I told him about the cockroach story which he hadn't seen on FB yet.  When he knows my reactions, it brings me joy.
  3. As much as it sucks, giving the dogs showers.  It takes for fucking ever and I have to brush Sandy before and after and makes my back hurt sooo bad, but they are so floofy and pretty and smell so much better after it's done!
  4. Chiro visit.
  5. Training for work things.  Maybe one day I can actually do work things!
  6. Eating lunch with Teh German, errday!
  7. 10k on Wednesday that didn't kill me.
  8. Cooler temps.  It's not been higher than 85° this week (I think) and it's been delightful.  I'm hoping for a day in the 60s to knock out a half marathon, even if I'm not trained up for that kind of mileage.  I'll make sacrifices for no hills and "cool" temps!
  9. Less than 30 days till Barbados!
  10. Moving plans starting to line up.  Gettin' all those spinning wheels coordinated!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Weekend Review {9/14}


Teh German's last day at his CHS company and my last day of having the house to myself.  Because of house selling woes, no workout in the AM, but I did get up at 0415 since my brain wouldn't STFU.  I tried to nap during lunchtime and again, with the nonstop brain noise.  Unfortunate since our evening would be spent driving.

My runDisney virtual race medals arrived.  I have already completed 2 of 3 5ks to earn these medals, and I would have completed the 3rd one had we not gone out of town for the weekend.  Oh well, I've been told there's cool weather on the horizon for next weekend and if I don't knock it out before then, I'll definitely get it done by next weekend.

I'm taking it easy on myself because there's a lot going on and I need to stop wrapping myself up in everything.

Are there things cuter than this Floofernoodle with her crazy hairs?  I think NOT!

We couldn't leave for our weekend getaway until FedEx delivered Teh German's new job equipment.  I guess it worked out that Teh German didn't get home until 4 on his last day because FedEx didn't deliver until after 6:30 and I had been harassing Teh German to call FedEx and validate that his shit would definitely be coming so we weren't just waiting around for nothing (and me missing Teh NY Chef's bday dinner at Halls).

We were pretty much ready to leave after FedEx delivered.  I just had to switch on all the lights and pull the dog beds to the garage since we were having an open house on Saturday.  Teh German and I had a huge blowup as we were trying to load up the dogs so that definitely fits our Friday evening standard.  Ugh.

We managed to get on the road by 7, stopped at Chickfila for dinner (my peace offering to Teh German), and made it to the AirBnB shortly after 10.

Once we got the dogs settled, we had a beer and then it was bedtime.


We spent most of the day on the screened-in porch since it was raining  Meri was on high alert the entire day looking for squirrels and critters in the trees.  Pax and Sandy were also curious, but they did at least settle while we had coffee and screen time.

For lunch, we decided to drive into Greenville (SC) and grab bbq from Moe's BBQ and visit Liability, the brewery next door.  We had Moe's when we were in Steamboat Springs and I kept mentally willing us to be back in CO, but it didn't work.  Oh well, SC it is for a little while longer.

We had a few beers at Liability, Teh German finally talked to me about his aggravations (which always helps soothe things between us, even if I get butt-hurt about whatever he says at first) regarding my stress and house selling, and then decided to go back to the house and be lazy/productive.  I planned for a nap, Teh German planned on accomplishing his onboarding tasks.

Shuffles wouldn't settle until a bed was brought into the bedroom for her to be within umbilical cord distance of her Mahm.

After my nap, Teh German and I took the break in the rain as an opportunity to walk down to the lake.  If it hadn't rained all day, I'd have considered taking the canoe out on the lake, buttt alas.  I didn't even bother to get my feet wet, but the property was super cool.

Thirsty bitches, lol

We opted to order Mexican for dinner and I went out to pick it up.  Then we spent the evening on the porch listening to music/the rain and scrolling.  So much scrolling.  /shrug.

Eventually it was bedtime.


Checkout time was at 11 on Sunday.  I tried to get late checkout, but the host had already agreed to let the next person check in early (which I feel is kinda crappy, but I'm selfish, kthx).  We left right at 11 and headed to Eggs Up Grill, since the local place I'd wanted to check out was, of course, closed on Sundays.  Because there seemed to be a lot of people inside, I ordered online and went inside and picked up our order when it was ready.  We ate in the vehicles since we didn't want to leave the children unsupervised in the cars and it's still too hot to leave them in the car without the air being on.

After we ate, we gassed up, then headed back to Charleston. 

When we got home, we moved back in and turned off all the lights.  We also moved the First Child Room bed, now Teh German's Office, outside to the front porch for porch pick up.  I used Teh German's FB acct to post on the neighborhood page that the mattress/box spring/frame was available for FREE and if it didn't disappear it'd be going to the dumpster.  Thankfully, the mattress/box spring were gone by the time we went to bed.  The frame is still on the curb, but I imagine the scrap medal scavengers will probably pick it up before the trash truck comes and if not, it will be relocated to the construction dumpster.

We had early dinner and then finished Community.  Did I cry at the actual emotional parts of the final episode?  Yes.  Was the emotion ruined by whatever what shit was at the end?  Yep.

Eventually it was bedtime, since some of us had to work on Monday... but not Teh German as he is unemployed until Tuesday, lol.


While being out of town for the weekend was good, it was also a flop for the root reason.  No one came to the Saturday open house and only one person scheduled a viewing after the open house.  Because I'm an asshole, I semi-forced an open house on Sunday as well, where we only had 1 showing.  Siiiigh. 

Here's the Megan reality.
The realtor made me feel put out of my own home, which is why we left for the weekend and why I was a twat when there were ZERO people at our open house on Saturday and forced the Sunday open house.  She had been confident about raising the price of the house last Tuesday and.. she's the professional, so we went along with that.  I had doubts because of statistics another realtor had shown us about pricing compared to viewings, but I let greed rule and the realtor seemed confident about raising the asking price, so we agreed.  She had made me feel like our house would be constantly occupied by strangers all weekend long and kept asking me, "what will you do during showings?" 

Sunday, while she was here for the open house, she sent me a screenshot about a deadline for offers from Redfin and how that was a good indicator that we were priced right.  Then, this morning (Monday) she messaged me about lowering the price because she had been anticipating more interest over the weekend.  Let me just say, this roller coaster is NOT for me.  I told Teh German that I feel like she's experimenting with our sale and the price because she wants to sell something at that figure.

Either way, Teh German and I agreed to wait until next week to make a determination about lowering the price since we're not in a hurry to sell and it would look sketchy AF to lower the price less than week of listing it.  So all those dream stories of a house selling in 12 hours?? I should have known better to put stock in something that happens so commonly actually happening to us/me (the crack fall-er-through-er).

So that's disappointing, but part of our chat at the brewery was about me not being psycho about selling the house and me letting it go and just letting it happen (and the irony of who that came from was something I had to stifle my laughter on).  It also really helps that Teh German will now be home during the day and everything will not fall on me to take care of (also part of our chat). 

Speaking of Teh German being home.  He set up his office (RIP First Child Room, lol) this morning.  He will purchase a chair and chair mat today and maybe some other accessories and pick up the Sam's order.  One less thing for me to do!  YAY!  I had actually considered taking First Child Room as my office, but all my medal and diplomas are on the walls in the downstairs office, so I stayed where I was.

Teh German's Office with a view.

First visitors!

So that's where we are...
Now for me to actually get to do some work, that'd be great!  My workmates don't seem to be in a hurry for me to pick up responsibilities which is nice and infuriating because I want to do things but at the same time, it's nice being able to handle all this personal crap (as I've said before). 

Thoughts and prayers are probably needed for my realtor because I'm ready to throttle her, but I'm trying to be cool, and I'm 100% very much NOT cool.  Also, Teh German and I both being home all day.. definite thoughts and prayers for that.  I'm curious to see how it will wash out and what our new schedule is going to be.  I'm giving it another week or so for things to really set up.  I've already been warned there will probably be a pot of coffee always on during the day.. because Teh German drinks that much coffee!  /horror emoji lol 

Onward to new situations!