Monday, September 21, 2020

Weekend Review {9/21}


Dog baths, work, chiro, afternoon training session..  Then I walked away from my desk expecting Teh German to come down soon after.. and that didn't happen so I ended up falling asleep on the couch waiting for him to come down for dinner... 

When he did finally come down at 6:45, having "lost track of time" (which I found a little incredulous considering his training call ended at 5, which would have been an ideal time to walk away), he wasn't hungry and I was ready to stab him.

We were expected at Teh PT House ~7 for hanging out with Teh Neighbor Besties and I did end up grabbing a piece of pizza there, but I did have to apologize for my hanger before we went over.  My reaction to his overworking was exacerbated by my hunger, but I'm very intentional about my work/life separation because I do have a spouse who I try to pay attention to and "losing track of time" and making him wait on me to do something (i.e. eat) would not be handled well, so I make a point of walking away by a certain time.  Teh German teleworking is still fresh, but I also want to be clear about my own expectations in the beginning before bad habits start to develop.. and working until 7pm is a BAD habit IMO... especially when your spouse is downstairs waiting on you to be finished working.

We hung out with the neighbors for a few hours and we're all old so we ended up being home and in bed by 10:30.


See that "pillow of separation"?  I taught them that, lol.

A slow start with no intentions for the day.  I made the menu for the week and piddled around the house.  While Sandy was relaxing on the couch, I decided that it was time to trim her paws.. which moved to her legs, then up through the rest of her body and she ended up getting an all over trim which is unfortunate for her since I'm not a trained dog groomer so I was just randomly clipping hairs that were "too long".  Honestly, she doesn't look that bad.  Her fur is thinned out and I'm hoping that helps keep her cooler AND the hairs aren't getting as tangled/matted, which is wonderful.. ALSO.. SHE'S SO SOFT AND FLUFFY NOW!!

Final product.

Gratuitous dog photos from the rest of the day: 

Teh German annouced that he was going to sell Suzi and the Bobber (the two original bikes in his collection), so he cleaned them up and took photos and posted those on FB while I did laundry and scrolled and whatever else I did that I can't remember.

In the evening, we decided that it was FINALLY cool enough to burn some of the pallets ANDDD I broke out my first hoodie of the season.  If my RBG hoodie had arrived as it was supposed to, that would have been my choice for first hoodie of the season, but it did not.  We invited the GLCK neighbors, but it was just us, which was fine too.  We chatted about the move and packing and things to sell and scrolled.  It did start to sprinkle a bit, but the last pallet that had been sitting on the grass was on the firepit, so we waited for it to burn down before finally going inside.


After dispensing dog treats, it was bedtime.


I woke up super early on Sunday to get in a half marathon.  I really didn't want to get out of bed, but I knew I'd be pissed if I passed up a perfect weather opportunity for such a long run, so I forced myself to get moving.  I had planned my route on Saturday evening and I was pleased to have figured out  13 mile route without having to go on the dirt access road behind the development across the street from ours.  Besides the weather, other motivating factors included: no hills (unlike if I waited until we get to MD to do the run) and getting a medal on the rack before it has to be packed away. 

The other thing I'd planned is to carry water this time.  I don't like carrying things (in my hands) while I run, so this was kind of a trial, but with the way the route works, I was able to leave the bottle at the ends of the streets I run down and back, so I only had to carry it for short intervals, which was nice.  When I ran my last make-up half in April, I didn't have water and ended up drinking from the spigots of empty houses that I found on my route (praise Jebus).  Otherwise, Teh German would have had to make a water delivery and I wanted to make sure that wasn't an issue this time.

Even with carrying a water bottle and no one running with me and no course cheerleaders, I managed this one in 2:22, which pleased me.  I'd love to get back down to under 2:15, buttt ya know what, for no training because of the heat and carrying the water bottle for some of it and being 10 lbs heavier and 5 years older than when I set that unrealistic goal, I'm cutting myself some slack.  Under 2:30 is a perfectly acceptable half marathon time.

I came home and rested for a few minutes and chatted with Teh German, then I went upstairs and showered so I'd be ready for breakfast with Teh NY Chef when she arrived.  Teh NY Chef, Teh German, and I went to Big Bad Breakfast downtown because we'd talked about going to brunch and hadn't done it and we'd promised her a brunch outing for Mother's Day and with her bday passing and my being unable to attend her bday dinner, I wanted to make this happen, so we finally did it. 

I had initially planned on coming home after breakfast and taking a nap, but then I realized that we were supposed to attend a going away gathering during my naptime... Le sigh.  There are few things harder than running a half marathon and NOT getting your requisite nap after and still being expected to function.  We arrived late, as expected since we went to breakfast, and we stayed until 4 when I was finally DONE. 

The owner actually shared a concoction with us that he'd created: Holy City Pluff Mud Porter + a Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee and it was actually really good and didn't even taste like beer.  It's called The Beard Bomb and you can get it at The Bearded Ax in Park Circle.

When we got home, we dealt with beasts, Teh German pulled out the Bobber and took it for a ride around the neighborhood since someone had expressed interest in purchasing it.  I laid on the couch and listened to the rest of my audiobook, falling asleep during the end because I really DNGAF about the book, only about finishing it, which is so stupid, but here we are.  I had already warned Teh German I wasn't hungry for dinner, since I'd had a snack at the going-away gathering, so he managed dinner on his own and I headed upstairs to get ready for bed at 6:45.....

And then I started getting messages at 7:15 from Matilda and Teh Bestie about not being able to get on the Google Meet... yeah, because the host wasn't there.. Oops.  So we video chatted for about an hour to catch up.  Right after we ended the call, Teh German came up to get ready for bed.  Despite the sleep aid pills I took, I still slept like shit because my throat has decided to be sore (I assume from the drastic weather change) and my body has some minor aches.


A fantastically low-key, lazy weekend.  We hung out Teh Neighbor Besties and some of Teh GLCK at the going-away gathering and we finally managed to take Teh NY Chef out!  We hadn't seen her since July and that was like 28941 years ago!

Our home inspection is scheduled for this week, so hopefully there are very minimal things, if anything, that needs to be fixed for that.  Otherwise, nothing else going on around here besides selling shit to lighten the move load.  If you're interested in a motorcycle or a bedroom set or a couch, hit me up. I know a lady, lol.

(I'm not sorry for what I did there.)

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