Monday, September 14, 2020

Weekend Review {9/14}


Teh German's last day at his CHS company and my last day of having the house to myself.  Because of house selling woes, no workout in the AM, but I did get up at 0415 since my brain wouldn't STFU.  I tried to nap during lunchtime and again, with the nonstop brain noise.  Unfortunate since our evening would be spent driving.

My runDisney virtual race medals arrived.  I have already completed 2 of 3 5ks to earn these medals, and I would have completed the 3rd one had we not gone out of town for the weekend.  Oh well, I've been told there's cool weather on the horizon for next weekend and if I don't knock it out before then, I'll definitely get it done by next weekend.

I'm taking it easy on myself because there's a lot going on and I need to stop wrapping myself up in everything.

Are there things cuter than this Floofernoodle with her crazy hairs?  I think NOT!

We couldn't leave for our weekend getaway until FedEx delivered Teh German's new job equipment.  I guess it worked out that Teh German didn't get home until 4 on his last day because FedEx didn't deliver until after 6:30 and I had been harassing Teh German to call FedEx and validate that his shit would definitely be coming so we weren't just waiting around for nothing (and me missing Teh NY Chef's bday dinner at Halls).

We were pretty much ready to leave after FedEx delivered.  I just had to switch on all the lights and pull the dog beds to the garage since we were having an open house on Saturday.  Teh German and I had a huge blowup as we were trying to load up the dogs so that definitely fits our Friday evening standard.  Ugh.

We managed to get on the road by 7, stopped at Chickfila for dinner (my peace offering to Teh German), and made it to the AirBnB shortly after 10.

Once we got the dogs settled, we had a beer and then it was bedtime.


We spent most of the day on the screened-in porch since it was raining  Meri was on high alert the entire day looking for squirrels and critters in the trees.  Pax and Sandy were also curious, but they did at least settle while we had coffee and screen time.

For lunch, we decided to drive into Greenville (SC) and grab bbq from Moe's BBQ and visit Liability, the brewery next door.  We had Moe's when we were in Steamboat Springs and I kept mentally willing us to be back in CO, but it didn't work.  Oh well, SC it is for a little while longer.

We had a few beers at Liability, Teh German finally talked to me about his aggravations (which always helps soothe things between us, even if I get butt-hurt about whatever he says at first) regarding my stress and house selling, and then decided to go back to the house and be lazy/productive.  I planned for a nap, Teh German planned on accomplishing his onboarding tasks.

Shuffles wouldn't settle until a bed was brought into the bedroom for her to be within umbilical cord distance of her Mahm.

After my nap, Teh German and I took the break in the rain as an opportunity to walk down to the lake.  If it hadn't rained all day, I'd have considered taking the canoe out on the lake, buttt alas.  I didn't even bother to get my feet wet, but the property was super cool.

Thirsty bitches, lol

We opted to order Mexican for dinner and I went out to pick it up.  Then we spent the evening on the porch listening to music/the rain and scrolling.  So much scrolling.  /shrug.

Eventually it was bedtime.


Checkout time was at 11 on Sunday.  I tried to get late checkout, but the host had already agreed to let the next person check in early (which I feel is kinda crappy, but I'm selfish, kthx).  We left right at 11 and headed to Eggs Up Grill, since the local place I'd wanted to check out was, of course, closed on Sundays.  Because there seemed to be a lot of people inside, I ordered online and went inside and picked up our order when it was ready.  We ate in the vehicles since we didn't want to leave the children unsupervised in the cars and it's still too hot to leave them in the car without the air being on.

After we ate, we gassed up, then headed back to Charleston. 

When we got home, we moved back in and turned off all the lights.  We also moved the First Child Room bed, now Teh German's Office, outside to the front porch for porch pick up.  I used Teh German's FB acct to post on the neighborhood page that the mattress/box spring/frame was available for FREE and if it didn't disappear it'd be going to the dumpster.  Thankfully, the mattress/box spring were gone by the time we went to bed.  The frame is still on the curb, but I imagine the scrap medal scavengers will probably pick it up before the trash truck comes and if not, it will be relocated to the construction dumpster.

We had early dinner and then finished Community.  Did I cry at the actual emotional parts of the final episode?  Yes.  Was the emotion ruined by whatever what shit was at the end?  Yep.

Eventually it was bedtime, since some of us had to work on Monday... but not Teh German as he is unemployed until Tuesday, lol.


While being out of town for the weekend was good, it was also a flop for the root reason.  No one came to the Saturday open house and only one person scheduled a viewing after the open house.  Because I'm an asshole, I semi-forced an open house on Sunday as well, where we only had 1 showing.  Siiiigh. 

Here's the Megan reality.
The realtor made me feel put out of my own home, which is why we left for the weekend and why I was a twat when there were ZERO people at our open house on Saturday and forced the Sunday open house.  She had been confident about raising the price of the house last Tuesday and.. she's the professional, so we went along with that.  I had doubts because of statistics another realtor had shown us about pricing compared to viewings, but I let greed rule and the realtor seemed confident about raising the asking price, so we agreed.  She had made me feel like our house would be constantly occupied by strangers all weekend long and kept asking me, "what will you do during showings?" 

Sunday, while she was here for the open house, she sent me a screenshot about a deadline for offers from Redfin and how that was a good indicator that we were priced right.  Then, this morning (Monday) she messaged me about lowering the price because she had been anticipating more interest over the weekend.  Let me just say, this roller coaster is NOT for me.  I told Teh German that I feel like she's experimenting with our sale and the price because she wants to sell something at that figure.

Either way, Teh German and I agreed to wait until next week to make a determination about lowering the price since we're not in a hurry to sell and it would look sketchy AF to lower the price less than week of listing it.  So all those dream stories of a house selling in 12 hours?? I should have known better to put stock in something that happens so commonly actually happening to us/me (the crack fall-er-through-er).

So that's disappointing, but part of our chat at the brewery was about me not being psycho about selling the house and me letting it go and just letting it happen (and the irony of who that came from was something I had to stifle my laughter on).  It also really helps that Teh German will now be home during the day and everything will not fall on me to take care of (also part of our chat). 

Speaking of Teh German being home.  He set up his office (RIP First Child Room, lol) this morning.  He will purchase a chair and chair mat today and maybe some other accessories and pick up the Sam's order.  One less thing for me to do!  YAY!  I had actually considered taking First Child Room as my office, but all my medal and diplomas are on the walls in the downstairs office, so I stayed where I was.

Teh German's Office with a view.

First visitors!

So that's where we are...
Now for me to actually get to do some work, that'd be great!  My workmates don't seem to be in a hurry for me to pick up responsibilities which is nice and infuriating because I want to do things but at the same time, it's nice being able to handle all this personal crap (as I've said before). 

Thoughts and prayers are probably needed for my realtor because I'm ready to throttle her, but I'm trying to be cool, and I'm 100% very much NOT cool.  Also, Teh German and I both being home all day.. definite thoughts and prayers for that.  I'm curious to see how it will wash out and what our new schedule is going to be.  I'm giving it another week or so for things to really set up.  I've already been warned there will probably be a pot of coffee always on during the day.. because Teh German drinks that much coffee!  /horror emoji lol 

Onward to new situations!

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  1. -Ugh home stuff is the worst! Good luck.
    -Also good luck being home together all the time. I'm now doing half days at the office every day, instead of full days 1-2 a week...because it's been too many months at home with Hubs, haha, and we needed a daily break. But you guys shouldn't have THAT long hopefully :)


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