Friday, September 18, 2020

Five on Friday #241

EINS - Random Shit

When I used to get lots of free samples and shit, I created a 2nd FB account so I could use it to like companies/etc and not have to see that shit on my main FB account.  Since FB revoked my access to marketplace on my main account after selling the watch to that creepy mf-er in 2018, I have tried to appeal the decision multiple times and I get nothing more than a macro response from "Ava" that nothing can be done, which is absolute fucking garbage.

So anyways, fast-forward a few years and I'm trying to offload some items since I don't want to have to move them.  I cleaned up my 2nd account and added a profile pic and put my actual fucking name and posted a few items for sale.  Anddd, FB has revoked my marketplace access on that account too.  I'm fucking livid because I don't know why.  You can't tell me people don't create FB accounts just to post shit on marketplace and nothing I added was against their rules.  So much rage.  I requested a review, but I'm sure that I'll get the same canned response and unhelpful messages that don't tell me WHY my access was revoked.  And also, because it's fucking FB, they don't care and they have other problems to attend to, so why bother dealing with my problems?

I'm worried that posting the stuff from Teh German's account will also get him banned from marketplace and that's one of his favorite scrolling places.  I don't understand and Teh German was like, "Call FB about it." Uhh.. one does not just "call Facebook."


Storytime! The dogs switched food and I donated the old food to the animal society.  Since I was going to the chiro today, I figured I'd drop the (open) bags off on my way home.  Of course, as I turn out of the neighborhood, one of the bags falls over and spills.  It's fine since the back is covered with comforters but unfortunate since I will now have to wash the blanket.  Ugh, whatever, fine.

Go to chiro, drop off food donation, come home and I'm pulling the blanket out of the car and not one, but TWO BIG ASS MOTHERFUCKING COCKROACHES GO SCITTERING!!! There is much shrieking from me, my insides wither because now I'm hunting for cockroaches and I fucking hate cockroaches and THEY ARE IN MY CAR.  These bitches have been using me as their taxi!  And for how long!?!  NO ONE KNOWS!

So I pull out the other comforter and one cockroach moves to the lip of the hatch where I whack-a-mole that bitch with an empty cardboard juice container until I finally make contact and smash it dead.  The other found another crevice to hide in.  I checked the back seats and the wheel well and didn't find it..

So there's probably a fucking cockroach in my car and I really loved Willow, but it looks like I'm going to have to set her on fire and it's quite unfortunate, as I refuse to let a cockroach ride along for free until it decides to set itself free or dies in some mysterious place where I will never find it.

TL;DR: Some people get freaked out by spiders, some people by snakes.. But for me, my arch-nemesis is any type of cockroach.  The bigger it is, the more threat it poses.  Is this irrational?  IDNGAF.  ALL COCKROACHES MUST DIE.


Guess what I still hate?!  The instant pot!

I tried to make meatloaf in the instant pot.  Of course it wasn't instant AND I could have cooked the damn thing in the oven AND dirtied less dishes had I just baked in the oven to start with.  It wasn't cooked when the recipe said it would be done, thankfully I temperature tested it, otherwise we'd have both been suffering.  I ended up having to put it in the oven to finish cooking. 

Hate hate hate.

And those scalloped potatoes are 100% a Sam's impulse buy and they were delicious.


On Tuesday we accepted an offer for House.

I'ma be honest.. I'm ignorant about some adult things because I've never experienced them and that includes buying/selling a house.  Fun fact: I find it absolutely ridiculous that the SELLER is expected to front money towards the BUYER'S closing costs.  Apparently, "that's just how it is", but also, that's fucking stupid.  Why should I, as a seller, pay money for someone to buy my house?  That's not the fucking point of this transaction. 

Teh German and I agreed that we'd never even considered asking for closing costs in the negotiation part of home buying because.... why would we?  Also, our experience home buying is from a builder, which is probably much different than buying from an individual.  Even so.

Wanna know another thing I disagree with?  The SELLER paying for both parties realtor fees.  WHY?  WHY should I, as the seller, pay for the buyer's agent who probably also took them to several other homes that were not mine?  WHY?  "Because that's just how it is."?  That's fucking stupid reasoning.  FOR ALWAYS. 

From last week, I also struggle with paying a realtor 3% of my sell price.  Granted, I made fucking sure our realtor earned that 3% because I'm kind of a twat, but I'm not sorry.  For $9,000 for very minimal effort (from my perspective), you're definitely going to work for it.


Sandy has these weird skin spots going on.  It's almost like a scab, but not quite since there is no wound, just weird... discharge?  She was on an antibiotic for it but it didn't help.  So now we're changing foods and weekly baths are probably in her future (poor me and poor her).


I think I've already decided to make boxed cake for cupcakes for Meri's (7th) birfday on the 27th.  It's almost incomprehensible to me that she'll be 7 soon.  She will forever be my crazy little Monkey-Doodle who ate all my shit and was such an energetic terrorizer.  When I think (hard) about it, she's DEFINITELY slowed down since those first 2 years.. but her personality is so poignant that it doesn't feel like she's aged.  I'm not really sure how long Podencos are supposed to live, but obviously Meri is going to live forever because I need her.  That's actually not an exaggeration.


The day that FB banned my Marketplace access, Teh German showed me a Marketplace posting of someone selling "WW2 memorabilia".. What was the "memorabilia"?  A NAZI FLAG.  Some fucktard can sell a fucking Nazi flag on Marketplace, but I get banned for posting furniture?

Someone else tell me they see the problem with that! 
So much rage.


Oh and to follow up on the FB review, I received the same canned response from the account I do use, "We cannot take further action and we will not revoke this decision" or some thing rage inducing to that effect.  I asked HOW I had violated the standards and they refused to answer.  That's fucked up.  Period.  I get that FB doesn't care about a single individual, but I searched around for others also having this problem and they are out there.  Granted, most of them don't seem to speak English well, but still. 



We had a showing on Monday evening and opted to take the dogs to Commonhouse while we had a beer.  It was decided quickly that if there were more showings, we'd be sitting our ass in the pool parking lot because I just could not deal with that again. 

Sandy insisted on sitting on my lap, the entire time.  Teh German, I guess, thought it was going to be a good time for scrolling and got pissed at me when I asked him to take one of the 2 dogs I was holding while I ate my fried Oreos.  Meri pooped on the fake grass.  I'm always paranoid that with all 3 dogs in the back of my car, one will get snarky and chaos will happen and we'll end up at the e-vet, because I escalate EVERYTHING quickly.


We're using a POD to move our shit and it arrives on Oct 2nd.  It could have arrived tomorrow (Saturday), but I didn't want it sitting in the driveway making me feel guilty and I know that once it arrives we're going to want to get everything packed. I also know that we don't want to live in an empty house ANNNDD we do not currently have packing materials (and I'm banned from Marketplace to try and find any, of course).  So I pushed it back until Oct.

In the meantime, I've really got to figure out a way to get some shit sold.  I've told Teh German he really needs to post the stuff he wants to sell on FB and get it gone so he can then post the furniture for me and sell that. 

I shouldn't feel bad that he's going to have to deal with that, but here I am, feeling bad for sharing domestic problems/duties.  Why am I the way I am?  Seriously?  He's just as capable as me at selling shit.  Probably more so because he's way more cut and dry than I am.


I'll be making a multi-purpose trip up to MD at the beginning of Oct.  Multi-purpose, in that, we'll be delivering some stuff up there (motorcycles, dogs) and I'll be dog sitting for Teh Bestie/Teh Chief Smartass while they are away.  Teh German will come up with the remaining dog and stuff and go back over the weekend.  Then I'll leave during the following week and we will finish packing our shit into the POD, pack our shit for Barbados, go to Barbados, then come back and haul ourselves to MD.

In case ya know, you were starting to think that there wasn't any enough chaos in my life! :D

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Birthday collars for Sandra Dee.
-RBG "I dissent" hoodie (it spoke to my soul, I couldn't not)
-birthday gift cert for Matilda
-Med Sonic smores milkshake that has been eaten over 4 different dessert sessions.  #Win
-Bully sticks.

DREI - From My Phone Shit 

All these beings in the office "break room"!
Frogs and dogs!

Sandy decided that she was le tired and would be sitting on my lap because I'm Santa.

Finished up my 5ks for my runDisney virtual challenge!  Wewt!

Lemon Chicken Picatta.
I combined several recipes I found online to make this one and added spinach (that needed to be used) and omitted capers because we do not like.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Me, about selling our SC house.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. "Downstairs Music" Alexa group which enables me to listen to music with "surround sound". lol
  2. Teh German saying, "You're going to have to set Willow on fire," when I told him about the cockroach story which he hadn't seen on FB yet.  When he knows my reactions, it brings me joy.
  3. As much as it sucks, giving the dogs showers.  It takes for fucking ever and I have to brush Sandy before and after and makes my back hurt sooo bad, but they are so floofy and pretty and smell so much better after it's done!
  4. Chiro visit.
  5. Training for work things.  Maybe one day I can actually do work things!
  6. Eating lunch with Teh German, errday!
  7. 10k on Wednesday that didn't kill me.
  8. Cooler temps.  It's not been higher than 85° this week (I think) and it's been delightful.  I'm hoping for a day in the 60s to knock out a half marathon, even if I'm not trained up for that kind of mileage.  I'll make sacrifices for no hills and "cool" temps!
  9. Less than 30 days till Barbados!
  10. Moving plans starting to line up.  Gettin' all those spinning wheels coordinated!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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