Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday #13


After a week that felt like all Mondays, I'm so freakin' glad its Friday that I can't properly convey my excitement in words.  In addition to being on duty all week, I'm so over this week that feels like I was having to "pay" for my absence for the next 2 weeks.  One of the best parts of the week was walking out of the hangar yesterday evening and seeing ONLY VX-1 aircraft on the flight line.  Que MASSIVE sigh of relief.  The freedom of knowing that I wouldn't be called to come back into work for the rest of the night.  It meant that we got to go to dinner and a movie and I could actually not have to dread the phone ringing. 

On another work note.. our alarm system has been freaking out and it beeps unless someone gets up and turns it off.  Except even if it gets turned off, it starts beeping again a short while later.  I hear the beeping in my sleep.  Seriously, can't even handle it anymore.  I put in a trouble call this morning after leaving myself a sticky note when I left yesterday that said, "make the fucking beeping STOP" (and stop had an offensive number of underlines).  Most of the time I can ignore it, but recently people have been commenting about it, which draws my attention to it, so I notice more.. and ARGGGHHH, there's only so much beeping I can handle.


We finally finished The Office on Wednesday night.  I feel like the show ended well.  I could have used more Steve Carell in the final episode, but it is what it is.  I actually told Teh Bear that I was going to be upset if he wasn't in the last episode and for most of the episode I was afraid I was correct... then I was surprised.  WIN. 

Teh Bear commented that now we have to find something else to watch...  NO.  We will now catch up on the shows we are behind on... Mad Men (which I bought at Cmas for $10, win), The Big C, Modern Family, Community?, Game of Thrones (if we aren't already caught up), and I feel like there is one I'm leaving out. 

On my own time, I'll probably finish watching Spartacus, even though sexy Andy Whitfield is no longer Spartacus, it's probably good.  And I think I'm over his death now.  But probably not.  I'm sure, just like when I see a Heath Ledger movie, I'll annouce, "Awww, he's so dead."


I'm not as amped up about my birthday as I normally am.  Probably due to this week being this week and some other stuff going on at home (sorry for the vagueness, it is what it is).  But Teh Bear has started talking about planning things, so my excitement is starting to grow.  Today, my landlord is installing new kitchen appliances at my house (YAY!), we're not sure of our Saturday plans, and Sunday we are headed up to DC for the day after church and dropping off Philbo at Teh Greyhound Neighbor's house.  Since my class starts on Monday and Monday is my birfday, Teh Bear will be staying with me Sunday and Monday nights. 


Amazon cloud means music at work.  I can't even praise this enough.  It makes getting to work at 0600 tolerable.  Then again, I do enjoy the quiet time and I tend to get more done when there is no one else here to distract me/need me for other stuff/keep things straight.  The XO didn't mind when he came in.  Actually, I noticed before he left that he had signed off his computer and was just sitting there and he didn't move till the song ended.  Did I mention how awesome my CO/XO are??  Because they are.  Can I route a chit to take my Skipper with me to my next command, if I say in the Navy?  Because that man gets shit done like its nobodys business (hello FMV class).


I feel like a fatty.  After last's week not working out at all, I've only worked out 2 times this week, despite having the resolve (and time) to work out this week.  Although, I did hurt my back rowing on Tuesday, but whatevs, I didn't do my video workout yesterday like I wanted and now I feel like a fatty-mcfatterson.  I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE the snow and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE the cold, but slightly warmer temps (ya know, something about "feels like 35°F") would be really beneficial to my workout routines.

Teh Greyhound Neighbor-Wife and I have a plan to walk the puppies on Saturday morning, no matter how cold it is.  Yay for rainbow mittens and hats that match coats and warm socks! 

Update from last week:
5 Goals
-Complete my EAWS this month (since I bought the uniform device already...)
...yeah, fail.

-Try not to use the crock pot for every meal I make for the next week
...success by default!  I didn't cook this week.

-Have a date with Teh Bear this weekend since we are both off.
...success?  we went out for dinner and a movie on Thursday and Sunday is definitely going to be adventure day

-Take Phil on a walk/run this weekend.
...Ok, so it finally happened on Monday, but whatevs.

-Figure out when workout app I'm going to go with (since RunKeeper has definitely been a piece of shit recently)
...I imported all my data into Runtastic and we're gonna see how that works.  I deleted RunKeeper off my phone entirely.  Out with the old, in with the new!

5 New Goals

-Do well in my class and enjoy being in class (including enjoying having a badge again!)
-Do something besides go to class and sit in my hotel after Teh Bear leaves DC (ppssssst this means I'm looking for dinner dates in DC, I'm (still) young and willing, but I won't put out, sorry.)
-enjoy my bday celebration (meaning whatever Teh Bear has planned)
-workout!!!!  argghhh, must do this (must meet standards for the spring PRT)
-don't forget anything at home that I need while I'm in DC.

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Fill in the Blank Friday #46


1.   My most favorite birthday was   all of them?  Usually it involved a gathering of significant people in my life, so that counts for something.

2.  My worst birthday was   I can't remember a worst birthday.  Wow, I'm such a first world kid.  

3.  My favorite birthday memory is   when Teh Bear's birthday card arrive on my birthday and they presented it to me at my bday dinner.  Talk about perfect timing!

4.  The best birthday present I've ever received was   my Scotland ring last year from Teh Bear.  I had really wanted it when I was in Scotland, but didn't buy it.

5.  The best birthday present I've ever given was   my presence.  I showed up in FL for Teh Bear's bday with cupcakes.  That definitely required some coordination.  Then he didn't even act excited........

6.  Birthdays are   to be celebrated.  Even if you "don't celebrate" (Teh Bear), I will still make you celebrate.

7.  My favorite age so far has been   perpetual 27.  when I was 26, I told people I was 27, now that I'm 27, I've got it right, but this year doesn't seem like 28, so I'll probably still say 27 because I can't count. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fashion doesn't agree with me... #42

Oh yeah.  I feel like I could find a matching jacket for these.

Pulling out my inner school teacher.

Oh there is a bow.  Oh bow, bow.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So What Wednesday #3

Last week Shannon led the way in putting a new twist on the "So What" theme.  Rather than just make a list of complaints (which I may or may not be a master of) and end there, make a list of complaints and point out a positive about it..  I can do that.  I'm also a master of guilt tripping myself into "it's not really that bad."  So here ve go!!!

So What

...if some Gentle Readers saw a few of these on Tuesday morning..
   ++at least you know I'm planning ahead for your entertainment!

...that I made brownies at 8pm..
   ++we'd been craving brownies all weekend, but I'd been lazy and then the day I got the motivation we were out of eggs.  Motivation and egg problem were solved.. they were delicious..

...that I gave Phil the freezer burnt ice cream so Teh Bear and I could have no gross vanilla ice cream on our warm brownies..
   ++better than just wasting it and Philbo llllloooooooooovvvveeeeessssss ice cream.

...that I cried after being called into work 5 minutes after getting home Monday afternoon..
   ++a good cry had been building up for quite a while and I felt much better after letting it go and Teh Bear holding me.

...that after my gums have been bothering me for 1.5 days I still said, "if it doesn't get better in the next few days I'll go to dental."
   ++I flossed extra trying to remove whatever was irritating my gum

...that I hadn't taken Phil out for a walk/run in well over a week and he tried to leave the house with me on Sunday (the first time I got called into work)
   ++I finally took him on Monday evening after crying and going back to work.  At least I got to go home and change my clothes?

...that I didn't want to leave the house Tuesday morning because it was the first time I'd been in the house alone in over a week..
   ++there's just a different type of quiet, unlike when Teh Bear is home with me.

...that I should be studying for my advancement exam..
   ++at least I'm studying for EAWS??

...that I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, everrrrrr have the goal to do a polar plunge..
   ++I do want to do a half marathon though (preferably when its not too cold or not too hot).

...that finishing The Office overrode the desire to hang out with friends last Friday night.
   ++we're halfway through season 9, so socializing will resume soon!

...that I like seeing all the "likes" on the photo of me receiving my volunteer award..
   ++my volunteer award is the Navy award I'm most proud of.  I've wanted it since 2009 when I learned about it in A school.  I worked my butt off to get it.  Most of the hours towards the award came from volunteering with Greyt Expectations and Phil.  When people remark about my total number of hours, I explain that working with Phil and fostering greyhounds in general is very enjoyable and rewarding for me, so its not hard to accumulate hours doing something you love, you just have to find what it is.  If I stay in the Navy, my next goal will be to get a star on it (for my non-military, a star represents a 2nd award).

...that on FB I have to click on each FB notification to make the number go away and I go back through my news feed to the last thing I posted so I know that I "got everything"..
   ++at least I'm thorough.

...that I like leaving work early..
   ++ok, there's nothing wrong with this.  I don't get paid by the hour, so getting to leave early (however many minutes/hours it may be) eventually comes out in the wash... (especially after days where I have to wait on others who have conference calls that run long or special projects they are working on).

Life After I Dew

Monday, January 27, 2014

Staying warm and getting cultured.

This past weekend was adventure packed.  Friday I got off work early since I went in super early for nothing.  Although on Friday, I was finally rewarded my Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Metal.  It will be the ribbon I am most proud of for a long time.  There were no photos posted yet, or I'd share, but our MC2 is... yeah well.  anyways.

Friday evening we were lazy and stayed home, watching The Office.  We hadn't planned on having daytime activities on Saturday because we were attending the Burns Supper on Saturday evening, but Teh Coast Guardian called and asked if we wanted to go watch crazy people do a polar plunge.  We figured why not.  It started snowing right about 5 minutes before we left the house.  I looooooooooved it, to say the least.

Since Teh Bear is pretty much a FL boy (although he is happy to tell you he was born in MA), his car hasn't moved since... I'm not actually sure anymore.  I've done all the driving since its been winter weather-y and poor Yurtle needs a bath in a way I can't even explain.

I made Teh Bear take the photos of the snow since I was driving on the messy roads already.
See, I'm a good driver!

Ice on the pier at Breton Bay

Teh Bear and I were attempting to keep warm.

Teh Humanitarian, Teh Bear, and Teh Coast Guardian waiting on the jumpers


Trying to stay warm.. and failing.

Not sure if you'll recognize this guy, but we had tea and cookies together in Scotland.  He did the plunge!

In they go!  (at which point I started taking video)

Trying to get warm.

After watching the crazies jump in the water, we went to Salsa's for lunch since we were already in the area.  It was delicious as always. 

We had to be at dinner at 6, so I spent most of the afternoon getting ready.  By 5:30 we were headed to dinner all dressed up.  There were a ton of photos (and a video) from the night, so that will be a post later in the week, but I will share one with you.
I'm not sure why Teh Bear is making that face, but at least its a good photo of me.

If you aren't familiar with Robert Burns, he was a Scottish poet in the 18th century who lived a very brief life, had a lot of illegitimate children, and wrote poetry.  Even if you think you don't know his work, you actually do if you've ever heard Auld Lang Syne (the "New Years" song).  Apparently, Burns Supper is a big annual celebration that I had never heard of until the Brits arrived at VX-1.  Our hosts had been in contact with all the distilleries in Scotland asking for donations and the scotch was plentiful... and free.  I had volunteered to be the designated driver since Teh Bear drove for the Christmas party, and he didn't argue that and seemed to take FULL advantage of the free liquor and no-driving pass.  He kept the laughs going with his various accents and very white dancing.  We finally headed home at 1am and we both went straight to bed after letting Phil out.

Sunday was church, in my case, and recooperation in Teh Bear's case.  We had a projector crisis and the soundboard was being wonky, but we figured it out.  After church, I went home and made a cocoa cherry pork tenderloin, which was a flop because I followed the directions.  I'm not sure why using 1/3 cup of vinegar (of any sort) is a good idea ever, but I think it definitely ruined this good idea for me.  Then again, I'm a fan of the sweet, so sour just doesn't do it for me.  After reading the directions, I used apple cider vinegar vs regular white vinegar and that still wasn't very good.  We tossed the sauce, but the tenderloin was still edible.  For the first time ever, I actually added chili pepper to a recipe by choice (although I did halve the amount the recipe called for and omitted the 2nd chili powder it called for).

Sunday afternoon I was called into work 3 times, which we won't talk about, and we watched The Office (we're almost finished!) for most of the afternoon.  With the exception of watching Despicable Me 2 in between trips to work and my afternoon nap.  On my last trip home from work, I realized that headlights were bothering me, which meant a really good headache was coming on.  I could pretty much be a weather-woman because I can tell you when a high pressure system is rolling in based on my headache status and I can tell when its going to rain based on the birds on the ground.  I went to bed with a headache that woke me up around 2am.  All in all, a great headache adventure. 

Monday came, despite my wishes that it would winter precipitate and work would be cancelled.  Although, its the warmest its been in a while, a whopping 41°F outside and the icy path that has been the driveway is finally starting to turn to sludge (that I'm certain will refreeze when this pressure system finally passes through).

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Fill in the Blank Friday #45


1. I am   pretty funny once you get to know me.  If you don't know me, you probably think I'm offensive.  It is what it is.  

2. The bravest thing I've ever done was   join the Navy.  

3. I feel prettiest when   I wake up the morning after wearing make up.  

4. Something that keeps me awake at night is   what ifs.  it's really obnoxious.  

5. My favorite meal in the entire world is   chicken with mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and something green prob brussel sprouts.  

6. The way to my heart is   through doing things for me that I was going to have to do (i.e. taking out the trash, cleaning the bathrooms, cooking dinner, etc) without being asked and displays of love (like notes in my lunchbox or on the mirror)/gifts.  but my love languages quiz says #1: quality, undivided attention time, and 2nd place tied with acts of service and receiving gifts.. 

7. I would like to   travel throughout Europe on someone else's dime.  :)  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fashion doesn't agree with me... #41

Yeah, face = swallowed whole.

I felt like with the side bling, kissy lips were required.

Big and round always makes me feel goofy.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So What Wednesday #2

So What...

-that I almost always post blogs that are link ups.
-that I told Teh Bear every noticeable moment of the last 3 Harry Potter movies when the movie was different than the book.
-that I rarely cook dinner, except on days that Teh Bear works.
-that when I do cook dinner, it's often with the assistance of the crock pot.
-I didn't walk Phil this weekend because it was too damn cold, polar vortex #2 or something, whatever, too cold for it not to be snowing.
-I liked almost all of Teh Greyhound Neighbor's Disney's photos almost as soon as she uploaded them to FB.
-I clean when I'm angry/frustrated/upset.
-I opened a bag of candy that we didn't give out at Halloween because I wanted a snickers bar, not really sure why I hadn't opened it before honestly, it's just been chillin' with the crock pot since November.
-I enjoyed the actual video of Jiro Dreams of Sushi way more than any the documentary part of the movie.  It was just put together so well, made me miss my undergrad time and made me wish that I was still into that field.
-that the dog beds remain empty because Phil gets on the furniture, including the guest bed now!
-that my guest bed is made, but always has a sheet over it, to protect the clean sheets from dust and dogs (OLIVE...).
-that I try to not do work so others have to do it for several reasons.  1, so I am not the only person who can actually do the work.  2, so I can focus on the things that only I can do.  3, so I can focus on EAWS.  4, so I don't have to do it.
-that all weekend I thought that I had to go to work on Monday even though I knew I didn't have to work on Monday.  It was a blessing in disguise really.
-that every once in a while I look forward to the days when I'm off and Teh Bear has to work.  If I can't give me extra love, I don't have any extra love to give.
-that I ripped my favorite pillow (that says Hello) because I washed it in the washing machine.  It's just a pillow.... that says hello.  /sads
-that I consider my landlord obtaining potentially new kitchen appliances as a gift to the tenants (us) rather than the couple that owns the house.
-that I'm considering taking leave time in March AND April AND maybe May/June.  I got vacations I gotta take or I lose em!
-that Teh Bear was invited to a wedding that is something related to Disney and I have no idea who this couple is but I'm interested because DISNEY, duh.
-that the only thing I took pictures of with my phone was Phil... all weekend.

-that my Instagram account (canIdecideanotherday) is pretty much a Phil shrine... at least until March.
-that Come to Me by Goo Goo Dolls makes me tear up... almost every.single.time.

Life After I Dew

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Wishbone

"What's the story Wishbone?  Do you think it's worth a look?"  Anyone else remember that show?  No, just me because Teh Sister insisted it was her favorite show every.single.time.ever.  BTW, she also insisted that Dragon Tails and Mr. Doubtfire and Erin Brockovich and Titanic (the 1st VHS) and Mulan and The Great Mouse Detective and Son in Law were her favorites too... and obviously I've been scarred for life.  Whole other blog post for that... and here I thought my "Scarred for life" posts were mostly moments with Teh Parents.

Anyways.  Moving on.

I'm not really superstitious.  I'll walk under a ladder if its easier to maneuver, I don't hold my breath over bridges (because I've crossed some stupid long bridges), I don't hold my feet up passing graveyards (I'm lazy), etc.  Buttttt, I live for wishbones.  Not really sure why, probably because I love a good competition.  I mean, all you do with a wishbone is pull it apart.  There's someone that gets a wish and someone that doesn't.  Simple.  You "win" or you don't. Whatevs.

Teh Bear and I have obtained several wishbones in the last year or so and for the last 2/3 he has "won" them.  By winning, I mean that after they completely dried, we pulled them apart and he came back with the bigger piece, so he got to make a wish.

Well, I made a whole chicken a few weeks ago, which meant wishbone!

I always heckle Teh Bear when it comes to... anything I could possibly win.  I always talk shit that I'm going to win and he's going to lose and I almost always lose and I do it poorly.  At one point he offered to give me the big piece of the wishbone because I was so "upset".

So I went into this wishbone exactly the same way... heckling my little heart out.
It went something like this:
"It's MY turn to win.  You ALWAYS win.  Don't LET me win though, because that's cheating.  I'm going to win by myself.  Do it good.  Come on, pull your side.  Lets do this.  I'm gonna win.  You're gonna lose.  The wish will be MINE this time!  I will be VICTORIOUS!!!"

And this is what happened (there are photos because I was sure this was my time to win, I wanted photographic evidence of my win)...

Because if it comes out of the kitchen Phil always thinks its for him.
Also, this pose looks like his Cmas ornament.

So what happens now?

I think we tied.  I mean, that's less like losing than when Teh Bear gets the big piece, but I still didn't technically "win."  We're still not sure of the wish status with this situation.  I mean, we both had the same wish (for Teh Bear to get a new job.. like yesterday), but neither of us "won."

Did I mention that I'm probably the most unlucky person ever?  Yeah, that's accurate.  I only get lucky by default, like something good happens to someone else and I just happen to be in the fallout of that good thing.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday #12/Little Notes #8

Dear Gentle Readers,

The desire to blog has been at an all time low recently.  It's really not anything specific, just a lack of desire to share all the things and the general boringness that is currently taking place in my life.  Work days go something like this: workout?, go to work, come home from work, take Phil on a run, make dinner, sit on the couch with Teh Bear watching The Office, decide it's time for bed, find things to do on the internet for another hour, and finally go to bed.

Weekends have been equally boring, which has been alright with me.  After the business of the holidays, it is a much welcomed break.

Dear Phil,

You have been especially adorable this week.  I'm not sure if it's the threat of the new puppy or you've turned a new stone.  They say that each year can be different with a greyhound (or maybe its just dogs/pets in general?) and that has definitely happened this year.  It might have taken 2 years for you to come around, but that's ok with me.  Your sleeping on the couch and drooling on my favorite pillow has been so adorable I don't even try to relocate the blanket under you.  I feel bad for visitors that have to smell that, but you're just so comfortable and content that I don't even bother you.

The video I got of you playing makes me smile and I'm not even ashamed to over-share this video.

Teh Bear and I are taking you to donate blood today and I'm pretty hyped about it since we don't normally get to take you.  You're my favorite puppy-luppy ever (and don't listen to Teh Bear when he says that will change once the puppy gets here, I'll still love you no matter what, especially when the puppy is being annoying).

Dear work/week,

I anticipated last week was going to be difficult since it was the first full work week since the holiday period.  Oh, oh, how wrong I was.  This week has been almost unbearable.  Monday was fine, but Tuesday kept pretending to be Monday, and on Wednesday it should have just been Friday, Thursday still wasn't Friday, and now that it is finally Friday, I'm just exhausted and need a nap.

I've been making a steady effort at EAWS flashcards, I was voluntold from big Navy to apply for a Navy special project on Tuesday (no one has any idea what this special project is, which makes it pretty stressful for this control freak me), people are getting back into the swing of being at work so the office has been busy, busy, busy, in addition to the escort duties that we've had going on this week, it's been pretty non-stop.  Fortunately, we are off on Monday, but next week doesn't need to be more of the same, kthx.

Additionally, Teh Bear is absolutely, with the passion of 1000 suns, hating his MD job that I was so excited that he got finally.  He is currently looking for anything in S.MD so if anyone knows of any openings, feel free to let us know, because holy moly, his stress is stressing me out.


Dear Navy,

I'm not gonna lie, these last 5.2 years have been difficult.  In the last year, I've flopped from definitely getting out to probably staying in.  That is hard for me.  I was pretty sure I was done after 6 years, but now I'm not sure.  I was 88% sure that my JSOC denial meant that I was done with the Navy, or at least that's what I had told myself and other people.  But after I got that email that said (summarized), "We're sorry but going to VX-1 killed your career, go IA and apply again," I told people I was going to see what orders were available when my window opens since I was approved to stay in the Navy.  I keep giving you all the chances and it's scaring me.

On Tuesday, I was voluntold by Big Navy (meaning bigger than my command, but a message directly from DC) to apply for a CNO special project.  No one has any clue what this project is, but coming on the heels of the JSOC denial really makes me wonder what is going on.  I had to include a photo with this application package, so I took a day and "dated the Navy," to mean that I did my hair nice and wore not my blueberries (so they told me what to wear, whatevs) and I even put on make-up.  I won't hear back for "a few months" but here's hoping to at least finding out at some point what I applied for.

Additionally, this is during the honeymoon of finding out I'm actually getting to go to a class that I've wanted to attend since 2009.  I'm still waiting for the bottom to fall out, like with all things regarding the Navy, it can't be as good as it seems (like shore duty orders to Pax River, MD ruining my Navy career?).

P.S.  I took a very "professional-looking" photo, per the Command Master Chief.

Dear surprise snow,

At some point way earlier than alarm time Thursday morning, I thought I heard it raining.  I didn't really pay much attention and fell back asleep.  After my shower, while I was getting dressed, I thought something was wrong with Yurtle because she was discolored!  Then I realized it was snowing outside!  Big, fat, wet flakes plastered my face as I walked into work and my fingers were freezing, but it was totally worth it.  I took it as a good omen since I also submitted my special package application that same day.  Perspective, I haz it.

5 Goals

-Complete my EAWS this month (since I bought the uniform device already...)
-Try not to use the crock pot for every meal I make for the next week
-Have a date with Teh Bear this weekend since we are both off.
-Take Phil on a walk/run this weekend.
-Figure out when workout app I'm going to go with (since RunKeeper has definitely been a piece of shit recently)

5 Things

-I felt like I hadn't "really blogged" in a long time.  When I look back, maybe I did, but still.
-I feel lazy not taking any classes for 3 months, but I know its for the best, especially after the struggle that was November.
-I really want to hear back from this special project thing sooner rather than later.
-I'm very proud of myself for working out 2x some days this week.
-18 days till my birthday.  Amazon wishlist is available, but I'm also accepting cash donations to help pay for Samwise.

Happy Weekend, Gentle Readers.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fashion doesn't agree with me... #40

Teh BFF doesn't really understand my fascination with taking photos of myself in ridiculous sunglasses, but she's a good sport and helped me model them when she came to visit at the end of October.  YAY BFFS!!!

She sent these to me, knowing how ridiuclous this looked.
And this is why we're BFFs.

These aren't soooo bad, but they are a little "loud."

Rockin' the retro.

Holy 80s babies!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The break down of (my) resistance...

A month or so ago, I checked out the Galgos del Sol (GDS) website and perused the available dogs.  I've done this before, always just window shopping.  When Sighthound Underground (SHUG) posted an album on Facebook of dogs arriving in the upcoming months, one caught my eye...

We have been debating a getting a second dog for a few months.  Partially because Phil is a completely different dog when there is a 2nd dog around and partially because I really wanted a 2nd dog, but mostly because Phil seems like a much happier, less mopey, depressed dog, when there are other dogs staying with us.

We've waited because dollas (the groups that I planned to adopt from were $250-750) and my preferences were very limiting.  Additionally, fostering is a little more of an issue when there are already 2 dogs permanently residing at Teh House.  I've always claimed that this is a 2 dog max residence.

I have/had very particular things that I wanted in the 2nd dog.  They were:
-Female, I already Philbo, and he's man enough for both of us, without his balls.
-Little, Phil is 80lbs, he's my big boy, we don't need competition.  Teh Bear also stated that he wanted a whippet (he also said he wanted a whippet to name it Devo), so I agreed to his size preferences (not his preference for breed based on a name), which wasn't hard since they aligned with my own.  Heh.
-Black, because well, Phil is mostly white and who wants to be able to wear any clothes without showing dog hair?
-Preferrably wire/long hair, but this wasn't set in stone.
-Rescue, duh.
-Sighthound.  Honestly, all the fosters that I've had have very much spoiled me.  There is something different about the personality of a sighthound from the personality of a husky or a lab or even Zeplen my dalmatian.  I can't really explain it.
-Young-ish.  This wasn't my requirement but kinda Teh Bear's and it wasn't so much a requirement, but a preference.  We had seen several black, wire-haired galgos come through SHUG and when I showed Teh Bear his first question/response was "How old is she?"  He was much more reserved when I told him those dogs were older than Phil, so I assessed to be of some importance to him.

Originally I strongly considered a galgo from Spain since they are definitely a rescue, I know they come in wire, black hair, but I also realized that there were other rescue pups available that would meet my criteria if I wasn't breed selective, Pharaoh hounds, Salukis, Borzoi, Ibizans, Podencos.....

Well, I was right.

Meet Sam, short for Samwise Gamgee (which will probably be her name, unless it doesn't "fit", and then we will find something else LOTR based to go with Philbo Baggins, of course):

She is a Podenco rescue from Spain.  Her story from her GDS page: "Cadbury [their name for her] and her eight siblings were living rough in the campo with mum Paqui. It took several weeks to catch them but a kind woman fed and checked on them daily until they could be taken in by GDS."  Paqui is a medium sized, so I'm guessing that Sam will be as well, but its really a toss up since we have no idea the breed of the father (but my feeling based on the situation in Spain would be another similar sighthound breed).

She is supposed to arrive mid-March.  She isn't black, but she is dark colored, wire haired, and she will most likely be under 50 lbs.  She will be 6 months old when she arrives in America.  I'm struggling to contain my excitement.  I want it to be March already, which means skipping my birthday month, which is a big deal, Gentle Readers.

Phil's reaction?

Phil is already on the lookout.

I'm a crazy dog lady.  Which was probably easily recognized by the fact that Phil has his own blog.  But, I "talked to" Phil about getting a 2nd dog.  

After Ruthie left, he was depressed and pouty, and I was starting to feel like maybe I didn't get the sign that she had picked her forever home.  The truth was, she didn't meet my criteria, so I held strong and she got adopted.  Even I missed her though.  But then came Mary and Olive has had several slumber parties with us and Phil has adjusted to being the only pup again, but I can tell he's mopey whenever Olive goes back home.  He perks up a bit when we go on walks with Teh Greyhound Neighbor and Olive.  

I told him that we were going to look for a sister for him.  I told him what the requirements were.  I told him we weren't in a hurry to find a 2nd dog and that I loved him the mostest of all the dogs ever, even more than ZepZep, which might have been a bit of a lie, but probably not because Zeplen broke the contract and died on me.  Phil knows he's not my heart dog, but he also knows that I love him and I don't judge him for his bad breath.  Honestly, there's something about that stank breath that is comforting, don't judge me.

When the photo of Sam was posted, it was like the stars had aligned.  Yes, the dollars are going to be tight, but we'll be getting a new puppy.  Yes, we are getting a puppy.  Zomy.  A puppy.  I've not had to deal with that since Zeplen (who I got at 8 weeks).

A puppy!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So What Wednesday #1

I've been reading Shannon's blog for a while now and I thought that her "So What Wednesday" could be a good replacement for my "It's Ok Thursday" linkup (that I greatly miss).. so I'm joining in today.


...Monday rolled around and I was completely mentally prepped for a normal week, but after 10 hours of work, I finally broke down and posted a negative FB post.
...if my phone is filled with photos of Phil sleeping in his jammies on the couch with his mouth open and his tongue hanging out.
...I said that I would burn at least 200 calories before entertaining myself via TV/PS3 and have only fulfilled that requirement once.
...that the biggest reasons I haven't been meeting my 200 calorie goal was because I was so unbearably sore from my workout on NYE (as in Teh Bear touched my butt playfully and I almost stabbed him with the knife in my hand) and the unbearable cold outside (which isn't an excuse not to use the rowing machine).
...that I hate the Navy one day and want to stay in the next day.  Making up my mind is tough work.
...that I didn't start my EAWS stuff in December like I said, I enjoyed the break!
...if I forgot to announce ON Teh Blog that the web address changed.  Ooops, my bad.
...if I bring Phil back to work with me when I have to go back in at night.
...if only want to play Katamari Forever on the stage where you make the ball as big as possible to make a star in eternal mode.  Something about rolling up whole cities gives me great satisfaction... and brings me back to my days of playing Katamari for the first time when I was in college... when I'd tell the ex-fiance's same-name friend that I wanted to play Katamari and he would know that I wanted to play the level where I could roll up all the things and he'd turn everything on for me and let me have at it.
...if I got lots of tutoring for my EAWS test.
...if Teh Bear and I spend most of our time watching The Office.
...if I get extremely over-aggressive about games where there is a winner (ok, this is probably not very so what).
...if I combine recipes to make a better recipe for taco soup/chicken tortilla soup.
...if eating dinner at 5:30 doesn't do the trick, eating again is acceptable.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ways my parents scarred me... FOR LIFE.. 3

So, at some point, we've all had to loose those baby teeth... so this story applies to all the Gentle Readers.

I hated loosing teeth.  Loathed it.  The tooth would wiggle and wiggle and wiggle and the pain of actually removing it and the blood just made me dread the entire process.  THEN, there'd be a very non-cute hole in my mouth for an undetermined amount of time.  Just a dreadful process all around.

Teh Parents, particularly Teh Dad, were always bubbling reservoirs of suggestions on how to get those stubborn teeth out.

Of course the first suggestion was tie a string to it an pull.  Which NEVER worked.
Then there was more wiggling the tooth.
Then there was yanking.
Then there was letting someone else pull the string or yank it.
Then there was eating hard foods (apples, carrots).
Then there was chewing gum.

Apparently, I had the world's most stubborn teeth.  So Teh Dad suggested on a really loose tooth that we take a string and tie it around the tooth and then tie the other end of the string to a door knob so that the door being pushed shut would pull the tooth out. 

You remember being a kid and being like, "Ok, well Dad said it was a good idea, so why not?"  Yeah, that was dumb.  I'm not sure how this parent approach works so well since kids are generally smart, but yeah, it still works.

So, of course, I let Teh Dad tie my tooth up and then tie the string to the door knob.  And I'm already nervous and uncomfortable, but add to that looking completely ridiculous standing on the back porch with the door open, bent over (since the string wasn't long enough to reach the knob when I was standing), and trying to talk (because Kid Teh Megan rarely ever shut up). 

Teh Dad asked me if I was ready and I kept saying no.  Who is EVER ready to have a door slam yank a tooth out of your mouth?  Truly?  No one.  Eventually, I gave a not-at-all-confident, extremely weak, yes.  He gave the door a push.. and my face just went with the door.  Yeah, not ready.  I didn't actually hit the wall with my head, so there was that positive.

Teh Dad grilled me again, "You have to stand still for this to work!  Are you ready?"  At this point, I'm just tired.  I think that's actually how this trick is supposed to work, the kid gets tired, and gives up fighting, mean while, the parent has been thoroughly amused the entire time.

I'm still tied to the door knob and hunched over, so I backed up and Teh Dad made me step back 2 extra steps as he opened the door.  Scared I'm going to loose more than one tooth, but exhausted at this entire situation over pulling a stupid tooth, I decide I'm just going to stand there.  Teh Dad asks if I'm ready, and I just shrug.

"1... 2.... 3!"  And again, I move with the door, because no sane person uses a door to pull their tooth out!  Tired and frustrated I tell Teh Dad that I give up, I'll just keep wiggling it until it falls out.  He somehow manages to talk me into "just one more time..." at least 3 more times.  Each time, I move with the closing door.

Extremely tired, extremely irritated, and extremely sore from bending over all this time, I tell him that its the last time.  I can only imagine the joy Teh Mom was getting from hearing the door slam over and over.  The mabillionth final door slam happened and I actually stayed put in my hunched over state and despite the door slam and the string.. I was still attached to the door knob and there was still an attached tooth in my mouth.

I gave up at that point.  There was no getting this tooth out.  I'd just be miserable.  I made Teh Dad untie me and went inside, wiggling my even looser tooth with my tongue.

I didn't even realize I had a perm this young.
Teh Parents = Awesome.

We might have forgotten it was school picture day....

PS. Before the night was over the damn tooth finally came out.  Uggggghhhhh.

Even more scarring than the door slamming experience?
Teh Dad still has all our baby teeth.  I've already expressed to him how excited I am for him to die so I can go through all his stuff and find some creepy ass teeth.......  NOT.

ANDDDD not only does he have mine and Teh Sister's teeth, he also has his own!  ANDDDD he would have asked for the tooth that was removed prior to my braces, "but the dentist shattered it to pieces trying to get it out, so I didn't bother."  I can't even make this stuff up, Gentle Readers.

You are welcome.

Monday, January 6, 2014


That Teh Blog now has it's own domain?!?!

Happy 2014 (and 15 and 16) to me!

So change your bookmarks!

Thanks for being a Gentle Reader!

PS.  All those !! and ?? were completely necessary.  Sorry not sorry.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Five on Friday #11/Little Notes #7


Dear Christmas,

I didn't tell anyone this until today when I finally came clean to Teh Bear, but I wasn't really feelin' you this year.  I was going through the motions hoping that I'd have a Christmas Spirit infusion from fakin' it till you make it, but it never really happened.  My favorite part of Christmas is everyone's reaction over what I got for them.  It's truly about giving for me.  When Teh Bear became absorbed in setting up his PS3 on Christmas day, I was completely ok with that because it meant that I had "done good."  Christmas wasn't rushed this year, so it wasn't that.  It was just.. me.  I heard that Teh Stepsister didn't like her MRE that I got her, but apparently that was a too soon for her since she's deploying soon.  Oops.  My sister thought her MRE was funny and I made sure to get her a no-meat one since she's crazy a no-meat-eater.  Despite being medically seperated from the Army in November, she thought the MRE was at least minimally amusing. 

Every year I tell myself I'm going to buy less and make more and every year I get caught up in buying all the things and fail.  There's just something overwhelming and scary about making something homemade in the kitchen and the mess it makes and knowing that someone doesn't really need 3 types of cookies and a container of peanut butter balls (which are apparently called buckeyes?) and whatever else.  But food keeps giving, you have people help you eat it because you know you already gained at least 5 pounds because of holiday eating (especially when your significant other declares that candy in the stocking is a tradition).

It wasn't until after I read Jamie's post that I realized that not being in the Christmas spirit is a thing, and its even acceptable.  Honestly, I was ready to take down the tree and put everything away before January 1st, but Teh Bear was still diggin' it so I didn't make that suggestion, and we were having a gathering on NYE, so I left well enough alone.

This morning we de-Christmas-ed the house.  The feeling of it all coming down and the house being normal again was a relief.  I'm not sure why.  Thursday night we actually removed all the ornaments from the tree and I wanted to take off the lights and garland and move the tree outside, but Teh Bear said no.  I was happy to vacuum up all the needles that were knocked off the tree during its expedition outside.  I did tell Teh Bear that if we had put the tree out last night, we could have put it in the middle of the front yard and it would have gotten snow on it and looked beautiful.  His loss.

Trees in the upstairs room on Christmas Eve


Dear snow,

I should have been more excited about you.  Really.  I'm sorry I wasn't.  This was probably my one opportunity of the year and I let it pass.  After all the disappointment of Pax River "snow", I've had to stop getting my hopes up and this is what happens, I just can't appreciate what I do get.  It probably goes hand in hand with that Christmas funk.  I should be all like, "WOOOO!!! 2014 and REAL snow on the 2nd day!"  But instead, I'm all like, "Rah, still have to go to work, ugh." 

I guess there was a piece of me that was excited this morning when I woke up.  I had forgotten to shut off my early alarm so it went off at 0619 and I called the base line to see if the base was open, was disappointed, and had to make the decision to go back to sleep or get up and check out the snow situation.  I checked out the snow situation and went back to bed.  I knew that if I didn't at least see all the undisturbed snow before the neighborhood kids treked through it, I'd be diappointed. 

In a state of rebellious dangerousness, I didn't even brush the snow off Yurtle when I drove into work.  I'm such a rebel.  It was such a pretty powder cloud behind me as I drove down the road, although I'm not sure the car behind me appreciated it much.  Meh.


Dear normal work week,

I'm not looking forward to you.  My hours have been minimal during the holiday stand down period (for the non-military a stand down is when there is a very significant lack of normal operations, for us it meant no flying for a period that included the holidays).  I kinda screwed myself by taking the afternoon shift the last 2 days because I had to work longer hours than I would have if I had just taken the morning shift, but I did get to sleep in, which was nice and this morning I didn't have to battle whatever road/driveway/traffic conditions that existed.  Also, there was productivity both mornings.  Thursday morning we went to the Amish Market in Annapolis (something I would never do before work again due to distance and traffic and UGH MD) and this morning we cleaned house. 


Dear "spring" cleaning,

I think we're getting a head start on you, which doesn't bother me one bit.  When I left for work Teh Bear was going through boxes in the spare room, which was a task that needed attention.  Hopefully by our powers combined, and with minimal resistance from my bad attitude, we can get that room sorted out and have more space for the rowing machine and other stuffs (like the 2 dining room chairs that are in the guest room).  If I was more trusting of the outside storage room's lack of critters and it wasn't already crammed full of crap, making it mostly useless except for the first 3 feet where the weedeater, rake, poop shovel, and Phil's swimming pool are, I'd put more boxes outside.  I do have some of the plastic foot lockers so maybe those can go outside?  Space saving is hard work.


Dear Teh Blog,

Sorry I neglect you.  I started this post on Friday and then work got crazy and then I went home and my OCD cleaning took over and I rearranged everything in the guest room and spare room to make more space to put away the Christmas decorations.  Now I just need to get a ladder so Teh Bear can put the empty boxes in the attic (or in the unorganized storage outside (which will remain that way until its at least above 50° outside)).  Yay for a surprise Saturday post instead?

Phil approves.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

4 Things 10 Thing Challenge: Day 9

Day 9:

1. When Teh Bear laughs at my jokes even when he doesn't actually understand them.

2. That he makes me stop what I'm doing (even though he knows its drives me batty to be interrupted) for afternoon hugs.

3. That he helps with the cleaning and then lets me complain when its not up to my standards.

4. He eats my cooking and doesn't complain.

5. Teh Bear is my adventure buddy.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolution 2014

A few months ago I posted my lack of money my money management about money in general.  Money and I have a love-hate relationship.  I love money and the lifestyle it enables me to have.  I hate money because I have to manage it to continue the lifestyle I lead.  Oh yeah, did I mention that math really isn't my thing?  Neither is keeping receipts, balancing a checkbook (do people still do this?), or using cash.  You can see how these things might cause a problem?

In 2014, I will properly manage my money.  This is less of a resolution and more of a if-I-don't-do-it-I'll-be-in-trouble thing, honestly.

Here's the truth:  I've used my credit card to live off of since I arrived in GTMO.  This was for 2 reasons.  Credit building and an easier way to manage my money due to late funds and my money situation settling.  In the Navy, you are often paid after the fact when you move and Gentle Readers, moving is expensive.  Truly.  Also, when you're in the military and you move, your pay might change depending on where you go (yay hazardous duty pay!).  This happened to me in GTMO and Bahrain.  I knew that I had the money at the time, but it was easier to use my credit card and then repay everything at once.  Additionally, the security of using my card meant that all my transactions were backed by my credit card company.  Along with, not being charged the 10% international transaction fees in Bahrain for each time I used my card (which I probably could have done with my home bank, but its easier with USAA since they are used to working with military members).  Finally, the using the credit card meant I could get cash rewards DING DING DING! 

But I'm not overseas anymore and my money has been stable since the beginning of 2012, yet I continued to use the credit card for all my transactions because cash rewards, duh.  While there were valid reasons to use it sometimes, like when I went on DET to Scotland and Australia, mostly, it hasn't been necessary.  That didn't change my ways, because I didn't really feel like I needed to.  I paid off my credit card monthly, so it was no big deal.  And cash rewards.

At some point towards the end of December, when I was checking Amazon deals and Woot every day to see if they had anything I should buy (which the answer to that question is obviously NO if I was looking for things to buy), I realized part of my problem.  I was just spending, spending, spending.  After Teh Bear moved in, finances quickly became an item of contention.  The grocery bill doubled, eating out probably stayed the same if you combined Teh Bear's and my habits, and the power bill went up (I think mostly due to the season changes, but also because very rarely is the house empty).  Money stressed me out, ya'll.  Truth.  My credit card was no longer being completely paid off each month.  Instead there always seemed to be a remaining amount left to be paid and the credit card balance was growing and growing.  I was taking money from other accounts (Yurtle and my savings) to bring the balance back down to zero.  Despite the changes in the bill situation, my spending habits really didn't change.  Probably not how it's supposed to work.   

Although I think my real "come to Jesus" (no Christmas pun intended) moment was when I realized that my car payment hadn't been made in FOUR months because the automatic transfer had been deleted, and I'm still not sure how, because I wouldn't have done that (at least knowingly).  When I called the bank to inquire what had happened they had no idea, but they were pleased to tell me that I could still go one more month without paying the bill.  WHAT?  NO!  I over pay each month so the loan would be payed off early.. Yeah, I definitely lost 4 months of that and I'm back to only being one month ahead.  I am still super disappointed in myself and thankful that I happened to catch the mistake when I did.

So as of today, I'm no longer using the credit card.  I have to quit caring about cash rewards, because the $200 at the end of the year just isn't balancing out my overspending.  After years of living with practically no limit, it is going to be a very difficult transition for me.  I have a feeling there will be lots of frustration and feeling like I'm back in college again.  Man, those were the broke days.

The worst part was realizing this problem right before Christmas.  It made me want to get out all my spending before today so that way it wouldn't be so hard when today came.  I knew better, and I only let those feelings get the best of me regarding gifts for Teh Bear.  I definitely had better resolve when it came to eating out, which I tried to minimize.  I knew there was food at home and even though I'd have to prepare it, it would not only be cheaper, but definitely better for me (unless it's Teh Bear's mashed potatoes, then it wouldn't be better for me in anyway).

Yeah, never thought that instagram photo would actually be useful.
Goes to show.... you never know.

So in 2014 I'm going to:
-learn to properly use my You Need a Budget program (that I paid $60 for and have the app on my phone).
-stick to the budget.
-plan for the big things (annual car insurance, Yurtle's registration/inspection, savings/vacation fund, create an emergency fund in case that sequester crap happens again).
-have at least one month where we don't eat out.  Period.
-stop using my credit card for daily purchases
-change from the Target credit card to the Target debit card (saving 5% matters, yo).
-properly manage my money.

Also, I'd like to participate in another photo a day month challenge.  But that's way less important than money management.

Happy 2014 Gentle Readers!
What are your goals??

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