Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So What Wednesday #3

Last week Shannon led the way in putting a new twist on the "So What" theme.  Rather than just make a list of complaints (which I may or may not be a master of) and end there, make a list of complaints and point out a positive about it..  I can do that.  I'm also a master of guilt tripping myself into "it's not really that bad."  So here ve go!!!

So What

...if some Gentle Readers saw a few of these on Tuesday morning..
   ++at least you know I'm planning ahead for your entertainment!

...that I made brownies at 8pm..
   ++we'd been craving brownies all weekend, but I'd been lazy and then the day I got the motivation we were out of eggs.  Motivation and egg problem were solved.. they were delicious..

...that I gave Phil the freezer burnt ice cream so Teh Bear and I could have no gross vanilla ice cream on our warm brownies..
   ++better than just wasting it and Philbo llllloooooooooovvvveeeeessssss ice cream.

...that I cried after being called into work 5 minutes after getting home Monday afternoon..
   ++a good cry had been building up for quite a while and I felt much better after letting it go and Teh Bear holding me.

...that after my gums have been bothering me for 1.5 days I still said, "if it doesn't get better in the next few days I'll go to dental."
   ++I flossed extra trying to remove whatever was irritating my gum

...that I hadn't taken Phil out for a walk/run in well over a week and he tried to leave the house with me on Sunday (the first time I got called into work)
   ++I finally took him on Monday evening after crying and going back to work.  At least I got to go home and change my clothes?

...that I didn't want to leave the house Tuesday morning because it was the first time I'd been in the house alone in over a week..
   ++there's just a different type of quiet, unlike when Teh Bear is home with me.

...that I should be studying for my advancement exam..
   ++at least I'm studying for EAWS??

...that I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, everrrrrr have the goal to do a polar plunge..
   ++I do want to do a half marathon though (preferably when its not too cold or not too hot).

...that finishing The Office overrode the desire to hang out with friends last Friday night.
   ++we're halfway through season 9, so socializing will resume soon!

...that I like seeing all the "likes" on the photo of me receiving my volunteer award..
   ++my volunteer award is the Navy award I'm most proud of.  I've wanted it since 2009 when I learned about it in A school.  I worked my butt off to get it.  Most of the hours towards the award came from volunteering with Greyt Expectations and Phil.  When people remark about my total number of hours, I explain that working with Phil and fostering greyhounds in general is very enjoyable and rewarding for me, so its not hard to accumulate hours doing something you love, you just have to find what it is.  If I stay in the Navy, my next goal will be to get a star on it (for my non-military, a star represents a 2nd award).

...that on FB I have to click on each FB notification to make the number go away and I go back through my news feed to the last thing I posted so I know that I "got everything"..
   ++at least I'm thorough.

...that I like leaving work early..
   ++ok, there's nothing wrong with this.  I don't get paid by the hour, so getting to leave early (however many minutes/hours it may be) eventually comes out in the wash... (especially after days where I have to wait on others who have conference calls that run long or special projects they are working on).

Life After I Dew

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