Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday #13


After a week that felt like all Mondays, I'm so freakin' glad its Friday that I can't properly convey my excitement in words.  In addition to being on duty all week, I'm so over this week that feels like I was having to "pay" for my absence for the next 2 weeks.  One of the best parts of the week was walking out of the hangar yesterday evening and seeing ONLY VX-1 aircraft on the flight line.  Que MASSIVE sigh of relief.  The freedom of knowing that I wouldn't be called to come back into work for the rest of the night.  It meant that we got to go to dinner and a movie and I could actually not have to dread the phone ringing. 

On another work note.. our alarm system has been freaking out and it beeps unless someone gets up and turns it off.  Except even if it gets turned off, it starts beeping again a short while later.  I hear the beeping in my sleep.  Seriously, can't even handle it anymore.  I put in a trouble call this morning after leaving myself a sticky note when I left yesterday that said, "make the fucking beeping STOP" (and stop had an offensive number of underlines).  Most of the time I can ignore it, but recently people have been commenting about it, which draws my attention to it, so I notice more.. and ARGGGHHH, there's only so much beeping I can handle.


We finally finished The Office on Wednesday night.  I feel like the show ended well.  I could have used more Steve Carell in the final episode, but it is what it is.  I actually told Teh Bear that I was going to be upset if he wasn't in the last episode and for most of the episode I was afraid I was correct... then I was surprised.  WIN. 

Teh Bear commented that now we have to find something else to watch...  NO.  We will now catch up on the shows we are behind on... Mad Men (which I bought at Cmas for $10, win), The Big C, Modern Family, Community?, Game of Thrones (if we aren't already caught up), and I feel like there is one I'm leaving out. 

On my own time, I'll probably finish watching Spartacus, even though sexy Andy Whitfield is no longer Spartacus, it's probably good.  And I think I'm over his death now.  But probably not.  I'm sure, just like when I see a Heath Ledger movie, I'll annouce, "Awww, he's so dead."


I'm not as amped up about my birthday as I normally am.  Probably due to this week being this week and some other stuff going on at home (sorry for the vagueness, it is what it is).  But Teh Bear has started talking about planning things, so my excitement is starting to grow.  Today, my landlord is installing new kitchen appliances at my house (YAY!), we're not sure of our Saturday plans, and Sunday we are headed up to DC for the day after church and dropping off Philbo at Teh Greyhound Neighbor's house.  Since my class starts on Monday and Monday is my birfday, Teh Bear will be staying with me Sunday and Monday nights. 


Amazon cloud means music at work.  I can't even praise this enough.  It makes getting to work at 0600 tolerable.  Then again, I do enjoy the quiet time and I tend to get more done when there is no one else here to distract me/need me for other stuff/keep things straight.  The XO didn't mind when he came in.  Actually, I noticed before he left that he had signed off his computer and was just sitting there and he didn't move till the song ended.  Did I mention how awesome my CO/XO are??  Because they are.  Can I route a chit to take my Skipper with me to my next command, if I say in the Navy?  Because that man gets shit done like its nobodys business (hello FMV class).


I feel like a fatty.  After last's week not working out at all, I've only worked out 2 times this week, despite having the resolve (and time) to work out this week.  Although, I did hurt my back rowing on Tuesday, but whatevs, I didn't do my video workout yesterday like I wanted and now I feel like a fatty-mcfatterson.  I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE the snow and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE the cold, but slightly warmer temps (ya know, something about "feels like 35°F") would be really beneficial to my workout routines.

Teh Greyhound Neighbor-Wife and I have a plan to walk the puppies on Saturday morning, no matter how cold it is.  Yay for rainbow mittens and hats that match coats and warm socks! 

Update from last week:
5 Goals
-Complete my EAWS this month (since I bought the uniform device already...)
...yeah, fail.

-Try not to use the crock pot for every meal I make for the next week
...success by default!  I didn't cook this week.

-Have a date with Teh Bear this weekend since we are both off.
...success?  we went out for dinner and a movie on Thursday and Sunday is definitely going to be adventure day

-Take Phil on a walk/run this weekend.
...Ok, so it finally happened on Monday, but whatevs.

-Figure out when workout app I'm going to go with (since RunKeeper has definitely been a piece of shit recently)
...I imported all my data into Runtastic and we're gonna see how that works.  I deleted RunKeeper off my phone entirely.  Out with the old, in with the new!

5 New Goals

-Do well in my class and enjoy being in class (including enjoying having a badge again!)
-Do something besides go to class and sit in my hotel after Teh Bear leaves DC (ppssssst this means I'm looking for dinner dates in DC, I'm (still) young and willing, but I won't put out, sorry.)
-enjoy my bday celebration (meaning whatever Teh Bear has planned)
-workout!!!!  argghhh, must do this (must meet standards for the spring PRT)
-don't forget anything at home that I need while I'm in DC.

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