Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Supper to Celebrate the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns 2014

Robert Burns is a Scottish poet and you can read all about him on wikipedia.  I talked about going to the Burns Supper last Saturday and here are my photos from the event.

Teh Bear and I before dinner had started.
Not sure what's up with that face.

Pre-dinner appetizer

Teh Monopoly and Mr. Kilt

Ladies from work and I.

The parading of the haggis included bagpipes.

Final part of the parade of the haggis

Toast to a love?  I can't remember, but it was about love.

Haggis and Tatties!

Address to the Haggis.
The blue thingy is supposed to be the haggis... I think. 
It's quite hard to understand drunken, mostly old English, with a Scottish accent.

The haggis got popped!

Beef Wellington as the main course..
OMG soooooooooooooooooooo delicious.
If the free scotch and entertainment hadn't already made the price we paid worth it, this meal definitely did.
The couple beside us (my O-5 department head and her husband) weren't at their seats when dinner was served and we all joked about eating theirs because it was so delicious.

More haggis was discovered and delivered.

Very much inebriated on scotch at this point.
He had made a face at me and whatever was in his teeth made it hilarious to me.

A history of Robert Burns

HA.  Not pregnant.
JK.  I don't like scotch enough to drink it straight from the bottle.  Only the rumsy-rums.

Toast to the Lassies

Toast to the Laddies

Speech from the host.

Supper has finally concluded...  5.5 hours after it started.  WIN.


The band.

Oh, white boy.

The ladies trying to show (mostly) drunk people how to dance....
Also, that lady in the middle = scariest lady I've ever encoutered in my life.

Scotchin' it up!

I'm not gonna lie, the Brits being at VX-1 has been one of the best thing for my love of formal events.  They definitely know how to put on a good party, which is cause for me to dress up.  If we're still in the area (or not far from) the area next year, we will probably try to attend since we had so much fun.

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