Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday #14


Galgos del Sol has posted several photos of Sam this week.  I love it.  That beard!  Those ears!  She's so fluffy!!!!  Also, I'm worried that Samwise isn't going to be a good fit for a name for her.  Currently, she is called Cadbury, but I'm wanting to stick to something Hobbit/LOTR/JRR Tolkien related since we already have Philbo Baggins. 

Currently tied for 2nd place is Pippin and Merry.  I also want the name to be kinda girly... cause she's.. a girl.  We'll see.


The only thing that motivated me to get out of bed this morning was that it is Friday.  Truly.  We've got a new schedule at work where I arrive at work at 0600, but I get to leave after lunch, so I'm defintely not complaining.  It's just a difficult adjustment for someone who usually doesn't go to bed until 9:30 and often doesn't get to sleep until 11pm. 


It might be a 3-day weekend depending on how well VX-1 did on their inspection (that I know absolutely nothing about).  In other VX-1 news, I might be getting trained on another imagery processing program.  It sounds really nerdy, but I'm all like IMAGERRRYYY!?!?!?!  U HAZ?  I WANTS!!!!!!  Oh, real job, how I miss you.  Is it December yet?


I was thinking last night about how I used to write funny posts.  Or at least I was told people thought they were funny.  I should get back to that.  Maybe that means I need more things to rant about?  Like how hard it is to get up at 5am when the bed is just so much more delightful than anything ever. 


Weightloss is hard.  Seriously.  Teh Bear told me that I should stop stepping on the scale.  I told him I didn't have a choice, I HAVE to.  I HAVE to meet the standard or else.  He says to just workout and not worry about it.. yeah, I love my lemon oreos too much.  I wish I could get on a workout plan and stick to it, which is really my problem.  I was doing really good during the summer when I had no excuse to NOT go run, but now its too cold or its raining or I need to bring Phil (who only serves to slow me down and make me look ridiculous).  I have a million and a half excuses and yesterday's was that a nap was just so much better and my entire upper chest hurts (including under my boobs which is the worst).  Today I don't have an excuse.  I WILL go to the gym and hit the elliptical and weight machines and/or go on a run, weather depending.  I can do it.  I just need the motivation, and since the fall, I just don't haz it.

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