Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So What Wednesday #6

So What

...I'm not really into watching the Olympics.
   ++ Don't get me wrong, it takes so much talent to be those people, but I'm really just not a big fan of watching TV in general.  It's not you, it's me.

...I'm very aware of breath.
   ++ That said, I want you to tell me if my breath stinks.  Seriously, just tell me.  I almost always have gum and I'm always willing to brush for you if I'm at home.

...I want to lose 10 pounds.  I have to lose 5 pounds.
   ++ Having to meet physical standards is really a pain in the ass sometimes.

...My desire to lose weight is coupled with a desire to cook my way through a skinny cook book.
   ++ The problem with this is that I rarely like most of the recipes in a cook book.  One can see the problem with this.

...Running with Phil is less and less fun.
   ++ He slows me down.  We ran almost 4 miles earlier this week and by the halfway point it looked like I was dragging my mini-horse down the street.  I felt kinda guilty when I thought, "Good thing you're a greyhound and not a galgo."

...I'm probably not going to get to study for my rate/advancement exam due to studying for EAWS and boarding.
   ++ But I'll have my EAWS before March 15th!

...I'm not taking Phil to the vet until after Sam arrives.
   ++ I'm hoping it will save me money, but with the vets around here, I'm not even sure that's possible.  Cost of living is sooo ridiculous here.  I almost want to just bring Phil and Sam to NC with me and have their vet stuff done there.. but that not happening till April.

...I'm taking vacation in March and April.
   ++ March is for a visit to FL to use a timeshare thingy that will be expiring soon and April is going NC for Teh BFFs wedding.

...I've been craving some serious alone time.
   ++ Lets just blame being in DC and being on my own program for a few days.

...I miss my walks with Teh Greyhound Neighbor- Wife.
   ++ Hopefully this week we'll get back on schedule.

...I love when other people love Phil.
   ++ Bringing him to praise band practice on Tuesday warmed my heart to see everyone giving him love.

...I like working the early shift so I can get out of work and have my afternoons to accomplish things....
   ++ Which might include naps, but often includes a workout too.

...Oreo lemon cookies are 150 calories for 2 cookies.
   ++ They are the most delicious 150 calories of my entire day.  No contest.

...Getting up at 5am means I'm exhausted by 7pm.
   ++ Awakeness is hard.  Even with a nap.

...I'm not super stoked about the class I signed up for in March.
   ++ I checked the professor/class schedule and was excited to take a particular instructor for a certain class.  When I checked Tuesday, it was no longer the same professor and the replacement had no reviews on  All the other instructors teaching classes I need had pretty bad reviews, so I went with no reviews.  It's going to be an interesting semester with 2 vacations during this class.

...I let Phil "clean the bowl" after we make mashed potatoes.
   ++ He's just so adorable.

Nomnomnom! -Phil

I love making all the things stink like my breath so no one else uses my things. -Phil

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