Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So What Wednesday #7

So what

...I laughed and smiled on Saturday.
   ++ I felt like I was doing something wrong, but it was such a relief to laugh.  It was a beam of light in the darkness that was the beginning of what I have deemed "breakup weekend."

...that "breakup weekend" is a thing now.
   ++ it was a 3 day weekend where I got to absorb the enormity of ending my relationship of over 3 years.  It's totally a thing.

...I intimidated a corpsman (the medical techs of the navy) who was giving me a TB test during my PHA (physical health assessment, which is the yearly check up the navy requires).
   ++ Then again, he did try to stick me before he had rubbed the alcohol swab over the area he was planning to jab me and he was obviously new.  He also wasn't wearing gloves.  I did try to break the tension with a joke while he was slightly pricking me with the needle then pulling it out.  "Just stick it in me already!"  And not one of the three 18 year old dudes standing there acknowledged it.  Not even a chuckle.  I finally had to just say it, "That's what she said!  Gosh, no one?!?  NO ONE?  Disappointments."  The kid did eventually get the shot in, not really deep enough, but he was new.  I did suggest to him that he shouldn't be intimidated by me, or anyone, next time.

...I've over posted on Pinterest in the past 2 days.
   ++ Don't judge me, it was breakup weekend.

...if I judge a female who uses smokeless tobacco more than a male.
   ++ honestly, I think tobacco products are generally pretty gross with the exception of a hookah every blue moon (and in GTMO the occasional cigarette to get rid of my hiccups, which was extremely effective).  Yet, anytime I hear of a female who dips/etc, I think it's infinitely grosser than a male who does the same thing.  Rather than just the act being disgusting being done by a male, I feel like the female herself is gross, not just the act of using smokeless tobacco.  It's probably just me.  It's gross either way.

...I was in no way productive this weekend.
   ++ I did at least put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher as I dirtied them.  With one person here now, the dishwasher will run so much less.  I did laundry Friday night.  I should have studied EAWS but I really wasn't capable.  Then again, I did clean the bathrooms last weekend, and the floor was vacuumed when I got home on Friday.  So really, there wasn't anything to feel guilty about.

...that the breakup diet might be a close cousin to anorexia.
   ++ All those pounds from my time in DC?  Gone bitches!

...I've been realizing out loud how things will be different now.
   ++ I don't use as much hand soap, so I didn't feel the need to stock up when I went into Bath and Body Works.  There's food in my house I probably won't eat.  I really enjoy how I reorganized my closetS, especially where I sorted my pants into jeans, khakis, grey, and other color stacks.  Other people get a bit freaked out by these announcements.

...that I deal with things by making jokes.
   ++ mostly this relates to how different things are.  Most people don't understand this either.

...that when people hug me it makes me cry.
   ++ It's that look on everyone's faces right before they do it that makes me remember and realize just how sad I am right before they wrap their arms around me that gets me.  My voice chokes up and the tears start welling.  Breakups are hard, Gentle Readers.

...that I'm sad I have to change Phil's schedule to match my new work schedule.
   ++ He does so well on the established schedule, but I don't have a choice.  Looks like breakfast at 0530 and dinner at 3-4:30pm.  He's such an old man.. hehehe.

...that when someone asked me if I was going to join or any of those websites I was like, pffth, hell no because SoMD.
   ++ SoMD is a strange universe that doesn't seem to have the same connections to the real world that other small towns have.  It's creepy and strange and that's just way too much risk.  Also, first I think I should be single for longer than 5 days before I go making those types of decisions.  Also, dating is hard (not that I've done that in a while, but I do know my crazy has only exponentially increased since the last time).

Happy middle of the work week!

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  1. I agree with you about the tobacco thing. I think the exact same thing about the woman being gross and not just the act of using tobacco as gross. I even think it though with women who smoke cigarettes.

    SOMD is a weird place because it's still got the small town mentality but it's not a small town by any means anymore. And it's so weird that all these towns/cities exist within it and it's like one entity whereas a real small town is just literally one town; truly one entity. I want to live in a real small town. Some place that you can walk to downtown and do shopping and where you know your neighbors, etc.

    I'm sorry that hugging you makes you cry. =( I just really wanted to give you a hug. It's been a while since my last breakup, but it sucks, and I do know what you're going through. It's a really awful feeling. And I know that a hug just makes you feel a little bit better because people care.


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