Monday, February 10, 2014

Absence makes the heart grow fonder..

I had originally planned to write a weekend wrap up blog for today, except that I failed because instead of blogging I was out finding things to blog about!  I made sure there were lots of photos, I'm even training Teh Bear to get better about taking photos of me doing awesome things (although I always have to prompt him... ughhh).

In an optimal environment, the wifi at the hotel wouldn't be problematic and pics from my phone would be easily uploaded, except the hotel wifi is a pain in my behind and in an effort to save data (because overage charges are NOT something I'm in the mood to pay), pics will have to wait.

In other news, my class in DC is going fantastic.  I love getting to watch movies every day at work.  Do I have to go back to VX-1?  I don't miss my job in anyway.  My office has taken to telling people to call my cell and leave me messages to get ahold of me, because I forewarned them that I would not be taking calls from work numbers while I was away.  I have remained true to my word, despite voicemails and text messages.  Fortunately, these issues can be handled when I return to work, so I'm happy to ignore them for the time being.  I'm not looking forward to the mountain of things I will have to straighten out (hopefully not as many things as I anticipate, but I always expect the worst), plow through, and catch up on.

More in light of the subject line, Valentine's Day is a-comin'.  I let Teh Bear off the hook for Valentine's Day because its so close to my bday and it's not a real holiday, just a commercial trick to get people to buy shit for their persons.  I wouldn't call us anti-valetine's day, but we'd rather avoid the crowds at dinner and the price of candy, so we wait until a day or two after Feb 14th and hit up stores to pick up 50-75% off candies.  Additionally, since my bday was only 11 days prior, a bday present and a vday present could be a lot to ask for.  Hrm, hrm.... lookin' at Teh Bear whose bday is a WEEK before Cmas and he insists that his Cmas present and bday presents can NOT be combined.

Maybe we should start celebrating valentine's day...... :D

So yeah.  Hopefully things will resume to their normal level when I return from DC.  I have so much to tell you about!

Also, this happened.  I loved every single furry sighthound moment.

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