Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Confessions {9/30}

-I feel legitimately guilty about missing confessions for 2 weeks in the last month.  #Catholicguilt

Driving Confessions:
-Poor life choice: bringing a peach as a road snack.  Holy moly that was a messy life situation.
-To the old man with the tag "U R FAT" #youreadouchecanoe
-If I stop at your gas station and you have prices listed but you have all the pumps roped off because you don't have gas, I strongly consider lighting something on fire and throwing it into a tank. #wtf #dontwastemyprecioustime
-If you make me pass on you on the right, then want to race me down the interstate so I don't get in front of you when I'm obviously going faster than you, you have no right to flip me off when I do finally own your ass like it's NASCAR and get in front of you.  #learntodrivegrandpa #TehDadisgonnabepleasedaspunchbythatNASCARreference
-You deserve to be ran off a bridge if you have a Trump for President sticker on your car.  #justsaynotostupidity

-When my HR lady called to ask me why I hadn't put in my time and then didn't want to give me the chance to speak/explain what was happening, I just talked over her because she wasn't listening to my very valid explanation.  Then when she told me she didn't understand, I broke it down for her like she was 5.  When she told me it was the "executives" that were concerned, I didn't even bother to ask her why she hadn't contacted my manager to ask what was going on.  #bitchplease #idgaf #Imonvacation

-Because I'm probably going to run out of room on my medal rack, I'm considering taking down the virtual run medals.  Maybe.  We'll see.  Except for my Blerg run.  Not that one.  Or the BFF run.  #runnerproblems

-I actually started an Audible trial so I would be able to listen to What Alice Forgot while I was running my half since I assumed that I'd be finished with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo about 30 minutes into the run.  Yeah, I was wrong and that sucked major balls.  I was so over that book.  I was so excited about a new audiobook that I started listening to it on the way home after I finally finished listening to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I listened until I got tired of being as confused as Alice was and I needed to participate in an activity (aka karaoke time).   #Ineedtojustquitshittybooks

-I am proud of myself for not calling anyone to "keep me awake" on the drive to or from MD.

-I am more proud of the fact that for 13.1 miles, I didn't stop running except for the 10 seconds it took me to choke on a cup of water.

-When people who are quitting/relocating from Company get a chip on their shoulder because they have no fucks since they are quitting/moving, I get frustrated at how difficult they are to work with.  We get it, you're on to bigger and better things.  Just stop being disagreeable.  #amItheonlyonesatisfiedwithmyjob

-I'm loving What Alice Forgot and I want to listen to it all the time.

-For my Audible bonus download, I chose Rob Lowe's Stories I Only Tell My Friends.  He narrates his own book, so it was a win-win for me.

-I asked a couple at the wedding we went to last weekend to take a photo of Teh German and I.  The lady cut off my feet.  This irritates me because the most difficult choice of my entire day was which shoes I should wear and there were zero photos of my shoes (or my awesome foot tattoo).  Siiiigh.  #hardlifechoices #picsoritdidnthappen

-Teh German and I had high hopes that our relationship reveal on FB would reach 100 likes.  We're at 96.  Of that 96, only 33 of those are my friends.  This means that only 30ish people are seeing my status updates and if there are actually more than that, they hate me.  #myfriendshateme #socialmediavanity

-No one tell you that with girl parts comes the inability to hold your pee.  While dancing on Saturday night at the wedding, I was jumping up and down cause #whitegirl and I felt myself bounce a few drops of pee out.  I feel pretty confident about my "floor" muscles and I know, do Kegel's they will help.  Yeah, been there, done that.  Is there Proin for humans at age (almost) 30?  Ughhhh.  I hear that after being pregnant, this issue gets worse.  #freebirthcontrol

-I said something to Teh German about being 30 and he corrected me with, "You're 29."  I had to explain to him that I often have no idea how old I am, so I have to start getting into the swing of the new age about 6 months before my birthday so I don't have to math as much when people ask me how old I am, because nothing makes you look shadier than having to calculate your own age.  I also admitted that for most of 26 I said I was 25 and for almost all of 27 I told people I was 28.  I explained that since we're past the 29.5 point, I'm now eligible for saying I'm 30.  #cantarguewiththislogic #countingishard

-Things IDGAF about: National (insert stupid thing here) Day.  Coffee, Doughnut, Talk Like a Pirate, blah blah blah.  I used to think they were cool when I could get free shit and then everyone else started knowing about all these National Days and they became competition, which led to overcrowding, which led to me having zero fucks to give.  #freeshitisntworthitifIhavetowaittoolong

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Training for Tuesday #4

Another countdown complete!  Another medal achieved!!!

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Upcoming events:

14 November 2015: Sweet Tea Half in Summerville, SC
18-21 February 2016: Glass Slipper Challenge weekend + 5k in Orlando, FL (Disney World)
02 April 2016: Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC

September's Goals:

-Keep up with the training plan(s).  Those long runs are killer and fall means several activities on the horizon, which means keeping up with the runs, EVEN IF I'm out of town for the weekend.
-Run the Greenway in West Ashley.
-Run the bridge again/run more with Teh German who really pushes my pace.
-Add some cross training into the mix (I might count sexy time and random dance offs with Teh German (this is my motivation to not be so shy and just shake these hips), don't judge me). 
-Navy-Air Force 1/2 Marathon!!!
-Keep running after the Navy-AF 1/2.. the Sweet Tea 1/2 is coming!  We'll see if I try to talk someone into doing the Sweet Tea run with me or just run it as my first solo 1/2.
-Manage this chafing issue I've been dealing with.  If it's not underboob chafing, it something else.  I wish I was kidding, but I got hip chafing from my hydration belt recently.  WTF?  #chafingsagaof2015


I didn't even have to really talk Teh MD-AR into running the Sweet Tea 1/2 with me.  It was just meant to be.  She reminded me that she's visiting in November and the Sweet Tea 1/2 just so happens to be the weekend that she is here.  Annnnddd she's running her Army 10 Miler a few weeks before so it's really not much more training to scale up 3 miles.  Wiiiiiiiinnnnnn.  Teh German also mentioned running it, but we'll see.  He wasn't impressed with the price.

I added the Sweet Tea 1/2 event to RunKeeper.  Gold star for me.

I got tramp stamp chafing during my Navy-AF 1/2.  I'm not even sure why/how since the shorts I wore were Navy shorts that I've owned for a long time and I've never had an issue.  I could feel the tag rubbing my back around mile 3, but I just shifted my shirt (throughout the race) and powered through it.

That said, I purchased Body Glide AND Gooch Guard to combat the underboob #chafingsagaof2015.  After the Body Glide didn't work on a 3 mile run, I was pissed and took to Amazon to find something better and I discovered Gooch Guard and several other chamois (wtf does that mean, I'm seriously too afraid to google it) creams.  I figured if it was for balls (I made the assumption since it was for bikers) it would have to be better, right?  Whatever.  I slathered on Body Glide, I rubbed on the Gooch Guard, and I wore my original running bras (please never die bras, plllleeeeaasssee) and I was underboob chafing free.  Too bad I still wasn't chafe-free.. Le siiiigh.

At one 1.5ish weeks after the 1/2, I'm back to running.  It was difficult continuing to run because I was hurting so bad, but after 2 sessions in 1 week with the chiropractor, I was way better than I was after my Divas 1/2.

October Goals:

-Keep training for my Sweet Tea 1/2.
-Get my pace down.
-Try out Crossfit.
-Don't get hurt.

We're keeping it simple this month to try to avoid hitting that running wall again.

Wanna be friends on RunKeeper and stalk each other?  Yes, please.
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Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Review {9/28}


I got off work on Friday and went home and considered running, but it was super humid and I'd been fighting off a nap since lunchtime, so I finally succumbed.  It was glorious after an exhausting week/weekend/week + shitty sleeps.  When Teh German came home, it took us a bit to get motivated to leave the house for dinner.  We eventually headed out for dinner at Willie Jewell's (bbq, mmmm), then we stopped by "the closet" to pick up the wedding invitation so we would know which church to go to on Saturday.  After that, we headed home.

We were gloriously lazy for the evening, which included snuggles and watching Big Hero 6, which Teh German hadn't ever seen.  He was cackling at all the same spots I did the first time I watched the movie (ok and this time as well), so obviously we are awesome together.

Additonally, this is our new thing (#sorrynotsorry):


The plan of the morning was to sleep in and we slaughtered that goal.  We slept until at least 10, with only a short break around 7ish when I got up to feed the dogs, and we stayed in bed until 1130ish when we finally decided it was time to get up and get ready for the wedding.  We got all dressed up and headed to the church.  It was a Catholic service and I'm still not behind "and with your spirit."  #notsorry  Whatever, I remembered the other important parts.  #thatswhat18yearsoftrainingdoes  We couldn't even hear the couple say their vows, so I was slightly disappointed, but whatevs.  God knows, they know, everyone's happy, right?  #untiltheywatchtheirweddingvideo #awkwardsilencefordays

There was a break between the ceremony and the reception, so we went back home to pass the time and eventually feed the dogs before we left for the reception.  The reception was at Magnolia Gardens (remember that place I went that one time and promised to show you the photos and never did?  Yeah, that place) and it was unbearably gorgeous (and it had to have cost a mabillionty dollas).

Since the scenery was gorgeous and we were dressed up, and because Teh German promised his dad he'd send some photos of us soon, we took the opportunity to get some photos/selfies.

I'm totally printing this one to put on my desk at work.

Teh German only knew the newly married couple and one other couple at the reception, so I was in good company of not really knowing anyone.  Of course, the people he did know were crossfitters, so we did get to have a conversation about that with some of our table-mates, but it didn't last too long.  Dinner was amazing.  I didn't want to be that guy that pulled out my phone to take a photo of the plate, but I wanted to.. oh how I wanted to.  #bloggerproblems

We had a small portion of steak, a small crab cake, green beans with roasted red peppers, and au gratin potatoes.  The portions were perfect to feel perfectly full (at least for me).  I would have been more pleased with the cake if I hadn't ended up with a chocolate layer (booooo (no I don't like chocolate cake (or ice cream for that matter) because it taste artificial to me)).

The dance floor was constantly packed, which was awesome since it meant working off dinner.  Although it also meant lots of jumping around which sucks for Miss Weak Bladder over here.  Yeah, other than that age reminder, the reception was a blast.  Also, there was a fire pit outside and ingredients for smores were provided so I was SET.  The only thing missing was a photobooth and a few slow songs (sooo many pop jams and not many sappy, cheesy love songs) and I felt a little jilted that the father-daughter and mother-son dance songs were cut off about halfway.  I'm not sure if that was by request or the DJ took that upon himself.  Nonetheless, a gorgeous wedding and reception (and I'm sure that if I saw the price tag on that event I'd probably have a heart attack).

There was some weird polish/money dance thing and when the groom finally broke in the circle, he literally carried the bride outside and they left.  It was kind of a weird exit, but it worked.  Everyone kinda stood around wondering if they were coming back, but when Teh German and I saw the limo pulling away (yes, a limo, we later saw the Expedition limo when we were leaving) we assumed they weren't coming back.  We took that as our ticket that it was time to leave. 


We slept in again on Sunday morning because we are adulting pros.  I got up to feed the beasts but came back to bed.  When we got up at 1115, it was only because we'd decided on Sunflower Cafe again and we wanted to beat the church crowd.  In fact, we got there about 5 minutes before several groups arrived, so we fist bumped (see above video) on good timing.  #bahlalala

Right before food arrived, Teh German suggested a bridge run and I explained that after we ate we wouldn't feel like it and that we'd be time constrained since we had evening plans to attend a going away gathering downtown.  After brunch, we went back home and did some cleaning.  Fortunately, I had done laundry on Friday evening, so I only needed to clean the carpet from a poo spot I found from Meri when she was sick last week, give the dogs a bath, and trim Meri's nails.  Teh German did the dishes (because he's the best) while I did all my tasks.  After we finished, we caught up on the internet and made our relationship FB official.

We're at 93 likes and that's the most likes either of us have ever gotten.  #bestteamever

If you remember, despite being together for more than 6 months and me mentioning it to him, Mr. Scrooge refused forgot to change his FB relationship status.  Not only did Teh German ask me if it was ok to tag me as "in a relationship with _____" but he changed his relationship status period.  I know it shouldn't matter, but it does.  It just does.  I hate that it matters, but it does because I'm me and I breathe social media.  I wanted to do a little dance to be completely honest, but I restrained myself and kept my ass on the couch and was internally gleeful so he didn't think I was a complete psycho.

After 1/2 of the singing episode of Grey's Anatomy (I know everyone hated that episode, but I loved it #notsorry) and an episode of House of Cards, we finally got motivated and got ready to go downtown.  The gathering was a The Westendorf, a new restaurant downtown that another crossfitter owns, which was fitting since the goodbye was for a crossfitter.  I didn't know anyone there other than the couple from the wedding (whom I had met before), so I was a bit overwhelmed and there were a lot of people in a small space.

I couldn't really find anything on the menu that was jumping out at me so we opted to go to dinner somewhere else since we were already downtown.  Teh German suggested the hot dog place that he had been to while I was in MD and I said ok to that.  I could tell the hangar was coming on, so I was good with that rather than have to suggest somewhere else.  The hot dog place was ok, overpriced like most places downtown, but creative and the atmosphere was retro, which was cool.  The dude with the bushy beard and Dapper Dan hair (aka hipster) really gave it that back in the day feel.  Ok, maybe not the beard, but definitely his hair.

Teh German realized that he hadn't made his grocery store run for his lunches so on the way home, we stopped by Ye Old Fashioned Cafe for a hot fudge cake to share for dessert (even though the girl put all the cake on the top, siiiiiiigh), then hit up Harris Teeter for veggies for dinner and lunch choices for him.  After, we headed home and went to bed exhausted.

Overall, another fantastic weekend in the books.  Not only are Teh German and I FB official, I also gave him a house key.  Not really sure why I hadn't done this before, probably because we usually come/go at the same time so it wasn't a big deal and he knew where the hidden key was.  We haven't had the conversation about "the closet" yet, but I'm working myself up to it and he knows it's coming (that's what she said).

There weren't really a lot of photos taken this weekend.  I feel like I did a good job of being present and keeping my phone put away.  Gold star for Megan!

And now the countdown until Harry Potter land begins!!!
5 days!

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Sweats #12


Runkeeper results: 13.46 miles, 2:11:33 (9:46m/m)
Official results: 13.1 miles, 2:10:49 (9:58m/m)

I didn't get to turn off my RK until I was through the finish chute, but it wasn't more than .05 miles, so I don't think it really effected my tracking that much.  Also, RK bugged out when I was trying to start it up, so it didn't start right away and it also had my pace at 2:something when I had stopped for a few seconds for water.  Whatever.  I did it.  It sucked for so many reasons.  I'll prob recap the race on my Training for Tuesday post.


8 hour drive = nope.


After being abused at the chiro, I considered a run, but also knew that my body really needed a rest from all the abuse it has suffered since last week.  So I sat on my couch instead and didn't do a damn thing.  It was glorious to hang out with the dogs with nothing to do besides blog and be lazy.


Teh German and I needed to accomplish some shopping before this weekend, so that happened instead of a run.  That was perfectly acceptable to me because I was so sore from the chiro's abuse.


4.26 miles, 40:23 (9:28m/m)
First post 1/2 run and it was ok.  Not overly bad, not overly good.  My foot really hurt the entire run (the same foot that the chiro reset a few weeks ago (I know, I know, it's a work in progress).  I gave myself shin splints from picking up my pace, but the next 1/2 I do, I reeeeeaallllyyy want my time to be under 2 hours.  I can do it.  I know I can.  I just have to push past my comfort zone.


I wanted to run, but didn't happen.


Snuggling in bed > running 8 miles.  Not sorry.

Total miles:

17.72 miles

I've trained and trained and only moderately fallen off the train in regards to my training plan, but that usually coincided with real life and hitting a running wall when I just didn't feel like it.  I have also committed (even if only to myself) to trying out Crossfit after my DC 1/2 is done.  I was torn on this because I told Teh German I didn't want to smother him, but at the same time, I'd really like to get in some good cross-training because I know it will only help me for my Disney run.  Technically, it's not a matter of being unable to run my runs, it's a matter of how well/easily I can do the runs and I'm certain that Crossfit will be an excellent diversion to all the running I'll be doing to prep for my Disney runs... and ya know, building muscles and shiznit.  I haven't brought up going yet, but I'm sure that Teh German is just waiting on me to say the magic words.  Also, why does it have to be so expensive?!?!  Uggghhh...  All the dollas.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Five on Friday #66


Teh German and I get to play dress up tomorrow and go to a wedding for friends of his.  I'm super pumped about this.  #alltheselfies  I'm also stupid excited about getting to sleep in and no one having to work.  On Sunday we'll be attending another gathering at a new restaurant we've been wanting to try out.

Technically, I should run 8 miles this weekend (per the Sweet Tea training plan), but we'll see.  My pieces have been struggling to recover from my 1/2 and the drive to/from MD.  As in.. went to the chiropractor 2 times this week and the first session he actually looked a little concerned when he was adjusting my neck and he actually shut the door to the room because I was groaning so loudly from how much it hurt so bad/good when he was working on my hips, IT bands, glutes, and shoulders.  #thosearentsexnoises


The hardest part of a new thing is starting it.. at least for me.  I committed to trying out Crossfit at Teh German's "box" (/shiver) after I completed my Navy-AF 1/2, but the actual part of when and actually showing up is overwhelming me now that I've completed my 1/2.  I hate being new at something.  Also, I'm really fucking whiny when I am confronted with things that are "hard" or out of my norm and I don't want new people to judge me as a whiny newb (which I totally am).

The worst part is that I know it will be good for me since I feel like the lack of cross-training seriously effected my 1/2 marathon in a negative way.  I'm sure the chiropractor is going to LOOOVEEE this life choice.


The next month is going to be action packed!

After this weekend's activities, we're headed to Orlando in October to go to Universal/Islands of Adventure/whatever their Halloween event is called.  After seeing that the tickets would be almost $250 for myself for the day at the park, I almost said, "Kthxnothankyou."  But then I'd be missing out, and I hate missing out on possible fun adventures (even though I hate scary shit and might cry) and I'd already arranged for Teh SC House Finder to watch Meri and Phil, so I swallowed that pill.  It better be a fucking spectacular day and all the Harry Potter world things better bring me all the joys and if anyone makes fun of me for fangirling, I will eye-cut them.  #noshame #Imissedtheboat

2 weeks later, we're headed to the NC Renn Faire with Teh Sister and Teh Utah Specialist.  I'm so unbearably pumped since I didn't get to go last year.   I need The Tortuga Twins in my life!  Soon after that is Halloween, which will mean (currently undetermined) adventures as well, then Teh MD-AR's visit and my Sweet Tea 1/2, then Thanksgiving, then holiday parties, then Christmas!  I love fall!



10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. (More) Surprise flowers from Teh German
  2. A job that allows me to work from home when my pieces hurt too bad to find the motivation to physically be in the office.
  3. New dresses to wear to work when I don't have the motivation to go in.
  4. No stress about not having prepared dinner from Teh German.
  5. Knowing that I get to see Teh German in his new suit on Saturday (and realizing how difficult it's going to be to keep my hands off him).
  6. Being able to call Teh MD-AR for fashion advice.
  7. Being able to go to the chiropractor regularly.
  8. My space heater under my desk when my toes are cold.
  9. Trying new foods (chia seed pudding (chia seeds soaked in almond milk) and it not tasting horrible.
  10. Knowing the difference between I love you kisses and I want you kisses.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weekend/Vacation Review {9/16-22}

I misjudged my free time on my "vacation" and didn't actually get to sit down and write blogs like I had planned.  Real life has really been taking over lately* and well.. #sorrynotsorry


After Teh German left for work, I packed up Yurtle, loaded up Phil and Meri, and we were MD bound!  The dog park at Roanoke Rapids, NC (exit 173) is really my new favorite thing for east coast road trips.  I'm not sure who's good idea that was, but I'd kiss both of their cheeks for it.  Meri doesn't like doing her business on a leash, so it's right around halfway and perfect.  I tried not to stress about travel time and wasn't in a rush when I stopped.  I made it about 8-8.5 hours after I left Charleston, so right on time.  

Teh MD Adult Roomie and I hung out and made dinner, then we went out and got our nails done (which was an experience because the lady and I had several clashes (wtf why is so hard to pain the ENTIRE nail? don't leave huge lines on the side because my nail is wider than the brush.  NO.  Just no.) and I'm pretty sure she called me nasty things in whatever language she was speaking, then she left my tip on her table, which I know she saw because she had to give me change for a $100 so I could even leave her a tip #bitchplease) and did some shopping at Ross (ALL THE STRIPED DRESSES!!!!).  Then we came home and chatted and played with puppies.  Later, I skyped with Teh German until it was bedtime.


After some snuggles with Olive and Meri and Zoey, I finally got up and went on my last run before the 1/2.  It was a glorious MD run.  I forgot how much I enjoyed the scenery on my Pax runs.

After 4.5 glorious miles with minor pains, I headed back to Teh MD AR's house to shower and get ready for a lunch date at Noodles and Company, which I think I've decided isn't my favorite.  That and the lady didn't clarify about small or large portions, so I didn't eat 1/2 of what I was given.  After lunch, I returned the reject dresses for Teh MD-AR and I to Ross, picked up some stuff at Target (to include some awesome adhesive mustaches that Meri subsequently ate because #goatdog and some $5 men's pj pants in case it was chilly the morning of the race), and hit up Old Navy since it has been a long time since I've been in there and Teh MD-AR showed me a super cute dress she had gotten from there and I needed super cute dresses (ok, really I don't need more dresses, but not the point, kthx).  I ended up with 2 dresses, 1 pair of jeans, and the desire to buy another dress and another pair of jeans but they didn't have my size and apparently Old Navy isn't like Victoria's Secret who will order stuff on their website for you and have it shipped to your house (for free, #yesplease).  Your loss Old Navy, your loss.  

I finally headed back home and took a nap.  It was an obligation of being on vacation that I was happy to fulfill.  The dogs napped with me but Meri was particularly adorable.

Teh MD-AR and I had dinner with Teh Soccer Mom at Red Robin (nommm).  After overstaying our welcome (#notsorry), we finally decided to head out.  Teh MD-AR and I headed to Target to check out the Halloween section (no foam heads, wtf?) and look for fall table linens (yeah, we all know that wasn't something I was looking for).  After we headed home and discovered that Meri had eaten the mustaches (she was the only one without a muzzle on, so I know she's guilty), I skyped again with Teh German and attempted (and failed) at going to bed early since Friday was an early start.


A 0500 wake up was a bit earlier than my 0529 estimated awake time, but it was fine, even if I was grumbly at being awake so early.  Teh MD-AR and I made the annual trip to Richmond to get doggy teeth cleaned.  Everyone except for Meri went, which we learned probably wasn't a good thing since she was trying to #goatdog the crate.  Phil lost 2 teeth and I had to commit to brushing them more since he's got some serious gum recession on his back molars.  One tooth that was pulled was because it was broken and there was root exposure, so that wasn't on me.  Woot.  My poor boy was sooo stoned when we picked them up.

While we were waiting on the dogs, we went to breakfast and I got to wear my first jacket of the season (yay cold!).  After breakfast we decided to head to World Market, which wasn't open yet (that's what happens when you get up at the crack of dawn), so we wandered around Kohl's for a bit where I almost bought an awesome unicorn towel, but decided to save my $5.  The only reason we really even went into Kohl's was because there were Color Run flags outside the building for packet pick up.  If the run had been on Saturday instead of Sunday, I probably would have ran it.  I'm ridiuclous, I know... but I really, reallllllyyyy NEED that medal.  NEED.  Not want.  NEED.  The lady at the merchandise table tried to sell us tickets and I had to regretfully tell her I was running a 1/2 on Sunday instead.  I mean, in what world would I have ever said that before 2014?  None, ever.  #runnerproblems

Then we went to World Market where I picked up some gnocchi and adult root beers for the Megan-Gathering that evening.  After World Market, we decided to head to Barnes and Noble since I hadn't been in one for years.  We wandered around discussing books that were good (or not) and some creeper-mcgee-man was telling Teh MD-AR all about Star Wars bobble heads (he was wayyy too old to be as concerned as he was about Star Wars figurines) and I tried to give her an out by not being close by (she could have came and found me at anytime), but she endured creeper man until he finally wandered away.  She's a better person than me because I would have RBF-ed (resting bitch faced) him until he stopped talking and went away.

The vet still hadn't called after we were done at B&N so I looked for a park nearby since it was a nice day so we could sit outside and read (I came equipped with a Kindle and 2 hard copy books).  There happened to be one right across the street from the shopping center, which was convenient.  We waited there until the vet called around 1245.  On the way back to the vet, we stopped at a Vitamin Shoppe for me to pick up something similar to the O2 Gold that I had tried on my 11.7 mile run (fail) and then at Panera for lunch so I wouldn't get hangry.  Then we picked up the stoned dogs and headed back to Pax to make a snack for the Cards Against Humanity/Megan gathering.

After getting home, we discovered that Meri may or may not have some serious separation anxiety, completely based off the partially eaten wood inside Olive's crate...  It was the crate or a muzzle, which she likes even less, soooo yeah.  After we created a snack to share at the gathering, we headed over to Mr. Kilt and Teh Monopoly's house for socializing, snacks, and Cards Against Humanity.

We stayed until about 9pm, at which point we headed home to check on the dogs.  We had left the pups after feeding them dinner, which Zoe had been a bloody mess after.  Fortunately, other than some bloody drool spots, everyone was fine.  It was bedtime after we made sure all the dogs were ok.


Saturday morning, the real activity started.  I tried to sleep in, but the dogs weren't having it.  I got up and got ready and Teh MD-AR and I left around the same time.  I headed to Teh Dive Buddy's house first off.  I arrived around 1230 and we walked and grabbed lunch.  One thing I love about DC is the walkability of everywhere.  We then headed to the Metro to head to the Armory to pick up my packet.... which is when the adventure started.  Apparently there were train issues, so our train was taking forever to come and when they announced around 2:15 that it would be more than 20 minutes until the train arrived, Teh Dive Buddy and I made the choice to literally run back to his place to get Yurtle and then drive to the Armory.  On my calendar, I had that the expo closed at 3 and I've since discovered that wasn't true.  Way to plan, Megan.  Gold star.  So we ran/walked back to his place, part of my run I was barefoot and had we been downtown, I probably would have been trotting through homeless pee puddles.  Yeah, one of my least good ideas before a 1/2 marathon?  Running barefoot through DC.  Although the alternative was running in flippy-floppies, which would have probably resulted in something worse, so ya know, pick your battles.

We made it to the Armory at 2:48 and I had even taken an exit that I wasn't supposed to, oops.  Either way, while I ran in to get my packet, Teh Dive Buddy drove Yurtle around.  The expo was complete crap, there were less than 10 vendors, 2-3 of them were athletic vendors, so I was able to pick up some gels and gummies for the race.  It was also super hot inside.  No bueno.  After picking up my packet, we headed to the hotel where Ms. Motivator and I were staying so I could park Yurtle, we could meet Ms. Motivator and friends, and then head to the Nationals game.

Teh Dive Buddy and I left the game early so we could go get dinner (and avoid the crowds).   We were gonna get mexican, but the place I had found was going to be closing before we would have arrived because of Metro delays.  Seriously, no bueno Metro.  Instead, we ended up at Johnny Rockets which was close to my hotel, which was perfect because I had been slightly concerned about walking by myself back to the hotel.  #alwayshaveabuddy

PB chocolate milkshake? Yes please, need.

After we finished dinner, Teh Dive Buddy and I parted ways.  We hadn't seen each other since I left GTMO in 2011, so it was awesome getting to catch up with him, and as always, we definitely had an adventure of a day.

When I got back to the hotel, Ms. Motivator and I chatted for a bit and got ready for bed.  We also Skyped with Teh German for a short bit.  I have this problem in life where I tell people things, but I can never remember who I tell what to.  I didn't realize that I hadn't told Ms. Motivator about the struggles that I'd been having with Mr. Scrooge.  She knew some of the issues, but not the whole timeline, so I caught her up.  Also, having talked to Teh German with me on Skype, she approved.  Finally, it was sleepy time after sending Teh German some sappy texts right before I fell asleep.


Race day was finally upon me!  An earlier than expected wake-up was the start to the day.  I eventually got up and got ready, sweet texts from Teh German definitely helped (he actually set an alarm so he could wake up, text me before my race, then went back to sleep (#keeper)).  We were about a mile from the start, so we walked there.

This is what the Washington Monument looks like at 0600.
Gorgeous, right?!

I'm not gonna recap my race here, but the official results were 13.1(ish) miles in 2:10:35.  RunKeeper measured 13.5 miles in 2:11:33.  This is the first race I ever wanted to cry at the end because I was so glad it was over.  This was definitely not as delightful as the 11.7 miles the weekend before. 

If you follow Teh Blog on FB, you may have seen where I posted about the guy who was running on prosthetic blades.  I have no right to complain, but Gentle Readers, it was a very difficult run for me and not because anything about the course or the weather... but all me.  Running from the Metro barefoot the day before, driving 8 hours, not seeing the chiropractor the week before, being tired, being stressed, being disappointed I didn't finish under 2 hours.  It wasn't pretty.  But I got the medal and I ran 13.1ish miles without stopping... And that stupid book (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) still wasn't finished after 2 hours of running!  Uuughhh. 

Also, KT tape.. OMG.  At one point Ms. Motivator asked me if I was going to keep telling them how awesome it was, I told her yes because it was a miracle!  Thanks Alyssa for the guidance/peer pressure!

Teh MD-AR roomie ran the 5 miler and Ms. Motivator ran the 1/2.  Of course, selfies were mandatory.  After the race, we caught our breath and then headed back to the hotel to shower.   It was decided we go to Chili's for lunch, and that was the point that I realized I'd become a Charlestonian food snob.  I agreed because I was too tired to come up with a better suggestion, but nothing about chain restaurants appeal to me after being in Charleston.  I'm always willing to look up a recommendation on Yelp (even if it means getting almost there and realizing they are going to close before we arrive like what happened with Teh Dive Buddy on Saturday) before going to a chain restaurant.  #Charlestonproblems  I ended up parking at the opposite end of the parking garage than the restaurant was at, which meant more hobbling and having to find Yurtle.  I was so whiny and achy when I left DC that I knew a nap was unavoidable after I got home.

I actually ended up following/caravan-ing with Ms. Motivator's friends on the way back from DC since I happened to catch up to them and we were going about the same speed after that.  When I got home, I went straight upstairs and crashed.  My head was achy, my pieces were achy, I wanted very bad to be snuggled.  Eventually, I woke up and made my way downstairs (ouccchh) and hung out with Teh MD-AR and the puppy dogs.

Teh MD-AR made steaks and baked potatoes for dinner, which was perfect after my mostly unsatisfactory burrito from Chili's.  I tried to do some internetting, but it didn't really happen.  Is this what it feels like when blogging is slipping from your fingertips?  I finished off the evening with a Skype date with Teh German and then it was bedtime.


The dogs were insistent on no one sleeping in, so I got up and fed them and tried to do more internetting while hanging out with Teh Afternoon Kid.  Despite telling myself only 15 minutes, an hour later, I was shutting down the computer and getting ready to drive back to CHS.  After Teh MD-AR left for work, my motivation finally took hold.  I showered and packed up and loaded Yurtle and by 0900, I was on the road with the pups. 

We stopped halfway at the dog park (no but really, best idea/exit ever) and I picked up lunch and got some juice for Yurtle and also picked up a snack at Starbuckos for the pups and I.  I had a peppermint mocha frappichino while they enjoyed puppycinos.

We made it home by 5:15, which isn't so bad considering I stopped at Wendy's for lunch, then to the dog park for the dogs, then stopped for gas, and stopped at Starbucks before getting back on the interstate.  Despite his intentions, Teh German wasn't there when we got home, but I did come home to this:

No one has ever left flowers for me to find or rose pedal hearts ever.

When he finally got home from work, we hung out and I got all the snuggles.  We ended up going to Early Bird Diner for dinner since they were open later than the sushi place and it was 9pm before we left for dinner.  Side note: my eating schedule has been shot to hell and it's difficult for me to know who I am right now without my eating schedule.

Overall, it was an excellent trip to MD.  Getting to see everyone was fantastic and I wished I could have had longer to hang out and relax some.  It felt like I breezed in and breezed out.  But, I accomplished another 1/2 Marathon and I've only got 4 pegs left on my medal rack!

*Hopefully being home again means that my blogging schedule will resume to normal standards, but I kinda doubt it for the following reasons:
  • My/our weekends are activity packed for the foreseeable future
  • I'll be continuing my running schedule to stay ready for my 1/2 in November.
  • Trying out Crossfit, which means even less evening free time
  • My activity preference is hanging out/doing things/snuggling with Teh German over being on my computer in my free time.
  • I finally hooked up Teh Sister's Netflix on my Roku and we started House of Cards and I suck at multitasking when the TV is on (and I'd rather snuggle).
  • Work is picking up for me which means less blogging time.  In fact, I'm putting off work right now to finally get this post up!  I even missed out on Confessions for the 2nd time in a month.  WHO AM I!?!?
If you made it through all of this, you deserve a cookie.  I'd suggest halloween oreos personally, but I'm completely biased.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Confessions {9/16}

-I hate when people ask me stupid questions because they are trying to avoid small talk.  "Did you ride the motorcycle in today?" only serves to make me look at you like you're an idiot when you can see that I'm wearing a dress, flats, my hair is fixed, and there is an obvious lack of helmet on my desk which you've seen as you've walked by.  If I were to have been wearing jeans and my boots then that is a solid question.  #letsjustnothavethisconversation

-Sometimes I forget how weird Americans are.  Teh German asked me what the 0.0 and 26.2 and 13.1 magnets/stickers meant after I showed him one that I got from my Beat the Blerg run.  He said he'd seen them on cars, but didn't know if they were Bible verses or something (which I had never considered, but this is the South, so I can see how that would be a solid guess).  I explained that 26.2 is the number of miles in a marathon, 13.1 is a 1/2 marathon, 0.0 means not a runner, etc.  #Itakemyknowledgeforgranted #RunnersAreStrange

-Teh German read my blog from our first date until Sept. 5th.  He told me he's not going to read anymore because it was kinda weird reading about the other side of things that he was there for and because he didn't want to find something out on Teh Blog before he found out from me.  I explained to him that wouldn't happen because he was more important than Teh Blog and telling him things face-to-face was my priority over sharing them on Teh Blog.  I think he's pretty resolute about not reading anymore.  This means he knows about my freezer visit after watching The Americans and that really concerned him.  I promised it wouldn't happen anymore.  #priorities #bloggerproblems

-#sorrynotsorry for all those comments on your week old posts last week.  When I checked my Feedly, I had over 100 unread posts and I made that feed my bitch.  #ownedit #Ishouldntwaitsolongnexttime

-Erin and I have been having a discussion about things being named differently depending on where you are.  For instance, The Storied Life of AJ Fikry is called The Collected Works of AJ Fikry in Australia and Airplane (the movie) is called Flying High.  WHHHHYYYYY?? #beinganAmericanishard #thatswhatshesaid

-Since making the switch to tea from coffee, I have noticed that my Ariel mug is getting stained.  I'm upset about this because I rinse it out each day, same as I did when I was drinking coffee.  #nomegusta #stainsdontmakemehappy

-I'm weird.  I'm happy to rant and rave on FB about things that piss me off or post photos of my adorable dogs or post silly conversations that happen, but when it comes to posting sappy stuff (which I'm mostly happy to do on Teh Blog), I hesitate and often restrain myself from doing so...... because I don't want other people to think I'm rubbing my happiness in their face.  WTF is wrong with me?  #MaybeitsCatholicguilt

-Victoria's Secret finally had an underwear sale.  I purchased a few pairs because some of mine really need to be replaced and I had a $30 gift certificate.  When they arrived.. some of them have STUPID LONG ASS TAGS (pun unintentionally intended)!!  You member.. the ones that tickle your butt crack ALL THE DAY LONG??  ARGGHHH WHHHYYYYY???!?!  #menneedtostopdesigningwomensclothes


-It's not a case of the Monday's when it's a legitimately bad day...  The worst part is when it wasn't really a bad day but an hour can really shake things up.  When I arrived home Monday I opened a citation for my unmowed grass then I walked inside to my ceiling on my living room floor.  I'm not making that up.  I have no idea why the ceiling came down (gravity?), but I assume something has been leaking (based on the wet wood/mess in my floor).  #whydoeseveryonekeepaskingmehowithappened #ididntbuildthis

-How did I deal with finding my ceiling on the floor?  #selfmedicationthroughfood

-Picking the outfit I'm going to run my 1/2 marathon in was VERY difficult.  #runnerproblems

-Adulting: Being excited that your power bill is only $179 instead of the $230 it was last month.  #responsibilitysucks #sodoesmypowerbill #butmostytheinsulationisshitty

-I'm on my way right now to MD to hang out with Teh MD Adult Roomie and I'm soooo excited!!!!  #BFFsleepover

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Review {9/14}


After a Coworker-is-quitting lunch, I sat on my couch waiting for an email waiting for the work day to be finished.  When 3pm hit and I still hadn't received the email, I was like eff-this-shit-o-clock and headed out to Walmart to pick some items up.  I'm not sure what I was retail therapying but $110 later I had new air filters and the best smelling epsom salts I've ever found (not that I really take baths anymore, but just in case and maybe it will help that moldy smelling cabinet in the guest Teh German's bathroom smell slightly better?) and obviously some other stuff plus the 3 items that I had on a list.

The last of the flowers.

I went home and hung out with the dogs waiting on Teh German to get off work.  We had planned to go to a birthday party for one of his coworkers around 7 and we needed to swing by the grocery store on the way to pick up beverages.  I had been told we were having dinner at the party so I only had a small snack (bad life choice).  By 8 we still hadn't eaten and 2 Friday's in a row.. it was just not good.  Otherwise, we were having a good time.  Food was finally served by 9.  Since I was the DD, it meant the hangar was real.  I'm sure I would have been way more obnoxious about it had I been drinking.. so there's that positive.  I'm also getting used to not having any idea what is being said when conversations around me switch to German.

I did have an interesting conversation with Teh Monopoly when she called me around 730 to ask me if I'd be attending my own gathering.  I was quite confused at first, until I realized that one of us had gotten the date wrong.  Fortunately, I had put the correct date on the FB event and there were only 3 people celebrating without me.  They did claim it as a successful test run for next Friday's gathering, so that is good.

Teh German and I made it home by 1130ish and it was definitely bedtime.


Since Teh German had to work Saturday morning, that gave me a the perfect opportunity to get my miles in.  11.7 miles on an overcast, breezy, slightly drizzly day?  Yes please.  Teh Dad called around mile 3 to chat, which was a nice relief from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  The book is finally getting interesting, but it's tedious.  The first thing Teh Dad announced (with much adieu and build up) was that he and Teh Stepmom liked Teh German.  So there's that positive.  Then we discussed Teh Sister's wedding and what he made sound like a Teh Family reunion and I had to remind him that Teh Utah Specialist may also have family/friends that come in town and that our family shouldn't take up all the available space...  I think he may be getting a bit excited about a wedding.  Adorable, but woah sparky.  (He's probably gonna read this, that's the best part.)

Around mile 9, Teh Dad hung up and I finished my run.  If you're really interested, check out yesterday's post.  It was good.  1 week till Navy-AF 1/2.  Bring it beeches.  After a shower, Teh German came home and we headed to Sushi 101 for lunch and to "the closet" so he could pick up some mail and start up Suzi.  We headed back to my house after for a lazy afternoon of napping and perusing the internets and hanging out with the dogs. 

Saw this gem on the way home Saturday...
I'm sure he rode around shamed after they lost.

I did also get in some journaling time, which was nice.  I woke up from the nap and instead of tossing and turning and keeping Teh German awake, I lied and told him I'd be back in 10 minutes (so he'd go back to sleep) after I iced my back (which I did thank you very much!).  It had been well over a year since I'd written anything good/positive.  That's a hard pill to swallow, to be honest.  Teh German woke up before I finished my writing, which meant wrapping it up quickly, but that was ok because positive journal entries don't take as long as negative ones.

Since we'd had an Evo fail the weekend before last, I suggested it for late dinner on Saturday night.  The motion was passed and we ended up going around 8, which was perfect because that meant the dinner rush was over and we were finally hungry after a late lunch.

At least I got a photo before it was all gone!
Squash on a pizza is actually pretty delightful, much to my skepticism.

We got home and ended up going to bed since it had been a longish day and Teh German had to work again on Sunday morning.


Neither of us were really motivated to get out of bed Sunday morning.  Teh German was waiting on a call to go into work and I had told him that if his call came in time for me to get to church, I'd go to church, if not, it was all the snuggles for me (I've gotta stock up since I'll be gone this week to DC/MD)!  We ended up talking about the journaling thing and I explained how for the last year I would journal when I couldn't sleep, which usually meant not good things were going on that would keep me awake.  But when I had woken up from my nap, I had positives I wanted to put down on paper for the first time in a very long time, so that's what I was doing... writing about us and all the good things... (aka all the sappy things I try to refrain from putting on here so my Gentle Readers don't regurgitate on their keyboards.)

When Teh German did go to work, I started on laundry and housekeeping things and did some reading waiting on him to get back home.  It was an unbelievably nice day and I opened all the windows to let the house air out.  Meri was pleased about my life choice...

When Teh German came back, we decided to go get coffee and a snack at a Metto, then go swing at the park under the Bridge (aka we swung on the swangs again).  We people watched and took ridiculous selfies for a while then we hijacked a swing from a couple who weren't actually swinging on the swing (the atrocity!) and were just sitting on their phones beside each other.  Go sit on a stationary bench, beeches!  By hijacked I mean, they are 2 sided swings and we sat down and started swinging, which I knew would run them off since they hadn't been moving.  #notsorry  We also got several doses of free birth control in the form of screaming children and kids who were riding their bikes around the swings stupid fast. 

the huuuuuuge tree at the coffee place was awesome.

I like to selfie him by surprise.

My favorite bridge!

duck lips. #selfiemasters

No editing on that perfectly ombre skyline.

New fave selfie forever.

We finally ended up leaving so we could go home and feed the beasts and then make it to our dinner reservations at Magnolia's by 6.  YAYYYYY for Charleston Restaurant Week!!!  It's a thing where many of the restaurants create special menus where you get 3 items for $30 or some special price.  Many of these restaurants are places where you get $50+ entrees, so it's a super awesome treat.  We were meeting a couple that Teh German is friends with to plan a trip to Orlando for the Universal Halloween thing. 

Even though it felt like the dinner lasted forever, it wasn't bad.  We did wait an obscenly long time to order food, which was frustrating for Miss-I-Eat-On-a-Schedule here, but I survived.  And I took a risk and ordered the not "snickers" (aka chocolate) dessert and made the better life choice.  WINNNNN.  There was lots of crossfit discussion since that's how Teh German knows the couple.  I only phased out a few times.  I did finally admit that I was going to try the intro class after I get back from my 1/2/vacation.

After dinner, we headed back home and tried (unsuccessfully) to prepare for the week.  The windows were still open, which was awesome since it was cool.. until the middle of the night when I couldn't breathe because allergies and at almost wake up time when I got cold and Teh German was all the way across the bed not doing his job keeping me warm (he was also cold since I noticed he'd put a shirt on (booo)).

I just love them.

Can we get a hell yeah for an excellent lazy weekend (at least for myself)?  Teh German and I have several busy weekends planned over the next 2 months, so lazy weekends like this one are perfect for the in-betweens.  Also the dramatic drop in temp on Sunday was just so perfect and we both agreed that we needed to be outside.  I kinda wanted to run, but knew that my pieces would appreciate a rest day more.  Moar below 70 degrees in the AM pleaseeeeeeee? 

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Sweats #11


Rode motorcycles for sooo many hours...  While it was good, it started to hurt, and that's how I knew I was done.


Nope, spent the day driving and unloading/unpacking and running errands.


5.66 miles, 1:00:06 (10:37m/m)
+1 mile with the dogs

After no long run over labor weekend, I knew I needed to get some miles in.  Not too many, not too few.  I felt pretty good for this run despite the temps. 


3.42 miles, 33:04 (9:40m/m)
The first mile, my pace was almost at a 9m/m.  Then I knew to slow it down because I'd kill myself in the heat if I kept up that pace.  I didn't want to get in too many miles because I wanted to do a longer run on Thursday so I kept it under 4 miles.


6.57 miles, 1:09:13 (10:32m/m)
It was adjustment day at the chiropractor; my favorite day of the week!  In addition to my neck and back, he also adjusted my feet.  Wiiiin.  At first my right foot was hurting, but it worked itself out.  I was feeling pretty tight from 9 miles this week already, but I powered through it and ended up feeling great.


A legit rest day after 15.5 miles this week.  It was difficult not to go run since there was a breeze and it was only 70% humidity, but I restrained.  Rest days are important, but often I fail at resting properly.


1 week till the Navy-Air Force 1/2!!!  Well technically it's on Sunday morning, but this was my last long run before the 1/2.

11.72 miles, 2:05:38 (10:43m/m).
I've never been more glad I was a DD the night before, than for this run.  This would have been miserable had I been drinking last night.  Other than some initial girl pieces pain, this run was amazing.  Teh Dad called about 3 miles in and we chatted for a bit, which was nice because that means Suzy doesn't give me mileage notifications, which is good and bad because I'm not keeping up with miles so I'm just running without competing with myself.  Bad because I have to pull out my phone to see how far I've gone.  Leee siiiigh.

I took the O2 Gold.. but then took a nap, so it probably wasn't as effective as it should have been.  #notsorry  Around mile 5 I choked down a GU gel (orange flavor was fine, but the consistency really wasn't a good thing for me), yep, not buying that one again.  The acai berry one I had on my shit run 2 weeks ago was way better (in texture and flavor), so hopefully I can find some of those at the expo next weekend.  After I rolled and then I iced my back in the evening (per the chiro's request) since I've really been inflaming my back with my runs.  He informed me that my sacrum was touching things it wasn't supposed to be touching on Thurs at my appt.  Oops?  Idk.

Also, it's the anniversary of my 1st (and currently only (for one more week!)) 1/2 marathon.  I wasn't yet committed to being a runner, but now I embrace the title and even created my own hashtag (because I'm cool, yo, even if I don't use Twitter).  #MegontheRun

Pre-run selfie with my DIVAS shirt on because #anniversary

Total miles: 28.37 miles.  #likeaboss

I've trained and trained and only moderately fallen off the train in regards to my training plan, but that usually coincided with real life and hitting a running wall when I just didn't feel like it.  I have also committed (even if only to myself) to trying out Crossfit after my DC 1/2 is done.  I was torn on this because I told Teh German I didn't want to smother him, but at the same time, I'd really like to get in some good cross-training because I know it will only help me for my Disney run.  Technically, it's not a matter of being unable to run my runs, it's a matter of how well/easily I can do the runs and I'm certain that Crossfit will be an excellent diversion to all the running I'll be doing to prep for my Disney runs... and ya know, building muscles and shiznit.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Five on Friday #65


Part of me is excited about my upcoming vacation to MD/DC.  Another part of me is dreading it.

Excited: Seeing all the people (and doggies)!  Cards Against Humanity gathering.  Navy-Air Force 1/2 Marathon.  DC.  No work.  Possibility of getting to wear a sweatshirt!!!

Dread: Missing Teh German. 13.1 miles.  8 hour drivex2.  The possibility of Meri pooping in my car (which is always a fear although now I know where a dog park is about halfway).  Packing.  Having to leave Teh MD Adult Roomie.

Excitement wins out, of course!


It took me 3 days, but I finally finished powering through my Feedly.  You're welcome for all that comment spam.  Thanks for keeping me entertained at work the past week, Gentle Readers who I follow.

I've started to realize that it's probably time for another clean up of my Feedly.  Intermittent bloggers, those who never respond to comments (which only bothers me because I take the time to comment), bloggers who I don't really care to read about anymore (hey tastes change, whatevs).


I really should watch more Jimmy Fallon.  That show is hilarious.
Additionally, I should just watch more video clips when I see them.  Like John Stewart's cameo on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, or the Celebrities Read Mean Tweets videos.
Teh Sister also says I need to watch Friends (so I can fold origami for her) but I also want to watch The Americans, House of Cards, Silicon Valley, Grey's Anatomy (ugh why can't I quit you, Grey's?  Whhhhhyyyy).. and so, soooo many movies.


I watched the video below with Teh German last night as we were laying in bed.  It's just like Barney's Hot/Crazy scale, but a little more fleshed out and it had me cracking up.

During the video Teh German told me I was a "unicorn."  /swoon

All I keep thinking is that my brain is the grandma from Mulan:


I think this linkup by Lindsay will totally help me power through 5 things on Friday...  I always struggle with finding 5 things and then feel so lazy when I BS.

10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Good runs on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday evenings... with NO chafing!
  2. A long weekend/short work week.
  3. Discussing difficult things with Teh German.
  4. Kisses at red lights (again).
  5. Motorcycle rides.
  6. Trips that go smoothly, especially when they include meeting the parents.
  7. Getting adjusted at the chiropractor
  8. Laughs and snuggles at bedtime.
  9. Meri pretending to be a cat.
  10. Phil groaning when I rub his ears.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Weekend Review {9/7}

Confession:  There was no confession post drafted this week because RL, yo.  So instead, you get to read about my weekend, since it's late anyways.  #IdowhatIwawnt #myblogmyrules


TL;DR: Teh German met my family and we rode motorcycles a lot in the mountains (which explains he absence of any photos) and I got my hairs did.


I got to work early so I could get in my hours and leave early so I could go home and finish packing for the weekend and hang out with Teh Sister for a little bit before Teh German and I left for Home, Home.  I brought Meri to work with me so she could plan with Finn, which was awesome.  We stopped by the dog park near work before heading home so she could get some real zoomies in.  There was a little dog there that kept trying to hump her and it's owner just kept yelling at him but doing nothing about it.  Uggggh.  That meant I was left to be the asshole, which I was happy to do so I didn't have to endure Meri being humped.  We weren't there for long since it was hot.

After the dog park, I headed home.  Mr. Scrooge's water bill was still in my name and I received the bill due to my change of address.  Soon after I got home, Mr. Scrooge arrived to pick it up.  I also gave him his expensive watch that I found in Yurtle.  He didn't even have a clue it was missing, of course.  It was only slightly awkward.  Since all 5 dogs were inside, it was easier to just stand outside and give him the stuff instead of invite him in.  I think he wanted to pet the dogs, but with 5, it was just easier to not.

Eventually Teh German got off work and arrived at my house.  We quickly loaded everything in Yurtle and then departed to pick up the trailer/bikes at his friend's house.  There was a possibility our bikes would have been loaded on our trailer, if the guys going with us had finished loading their bikes before we arrived, but they weren't.  We were able to get loaded up in about 30 minutes, then we were ready.  We had to wait a bit before one of the other guys was ready.  As long as we weren't the cause for the delay, Teh German and I were ok.

Yes, we are aware that we both smile REALLY big.  lol

We finally got on the road around 5, which kinda sucked since rush hour traffic on a long weekend, but we survived.  Originally, Teh German and I had planned to leave around 5 anyways.  Teh German was driving (yay), which meant I got to do origami for Teh Sister's toss bouquet while Teh German and I answered "get to know you" questions.

There was a minor crisis when we didn't eat dinner until almost 8:30 and the hangar was real.  I handled it pretty well although I did have to tell Teh German to stop "shh"-ing me.  Teh German handled it like a pro and immediately redirected us to Ruby Tuesday across the parking lot after we found out the wait at Lonestar was 30-45 minutes (ya know, because the bus full of Clemson kids that had been unloading when we drove in the parking lot wasn't enough indication that we should find somewhere else).  Honestly, I wouldn't have stopped at a sit-down place, but I was trying to be nice and we were caravan-ing with them so I just kept my mouth shut and waited to be fed.  After food we ended up parting ways anyways, so it was good that we had already eaten when I found that out......  Also, don't tell the person who knows where she's going that we're going to stop for food "right after Columbia" when she knows there's absolutely nothing after Columbia.  #thisishowpeopledie

We made it to Home, Home by 11 and got the trailer into the garage.  We didn't bother unloading the bikes until the AM.  We went in and chatted with Teh Dad for a short bit before I finally decided to end the party and go to bed.


We got up Sat morning to get ready and unload Mike and Suzi and headed out to get our hairs did. Teh German left and retrieved food for us and brought it back, then he headed out again to do some riding while I was processing.

Teh Dad ended up parking at the salon for a bit to do some paperwork, but like a creeper didn't come inside to see my hair.  He doesn't love me, obviously.  Teh German came back shortly before I finished.  After my hair was dry, we set out for the mountains to get our ride on.  We only had one snafu where Teh German's gear shift lever came detached, which coincided with a 5 minute spurt of rain.  I was totally accepting of both of these things considering we didn't have any more issues for the rest of the day.  We ended up meeting Teh WJL for dinner at Makato's in Boone.

This is helmet hair at it's finest.  It wasn't this bad with straight hair....

Dinner was delicious.  After we debated heading to the tattoo convention that was going on at Home, Home, but we were tired so we started to head towards Teh Dad's house instead.  I then realized that Teh Mom was also in town, so we swung by Teh Granny's before going back to Teh Dad's to say hi to Teh Mom and Teh Granny.  Teh Mom wasn't there, but I called her and she showed up 15 minutes after we arrived.  After socializing for a bit, we headed to Teh Dad's.  Since Mike's gauge lights are still defunct, it's really not my best life choice to be riding in the dark, but eh.

We got back and showered and socialized with Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom for a short bit before going to bed.


We had breakfast with Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom Sunday morning before heading out to meet Teh German's friends, who we were planning on riding with for the day.  The only stop I needed to make was to drop off Teh WJL's shirt that I had gotten her since I had shifted our dinner date to Sat from Sun.  It was a good route up the mountains.  We stopped in Linville to drop off the shirt and sadly Teh WJL wasn't at home (which super sucked because I wanted to get to hang out with her more, but was kinda good because I didn't want to hold up the group for my socializing needs (ok I kinda did)).  After dropping off the shirt we headed towards Boone and had originally planned to do lunch in Blowing Rock until everywhere had a 45 minute+ wait.  Despite our amazing parking spot literally right outside the door of the brewery I had picked, we ended up leaving and going to Outback for lunch so we wouldn't have to wait.

After lunch, we ended up going the opposite way that Teh German and I had ridden on Saturday.  I ended up doing most of the leading on Sunday since I knew my way around and his friends were planning on relying on GPS, which really isn't that reliable in the mountains.  Teh German didn't have service for most of the weekend since he's on T-Mobile and I'm all like... Verizon beeches.

The ride from Boone to Wilkesboro to Home, Home was so long that we were all DONE with riding.  We probably rode for at least 2 straight hours and when you're doing the twisties and going a pretty good speed for that long, it's exhausting.  When we finally stopped at a gas station it was all I could do to put the kick stand down before dismounting Mike.  I was that over being on the bike.  DONE.  I was grouchy and sore and just needed to sit on something that was not vibrating and was wider than my pelvis.

By the time we had gotten down the mountain it was already 1730 and the tattoo convention ended at 7, so Teh German and I opted not to go.  It didn't really spoil anything for me, which I had to explain to Teh German because he had thought I was really looking forward to it.  I explained that nothing that awesome ever happens at Home, Home, which was the reason I was looking forward to it.

We went straight back to Teh Dad's house, loaded up the motorcycles on the trailer so we wouldn't have to do it on Monday morning, then showered and ended up laying down and napping for a few hours since Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom weren't off work yet.  We finally were motivated to get up by the need for food, which was quite a difficult decision since we really hadn't napped so much as snuggled and said I love yous for the first time (no one wants to ruin that moment.. but growling bellies were not to be denied).  We also decided that we would run out after dinner and grab a Cookout milkshake which we shared, which was delightful since neither of us felt overly stuffed (Teh German chose peanut butter fudge as our flavor which made me love him extra (see what I did there?) since that's my fave).

We brought back a shake for Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom to share and we watched a little bit of the NASCAR race that Teh Dad had on before finally deciding that it was bedtime.


Wanna see something scary?  Morning head:

After getting up and getting ready, we attached the trailer to Yurtle and set out for breakfast in town with Teh BFF.  Our waitress was a girl I had went to HS with and it's amazing how adulthood rounds out women.  What was once 2 bitchy teenage girls were nice, pleasant women.  After breakfast, Teh German and I headed back to Charleston.  Traffic wasn't overly bad, but since we had the trailer we weren't really in a hurry anyway.  Only once did my inability to tell my left/right get us into a situation and then there was that one time that we missed our exit because we were talking.  I did more origami while Teh German drove and we answered more questions.  We had some pretty good conversations about things that I had been kind of wanting to ask, but didn't really want to ask about (that church thing, family stuff, things in the past, etc).

It doesn't look like that many, but it is.

Once we made it back to Charleston, we dropped Suzi off at Teh German's "closet" where I met his roommate.  Then we dropped off Mike and reassured the dogs we weren't dead and Teh German unloaded the car while I made a grocery list.  We then left and dropped off the trailer at Uhaul and headed to the grocery store and Cycle Gear to return the motorcycle stands that hadn't worked and for Teh German to scope out some new pieces for Suzi.

When we got back, Phil and Meri had had a feast on the fruit that was on the stove, which means that they are officially banished to their crates again, fucking #goatdogs.  After groceries were put away and the dog mess was cleaned up, dinner was had and cleaning/unpacking commenced.  Eventually we made it to bed and caught up on social media but we were so tired that we ended up going to bed early.

I only showed you in progress/crazy hair photos.
Here's what the hair looks like on a good day.

Overall, a most excellent weekend was had by everyone.  Teh German got to meet everyone at Home, Home and we got to ride SOOOOOO much.  The hills and turns were most excellent and we discussed several times how Charleston riding was going to be ruined after the majestic roads that were in the mountains.