Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weekend/Vacation Review {9/16-22}

I misjudged my free time on my "vacation" and didn't actually get to sit down and write blogs like I had planned.  Real life has really been taking over lately* and well.. #sorrynotsorry


After Teh German left for work, I packed up Yurtle, loaded up Phil and Meri, and we were MD bound!  The dog park at Roanoke Rapids, NC (exit 173) is really my new favorite thing for east coast road trips.  I'm not sure who's good idea that was, but I'd kiss both of their cheeks for it.  Meri doesn't like doing her business on a leash, so it's right around halfway and perfect.  I tried not to stress about travel time and wasn't in a rush when I stopped.  I made it about 8-8.5 hours after I left Charleston, so right on time.  

Teh MD Adult Roomie and I hung out and made dinner, then we went out and got our nails done (which was an experience because the lady and I had several clashes (wtf why is so hard to pain the ENTIRE nail? don't leave huge lines on the side because my nail is wider than the brush.  NO.  Just no.) and I'm pretty sure she called me nasty things in whatever language she was speaking, then she left my tip on her table, which I know she saw because she had to give me change for a $100 so I could even leave her a tip #bitchplease) and did some shopping at Ross (ALL THE STRIPED DRESSES!!!!).  Then we came home and chatted and played with puppies.  Later, I skyped with Teh German until it was bedtime.


After some snuggles with Olive and Meri and Zoey, I finally got up and went on my last run before the 1/2.  It was a glorious MD run.  I forgot how much I enjoyed the scenery on my Pax runs.

After 4.5 glorious miles with minor pains, I headed back to Teh MD AR's house to shower and get ready for a lunch date at Noodles and Company, which I think I've decided isn't my favorite.  That and the lady didn't clarify about small or large portions, so I didn't eat 1/2 of what I was given.  After lunch, I returned the reject dresses for Teh MD-AR and I to Ross, picked up some stuff at Target (to include some awesome adhesive mustaches that Meri subsequently ate because #goatdog and some $5 men's pj pants in case it was chilly the morning of the race), and hit up Old Navy since it has been a long time since I've been in there and Teh MD-AR showed me a super cute dress she had gotten from there and I needed super cute dresses (ok, really I don't need more dresses, but not the point, kthx).  I ended up with 2 dresses, 1 pair of jeans, and the desire to buy another dress and another pair of jeans but they didn't have my size and apparently Old Navy isn't like Victoria's Secret who will order stuff on their website for you and have it shipped to your house (for free, #yesplease).  Your loss Old Navy, your loss.  

I finally headed back home and took a nap.  It was an obligation of being on vacation that I was happy to fulfill.  The dogs napped with me but Meri was particularly adorable.

Teh MD-AR and I had dinner with Teh Soccer Mom at Red Robin (nommm).  After overstaying our welcome (#notsorry), we finally decided to head out.  Teh MD-AR and I headed to Target to check out the Halloween section (no foam heads, wtf?) and look for fall table linens (yeah, we all know that wasn't something I was looking for).  After we headed home and discovered that Meri had eaten the mustaches (she was the only one without a muzzle on, so I know she's guilty), I skyped again with Teh German and attempted (and failed) at going to bed early since Friday was an early start.


A 0500 wake up was a bit earlier than my 0529 estimated awake time, but it was fine, even if I was grumbly at being awake so early.  Teh MD-AR and I made the annual trip to Richmond to get doggy teeth cleaned.  Everyone except for Meri went, which we learned probably wasn't a good thing since she was trying to #goatdog the crate.  Phil lost 2 teeth and I had to commit to brushing them more since he's got some serious gum recession on his back molars.  One tooth that was pulled was because it was broken and there was root exposure, so that wasn't on me.  Woot.  My poor boy was sooo stoned when we picked them up.

While we were waiting on the dogs, we went to breakfast and I got to wear my first jacket of the season (yay cold!).  After breakfast we decided to head to World Market, which wasn't open yet (that's what happens when you get up at the crack of dawn), so we wandered around Kohl's for a bit where I almost bought an awesome unicorn towel, but decided to save my $5.  The only reason we really even went into Kohl's was because there were Color Run flags outside the building for packet pick up.  If the run had been on Saturday instead of Sunday, I probably would have ran it.  I'm ridiuclous, I know... but I really, reallllllyyyy NEED that medal.  NEED.  Not want.  NEED.  The lady at the merchandise table tried to sell us tickets and I had to regretfully tell her I was running a 1/2 on Sunday instead.  I mean, in what world would I have ever said that before 2014?  None, ever.  #runnerproblems

Then we went to World Market where I picked up some gnocchi and adult root beers for the Megan-Gathering that evening.  After World Market, we decided to head to Barnes and Noble since I hadn't been in one for years.  We wandered around discussing books that were good (or not) and some creeper-mcgee-man was telling Teh MD-AR all about Star Wars bobble heads (he was wayyy too old to be as concerned as he was about Star Wars figurines) and I tried to give her an out by not being close by (she could have came and found me at anytime), but she endured creeper man until he finally wandered away.  She's a better person than me because I would have RBF-ed (resting bitch faced) him until he stopped talking and went away.

The vet still hadn't called after we were done at B&N so I looked for a park nearby since it was a nice day so we could sit outside and read (I came equipped with a Kindle and 2 hard copy books).  There happened to be one right across the street from the shopping center, which was convenient.  We waited there until the vet called around 1245.  On the way back to the vet, we stopped at a Vitamin Shoppe for me to pick up something similar to the O2 Gold that I had tried on my 11.7 mile run (fail) and then at Panera for lunch so I wouldn't get hangry.  Then we picked up the stoned dogs and headed back to Pax to make a snack for the Cards Against Humanity/Megan gathering.

After getting home, we discovered that Meri may or may not have some serious separation anxiety, completely based off the partially eaten wood inside Olive's crate...  It was the crate or a muzzle, which she likes even less, soooo yeah.  After we created a snack to share at the gathering, we headed over to Mr. Kilt and Teh Monopoly's house for socializing, snacks, and Cards Against Humanity.

We stayed until about 9pm, at which point we headed home to check on the dogs.  We had left the pups after feeding them dinner, which Zoe had been a bloody mess after.  Fortunately, other than some bloody drool spots, everyone was fine.  It was bedtime after we made sure all the dogs were ok.


Saturday morning, the real activity started.  I tried to sleep in, but the dogs weren't having it.  I got up and got ready and Teh MD-AR and I left around the same time.  I headed to Teh Dive Buddy's house first off.  I arrived around 1230 and we walked and grabbed lunch.  One thing I love about DC is the walkability of everywhere.  We then headed to the Metro to head to the Armory to pick up my packet.... which is when the adventure started.  Apparently there were train issues, so our train was taking forever to come and when they announced around 2:15 that it would be more than 20 minutes until the train arrived, Teh Dive Buddy and I made the choice to literally run back to his place to get Yurtle and then drive to the Armory.  On my calendar, I had that the expo closed at 3 and I've since discovered that wasn't true.  Way to plan, Megan.  Gold star.  So we ran/walked back to his place, part of my run I was barefoot and had we been downtown, I probably would have been trotting through homeless pee puddles.  Yeah, one of my least good ideas before a 1/2 marathon?  Running barefoot through DC.  Although the alternative was running in flippy-floppies, which would have probably resulted in something worse, so ya know, pick your battles.

We made it to the Armory at 2:48 and I had even taken an exit that I wasn't supposed to, oops.  Either way, while I ran in to get my packet, Teh Dive Buddy drove Yurtle around.  The expo was complete crap, there were less than 10 vendors, 2-3 of them were athletic vendors, so I was able to pick up some gels and gummies for the race.  It was also super hot inside.  No bueno.  After picking up my packet, we headed to the hotel where Ms. Motivator and I were staying so I could park Yurtle, we could meet Ms. Motivator and friends, and then head to the Nationals game.

Teh Dive Buddy and I left the game early so we could go get dinner (and avoid the crowds).   We were gonna get mexican, but the place I had found was going to be closing before we would have arrived because of Metro delays.  Seriously, no bueno Metro.  Instead, we ended up at Johnny Rockets which was close to my hotel, which was perfect because I had been slightly concerned about walking by myself back to the hotel.  #alwayshaveabuddy

PB chocolate milkshake? Yes please, need.

After we finished dinner, Teh Dive Buddy and I parted ways.  We hadn't seen each other since I left GTMO in 2011, so it was awesome getting to catch up with him, and as always, we definitely had an adventure of a day.

When I got back to the hotel, Ms. Motivator and I chatted for a bit and got ready for bed.  We also Skyped with Teh German for a short bit.  I have this problem in life where I tell people things, but I can never remember who I tell what to.  I didn't realize that I hadn't told Ms. Motivator about the struggles that I'd been having with Mr. Scrooge.  She knew some of the issues, but not the whole timeline, so I caught her up.  Also, having talked to Teh German with me on Skype, she approved.  Finally, it was sleepy time after sending Teh German some sappy texts right before I fell asleep.


Race day was finally upon me!  An earlier than expected wake-up was the start to the day.  I eventually got up and got ready, sweet texts from Teh German definitely helped (he actually set an alarm so he could wake up, text me before my race, then went back to sleep (#keeper)).  We were about a mile from the start, so we walked there.

This is what the Washington Monument looks like at 0600.
Gorgeous, right?!

I'm not gonna recap my race here, but the official results were 13.1(ish) miles in 2:10:35.  RunKeeper measured 13.5 miles in 2:11:33.  This is the first race I ever wanted to cry at the end because I was so glad it was over.  This was definitely not as delightful as the 11.7 miles the weekend before. 

If you follow Teh Blog on FB, you may have seen where I posted about the guy who was running on prosthetic blades.  I have no right to complain, but Gentle Readers, it was a very difficult run for me and not because anything about the course or the weather... but all me.  Running from the Metro barefoot the day before, driving 8 hours, not seeing the chiropractor the week before, being tired, being stressed, being disappointed I didn't finish under 2 hours.  It wasn't pretty.  But I got the medal and I ran 13.1ish miles without stopping... And that stupid book (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) still wasn't finished after 2 hours of running!  Uuughhh. 

Also, KT tape.. OMG.  At one point Ms. Motivator asked me if I was going to keep telling them how awesome it was, I told her yes because it was a miracle!  Thanks Alyssa for the guidance/peer pressure!

Teh MD-AR roomie ran the 5 miler and Ms. Motivator ran the 1/2.  Of course, selfies were mandatory.  After the race, we caught our breath and then headed back to the hotel to shower.   It was decided we go to Chili's for lunch, and that was the point that I realized I'd become a Charlestonian food snob.  I agreed because I was too tired to come up with a better suggestion, but nothing about chain restaurants appeal to me after being in Charleston.  I'm always willing to look up a recommendation on Yelp (even if it means getting almost there and realizing they are going to close before we arrive like what happened with Teh Dive Buddy on Saturday) before going to a chain restaurant.  #Charlestonproblems  I ended up parking at the opposite end of the parking garage than the restaurant was at, which meant more hobbling and having to find Yurtle.  I was so whiny and achy when I left DC that I knew a nap was unavoidable after I got home.

I actually ended up following/caravan-ing with Ms. Motivator's friends on the way back from DC since I happened to catch up to them and we were going about the same speed after that.  When I got home, I went straight upstairs and crashed.  My head was achy, my pieces were achy, I wanted very bad to be snuggled.  Eventually, I woke up and made my way downstairs (ouccchh) and hung out with Teh MD-AR and the puppy dogs.

Teh MD-AR made steaks and baked potatoes for dinner, which was perfect after my mostly unsatisfactory burrito from Chili's.  I tried to do some internetting, but it didn't really happen.  Is this what it feels like when blogging is slipping from your fingertips?  I finished off the evening with a Skype date with Teh German and then it was bedtime.


The dogs were insistent on no one sleeping in, so I got up and fed them and tried to do more internetting while hanging out with Teh Afternoon Kid.  Despite telling myself only 15 minutes, an hour later, I was shutting down the computer and getting ready to drive back to CHS.  After Teh MD-AR left for work, my motivation finally took hold.  I showered and packed up and loaded Yurtle and by 0900, I was on the road with the pups. 

We stopped halfway at the dog park (no but really, best idea/exit ever) and I picked up lunch and got some juice for Yurtle and also picked up a snack at Starbuckos for the pups and I.  I had a peppermint mocha frappichino while they enjoyed puppycinos.

We made it home by 5:15, which isn't so bad considering I stopped at Wendy's for lunch, then to the dog park for the dogs, then stopped for gas, and stopped at Starbucks before getting back on the interstate.  Despite his intentions, Teh German wasn't there when we got home, but I did come home to this:

No one has ever left flowers for me to find or rose pedal hearts ever.

When he finally got home from work, we hung out and I got all the snuggles.  We ended up going to Early Bird Diner for dinner since they were open later than the sushi place and it was 9pm before we left for dinner.  Side note: my eating schedule has been shot to hell and it's difficult for me to know who I am right now without my eating schedule.

Overall, it was an excellent trip to MD.  Getting to see everyone was fantastic and I wished I could have had longer to hang out and relax some.  It felt like I breezed in and breezed out.  But, I accomplished another 1/2 Marathon and I've only got 4 pegs left on my medal rack!

*Hopefully being home again means that my blogging schedule will resume to normal standards, but I kinda doubt it for the following reasons:
  • My/our weekends are activity packed for the foreseeable future
  • I'll be continuing my running schedule to stay ready for my 1/2 in November.
  • Trying out Crossfit, which means even less evening free time
  • My activity preference is hanging out/doing things/snuggling with Teh German over being on my computer in my free time.
  • I finally hooked up Teh Sister's Netflix on my Roku and we started House of Cards and I suck at multitasking when the TV is on (and I'd rather snuggle).
  • Work is picking up for me which means less blogging time.  In fact, I'm putting off work right now to finally get this post up!  I even missed out on Confessions for the 2nd time in a month.  WHO AM I!?!?
If you made it through all of this, you deserve a cookie.  I'd suggest halloween oreos personally, but I'm completely biased.


  1. Ahhhhhhh I love that he had flowers waiting for you and the heart is just too sweet! Sounds like you had a fun trip. I miss Barnes and Noble. We have one here that I never go to because it is in a location where I literally have a million places I want to hit and never make it in there. First world problems, you know.

  2. I have no Halloween oreos here. Sad face. But, I did make it through to the end. Can I just say, you running barefoot DC did make me giggle uncontrollably? Vacation naps with fur babies are all kinds of awesome. Congrats on your run - I like the head scarf, bandana-thingy...I don't know what to call it, but I like it.

  3. 1) I did not know pupacinos were a thing?!?

    2) YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO STOP BLOGGING. Seriously. I am holding on with all I have and you are one of the only bloggy friends I still have and if you quit I just may throw in the towel. FYI, you will be my downfall. So think long and hard about that responsibility!

    3) Long and hard. Hehe.


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