Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Four More Things: Day 9

4 years ago, I was:

  • 25
  • living in Bahrain all by myself
  • still in the navy
  • doing my actual navy job (which I enjoyed)
  • dreaming of getting back to America
  • planning life/things with Teh Bear
  • making crazy money (because tax free!)
  • playing World of Warcraft (my Horde characters were an undead warlock named Near and a blood elf named Far.  I've been WoW free since 01June2011)
  • in the early stages of blogging (which was my trade off for WoW)
  • my favorite song was Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros 
  • I was closest to Shoulda Been a Cowgirl and Mrs. Difficult Last Name and they knew almost all my secrets.
  • growing my hair out to the longest it's been since I was Wee Child Megan.
  • missing Teh BFF and Zeplen and Teh WJL (even though she was pretty close to me in Kenya)
  • not even thinking about what being almost 30 would be like.

25th birthday celebration


  1. Pretty picture! That may be the first time I've seen you with long hair, LOL.

  2. Oh my! So fun to think to four years back, right??? I like your long hair :)

  3. OK so the picture is super adorable! And it's really amazing how much can change in four years right? I mean four years ago I had no idea how different my life would be now!

  4. Hey long-haired Megan! You kinda look like a picture perfect all American girl (except the sombrero) in that picture. I always enjoy your funny nicknames. I need to check out that song that was your fave. I've never heard of it (I don't think).

  5. Your hair! I almost didn't realize it was you until I looked at the face closer. It's so crazy how much life changes over time.


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