Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Sweats #12


Runkeeper results: 13.46 miles, 2:11:33 (9:46m/m)
Official results: 13.1 miles, 2:10:49 (9:58m/m)

I didn't get to turn off my RK until I was through the finish chute, but it wasn't more than .05 miles, so I don't think it really effected my tracking that much.  Also, RK bugged out when I was trying to start it up, so it didn't start right away and it also had my pace at 2:something when I had stopped for a few seconds for water.  Whatever.  I did it.  It sucked for so many reasons.  I'll prob recap the race on my Training for Tuesday post.


8 hour drive = nope.


After being abused at the chiro, I considered a run, but also knew that my body really needed a rest from all the abuse it has suffered since last week.  So I sat on my couch instead and didn't do a damn thing.  It was glorious to hang out with the dogs with nothing to do besides blog and be lazy.


Teh German and I needed to accomplish some shopping before this weekend, so that happened instead of a run.  That was perfectly acceptable to me because I was so sore from the chiro's abuse.


4.26 miles, 40:23 (9:28m/m)
First post 1/2 run and it was ok.  Not overly bad, not overly good.  My foot really hurt the entire run (the same foot that the chiro reset a few weeks ago (I know, I know, it's a work in progress).  I gave myself shin splints from picking up my pace, but the next 1/2 I do, I reeeeeaallllyyy want my time to be under 2 hours.  I can do it.  I know I can.  I just have to push past my comfort zone.


I wanted to run, but didn't happen.


Snuggling in bed > running 8 miles.  Not sorry.

Total miles:

17.72 miles

I've trained and trained and only moderately fallen off the train in regards to my training plan, but that usually coincided with real life and hitting a running wall when I just didn't feel like it.  I have also committed (even if only to myself) to trying out Crossfit after my DC 1/2 is done.  I was torn on this because I told Teh German I didn't want to smother him, but at the same time, I'd really like to get in some good cross-training because I know it will only help me for my Disney run.  Technically, it's not a matter of being unable to run my runs, it's a matter of how well/easily I can do the runs and I'm certain that Crossfit will be an excellent diversion to all the running I'll be doing to prep for my Disney runs... and ya know, building muscles and shiznit.  I haven't brought up going yet, but I'm sure that Teh German is just waiting on me to say the magic words.  Also, why does it have to be so expensive?!?!  Uggghhh...  All the dollas.

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