Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Confessions {9/16}

-I hate when people ask me stupid questions because they are trying to avoid small talk.  "Did you ride the motorcycle in today?" only serves to make me look at you like you're an idiot when you can see that I'm wearing a dress, flats, my hair is fixed, and there is an obvious lack of helmet on my desk which you've seen as you've walked by.  If I were to have been wearing jeans and my boots then that is a solid question.  #letsjustnothavethisconversation

-Sometimes I forget how weird Americans are.  Teh German asked me what the 0.0 and 26.2 and 13.1 magnets/stickers meant after I showed him one that I got from my Beat the Blerg run.  He said he'd seen them on cars, but didn't know if they were Bible verses or something (which I had never considered, but this is the South, so I can see how that would be a solid guess).  I explained that 26.2 is the number of miles in a marathon, 13.1 is a 1/2 marathon, 0.0 means not a runner, etc.  #Itakemyknowledgeforgranted #RunnersAreStrange

-Teh German read my blog from our first date until Sept. 5th.  He told me he's not going to read anymore because it was kinda weird reading about the other side of things that he was there for and because he didn't want to find something out on Teh Blog before he found out from me.  I explained to him that wouldn't happen because he was more important than Teh Blog and telling him things face-to-face was my priority over sharing them on Teh Blog.  I think he's pretty resolute about not reading anymore.  This means he knows about my freezer visit after watching The Americans and that really concerned him.  I promised it wouldn't happen anymore.  #priorities #bloggerproblems

-#sorrynotsorry for all those comments on your week old posts last week.  When I checked my Feedly, I had over 100 unread posts and I made that feed my bitch.  #ownedit #Ishouldntwaitsolongnexttime

-Erin and I have been having a discussion about things being named differently depending on where you are.  For instance, The Storied Life of AJ Fikry is called The Collected Works of AJ Fikry in Australia and Airplane (the movie) is called Flying High.  WHHHHYYYYY?? #beinganAmericanishard #thatswhatshesaid

-Since making the switch to tea from coffee, I have noticed that my Ariel mug is getting stained.  I'm upset about this because I rinse it out each day, same as I did when I was drinking coffee.  #nomegusta #stainsdontmakemehappy

-I'm weird.  I'm happy to rant and rave on FB about things that piss me off or post photos of my adorable dogs or post silly conversations that happen, but when it comes to posting sappy stuff (which I'm mostly happy to do on Teh Blog), I hesitate and often restrain myself from doing so...... because I don't want other people to think I'm rubbing my happiness in their face.  WTF is wrong with me?  #MaybeitsCatholicguilt

-Victoria's Secret finally had an underwear sale.  I purchased a few pairs because some of mine really need to be replaced and I had a $30 gift certificate.  When they arrived.. some of them have STUPID LONG ASS TAGS (pun unintentionally intended)!!  You member.. the ones that tickle your butt crack ALL THE DAY LONG??  ARGGHHH WHHHYYYYY???!?!  #menneedtostopdesigningwomensclothes


-It's not a case of the Monday's when it's a legitimately bad day...  The worst part is when it wasn't really a bad day but an hour can really shake things up.  When I arrived home Monday I opened a citation for my unmowed grass then I walked inside to my ceiling on my living room floor.  I'm not making that up.  I have no idea why the ceiling came down (gravity?), but I assume something has been leaking (based on the wet wood/mess in my floor).  #whydoeseveryonekeepaskingmehowithappened #ididntbuildthis

-How did I deal with finding my ceiling on the floor?  #selfmedicationthroughfood

-Picking the outfit I'm going to run my 1/2 marathon in was VERY difficult.  #runnerproblems

-Adulting: Being excited that your power bill is only $179 instead of the $230 it was last month.  #responsibilitysucks #sodoesmypowerbill #butmostytheinsulationisshitty

-I'm on my way right now to MD to hang out with Teh MD Adult Roomie and I'm soooo excited!!!!  #BFFsleepover

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  1. #nomegusta your last #!!

    you are a wonderful human being and I love knowing you!

  2. That is terrible about your ceiling! Someone needs to fix that for you like ASAP! Also it really bothers me that the names are different in other countries I don't know why it bothers me but it really really does. Also big props to you for tackling your feed mine just fell apart after last week being crazy. But I'm back in action this week and I'm going to make sure I don't let it I'll build up again!

  3. -I think the freezer incident is only concerning if more happen, and the fact that you wrote about it and knew it wasn't the best coping strategy is a good sign. It was somewhere where your friends and family could all know and not being hidden, which is what is most dangerous. If it was repeated incident, maybe, but sometimes you just have to do SOMETHING to make yourself feel better.

    -I read something the other day, I think from BlogHer about posting happy things. It was from someone who did some of the standard life things (marriage, kids) later than others and she talked about how each time she posted it was with guilt and sorrow for everyone who was possibly looking at her life and thinking "Well why not me?" It's sad that this is something we have to worry about...

    -Oh no about your ceiling! And grass citation. I hate crap like that.

    -Yay about decreased power. Ours skyrockets in the summer, but what do you do? It's the Carolinas. Gotta have some AC.

  4. I made your post! Woo hoo! (am I an idiot for getting a little giddy that I get a shout out?!)

    You are not weird about what posts you put where. I think we all use the little corners of our social media to express ourselves differently. Why would I want to follow someone's blog, instagram, twitter, facebook,etc. if it was all the same stuff? Give me variety, damnit! :)

    So, what has been done about your ceiling? That seems like kinda sorta a serious problema. And, I think oreos are a valid solution to the dilemma.

  5. I give you credit... if I would've found our ceiling on the floor it would've required something much stronger than Oreos to keep me from losing my shit. lol


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