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Weekend Review {9/7}

Confession:  There was no confession post drafted this week because RL, yo.  So instead, you get to read about my weekend, since it's late anyways.  #IdowhatIwawnt #myblogmyrules


TL;DR: Teh German met my family and we rode motorcycles a lot in the mountains (which explains he absence of any photos) and I got my hairs did.


I got to work early so I could get in my hours and leave early so I could go home and finish packing for the weekend and hang out with Teh Sister for a little bit before Teh German and I left for Home, Home.  I brought Meri to work with me so she could plan with Finn, which was awesome.  We stopped by the dog park near work before heading home so she could get some real zoomies in.  There was a little dog there that kept trying to hump her and it's owner just kept yelling at him but doing nothing about it.  Uggggh.  That meant I was left to be the asshole, which I was happy to do so I didn't have to endure Meri being humped.  We weren't there for long since it was hot.

After the dog park, I headed home.  Mr. Scrooge's water bill was still in my name and I received the bill due to my change of address.  Soon after I got home, Mr. Scrooge arrived to pick it up.  I also gave him his expensive watch that I found in Yurtle.  He didn't even have a clue it was missing, of course.  It was only slightly awkward.  Since all 5 dogs were inside, it was easier to just stand outside and give him the stuff instead of invite him in.  I think he wanted to pet the dogs, but with 5, it was just easier to not.

Eventually Teh German got off work and arrived at my house.  We quickly loaded everything in Yurtle and then departed to pick up the trailer/bikes at his friend's house.  There was a possibility our bikes would have been loaded on our trailer, if the guys going with us had finished loading their bikes before we arrived, but they weren't.  We were able to get loaded up in about 30 minutes, then we were ready.  We had to wait a bit before one of the other guys was ready.  As long as we weren't the cause for the delay, Teh German and I were ok.

Yes, we are aware that we both smile REALLY big.  lol

We finally got on the road around 5, which kinda sucked since rush hour traffic on a long weekend, but we survived.  Originally, Teh German and I had planned to leave around 5 anyways.  Teh German was driving (yay), which meant I got to do origami for Teh Sister's toss bouquet while Teh German and I answered "get to know you" questions.

There was a minor crisis when we didn't eat dinner until almost 8:30 and the hangar was real.  I handled it pretty well although I did have to tell Teh German to stop "shh"-ing me.  Teh German handled it like a pro and immediately redirected us to Ruby Tuesday across the parking lot after we found out the wait at Lonestar was 30-45 minutes (ya know, because the bus full of Clemson kids that had been unloading when we drove in the parking lot wasn't enough indication that we should find somewhere else).  Honestly, I wouldn't have stopped at a sit-down place, but I was trying to be nice and we were caravan-ing with them so I just kept my mouth shut and waited to be fed.  After food we ended up parting ways anyways, so it was good that we had already eaten when I found that out......  Also, don't tell the person who knows where she's going that we're going to stop for food "right after Columbia" when she knows there's absolutely nothing after Columbia.  #thisishowpeopledie

We made it to Home, Home by 11 and got the trailer into the garage.  We didn't bother unloading the bikes until the AM.  We went in and chatted with Teh Dad for a short bit before I finally decided to end the party and go to bed.


We got up Sat morning to get ready and unload Mike and Suzi and headed out to get our hairs did. Teh German left and retrieved food for us and brought it back, then he headed out again to do some riding while I was processing.

Teh Dad ended up parking at the salon for a bit to do some paperwork, but like a creeper didn't come inside to see my hair.  He doesn't love me, obviously.  Teh German came back shortly before I finished.  After my hair was dry, we set out for the mountains to get our ride on.  We only had one snafu where Teh German's gear shift lever came detached, which coincided with a 5 minute spurt of rain.  I was totally accepting of both of these things considering we didn't have any more issues for the rest of the day.  We ended up meeting Teh WJL for dinner at Makato's in Boone.

This is helmet hair at it's finest.  It wasn't this bad with straight hair....

Dinner was delicious.  After we debated heading to the tattoo convention that was going on at Home, Home, but we were tired so we started to head towards Teh Dad's house instead.  I then realized that Teh Mom was also in town, so we swung by Teh Granny's before going back to Teh Dad's to say hi to Teh Mom and Teh Granny.  Teh Mom wasn't there, but I called her and she showed up 15 minutes after we arrived.  After socializing for a bit, we headed to Teh Dad's.  Since Mike's gauge lights are still defunct, it's really not my best life choice to be riding in the dark, but eh.

We got back and showered and socialized with Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom for a short bit before going to bed.


We had breakfast with Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom Sunday morning before heading out to meet Teh German's friends, who we were planning on riding with for the day.  The only stop I needed to make was to drop off Teh WJL's shirt that I had gotten her since I had shifted our dinner date to Sat from Sun.  It was a good route up the mountains.  We stopped in Linville to drop off the shirt and sadly Teh WJL wasn't at home (which super sucked because I wanted to get to hang out with her more, but was kinda good because I didn't want to hold up the group for my socializing needs (ok I kinda did)).  After dropping off the shirt we headed towards Boone and had originally planned to do lunch in Blowing Rock until everywhere had a 45 minute+ wait.  Despite our amazing parking spot literally right outside the door of the brewery I had picked, we ended up leaving and going to Outback for lunch so we wouldn't have to wait.

After lunch, we ended up going the opposite way that Teh German and I had ridden on Saturday.  I ended up doing most of the leading on Sunday since I knew my way around and his friends were planning on relying on GPS, which really isn't that reliable in the mountains.  Teh German didn't have service for most of the weekend since he's on T-Mobile and I'm all like... Verizon beeches.

The ride from Boone to Wilkesboro to Home, Home was so long that we were all DONE with riding.  We probably rode for at least 2 straight hours and when you're doing the twisties and going a pretty good speed for that long, it's exhausting.  When we finally stopped at a gas station it was all I could do to put the kick stand down before dismounting Mike.  I was that over being on the bike.  DONE.  I was grouchy and sore and just needed to sit on something that was not vibrating and was wider than my pelvis.

By the time we had gotten down the mountain it was already 1730 and the tattoo convention ended at 7, so Teh German and I opted not to go.  It didn't really spoil anything for me, which I had to explain to Teh German because he had thought I was really looking forward to it.  I explained that nothing that awesome ever happens at Home, Home, which was the reason I was looking forward to it.

We went straight back to Teh Dad's house, loaded up the motorcycles on the trailer so we wouldn't have to do it on Monday morning, then showered and ended up laying down and napping for a few hours since Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom weren't off work yet.  We finally were motivated to get up by the need for food, which was quite a difficult decision since we really hadn't napped so much as snuggled and said I love yous for the first time (no one wants to ruin that moment.. but growling bellies were not to be denied).  We also decided that we would run out after dinner and grab a Cookout milkshake which we shared, which was delightful since neither of us felt overly stuffed (Teh German chose peanut butter fudge as our flavor which made me love him extra (see what I did there?) since that's my fave).

We brought back a shake for Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom to share and we watched a little bit of the NASCAR race that Teh Dad had on before finally deciding that it was bedtime.


Wanna see something scary?  Morning head:

After getting up and getting ready, we attached the trailer to Yurtle and set out for breakfast in town with Teh BFF.  Our waitress was a girl I had went to HS with and it's amazing how adulthood rounds out women.  What was once 2 bitchy teenage girls were nice, pleasant women.  After breakfast, Teh German and I headed back to Charleston.  Traffic wasn't overly bad, but since we had the trailer we weren't really in a hurry anyway.  Only once did my inability to tell my left/right get us into a situation and then there was that one time that we missed our exit because we were talking.  I did more origami while Teh German drove and we answered more questions.  We had some pretty good conversations about things that I had been kind of wanting to ask, but didn't really want to ask about (that church thing, family stuff, things in the past, etc).

It doesn't look like that many, but it is.

Once we made it back to Charleston, we dropped Suzi off at Teh German's "closet" where I met his roommate.  Then we dropped off Mike and reassured the dogs we weren't dead and Teh German unloaded the car while I made a grocery list.  We then left and dropped off the trailer at Uhaul and headed to the grocery store and Cycle Gear to return the motorcycle stands that hadn't worked and for Teh German to scope out some new pieces for Suzi.

When we got back, Phil and Meri had had a feast on the fruit that was on the stove, which means that they are officially banished to their crates again, fucking #goatdogs.  After groceries were put away and the dog mess was cleaned up, dinner was had and cleaning/unpacking commenced.  Eventually we made it to bed and caught up on social media but we were so tired that we ended up going to bed early.

I only showed you in progress/crazy hair photos.
Here's what the hair looks like on a good day.

Overall, a most excellent weekend was had by everyone.  Teh German got to meet everyone at Home, Home and we got to ride SOOOOOO much.  The hills and turns were most excellent and we discussed several times how Charleston riding was going to be ruined after the majestic roads that were in the mountains.


  1. -People who do not respect veteran road trippers kill me. Also, people who don't respect the hanger.

    -Sounds like a great weekend, glad to hear you are so happy!

  2. All I read was blah blah blah we said I LOVE YOU blah blah blah. Hahaha. Just kidding, but that is what stood out miss try to sneak that in there to see who is really reading :) Sounds like a great weekend and a good ride!

  3. I'm glad you had such a great trip. Also, the different stages of hair killed me.

  4. sounds like a great weekend. i need to get my hair did for real, instead of the boring trim :\


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