Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Sweats #11


Rode motorcycles for sooo many hours...  While it was good, it started to hurt, and that's how I knew I was done.


Nope, spent the day driving and unloading/unpacking and running errands.


5.66 miles, 1:00:06 (10:37m/m)
+1 mile with the dogs

After no long run over labor weekend, I knew I needed to get some miles in.  Not too many, not too few.  I felt pretty good for this run despite the temps. 


3.42 miles, 33:04 (9:40m/m)
The first mile, my pace was almost at a 9m/m.  Then I knew to slow it down because I'd kill myself in the heat if I kept up that pace.  I didn't want to get in too many miles because I wanted to do a longer run on Thursday so I kept it under 4 miles.


6.57 miles, 1:09:13 (10:32m/m)
It was adjustment day at the chiropractor; my favorite day of the week!  In addition to my neck and back, he also adjusted my feet.  Wiiiin.  At first my right foot was hurting, but it worked itself out.  I was feeling pretty tight from 9 miles this week already, but I powered through it and ended up feeling great.


A legit rest day after 15.5 miles this week.  It was difficult not to go run since there was a breeze and it was only 70% humidity, but I restrained.  Rest days are important, but often I fail at resting properly.


1 week till the Navy-Air Force 1/2!!!  Well technically it's on Sunday morning, but this was my last long run before the 1/2.

11.72 miles, 2:05:38 (10:43m/m).
I've never been more glad I was a DD the night before, than for this run.  This would have been miserable had I been drinking last night.  Other than some initial girl pieces pain, this run was amazing.  Teh Dad called about 3 miles in and we chatted for a bit, which was nice because that means Suzy doesn't give me mileage notifications, which is good and bad because I'm not keeping up with miles so I'm just running without competing with myself.  Bad because I have to pull out my phone to see how far I've gone.  Leee siiiigh.

I took the O2 Gold.. but then took a nap, so it probably wasn't as effective as it should have been.  #notsorry  Around mile 5 I choked down a GU gel (orange flavor was fine, but the consistency really wasn't a good thing for me), yep, not buying that one again.  The acai berry one I had on my shit run 2 weeks ago was way better (in texture and flavor), so hopefully I can find some of those at the expo next weekend.  After I rolled and then I iced my back in the evening (per the chiro's request) since I've really been inflaming my back with my runs.  He informed me that my sacrum was touching things it wasn't supposed to be touching on Thurs at my appt.  Oops?  Idk.

Also, it's the anniversary of my 1st (and currently only (for one more week!)) 1/2 marathon.  I wasn't yet committed to being a runner, but now I embrace the title and even created my own hashtag (because I'm cool, yo, even if I don't use Twitter).  #MegontheRun

Pre-run selfie with my DIVAS shirt on because #anniversary

Total miles: 28.37 miles.  #likeaboss

I've trained and trained and only moderately fallen off the train in regards to my training plan, but that usually coincided with real life and hitting a running wall when I just didn't feel like it.  I have also committed (even if only to myself) to trying out Crossfit after my DC 1/2 is done.  I was torn on this because I told Teh German I didn't want to smother him, but at the same time, I'd really like to get in some good cross-training because I know it will only help me for my Disney run.  Technically, it's not a matter of being unable to run my runs, it's a matter of how well/easily I can do the runs and I'm certain that Crossfit will be an excellent diversion to all the running I'll be doing to prep for my Disney runs... and ya know, building muscles and shiznit.

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  1. Have you ran with the O2 gold yet? The Advocare lady said I had to order it. It's on the way but I'm curious to know if real people like it. And OMG your half is in less than a week!!!


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