Friday, September 4, 2015

Five on Friday #64


We'll be on our way to Home, Home this evening with Mike and Suzi!!  I guilted Teh Sister into coming to Charleston to watch Phil and Meri by reminding her about how much time I'll be spending with my neph-dawgs while she's away on her honeymoon in Iceland.  #bigsistering #likeaboss

Teh Sister actually came to town 24 hours earlier than anticipated, which meant she got to meet Teh German last night.  She hasn't threatened to run him over with and motorized vehicles, so all is well.

I'm REALLY hoping the rain restrains itself this weekend in western NC.  That will totally be a buzz kill after we've done so much prep work to take the bikes up there to ride.  Nonetheless, it will be a long weekend away without the fur-kids with Teh German, so really if we don't get to ride it will still be a good weekend based on those 3 things.


I'm soooooo pumped about finally getting a decent haircut!!!  I wish I could use words to describe the excitement and relief I'm experiencing about seeing Paula, my Home, Home hairdresser.  She really is the best and I've had several shitty hair cuts over the past 6 months and no one does it as good as Paula does.

Each morning for the last week I've looked in the mirror and told myself just how badly I need a haircut.  I feel like a shaggy dog.. aka like Meri when all her fur is in her eyes.


One of my coworkers has been bringing her dog, Finn, into work this week.  I told her that I'd bring Meri so Finn and Meri could play all the day long and wear each other out.  Today is the day!  I've taken over a conference room for the entire day to supervise the doggy daycare.

Me and Finn earlier this week.

Meri came straight in and went to the dog bed and hasn't wandered unless I'm moving and then she's stayed by my side.
I love my fuzzy girl.

Supervising these cutie-patooties was so exciting I completely missed one of my meetings this morning.  No one said anything to me, so they obviously understand I was part of the puppy-invasion of the day.  Have I mentioned lately how much I lurve Company?  Dogs can come to work, no strict dress code, the enabling of alcohol in the workplace, the ability to work from home?  Yesplskthx.


On the internet this week:

-Let me tell you how many fucks I give about Google's new logo...

-I have no idea what is going on in Syria (because I'm a horrible human being) but WORDS MATTER and I've seen a lot of FB posts about migrants/refugee/humans.  #everyonehasasoapbox

-So much new musics this week!  Yesssssssss.  #thanksSpotify

-Greyhound racing is on the decline.  It's actually been in decline for several decades now and I kinda see a problem with it.  Greyhounds are MADE for racing/hunting.  They don't really hunt here in the US because they would run away and never come back, so racing it is.  I believe that as long as the dogs are treated humanely, racing isn't a bad thing.  I also believe that there are people who really love greyhound racing enough that even if greyhound racing tracks die out, there will still be greyhound racers.  The problem with this is that the tracks are regulated.  Individuals won't be and we all know how absolutely horrible humans are.  If you need an example, check out the plight of the galgo in Spain.

-Nothing about a child being covered in PB makes me want to watch the video. 

-I can't remember who posted the link to THIS video, but it made me want to explore more and I learned that "The And" is an entire project about human interaction and "what connects us."  All the feels in that first video made me want to cry, or the fact that I cry when other people cry.


Sappy things because well I'm completely in full-on-sap/cheese mode.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yay, happy haircut!

    Yay, puppies at work! Super jealous of that.

  2. Being able to bring your pups to work may be the best job perk ever in the history of all job perks!

  3. The news in general just makes me super sad, so I avoid it. I know that's not the adult thing to do, it its how I cope. In a week I will be in an office all by myself. I'd bring my boys but I'd be cleaning up pee all day and they'd never let me get work done. Its best mine just stay at home.

  4. I love that "And then" quote. I hope the rain holds off for you!! And, I totally want a job with those types of rules...or lack thereof.

  5. I would love to bring my dogs to work but I know I would get nothing done!! They are both attention whores and refuse to allow me to do anything but provide pets.


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