Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Sweats #10


Nope.  It was a rainy lazy day with Teh German.


8.78 miles, 1:50:54 (12:38m/m)
I had all the guilt about no miles on Monday.  I knew I'd be doing a run in the PM.  Since I'm a multitasker, I also chatted with Teh MD-AR while I was running, which turned into a lot of walking because she was having difficulty understand my run-speak and I was having trouble breathing and running and talking at the same time.  So while I definitely got my miles in, my pace is crap because there was a lot of walking.  Additionally, it was hot, so I don't feel bad.


Teh German and I opted to go for a motorcycle ride rather that workout.  #notsorry


4.19 miles, 40:50 (9:45m/m) + .97, 11:36 (11:59/m)
I have horrible runner's guilt so I pushed out some miles despite the feels like temp being 99 degrees.  I thought my pace was actually faster that 9:45, but around mile 3.5 I started to feel the chafing on my underboobs and I was pretty sure I might actually die, which probably significantly slowed me down.  I walked for a short bit, but I really wanted to run, so I powered through the pain.  THEN I took the dogs on a jog.  Yeah, my sports bra was definitely blood-tinged when I took it off before my shower and there were actual screams of death/pain when I got in the shower.  It was good I was home alone.

The worst part is that I had slathered on the Body Glide like Teh Motivator had instructed me to get.  Looks like the only way for the #chafingsagaof2015 to stop is by me sitting stationary inside until it's no longer unbearably miserable outside.


I had wanted to possibly sneak in a short run, but prepping for the weekend meant this didn't happen.


I had considered sneaking in a run before Teh German got off work, but it didn't end up happening.  It is what it is.  Considering #boobchafingsagaof2015, it was fine.


Spent the day riding motorcycles with Teh German in NC.  I'm considering it a minor workout since there was wayyyy less sweat than a Charleston ride.

I feel like these past 2 weeks I've really hit a running wall.  Part of that is the welcome distraction of Teh German, but another part is boob chafing and just being tired of running.  I know my 1/2 is in 2 weeks and that I need to get back on my game, but just uuugggghhhhh.  I have a 10-12 mile run on the calendar for this weekend and I'm already dreading it.  Whatever, I got this.

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