Friday, September 25, 2015

Five on Friday #66


Teh German and I get to play dress up tomorrow and go to a wedding for friends of his.  I'm super pumped about this.  #alltheselfies  I'm also stupid excited about getting to sleep in and no one having to work.  On Sunday we'll be attending another gathering at a new restaurant we've been wanting to try out.

Technically, I should run 8 miles this weekend (per the Sweet Tea training plan), but we'll see.  My pieces have been struggling to recover from my 1/2 and the drive to/from MD.  As in.. went to the chiropractor 2 times this week and the first session he actually looked a little concerned when he was adjusting my neck and he actually shut the door to the room because I was groaning so loudly from how much it hurt so bad/good when he was working on my hips, IT bands, glutes, and shoulders.  #thosearentsexnoises


The hardest part of a new thing is starting it.. at least for me.  I committed to trying out Crossfit at Teh German's "box" (/shiver) after I completed my Navy-AF 1/2, but the actual part of when and actually showing up is overwhelming me now that I've completed my 1/2.  I hate being new at something.  Also, I'm really fucking whiny when I am confronted with things that are "hard" or out of my norm and I don't want new people to judge me as a whiny newb (which I totally am).

The worst part is that I know it will be good for me since I feel like the lack of cross-training seriously effected my 1/2 marathon in a negative way.  I'm sure the chiropractor is going to LOOOVEEE this life choice.


The next month is going to be action packed!

After this weekend's activities, we're headed to Orlando in October to go to Universal/Islands of Adventure/whatever their Halloween event is called.  After seeing that the tickets would be almost $250 for myself for the day at the park, I almost said, "Kthxnothankyou."  But then I'd be missing out, and I hate missing out on possible fun adventures (even though I hate scary shit and might cry) and I'd already arranged for Teh SC House Finder to watch Meri and Phil, so I swallowed that pill.  It better be a fucking spectacular day and all the Harry Potter world things better bring me all the joys and if anyone makes fun of me for fangirling, I will eye-cut them.  #noshame #Imissedtheboat

2 weeks later, we're headed to the NC Renn Faire with Teh Sister and Teh Utah Specialist.  I'm so unbearably pumped since I didn't get to go last year.   I need The Tortuga Twins in my life!  Soon after that is Halloween, which will mean (currently undetermined) adventures as well, then Teh MD-AR's visit and my Sweet Tea 1/2, then Thanksgiving, then holiday parties, then Christmas!  I love fall!



10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. (More) Surprise flowers from Teh German
  2. A job that allows me to work from home when my pieces hurt too bad to find the motivation to physically be in the office.
  3. New dresses to wear to work when I don't have the motivation to go in.
  4. No stress about not having prepared dinner from Teh German.
  5. Knowing that I get to see Teh German in his new suit on Saturday (and realizing how difficult it's going to be to keep my hands off him).
  6. Being able to call Teh MD-AR for fashion advice.
  7. Being able to go to the chiropractor regularly.
  8. My space heater under my desk when my toes are cold.
  9. Trying new foods (chia seed pudding (chia seeds soaked in almond milk) and it not tasting horrible.
  10. Knowing the difference between I love you kisses and I want you kisses.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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  1. I also hate trying something new and unfamiliar. I've never tried cross fit, but was going to when the hubby belonged to one... and then he injured his ankle and never went back. Whomp whomp. :(

    Ooooh! Exciting that you get to dress up all fancy-schmancy for a wedding. I don't dress up too often but it's always nice to go to a special event with your significant other feeling dapper. Enjoy yourselves. ;)

  2. Yay for getting to dress up, that's my favorite! I actually got tickets to go see a play in a few weeks and am SO excited to get all dressed up and have an adult date night with the hubs! Thanks for linking up!

  3. My best guy friend in Texas owned a Crossfit place, box, whatevs. I tried it with him in 2007 (while still in TX). I think I called him every kind of motherfucker, cocksucker imaginable. And, he was SO patient with me! He didn't convince me that Crossfit was my thang, but it was a good experience in our 30 year friendship.

  4. I hate trying new classes and have been known to wok out in the middle if they aren't awesome. I've been to cross fit but I hate that it's $150 per month when I can go to the gym for $20. I just don't like working out with a rate am enough to justify the dollars.

  5. LOL the box. I have two coworkers that do crossfit and are totally normal and I respect their fitness levels. But then I have a few other friends who do it that I can no longer speak to because they are so fucking annoying and it is all they talk about. I thin it is great to try new fitness things though!!!


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