Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Confessions {11/30}

-Teh German's Opa calls me Meggy.  He's the only one that calls me that and I have no idea why.  Despite being corrected several times by others, he still calls me Meggy.  I secretly love it.  #nicknames

-After telling Teh MD-AR "it's just a butter knife," I cut my finger.  #FML

-I may have spent more than a few minutes learning about "elimination communication" of babies.  #themoreyouknow

-I bought $6 Tazo (mint mosaic) tea and it was totally worth it.  This tea has a low-medium amount of caffeine, which is perfect, unlike that nonsense I purchase a few weeks ago that I left in the kitchen for others.  AND it's delicious.  #worthit #teaproblems

-Monday morning, my laptop was booting to a black screen.  After 30 minutes of avoiding the problem, I did some Googlying.  After 25 minutes of troubleshooting and hard crashes and restarts and keyboard shortcuts that were suggested by the internet, I booted the computer up and still got a black screen.  I figured it was a long shot, but I put in my password like normal and hit enter... AND THE STUPID COMPUTER LOADED PROPERLY.  #Ihatetechnology

-By Sunday night, we were tired of eating turkey.  #overThanksgivingleftovers

-I am super proud of Teh German and myself for accomplishing so many projects for House over the last 2 weeks.  It felt like home before, but now it looks like Home.  #whoneedsHGTV

-It made me super proud when Teh German took a photo of the Zollverein collage in the dining room and sent the photo to his Dad. #Ididthat

-I keep tabs on certain North and South Carolina sports teams.  Post Thanksgiving, I was pleased as punch to flaunt the NC State win to my boss who is a UNC fan.  I was also pleased to see that the Hurricanes won, even if the Panthers didn't.  Also, I don't care but am aware that Clemson slaughtered USC.  #Iliketowin

-Monday: I'm seriously considering going back to Crossfit.  I know I've been talking about it for months, but I'm ready to bite the bullet.  I'm tired of feeling like a bloated cow and now my injuries have healed enough for me to get back at it.  Even if I have to go without Teh German, I think I'll be going.  I can't seem to get into a running schedule and I also need some "cross-training".  #moo

-I took the dogs on a jog about the neighborhood on Monday night.  Phil went about 1/2 a mile (he's 9, it's acceptable) and I brought him home and then Meri and I went back out and did 2.5 more miles.  Meri isn't nearly as bad on a leash when she is running as she is walking.  #runningwithmypack

-Follow up: I went to crossfit on Tuesday night and the work out was 30 rounds of 1 really heavy power clean followed by 4 burpees where you have to jump over the bar between each one.  This could not be more true:

-Since the time changed, starting right before 3pm, the sun shines through the window right over the wall of my cube.  This is a problem because the closer to 4 it gets, the sun moves to the opening of my cube which causes serious glare on my screens.  I won't lie.  I've used this as an excuse to go home early.  #anyexcuseisagoodone

-I listened to Safetysuit for 1.5 work days and I have #noregrets.  I'm hoping this means an awesome Discovery Weekly playlist next week.  It will definitely be interesting since I accidentally left Spotify playing through the New Music Friday playlist one night which means I'm going to have really horrible rap suggestions as well.  Thank God for the Release Radar playlist which is tailored to artists I "care about."  #YoudabestSpotify

-While listening to my Release Radar playlist and drafting this post, I noticed that You by Safetysuit is on the playlist that was generated 5 days ago (Friday morning).  Before I had even been to the concert.  I had never searched them at all in Spotify.  #IronyorCoincidence?

-#libraryproblems: I put myself on the waitlist for Unbroken and Throne of Glass and both came available within one day of each other.  Additionally, I'm in the middle of listening to Voyager, which is pretty much my new addiction.  Teh German said something to me this morning, and I was certain he said it in a Scottish accent.  I was extremely confused.  #toomuchOutlander #nosuchthing #Icanthear

-I still haven't decorated the upstairs tree yet and I need to.  That said, there has been no time to decorate said tree.  The few hours of downtime that we've taken on Sunday and then Monday night was desperately needed.  #itsnotlaziness #itsrecharging

-Actual work deterred me from publishing this earlier.  #dolladollabillyall

Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekend Review {11/28}

It was a long weekend, so brace yourself for a long, and picture heavy, post!  Here veee gooooo!!!


When I found out on Wednesday that we had to be out of the building by 3 and that my boss was leaving at 2 and I remembered that I needed to go all the way downtown for packet pickup for our Turkey Trot 5k, I decided to leave work around 1145.  I made a pit stop at Teh Chiro's office since I was having a hard time with the breathing because of something being out of whack.  

Teh Chiro spend a lot of time setting me straight and when I got off the table, my lower back started pinching as I walked down the hall to leave.  I didn't even make it to the front desk before I told him to come back because I needed to be fixed again.  I think he was a little impressed at how I had JUST been straightened out and I was already out of whack.  A few more pops and I was realigned and I was able to leave.  I wasn't able to take a deep breath, but it was a wee bit better.  Teh Chiro said I had a rib out of place.  I didn't even know that was possible.

I made it downtown with ease and found parking and headed to Marion Square to pick up packets.  After I collected our goods, I headed to Target to return a basket and then to Dick's to return some shirts that were rejected by Teh German (thus saving me $50, so I am NOT complaining).

I was glad to have gotten all my errands out of the way before the traffic issues started since I knew that holiday traffic was bound to be a disaster.  I made it home and did a little more work, waiting on Teh German to come home and Teh MD-AR to arrive.

Teh German arrived first, in a foul mood due to some work issues.  We discussed the problems, then we pittered around the house and played on the internets and with the dogs until Teh MD-AR arrived.  Once she arrived, I announced Willie Jewel's for dinner since I was feeling particularly lazy (also, I knew that I'd be cooking on Thursday, so I allowed myself an out).  No one was opposed.

Teh MD-AR delivered Meri's NC State jammies (to match Phil's).
The only being that was disappointed was Meri.

We headed to Willie Jewel's for dinner and then swung by the grocery store after.  After we gathered the ingrendients we needed for Thursday, we headed home.  I baked pie crusts while we watched a few episodes of HIMYM and decompressed from the day.  Then it was bedtime at a reasonable time since we were getting up for the Turkey Trot in the AM.


Thursday morning, we were up and out by 0745 and headed downtown.  We had plenty of time to spare so we stood around the starting line area people watching, getting compliments on our outfits, and stretching.  It turned out to be much warmer than anticipated and Teh MD-AR and I were stripping off layers before the race even started.  Lesson: do NOT wear acrylic dresses when you are in the South and "fall" is just a suggestion.  Cute we might have been, but also sweaty and semi-miserable.  The race route was actually awesome, if you don't count the smell of horse piss intermittently throughout the course.  We started around the middle of downtown, ran towards the water, along the water for about 1/4 of a mile, then we headed back to Marion Square (the park) where we started.  We got to run along the Battery and through the old classy (i.e. EXPENSIVE) houses (see also: Bill Murray's neighborhood).

When we finished, we were in a sea of people that led straight to a person dressed up as a turkey, which would have been more awesome if we wouldn't have been dying of thirst.  Seriously, the first thing most runners want after they finish any race is water.  In fact, thrusting water into my hand isn't frowned upon.  If there was a thirst+anger word, Teh MD-AR would have been it (thirsgy?  I'm not sure that works).  After finding water, we were done.  We headed to the car.  Teh MD-AR and I were so hot in our outfits that we actually just stripped down to our sports bras and pants because we were over how hot it was and Teh German was the only one who had to be subject to our fashion show.

We had agreed to go check out the pineapple fountain before the run, so we headed that way.  We parked illegally because parking sucks in Charleston and we were tired and we knew that we wouldn't be parked very long.  We did put our layer shirts back on (instead of our sweaty running costumes) before we graced the general public.  We got some pretty awesome shots of the fountain.  Sadly, I didn't have my DSLR, butttt Dorothy got some pretty good shots.  After the fountain, we headed back home for breakfast and Thanksgiving prep.

A little bit of Bridge action going on in the background.

Mr. Golfer and Roux's Humom had agreed that we should all just do Thanksgiving together since we weren't having a group as we had initially planned.  This worked out for me since it meant less cooking, kinda.  We agreed that we'd have dinner at 4, so that way we'd be at least moderately hungry again after our post-run late breakfast/lunch.

I cooked up the Callie's Hot Little Biscuit mix that I'd gotten last month when we did the James Island Bridge Run (remember that one time that Teh MD-AR and Teh German waited impatiently so we could try a place we'd never been before and it involved 40 minutes of standing after having run 6 miles?  I'm seriously the best) and bacon.

After we ate, Teh German showered and chilled while Teh MD-AR and I slaved away in the kitchen.  At some point Teh MD-AR showered.  Teh MD-AR prepared sweet potatoes, green beans, and stuffing (and she had brought pumpkin roll with her) and I made chocolate pie and lemon pie.  Side note: "Stir constantly until boiling at medium heat" is essentially the bane of my existence.

Pies made, I finally showered.  I had planned on sitting on the couch for a few minutes to get off my feet for at least a short bit, but I didn't end up sitting down until we got to the neighbor's house shortly after 4 (since Teh German was on "weekend time" (similar to island time for those of you familiar with that concept) he hadn't bothered to change into his "for the public" clothes until 3:59:58, much to my aggravation).

Once we got there, I sat while Mr. Golfer finished up his menu items (gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes and carving the turkey).  I didn't even care that we were waiting, I was just glad to finally be off my feet for the first time since 0800.  I was worried that standing would make my breathing/back problem worse, but it didn't seem to make a difference.  In fact, I was able to take a deep breath again for the first time since Monday morning Thursday night without it hurting.

We finally ate around 4:45 and it was sooo good.  Mr. Golfer had smoked the turkey, which I don't think I've ever had before.  I'd eat it again.  Since my pies hadn't set in time, the grand finale was homemade banana pudding made by Mr. Golfer's Mom.  Same banana pudding that she made for the Cop Stop a few weeks ago when I almost ate half the pan on purpose.

After dinner, we hung out for a little bit and chatted and watched Forest Gump, one of Teh Sister's rewind-and-rewatch movies from our childhood.  Seriously, I can probably still quote 90% of the lines in that movie.  I did make everyone watch Forest's running montage for the 1 second they show him running up the Grandfather Mountain drive (it's the road that is super curvy with the mountains in the background).  We headed home a little bit before 7 since we hadn't fed the dogs dinner.  After feeding the dogs, we settled on the couch for a short bit.  It didn't take long for us to decide we were exhausted and it was bedtime.


We slept in on Friday, except for Teh German who got up to go golfing with Mr. Golfer.  I didn't have plans to go shopping on Black Friday, but there was some stuff I needed to find for the office, so we got a slow start, had chocolate pie for breakfast (as is required the day after Thanksgiving), and headed to town.

Morning snuggles with the ladiesssss, Meri and Olive

My first goal was to stop by the carpet store to order a runner for the hall.  It's been on my list for a while and the only hold up was that I was trying to take Teh German with me so we could make the decision together, but we never seemed to make it on a Saturday.  Since I knew that Teh MD-AR wouldn't let me make a Megan choice (rainbow), I figured it was safe to order the rug with her in tow even if Teh German wasn't with me.

We were looking for it and kinda, but not really, using GPS to find it.  When we couldn't find it and I knew we'd gone to far, I opted to go to Ye Old Fashioned for lunch, THEN we'd find the carpet store.  #solidlifechoices.  After splitting an egg salad and chicken salad sammich and fries, we headed to the carpet store.  We realized when we pulled into the parking lot, we would have never seen it for 2 reasons.  1- there was no sign to see from the street.  2- the trees beside the building blocked us from seeing it from the direction we came.  3- we'd have had to look at the building to see the name of the business right as we were beside it to have known.  Whatevs.

We walked through the scrap area only (because I'm cheap) and I ended up finding several contenders.  Of course, I ended up going with the most expensive one, but it was discounted since it was the scrap rate.  I picked out 2 different carpets.  We are going to have an area rug and short runner from one material and a long runner that goes from the front to the back door of the other material.  Todd, the guy who was helping us, gave me a 10% discount (because I have big boobs or it was black friday or I have a good attitude, or whatever.  I have no idea why, but I didn't say no).  Todd informed me that the rugs would be ready by the end of next week.  WOOT.

I sent Teh German this photo and said that these were my top contenders.
He knew better.

What we ended up with.

Life lesson learned from Twin Mom/Dad: If you need a rug, go to a carpet store and have them make one for you.  It's usually much cheaper than finding a rug and buying it.  This is especially true for large area rugs.  A few hundred dollars over $1000+?  Yes please and thank you.  I ended up spending $700 for a 33 foot runner, a 5x4 foot area rug, and a 6 foot runner.  That includes binding for the rugs and the stitching for the runner, and the left over scrap since I had to buy the whole remnant, but I get to keep the leftover and if I want to make something from it later, I can.  Reasonable people would probably pay less, but I liked the expensive carpet.  PS. A 33 foot runner is ridiculous and the longest I found was 20 foot and it was in a pattern that Teh German would have shunned.

After the rug problem was solved and I had patted myself on the back a bit for adulting, Teh MD-AR and I decided to swing by Target to look for office chairs and a shelf for behind the desk.  Not only did we find a shelf, but I also had a team member pull 2 chairs so we could sit on them and test and see which ones we liked best since the displays are not made for sitting on (they are actually zip tied to the shelf and are not allowed to be removed).  Chairs tested, I looked for them online and found a 20% discount for in-store pickup and $20 off an order of $150+.  I ordered them standing in the store and hoped they would be ready before we left.  After the chair adventure was complete, we headed towards picture frames to see if anything was on sale.  YA'LL..  Picture frames were B1G1.  I almost  Teh German wants to do a photo collage type thing in the living room on the wall behind the couch, so this was perfect.  I ended up getting 14 frames.  I think that's a sizable dent in the collage project.

Teh MD-AR found this.
I have a squatty potty, so this was relevant to my life and I definitely lol-ed.

We were at the checkout and we realized that Shop Kick was doing 200 points for walk ins and there were some easy scans we could get, so we decided to put the purchases in the car, then we could walk around and scan to get points, then head to the next store.  I also hoped that my order would be completed.  I ended up purchasing a few Blu-rays since Finding Dory was only $10 and I haven't seen it yet (or The Secret Life of Pets or so many others).  As we were walking to the car for the 2nd time, I got the email saying my online order was ready for pick up.  I was so over Target though that I said I'd pick them up later.

We carried on our adventure to Best Buy.  I needed a subwoofer cable since Teh German moved our sub behind the couch instead of on the entertainment console and the cord is stretched across the floor.  I found it, but found it cheaper on Amazon, along with a few HDMI cables that I needed, so I placed another online order standing in the store.  We walked through the movies section, but quickly headed out after we realized I didn't need anything in the store.  I considered looking at laptops, but I knew what would happen, so I didn't.  I considered looking because the screen on my current laptop is broken and this exact same thing happened to my previous laptop.  Sooooo, yeah.  Probably should remedy that situation in the near future.

Since Old Navy was right beside Best Buy, we popped in since I wanted to look for some khaki pants.  I noticed a sign as we walked in that the entire store was 50% off.  I was tickled pink.  Side note: I do not need clothes.  I bought clothes... and 2 pairs of khaki pants.  My goal was to be home by 4 since the Goo Goo Dolls concert started at 7, or so I thought.  This way we could eat and not be rushed if we had to do anything to get ready.

Because of the parking lot ingress/egress routes from that particular shopping center, it took us 25 minutes to get out of the parking lot alone.  It was right at 4:30 when we arrived home, although in my head the time for us to be home had switched to 4 for some strange reason.

After Teh German had gotten home from golfing, he asked if there were things around the house he needed to do and I told him just the dishes and maybe he could power wash the back patio since it was super muddy and dirty.  He had finished his work by the time we got home.  Teh MD-AR and I unloaded Yurtle and then we all enjoyed Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner.

We left the house a little after 6 since I thought the concert started at 7.  When we arrived at the coliseum, I not only learned that the concert actually started at 7:30, which the tickets said, but also that the concert was at the performing arts center instead of the coliseum.  BTW, I'm the one that bought these tickets.  I even picked our seats, but I kept telling Teh MD-AR and Teh German that we were up in the nose bleed-ish level of the coliseum.

The doors to the concessions area was open and we only stood in line for a few minutes to get inside.  Once inside, we had to wait until 7 for the doors to the concert hall to be opened.  I didn't even know who the opening band was.  When I saw Safety Suit merchandise, I didn't recognize the band name.  They weren't listed on the FB event page for Charleston, although they were listed for other cities, but I didn't want to make the assumption.  They were on the stage shortly after 7:30.  Several people around us indicated they didn't even know who Safety Suit was.  We were right there with them.

By around us, I mean in the center of the orchestra part of the concert hall.  Essentially, I had picked out super awesome seats.  We were in the middle, so no one would be walking in front of us during the middle of things to go to the bathroom annnd we were pretty much at eye level so we didn't have to look up to the stage or down at the stage.  #Meganrocks

We were center seats from this row.  #nottoshabby

There were several awesome parts of the evening, our awesome seats were just the start.  Another of those, was that I wore my NC State sweatshirt that evening (since I thought we were going to be in the coliseum and I would be chilly) and I got several comments about our win over UNC.  WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Safety Suit was actually really good.  Their musicians were very active on stage and the lead singer was all over the place.  In fact, literally.  During their last song, he actually was climbing over the chairs to get to fans that had been standing for them the entire time.  He walked right in front of us as he made his way to the very back of the hall.  Not only was I impressed with his voice, but I was also impressed at his coordination to be able to hold the mic and sing (or lip sync, I couldn't tell) and climb over the seats without falling.

Safety Suit played for about 45 minutes.  During the setup for Goo Goo Dolls, Teh MD-AR and I made our way to the bathroom and grabbed waters.  I knew I'd be doing a lot of singing along and scream/wooing, so a beverage was needed.  I wasn't wrong.

Goo Goo Dolls came out around 8:45.  It was everything I've ever dreamed it would be.  I had dreamed about seeing Goo Goo Dolls in concert since I begged the TV/TRL to play the Iris video and in the back of my head, I figured it was a nice dream, but probably not going to happen.  BUT IT DID AND IT WAS EVERYTHING I WANTED IT TO BE!

The most unsatisfying part of the concert was when the not-Johnny Rzeznik singer (aka the bassist/other vocalist, Robby Takac) was singing.  His voice is more like a Blink-182 band, not Goo Goo Dolls and he sang about 5 songs.  Essentially, he was wasting the time that Johnny could have been singing to me.  We couldn't figure it out, but it seemed like maybe both Rzeznik and Takac were on something.  Takac more so than Rzeznik.  The bassist seemed like this concert was the first concert he'd ever performed.  He was crazy eyed and jumping around everywhere.  At one point, he even tripped Rzeznik as he walked behind him.  A little to much.  There was also the mishap where he said they were super excited to be in Charlotte and he realized from the lack of crowd reaction that he got the wrong C-city and corrected himself.  He did make a joke about it a little later and made a point to say CHARleston.  On the other hand Rzeznik seemed like performing was boring him.  He moved around very little (especially after almost falling) and usually was off-stage when the bassist was leading vocals.  It was strange.  Nonetheless, it was an absolute blast.

The 2 main songs I wanted to hear were Iris (of course) and Come to Me.  Iris was splendid, with the crowd singing along and few variances from the performance that we all know and love.  Rzeznik prefaced Come to Me and explained that he wrote the song in 2013 before he married his wife.  I didn't know that, but I knew that, if you will.  I mean, if you half listen to the song, you kinda know what it's about, but to be told, yeah you're right didn't hurt my feelings.  I won't lie, I cried during his Come to Me performance.  Come to Me has been representative of the marriage I want to have since the first day I heard it, so yeah, I cried.  Dreams coming true, perfect songs.. tears.

A few songs later, the concert was over.  I felt lighter, lol.  We headed home and it was bedtime soon after the dogs were released and breakfast was prepared.


Without the intention, Saturday was House Projects day.  Teh MD-AR and I enjoyed chocolate and lemon pie for breakfast #notsorry and then we got motivated and started working in the garage.  Teh German's goal was to get some overhead storage installed over the garage door for the storm boards for the windows.  He spent a bit planning his project, then asked me if I wanted to go with him to Lowe's (answer: NO.), after almost 2 hours at Lowe's, he came home and started his project.  He went back to Lowe's several times during the day to get his project complete.  Google says we live 10 minutes away, but really it's more like 5-7 depending on if you catch the red lights at the right time and how fast you're going.  By dinner, he was done hanging the hardware and just needed to get the storm boards relocated to his new storage area.

Breakfast of champions.

All the while, Teh MD-AR and I were already in the garage.  I was pulling Christmas decorations out of storage and completing the organization of the boxes that Teh Dad had sent with me in August.  Teh MD-AR moved the magnetic word poetry from one side of the fridge to the other (a task I had planned on getting to eventually).  I learned that I had 2.5 boxes of children's books that I wanted to keep, but didn't really want to put into a bigger plastic container because then it would be too heavy for me to move, ugh.  So I left them in the cardboard boxes, but made sure that only children's books were in the boxes.  All the "keep" stuff that I did when I was in school was put into a plastic container.

Teh MD-AR really appreciated Child Megan's RBF.  There was also a picture that could have been my "come hither" look that Teh German said probably wouldn't ever work on him.  Good to know.  I did actually get rid of some stuff, but ended up keeping most of it, which is fine.  After I reorganized the storage closet, Teh MD-AR and I moved inside and started doing Christmas decorations.

Honestly, it doesn't look like Christmas exploded in our house, which I thought it would, but that's ok.  I hung up a Merry Christmas sign, a strand of garland with lights around the island in the kitchen, we put up a string of lights on the banister from upstairs, and she hung the stockings with care.  Teh MD-AR did fluff out and set up 3 of my trees (small, medium, and large) while I went through the remainder of my Christmas stuff to decide what should be kept for Teh German's tree, what should be kept for later, and what should be donated.  With some decorations up, I told her I'd decorate the biggest tree later and we cleaned up the mess.

With the decorations cleaned up, we decided to tackle the office.  Mr. Golfer had arrived at some point in the afternoon to help Teh German and let him borrow tools.  Our first order of business was to set up the shelf.  It took us a little over an hour, but we got it done.  Teh MD-AR womanned that drill like a boss, which definitely saved us a lot of time.  Once the shelf was set up, we cleaned up our mess from decorating and setting up the shelf while I helped Teh German get dinner ready.

With our finished product!

Due to my poor timing, the steaks were not as warm as they could have been, but because shitty stove problems, it took longer to cook the brussel sprouts that I allotted for.  Nonetheless, dinner was delicious, and a team effort since Teh German had grilled the steaks to perfection.  Sadly, there was no bacon brussel sprouts, but I knew there wasn't time to bake the bacon and then roast the sprouts.  Le siiigh.

We may have finished our dinner with a 3 course dessert.  The first course was pumpkin roll.  2nd course was lemon pie.  3rd course was chocolate pie.  Things I regret: 0.

The beasts got to enjoy a few Thanksgiving treats as well.

After dinner, we resumed working.  Since Teh German was at a stopping point, I had him move his motorcycle back so I could put a few more boxes back into the storage closet, then Teh MD-AR and I carried out a few boxes of garbage to the dumpster at the lot 2 doors down.  I'm seriously going to miss having a dumpster so close by when all this construction is complete.  It's the trade-off for all the noise, IMO.  With all of our piles cleared out of the garage, Teh German and Mr. Golfer were better able to move around and relocate the storm boards to the storage, or so I told myself.

Trash taken out, Teh MD-AR and I set about reorganizing the office.  Since I knew chairs were coming, I needed to decide where they should go.  The first problem was that with the shelf behind the desk, the area felt cramped.  But, with some relocating of furniture, the desk forward some, the bookshelf on another wall and Phil's crate gone, we found the perfect set up!  The only things left to do in the office are to hang my Disney medals, diploma, Bahrain end-of-tour map, and various other photos.  I also need to find some baskets to store stuff in so I can get rid of the plastic containers, but all in due time.  The amount of adulting that had already taken place this weekend was starting to overwhelm me.

While we were rearranging the office, Teh German came in and informed me that the storm boards were moldy.  The M-word is probably the worst word anyone can say to Teh German.  He must had 'Nam flashbacks of mold at the Shitty House because he prickles and gets super angry anytime mold and House are in the same sentence.  If Teh German was ever a Nazi about anything, it's mold extermination.

He asked for bleach and a spray bottle and Teh MD-AR filled up a teeny-tiny spray bottle (the only one I have) with some bleach and water and gave it to him.  When I followed him outside to the garage, he informed me that 12 of the boards were moldy.  The dinky little spray bottle I gave him wasn't going to do anything.  We agreed (or he listened to me, either way) to just not put the boards in the overhead storage yet and to just lean them against the garage walls.  In the AM he could power wash them and then leave them out in the driveway to dry on Sunday.  Since it is supposed to rain this week, I told him that I could park in the driveway and we could just scatter the boards inside the garage to dry fully and then they could be moved to the overhead storage.  He agreed and went to work.  I went back inside to finish up the office.

We have overhead storage!

After the office was set up, Teh MD-AR and I called it quits.  We were exhausted, I hadn't put on a bra all day (you're welcome for that TMI), hadn't brushed my teeth all day (poor Teh German) and my head had started to hurt earlier in the evening (because I had failed to take my allergy pills in the AM, couple that with all the dust from the storage closet and old boxes, of course I had a headache).  I was due for a shower.  Teh German and Mr. Golfer had finished with the overhead storage and storm boards for the night.  Mr. Golfer went home and Teh German came inside to shower.  While Teh German showered, I tried on my khakis from Old Navy and Teh MD-AR vetoed them because they were too long.  The search continues.

From the center of the room.
Sorry this isn't FB's 360 view.

After Teh German was finished, I brushed my teeth and showered.  When I got out, I tried to talk Teh MD-AR into using my awesome bathtub, but she turned me down.  Her loss.  That tub is magical.  After my shower, I laid in bed catching up on social media and finally had to flash the lights at Teh German, who was downstairs social media-ing and youtube-ing, that it was bedtime.  It was a little bit after 11 when Teh German came to bed and we were out like the lights.


Teh MD-AR had warned us that she was planning on leaving at 0700, but it came way too early.  We got up to see her off (boo) and instead of going back to bed, Teh German said he wanted to get started on his House Projects.  We had breakfast and he had coffee.  I had returns to make at Old Navy and Victoria's Secret (the front close bras are a fail and they look like old lady bras), I needed to pick up the chairs from Target, I needed to drop some stuff off at Goodwill, and then go by the grocery store.  I left the house around 9.  That was my first problem.  Apparently, people aren't up early on Sunday...
They were not pleased that their Other Momma left them with This Momma.

Goodwill was closed so I figured I try the other Goodwill close to Target.  It was also closed and while others had left stuff outside the donations area, I didn't think I should with one of the workers standing right there waiting to be let inside.  So I headed off to Target.  The parking lot was so deserted I checked the hours on my phone before walking in.  They were open.

I wanted to look at baskets and I had a few random items I needed to pick up, so I grabbed those, scanned a few items for Shop Kick, and headed to the checkout.  I requested my chairs, had them apply a 15% off coupon I'd forgot to use on the shelf (yay for $21 back in my pocket), and purchased my stuffs.  I told the cashier I was going to pull up my car for the chairs and I'd wait outside.  A few minutes later, a team member brought the chairs out and we loaded them (with no issues) in Yurtle.

1 mission complete, I headed to Old Navy.  I was pumped that the parking lot was empty, this meant no waiting 25 minutes to get out.  Until I realized the parking lot was empty because they didn't open till 11.  I went back to my car dejected.  I checked the hours for Victoria's Secret.  Noon.  Ugggh.  Thwarted, I gave up on my returns.  I headed towards the grocery store and figured that if Goodwill wasn't open, I'd just do what all the other assholes had done and drop my shit at the curb.  Fortunately, they were open so I was able to drop my stuff off legally.  Donations complete, I headed across the street to Publix to restock a majority of my baking supplies that we'd finished up while we were cooking for Thanksgiving and to grab veggies for the week.

I made it back home around 1115.  Teh German had power washed the mold off the storm boards and had laid them out in the driveway to dry.  He had then started on his work bench project.  After I got everything put away, pictures taken of the office, and had settled in, I started searching for a table to put between the chairs.  It didn't take me too long to find one.  YAY for Targets 10 days of Christmas and 15% off of lots of things AND 5% off and free shipping with my Red Card.  The table should be here Dec 1st-ish.

Their new layin' spot.

After getting the table ordered, Teh German came in and we ate lunch.  Yay for leftover steak, because we were both pretty tired of turkey.  After lunch was complete, Teh German went back to his work bench project and I came back to the office to catch up on social media and work on this post (that is approximately 20 years long).  I did take a break when Roux and Roux's Humom came over for a doggy playdate.  Mr. Golfer came as well, to assist Teh German with his bench project.  Within 5 minutes of their arrival, Teh German arrived home from, yet another, trip to Lowe's.  The dogs didn't really run around, but they definitely got their pettins quota in.

Teh German worked all afternoon and evening on his bench.  During one of his trips to Lowe's, Teh German picked up hooks for me to be able to hang my Disney medals frame, so I took care of that task as well as some other menial tasks around the house (which did not include laundry, much to my demise).

Teh German is going to get his own medal rack so I can reclaim my own rack (half of the medals on the rack are his).
His will go on the other side of my Disney frame.
It's like I left an empty space on purpose... 

Teh German finally called it quits around dinner time.  After, I helped him move the storm boards into the garage.

In progress work bench!

After the boards were put away, Teh German showered and we watched HIMYM for the rest of the evening and eventually, it was bedtime.


Overall, an amazing long weekend. Not only did Teh MD-AR come to visit, but I did SOOOOOOO much adulting. I mean, #adulting #likeaboss status.

I'm not sure if you remember or not, but Teh German gave me a deadline of early December to get House projects done. His aunt is visiting from Germany Dec 14-28, so he wants to have as much as we can done by the time she arrives. What with it being the end of November, the fire under my ass was getting a little warm. Also, after completing the Germany pictures project for downstairs, I was on a roll and needed to keep up my momentum.

Teh MD-AR helped with that. The random runners in the hall will be replaced soon, the office is complete, the downstairs is decorated, the office is set up! Even if the walls are still white, at least it looks like we live here!!! It is kinda surprising still to walk down the stairs and see pictures on the walls. We plan on getting a live tree in the next 2 weeks and having it decorated before Aunt P arrives.

Also in motion is Teh German's "unicorn" truck. Despite his bad mood when he arrived home on Wednesday, he had gotten a text from the salesman at the Toyota dealership that said they had located his "unicorn" and hopefully they'd have it by the end of the month. YYYAYYY!!! This is big news since it's something Teh German has been focused on for the last 8 months.

While I'm excited the holidays are upon us, I'm even more excited for holiday parties and visits and another Disney trip and another long weekend soon!

Happy end-of-November, Gentle Readers!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Confessions {11/23}

-Teh German has been doing a lot of sighing at me lately.  It really gets on my nerves and I'm sure I'm equally as bad about it, but I always notice he does it when I've asked him to do something or he's not getting what he wants.... like a teenager.  So last week, I finally said, "Stop sighing at me.  It's rude."  I doubt it will last long, but after that I didn't hear anymore heavy sighs.  All I can think of is, "He's going to do this in front of our kids and I'm going to kill all of them."  #thinkingofthefuture

-I bought hot cocoa with marshmallows to keep at my desk at work.  I'm afraid that I'm going to have to buy more marshmallows before I get to the bottom of the canister because I go out of my way to dig out marshmallows.  #INEEDSthemarshmallows  #ALLthemarshmallows

-I may or may not have broken in my shoes when I was injured (with my gimp toe) and now my knees hurt every time I run.  Because my toe was injured, my gait was off, so it's either the shoes, or I'm readjusting to my new "improve" no-longer gimp toe gait.  I'm hoping that I can re-break my shoes, but I'm worried that won't be possible.  My next step is to try inserts.. then after that, cry over the loss of over $200.  #runnerproblems

-I've stopped putting product in my hair every day.  I don't even care if the curls get poofy.  I've embraced the laziness.  #crazyhairdontcare

-Monday night I was planning on having a chat with Teh German about selfishness.  And then.. when he got home, without me even asking him, he brought in the desk that had been delivered and started putting it together.  While he was working on the desk, I made dinner.  When we were finished with dinner, he went back to building and I did the dishes for him and then laid on the couch with a heating pad.  I would have cleaned the floors, but 1- Teh German was using the vacuum and 2- I did something to my back and now it hurts to breathe deeply, so it was for the best that I wasn't putting forth much physical effort.  That said, doing the floors is going to really, really suck.  #ImOld #newfurniture

-I noticed Monday that my ear plugs were missing from the headboard.  This is mostly bad because the doors rattle and it gets on my nerves, so I put earplugs between the boards so they don't rattle.. and because sometimes I like to have earplugs to sleep.  I figured I had lost them in the bed, but they were no where to be found, so I got 2 more out of the container and put them between the boards, whatevs.  Tuesday comes, Teh German had dusted the headboard and I figured he may have knocked the earplugs off or tossed them because he thought they were old, whatevs, no biggie.  I got 2 more out of the container and put them between the boards.  I go brush my teeth and get ready for bed and hop in. 

When Teh German comes upstairs, I hear the door on the headboard rattling again.  I know I just put 2 earplugs between the boards to keep that from happening.  Teh German comes to bed and I ask him if he'd done something with my earplugs.  He said no.  Then I remembered something..  Meri has been laying on my side of the bed a lot lately and she has a thing for buttplugs my earplugs.  Bitch dog has been eating my damn earplugs!  I know she's eaten at least 4.  This means that I get to go on poop watch for a few days.  This would also explain why she didn't eat breakfast one morning.  #mydogeatsweirdshit #shemustlikethewayitfeelswhenitcomesout

-My Shutterfly order was mailed out on Sunday.  It's in my town, per the tracking site, but the estimated delivery is 12/2.  I will be super pissed if my photos sit at the post office just because I didn't pay for priority shipping and they could have arrived in priority shipping time.  #delivermyshit

-Teh German and I agreed we "need" some Panthers gear to attend the game on Christmas Eve.  After some consideration, I may end up passing on gear because I know I'll probably be dressed in layers and wearing my heavy coat the entire time, so unless I get a hat, it won't be showing.  That said, I already have plenty of hats, so I'm not really keen on buying another one that I will rarely wear.  #curbthatspending #savingforDisney

-Teh WJL finished listening to Outlander and she called it smut.  I couldn't deny it, especially after listening to Voyager (Outlander #3) and I'm pretty sure there was a sex scene just to have a sex scene.   At least these books aren't literary garbage...  #lookinatyou50sog

-Teh German suggested that maybe "we" create a cleaning schedule for once a week for 30 minutes instead of having to clean the house all on one day for 3 hours.  I had to stifle laughter and rage at the same time.  Mostly because he didn't include the hour and a half I spent scrubbing the bathrooms Sunday night while he sat on his ass and watched youtube. 

Later, I explained that 30 minutes once a week wasn't a reasonable expectation to keeping the house clean.  Maybe 30 minutes per day is more like it.  I did tell him if he was serious about using the cleaning schedule, I would create one, but if it was just a waste of my time, I wasn't interested in coming up with a cleaning schedule.  #hecantbeserious  #yepstillbitter 

-Christmas shopping complete!  I donated to One80 Place in Charleston since Home, Home EMS never got back to me about receiving donations through an Amazon shipment.  Their loss.  #donationinsteadofgifts #youdontneedmorestuff

-While giving money feels good, I know that if I actually volunteered in the community, I'd feel like I've actually done something.  Throwing money at people is easy, getting off my ass, not so much.  I miss volunteering.  Yet I haven't bitten the bullet and actually found a new place that I want to volunteer with.  Additionally, I don't like it when events fall on school nights because that messes with my routine.  #volunteer #setinmyways #sacrificeishard #firstworldlife

-I did something to my back sitting on my ass.  I wish I was kidding, but I have no idea what I did on Monday.  I drove to my meeting at 0830, missed it because I was at the wrong (not marked) building, drove back to the office, sat at my desk until lunch time and at some point between getting back and lunch, it started to hurt to breathe.  Any time I tried to take a deep breath, it was like I had a stitch in my back (midway, on the right).  It was pretty painful, so I headed home early and popped some muscle relaxers in the hope that it would help.  It kinda did, but I still worked from home Tuesday because twisting my body to check blind spots while driving wasn't happening.  Today has shown much improvement, even though I still can't take a super deep breath.  I'm definitely going to hang out with the Chiro today to see if that offers any relief.  PS.  Cleaning the floors wasn't as difficult as I imagined it was going to be.  #icantbreathe

-Within 5 minutes of Cards Against Humanity sending out their email about a new expansion and a new box, I ordered some goodies.  #notsorry #biggerblackerbox #mineminemine

Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekend Review {11/21}


Friday was distracted day at work, kinda.  It was our Company thanksgiving potluck, but before that I had 2.5 hours of back to back meetings.  Grand.  Although, I did have our helpdesk help me trouble shoot an issue I'd been having with Skype for Business.  Thankfully, my issues are resolved and it made the final meeting much easier.  It will also make it easier to call in from my computer for other meetings if I'm at home, so this is most excellent.  Even if the timing wasn't so good.

After meetings, it was time to eat.  Twin Dad had fried 2 turkeys.  Once they were done and sliced up, we finally ate around 1245.  I had chatted with Roux's Humom in the morning and had agreed to go to the Christmas show at the convention center with her and Mr. Golfer.  I suggested we meet at 2.  I was late because I was still eating/socializing with coworkers and I had to pack up my stuff blah blah blah, but I made it. 

The lady in red is wearing Teh MD-AR's running outfit for our Thanksgiving 5k!

I bought 3 wool dryer balls and 1 low priced item for Teh German that will work as a Cmas gift/stocking stuffer.  We still haven't decided if we're doing gifts, but there's a collection of items that he's wanted/needed (that aren't clothes) so I'm slowly accumulating those items.  I allllmost made my own scarf, but remembered quickly that I don't really wear scarves, so paying $40 to paint my own silk scarf is probably something I could avoid and save dollars on.  Nonetheless, it was cool watching someone else do it.

By 4, we had skimmed through all the vendors and we decided it was time to head home.  It was a race, but I let them win because I stopped to get gas.  Actually, the real winner was Teh German who had arrived home right before I did. 

We didn't have plans for the evening, so Teh German suggested getting pizza.  I remembered we still had a Groupon to use for Mellow Mushroom, so we agreed we'd ride out and get pizza.  We arrived around 6:45 (I had tried to rush Teh German, but all weekend, he wasn't to be rushed.. /roll eyes) and had to wait with the dinner crowd.  We only ended up waiting about 20 minutes, thankfully.  We were seated outside, which was fine since we were in layers since we'd ridden Bagheera and Suzi.  There was some mild drama when the cops showed up to arrest a dude while his wife and 6 children (I don't think they were all theirs) were eating dinner.  He seemed to know what it was about, so it wasn't a fight.  But definitely dramatic. 

The only drama that effected me was that they made me the wrong calzone.  Instead of just mushrooms and pepperoni, they made a House calzone which had spinach and tomatoes as well.  I agreed to just pick out the tomatoes and eat it since I was hungry and it would take another 10 minutes to get a new calzone.  Truthfully, not a big deal.  AND they comped my meal since they got it wrong.  What this really meant was that we still didn't use our Mellow Mushroom cert.  Le sigh.  It expires Dec 15th, so fingers crossed before then..

After dinner, we headed home, I finished selecting the photos to be printed and ordered them from Shutterfly.  Definitely not the best photograph quality, but I had $10 off and prints were 40% off and when you're not printing 4x6 or 5x7 prints get expensive.  The 16x20 was $18.  Cheap if you know anything about actual print photography, but I'm super cheap.  So cheap, in fact, that I saved the 16x20 for a separate order and when my 2nd $10 coupon didn't work, I decided to contact Shutterfly the next day to work on getting the code applied to the order before I purchased it.  #notsorry

Eventually, we headed to bed.


It was sleep in morning on Saturday and we finally got out of bed around 11.  We had zero plans until 1, when the chili cookoff started.  I did accomplish getting my Shutterfly situation worked out while we split my calzone leftovers for breakfast.

I had planned to be there at 1, but Teh German was in no-rush mode, so we ended up getting there at 1:30.  He wanted to be a drama queen about parking at my old building and hiding our gear, but I ignored him, parked Bagheera, broke my heart keychain, hid my stuff in a truck with a flat tire that hasn't moved since at least January 2015, and waited on him to get his shit together so we could walk to the park for the event. 

I am absolutely crushed that my keychain ripped off.
Not only does this mean I have to find a replacement,
but this keychain and I have a long history together and our history is over now.

We met Mr. Golfer there and sampled some chilis.  He had been a judge, so he was able to tell us who had the good chili from his group that he'd judged.  My favorite traditional chili was from JB Charleston, which I went back for 2nds, as they had predicted.  My favorite less-traditional chili was from Dog Gone?  I can't remember their name, but they were winners the previous 2 years.  There was also a mac and cheese chili that I tried that wasn't so bad.  Firefly was there, so I grabbed a sweet tea vodka/lemonade drink that was on point.  Eventually, Mr. Golfer headed home. 

The only disappointing thing was that I couldn't find the photo booth.  Again, Teh German acted like doing the photo booth was essentially the worst thing in the world, but he "helped" me look for it, nonetheless.  When we couldn't find it, we had to decide what to do with our 5 remaining tickets.  They had one of those bubble soccer sets in the middle of the first field and it was 5 tickets for 1 person, or $5.  Teh German didn't want to do it, so I was going to do it on my own.  Then the group of teenagers in front of me went and I was the only big kid left (there were a limited number of big kid bubbles).  While I was waiting on the session to end, Teh German came up beside me and showed me that he had bought a pass too!  So I didn't have to do it alone!  YAY!

When the session ended, the guy assigning bubbles passed us over and I said a little louder than intended, "Really?" and looked at the girl we'd bought our pass from, who said something to the guy about how we'd been waiting for a turn.  AKA, we weren't parents watching.  He got us in right away.

First thing about those plastic bubbles- THEY STINK.. OMG so bad!  Maybe it was this set because so many other sweaty people had been in them before I was, but gross.  2- All I could think about was the germs.  3- THEY WERE A BLAST.  Getting up is hard when you have short legs (me), but it was fun.  At one point, the guy who was assigning bubbles said we should all try to do handstands.  Hands down (see what I did there), best thing ever.  You're literally suspended in the air and your feet are up in the air wiggling.  I can online imagine how funny it looked.  No soccer was actually played because the balls kept hitting people at the chili tents near by.  It was more like bubble bumper cars.

I think Teh German was actually glad he had participated.  Having broke a sweat, we headed out.  In true Megan fashion, when we got to the bikes, I realized my phone was missing.  I was 98% confident that it had fallen out of my pocket during the bubble session.  Not really wanting to have to walk all the way there and back, I told Teh German that we'd ride up to the gate and I'd go check for it, if we could get the police to let us by.  Again, not in a hurry, and irritated with me for losing my phone (as if I wasn't already frustrated enough at myself), Teh German took his time getting his gear on and joining me.  I spoke with the different officers who had no issue with us driving through to go back and fetch my phone.  I found a close place to park and walked back to the bubble tickets table and my phone was sitting right there.  Praise allah. 

Phone in hand, I headed back to the bikes and Teh German.  We had agreed to ride the bridges and then head home.  After we navigated our way through the foot traffic, we headed to 526 to hit up the Don Holt.  About the time we were to the top of the bridge, I realized that we'd made a mistake and the wind was really not my jam.  Nonetheless, I trucked on.  Over the Wando and through the woods, to Ravenel's bridge we go.  Finally home, I was relieved.  My helmet felt like it had been trying to disattach my head from my shoulders.  I am seriously considering buying a new helmet, this is just one of a long list of complaints about it, but I've had this issue before.

When we got home, we were tired and we weren't really hungry.  I ended up taking a bath because why not.  When I went downstairs after, I encouraged Teh German to go shower (which he'd been saying he was going to do), so we could start watching HIMYM.  Successfully prodded, he went upstairs and did whatever he does and finally I heard the water running.  However long later (I didn't look at the clock because I didn't want to know how long it had taken), he finally came back downstairs and turned on HIMYM. 

After a few episodes, Teh German said he was hungry and we split my rice and beans and kielbasa leftovers for dinner.  We had pretzels and hummus as dessert.  This is relevant because I actually took a photo of Teh German and "his plate"..

using the hummus lid because he doesn't like to share.

A bit later, Teh German started yawning and I called no mas, which means we stop after the current episode ends.  That wasn't the problem.  When I headed upstairs, Teh German said, "But it's Saturday night!"  Me, "Yeah, but we're tired.  You've been yawning for a while now."  This is at 9:30/45ish.  I just continued going upstairs and got ready for bed.  This old lady ain't got time for no "Saturday night" bullshit.  I'm tired, I'm going to bed.  On Teh German time, he came upstairs probably 10 minutes later, after I'd turned the lights off on him.  #Huelife 


Another lazy morning.  We had 2 plans for the day: brunch and Toyota dealership.  I was ok with being early, but Teh German was true to his weekend form and wasn't in a hurry.  We got up and started getting ready.  Originally, we were going to ride the bikes, but it was super windy and kinda chilly, so we opted to take his car.  We finally headed towards Mount Pleasant around 10.  I was ready by 0930, I just wanted to point this out.  I took the 30 minutes to start the laundry and play with the dogs.  When he was finally ready, we headed out.

I had selected Page's Okra Grill for brunch since I'd seen good Yelp reviews.  They didn't take reservations, so I knew we'd be dealing with a wait.  Also, Teh German had a 1:30 test drive appointment, which he was taking way more seriously than I was.  We arrived around 1030 and the wait was 30-45 minutes.  I knew that I wanted to grab some picture frames, so we took the 30 minutes to head to Walmart so I could pick up the remaining frames I needed before the photos arrive (on the 2nd).  I also grabbed some lamp bases for the awesome lamp shades I bought months ago that were going to go in the bedroom, but the Hue bulbs didn't work, and blah blah drama.  I think the lamps will be going in my office.  We checked out and headed back to the restaurant.  We went straight to the desk to ask if we'd been called yet, it was a little after 11 and I figured they'd be close to us.  Nope, they'd called us 15 minutes earlier.  They asked if we were sitting in our car, and I said yes.  Then they informed us the buzzers didn't work in vehicles.  Sad day.  LOL.

We were seated next after Teh German mumbled to me that he wanted to sit inside but didn't want to have to be seated near the entrance.  I told him we'd get first available.  I wasn't in the mood for the hangry drama llama (possibly his next nickname if he keeps it up).  Fortunately, we were sat in a different section.  Our server brought our drinks and took our order quickly.  Despite the amount of people, our food came way faster than we had expected.  I ordered crab cakes and eggs and Teh German had chicken fried chicken.  No pics because hunger.  It was so much food that we both ended up getting to-go boxes for our leftovers.  Word on the street is that their dinner is also super delicious.  I'd be willing to test that.

Because our food hadn't taken very long, we stopped by JCPenny to look for a Bagheera tsum tsum (don't judge me) that I was planning on making into a keychain for Bagheera.  We searched through 4 boxes of stuffed Disney critters and ZERO Bagheera.  Le siiigh.  Teh German suggested ordering it online since I had found it online, so I did while we were walking out.  Since it still wasn't quite 1 yet, we agreed to walk around the mall.  I wanted to go by Victoria's Secret to try on a bra I'd seen online (a front close! WOO!) and the ONE time I have a question and need a person to approach me, NO ONE can be found.  I was annoyed.  I looked at every bra on the wall and noticed that none of them were the one I was looking for.  I finally had to track down the fitting room lady and asked her if they carried it and she said no.  She also explained to me that front close wasn't for every body, blah blah blah, her floopy boobs didn't look good in them.  Really I needed to know if there was one in the store to try on or if I needed to order them and return them if they didn't fit. 

Disgruntled, I left and tracked down Teh German in Foot Locker.  He was trying on some $100 multi-colored Nike jacket that made me visibly scrunch my nose in displeasure.  Thankfully, he noticed it was $100 and was no longer interested.  We stopped by Lids to see if they had any Panthers beenies since we have NO Panthers merchandise and we're going to the Christmas Eve game.  They only had 4 different beenies and we are Mr. and Mrs. Tiny Heads, so all but 1 of the hats was too big.  I told Teh German that we could look online after I noticed that the hat was almost $30.  Uhhhh nope.

Finally, close enough to his appointment time, Teh German said we could go to the dealer.  I had tried to explain to them that their "appointment" times weren't like a regular appointments and you could go at anytime, but explaining anything to Teh German all weekend was like talking to a wall, so I didn't bother.

The salesman at the dealership was located and we chatted for a few minutes and told him exactly what we were looking for.  He showed us one that was similar and offered to let Teh German drive it.  Of course, we drove it.  Of course, we he loved it.  Then we went inside and started the process of finding this truck, which we were told is a "unicorn".  Unfortunately, there are zero financial incentives to buy this vehicle, which means paying full price, which isn't what either of us wanted.  If I signed with him, he could get $1000 off, but we haven't decided on that.  We did bring in a USAA price with us, which I think was $530 off MSRP, but I never want to pay MSRP.  Le siigh.  Any suggestions are helpful.  Our biggest problem is that he wants a 2017 model and they are trying to push the 2016's right now.

They did ask Teh German what his 2nd choice of color would be for the truck, but he didn't really give them an answer.  We finally left 2 hours later (yay for bringing my Kindle and doing puzzles through the boring parts).  We chatted on the way home about the fact that he has very little leverage about the price since he is getting a very specific vehicle and they know he's going to buy it no matter what.  I suggested texting the salesman when we got home and telling him that unless they could find the "unicorn", no deal.  Personally, if it was me, spending full-price, I'd demand exactly what I wanted, no substitutions.  I also know Teh German well enough that if something isn't exactly what he wanted, he will be disappointed forever.  Selfishly, I can't handle that for however many years he has this truck.  NO.  He will get exactly what he wants, even if he has to wait.  I will NOT hear about "this would be the perfect truck if it had (blah blah blah)," for many, many years.  He texted the salesman when we got home and I'm not sure if there was a reply or not, because at that point, things started going downhill quickly.

Teh German sat on the couch and I went upstairs and continued doing the laundry.  When I came back downstairs, I asked him to help me clean.  1- Teh MD-AR is coming this week.  2- Our house is a disaster that hasn't really been cleaned since before hurricane Matthew.  This request didn't come as a surprise to him, as I'd been telling him all week that I wanted to accomplish some cleaning over the weekend.  His response was, "I don't want to.  Don't you just want to come sit on the couch with me?"  Me, "No, I don't.  I want to accomplish the cleaning that needs to be done." 

At which point, our really good weekend went to complete shit.

I was so pissed I even cleaned the dog nose art from the front and back doors.  I cleaned all 3 bathrooms.  At one point, I came downstairs to get more cleaner and Teh German asked me about dinner.  I told him I wasn't hungry and there was leftovers.  I debated starting to clean the floors, but knew it would take me a long time, so I didn't want to, nor could I really see since it was dark.  Then I considered going through the storage and pulling out the Christmas decorations and getting rid of the cardboard boxes (a project that I wanted to accomplish during the hurricane that didn't get done).  That didn't happen because Suzi was parked too close to the storage door for me to open it and I didn't want to have to move the bike or ask Teh German to move it. 

Instead, I put the lamps together that we had bought the bases for.  So now we have 3 lamps that need homes.  1 is a touch lamp.  Technically, we have 4 lamps, but 1 is the busted up touch lamp that has a bent base and didn't come with a harp or ball to hold the shade on the harp.  Once I purchase a harp for it, it will probably go in a guest room.   After I finished with the lamps, I didn't want to start any other cleaning.  Thwarted, and having smelled whatever Teh German heated up, I was hungry.  I heated up my brunch leftovers and Teh German, randomly, took the dogs on a walk. 

After they got back, I sat on the couch with Teh German.  Instead of speaking to each other, I worked on a puzzle on my Kindle and Teh German was watching some car show, whatever the "new" show with the 3 male hosts is called.  He wasn't bothering to speak to me and I was still super pissed, so I decided that it was bath time again.

After bath time, I was putting away laundry and Teh German came upstairs and asked if there was more laundry.  I told him in the wash, then I realized he was trying to help.  I told him that a pile needed to be hung up and he took it to the closet.  I finished my pile and put it away and headed into the closet to see him fumbling with hangars and the shirts in his hands.  I helped him get the shirts hung, then he went back downstairs. 

I brushed my teeth and crawled into bed, listening to Voyager and doing puzzle.  Eventually, Teh German came to bed and it was sleepy time.

Overall a fantastic weekend, if you overlook the last 10% of it.  I'm torn between being stubborn and waiting until he's around to help me with the cleaning, or just getting it done when I get home in the afternoons because then I can guarantee that it will be done up to my standards, and I won't have to redo whatever isn't up to my standards.  Also, we get to have a chat this afternoon, because my entire body hurts from how clinched my muscles are from being so angry.

Despite the revelation that this is just how he acts when it comes to big purchases (which I shared with him), it's not an excuse to be a selfish asshole.  Same for my hangar.  Self-actualization is about mitigating the shitty parts of your personality so you don't bring others down.  Maybe that's just me.

I'm thankful this week is a short week and that Teh MD-AR will be here on Wednesday!!!  We're winging Thanksgiving.  We have a 5k on Thanksgiving morning and the Goo Goo Dolls concert on Friday.  I have no plans to go Black Friday shopping, but I could be persuaded.

Happy Monday, Gentle Readers.