Friday, November 4, 2016

Five on Friday #92


I have a coworker who has essentially started treating me as their glorified secretary for when they don't want to have to participate in meetings.  I'm over it.  It was one thing asking me to play stenographer, but something else entirely when you are too lazy/busy to drag the phone across the table and dial the number yourself... for the meeting you scheduled.

Let's just say it was no heartbreak for me to have to miss my regularly scheduled meetings while I am in DC.  #notsorry


Speaking of being up north.  I'm staying with Teh MD-AR and commuting to DC for the 2 days I have meetings.  That will be spectacular.  But this beauty made up for whatever hair pulling the commute will bring:

I even had to selfie with the tree, on principle.

For 3 years, while I was stationed in MD, I always wanted to stop and take "good" photos of this tree since it is absolutely gorgeous.  Each year I said I'd do it, and then 3 years had passed and I never did it and I was crushed.  To make matters worse, Teh MD-AR has these photos she had taken at The Tree and I'm just so jealous every time she shares them.  Well, dammit, I was on base yesterday as a surprise visit for Teh Soccer Mom and Teh MD-AR and I saw The Tree's sibling when I was making the turn to go to their office.  I then had to detour through a parking lot to go check the status of The Tree.

IN FULL FIRE MODE.  WIIIIIIIINNNNNNNN.  There were some leaves missing from the top, but for the most part, beggars can't be choosers.  Sadly, I didn't have my DSLR with me, but my cell phone isn't horrible quality and it will have to do.

I want this tree in my front yard.


We hit up the fair on Tuesday night.  It was everything you'd expect.

Each time I go to the fair, I realize that I'm getting older and Old Megan doesn't handle things that Youthful Megan happily enjoyed.  I'm talking about you, spinny, g-force ride that made my neck and back ache and almost made me vomit.  In fact, I think I'm outgrowing the spinny rides, which is super depressing. 

Instead of getting wallet raped, we just bought a $20 wristband so we could ride whatever, whenever.

I did have a blast on the go really high ride... until we got to the end and I couldn't breathe.  This was due to having big boobs and the harness not being a variable distance away from the body.  In fact, I even pulled my boobs up through the middle of the harness to help alleviate the weight on my chest.  When the ride stopped, I was trying to catch my breathe and couldn't.  I was almost to the point of having a panic attack, I was already talking myself down, when the ride guy finally released the harnesses.

We definitely took advantage of bumper cars...

Teh German's determination.

The both got me at the same time.

I needed revenge.

Then we rode the swings.

This was very definitive of mostly NO.

I have no idea why he was looking so depressed.

Mr. Golfer and Roux's Humom


Dem clouds.

We had to ride the ferris wheel at sunset for the photo opportunity.

A few more rides after the ferris wheel, where I really cemented that "I'm no longer youth" status, we made our way to the bull riding ring.  Teh German had never seen live bull riding, so I was glad for him to experience real "American Cowboys" since that's the stereotype of Americans overseas.

He's so cute when he's eager to see something.

We didn't stay long for the riders.  The opening ceremony took over 20 minutes and we were standing since we had arrived late, aka Megan didn't realize the stands would be full so early.  My bad.  Mr. Golfer and Roux's Humom had left after the first ride.  Teh German and I stayed for a handful more rides, then we deserted our borrowed hay bale (to give us some height to actually see into the rink), and headed towards the fried oreos that I was insistent on.

After acquiring fried oreos, we walked through the photography exhibit, which is always one of my favorite things about the fair.  I like to use it to get ideas for where to shoot what.  After we wandered through the photos, we headed home since it was almost our bedtime.


From the phone:

Halloween night, a tree (Teh German) hugger (me) set up in the driveway to hand out candy.
We even brought some Hue lights and put them on rave mode as "decorations".
We ended the night with 1 of 2 huge bowls of candy left over.  It went to work with us the following day.

I needed a keychain for Bagheera's key and I have kept this old faithful, despite not needing a keychain for Yurtle's fob.
This makes me feeling like I'm in high school all over again since this keychain replaced one almost exactly like it that I had on my keys when I drove Teh Kaar.

Heh.  Hehhheh.  Hhhehehehe.
Of course I had to take a photo of this while we were at the fair.
Even though the smell of grease from this stand made me nauseous.

Sunrise on Thursday morning from CHS to DCA.

Get a greyhound, they say.
Greyhounds are majestic, they say.
They have never met Olive.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Easy travels to DC.
  2. My east coast tree being in full fire bloom.
  3. Going to the fair in CHS for the first time with Teh German.
  4. Our first Halloween at Teh Ville handing out candy.
  5. Riding Bagheera to work Tuesday and Wednesday, even if it meant no dresses.
  6. Being able to put the 10lb pillow in my luggage without worrying about my suitcase being overweight.
  7. Time to read/audiobook in the afternoons, while in transit, and while flying.
  8. Nips from Olive because she's so excited to see me.
  9. Skype
  10. Teh MD-AR and I being roomies again (even if it's just temporary) and both of us trying to figure out where Meri and Phil are since they aren't constantly following us around (since they are in SC with Teh German).

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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  1. oh that tree is pretty!! i'm glad you got a photo. your coworker sounds like an ass. i've never been to our fair, but i now have a rule, i only do rides at places like disney or universal. we went to a fair in a small town when visiting KC's family and my neck and back ached for like a month (or, you know, a day). i just feel like the bigger place add extra padding or something. i'm too old to have my head thrown every which way. sorry about the restraints and your boobs. i have the opposite problem. no boobs to hold me in lol.

  2. That's the kind of fall I miss. That tree is gorgeous!

    So uhh what are butt fries?? lol

  3. Fall!!! I want fall!!!! I have gotten a few secretarial duties from others lately and I am like umm wtf I ain't your secretary!!! I think it is because I am the only female in my office. I dont know?! My sister asked me to go to a carnival this weekend and I was like ummmm no thanks. Nadine doesn't ride those rides anymore!!! But she was like....ummm I dont either I go for funnel cake. Yes, fried things might could talk me in to the crowds.

  4. Looks like a lovely little week! Especially that tree and the fair!

  5. That tree is absolutely gorgeous! Keira and I spent the other day gathering leaves from all the pretty trees around here but none of them are spectacular is that one! I blame it on this fall being unseasonably warm. The fair looks like lots of fun I always skip the fair here because they have in the middle of July when it's like 1,000,000,000°. I do not do well with sweaty stinky fair times.

  6. That picture of Olive is great. It shows her personality; she looks like such a silly gal. :)
    Love the excited looks on your man's face experiencing new things for the first time.

    That tree is gorgeous. The leaves here are still falling and the temperature is great considering it's November already.

    I hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend my friend. :-)

  7. I love a good fair.
    I've attempted that boobs through the harness trick before, and nope, it doesn't work well.
    That tree is indeed spectacular.
    Timo looking sad on the swing - bahahaha!


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