Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Confessions {11/23}

-Teh German has been doing a lot of sighing at me lately.  It really gets on my nerves and I'm sure I'm equally as bad about it, but I always notice he does it when I've asked him to do something or he's not getting what he wants.... like a teenager.  So last week, I finally said, "Stop sighing at me.  It's rude."  I doubt it will last long, but after that I didn't hear anymore heavy sighs.  All I can think of is, "He's going to do this in front of our kids and I'm going to kill all of them."  #thinkingofthefuture

-I bought hot cocoa with marshmallows to keep at my desk at work.  I'm afraid that I'm going to have to buy more marshmallows before I get to the bottom of the canister because I go out of my way to dig out marshmallows.  #INEEDSthemarshmallows  #ALLthemarshmallows

-I may or may not have broken in my shoes when I was injured (with my gimp toe) and now my knees hurt every time I run.  Because my toe was injured, my gait was off, so it's either the shoes, or I'm readjusting to my new "improve" no-longer gimp toe gait.  I'm hoping that I can re-break my shoes, but I'm worried that won't be possible.  My next step is to try inserts.. then after that, cry over the loss of over $200.  #runnerproblems

-I've stopped putting product in my hair every day.  I don't even care if the curls get poofy.  I've embraced the laziness.  #crazyhairdontcare

-Monday night I was planning on having a chat with Teh German about selfishness.  And then.. when he got home, without me even asking him, he brought in the desk that had been delivered and started putting it together.  While he was working on the desk, I made dinner.  When we were finished with dinner, he went back to building and I did the dishes for him and then laid on the couch with a heating pad.  I would have cleaned the floors, but 1- Teh German was using the vacuum and 2- I did something to my back and now it hurts to breathe deeply, so it was for the best that I wasn't putting forth much physical effort.  That said, doing the floors is going to really, really suck.  #ImOld #newfurniture

-I noticed Monday that my ear plugs were missing from the headboard.  This is mostly bad because the doors rattle and it gets on my nerves, so I put earplugs between the boards so they don't rattle.. and because sometimes I like to have earplugs to sleep.  I figured I had lost them in the bed, but they were no where to be found, so I got 2 more out of the container and put them between the boards, whatevs.  Tuesday comes, Teh German had dusted the headboard and I figured he may have knocked the earplugs off or tossed them because he thought they were old, whatevs, no biggie.  I got 2 more out of the container and put them between the boards.  I go brush my teeth and get ready for bed and hop in. 

When Teh German comes upstairs, I hear the door on the headboard rattling again.  I know I just put 2 earplugs between the boards to keep that from happening.  Teh German comes to bed and I ask him if he'd done something with my earplugs.  He said no.  Then I remembered something..  Meri has been laying on my side of the bed a lot lately and she has a thing for buttplugs my earplugs.  Bitch dog has been eating my damn earplugs!  I know she's eaten at least 4.  This means that I get to go on poop watch for a few days.  This would also explain why she didn't eat breakfast one morning.  #mydogeatsweirdshit #shemustlikethewayitfeelswhenitcomesout

-My Shutterfly order was mailed out on Sunday.  It's in my town, per the tracking site, but the estimated delivery is 12/2.  I will be super pissed if my photos sit at the post office just because I didn't pay for priority shipping and they could have arrived in priority shipping time.  #delivermyshit

-Teh German and I agreed we "need" some Panthers gear to attend the game on Christmas Eve.  After some consideration, I may end up passing on gear because I know I'll probably be dressed in layers and wearing my heavy coat the entire time, so unless I get a hat, it won't be showing.  That said, I already have plenty of hats, so I'm not really keen on buying another one that I will rarely wear.  #curbthatspending #savingforDisney

-Teh WJL finished listening to Outlander and she called it smut.  I couldn't deny it, especially after listening to Voyager (Outlander #3) and I'm pretty sure there was a sex scene just to have a sex scene.   At least these books aren't literary garbage...  #lookinatyou50sog

-Teh German suggested that maybe "we" create a cleaning schedule for once a week for 30 minutes instead of having to clean the house all on one day for 3 hours.  I had to stifle laughter and rage at the same time.  Mostly because he didn't include the hour and a half I spent scrubbing the bathrooms Sunday night while he sat on his ass and watched youtube. 

Later, I explained that 30 minutes once a week wasn't a reasonable expectation to keeping the house clean.  Maybe 30 minutes per day is more like it.  I did tell him if he was serious about using the cleaning schedule, I would create one, but if it was just a waste of my time, I wasn't interested in coming up with a cleaning schedule.  #hecantbeserious  #yepstillbitter 

-Christmas shopping complete!  I donated to One80 Place in Charleston since Home, Home EMS never got back to me about receiving donations through an Amazon shipment.  Their loss.  #donationinsteadofgifts #youdontneedmorestuff

-While giving money feels good, I know that if I actually volunteered in the community, I'd feel like I've actually done something.  Throwing money at people is easy, getting off my ass, not so much.  I miss volunteering.  Yet I haven't bitten the bullet and actually found a new place that I want to volunteer with.  Additionally, I don't like it when events fall on school nights because that messes with my routine.  #volunteer #setinmyways #sacrificeishard #firstworldlife

-I did something to my back sitting on my ass.  I wish I was kidding, but I have no idea what I did on Monday.  I drove to my meeting at 0830, missed it because I was at the wrong (not marked) building, drove back to the office, sat at my desk until lunch time and at some point between getting back and lunch, it started to hurt to breathe.  Any time I tried to take a deep breath, it was like I had a stitch in my back (midway, on the right).  It was pretty painful, so I headed home early and popped some muscle relaxers in the hope that it would help.  It kinda did, but I still worked from home Tuesday because twisting my body to check blind spots while driving wasn't happening.  Today has shown much improvement, even though I still can't take a super deep breath.  I'm definitely going to hang out with the Chiro today to see if that offers any relief.  PS.  Cleaning the floors wasn't as difficult as I imagined it was going to be.  #icantbreathe

-Within 5 minutes of Cards Against Humanity sending out their email about a new expansion and a new box, I ordered some goodies.  #notsorry #biggerblackerbox #mineminemine

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  1. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping! Wait, that's not true. I have one person done... I really like the rug in the room with the desk. I'm totally with you on all the marshmallows. I always tell myself I'm going to create a cleaning schedule but then I don't because I know for one reason or another I'm not going to stick to it.


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