Friday, November 18, 2016

Five on Friday #94


Things I've accomplished this week:

  • Picture frames have been placed.
  • Photos for said frames have been selected.  Well, all but 2 photos, which I gave up on last night at 9:30 because I was over it.
  • Desk ordered (and will be assembled when it arrives), which pretty much completes the office.
  • Curtain for downstairs bathroom ordered (since Teh German didn't approve of the black out curtain that I always leave open).
  • Dog food ordered (ya know, because I needed free shipping for the curtain).
  • Fridge coozie project completed (which was way more difficult than I expected it to be).
  • Printed out the HOA form to "request" approval for our concrete slabs and realized they only have a request for fences.  Grand.
  • Deferred some work
  • Accomplished some work
  • Got more work
  • Updated my direct deposit so House gets extra dollas and I get less.  Boo/Yay.
  • Enrolled in my 2017 insurance benefits.  Twice after I doubted myself the first time.  Let's all say a prayer that I made the right choice between high deductible and copay.
  • Was reminded that the company Thanksgiving pot luck is actually this Friday (today), which was good since I thought it was next Friday.  This means I made my corn casserole on the correct day.
  • Went on 2 runs this week.  BOOM bitches.  PS. My knees hurt like a mofo and they keep popping and I'm on a steady diet of Advil.
  • Pulled out Phil and Meri's coats.  Phil was VERY pleased.
  • Went to the lady doctor for my yearly/a consult.
  • Decided to schedule my new IUD insertion for the beginning of next year so I can meet my deductible quickly and my chiro appts should be covered for the rest of the year.
  • Researched homeless shelters in Charleston to donate to and selected one as my backup plan if the Home, Home EMS services can't accept an amazon shipment for the firefighters working to contain the wildfires in NC/etc.
  • Researched marathons for Teh MD-AR that also have a half marathon so we could run "together" and I'd still be at the finish line for her.  Thanks to Alyssa for pointing out that fall runs = summer training.


Something(s) you may not know about me:
  • I have a semi-photographic memory. If I see a list, I can usually remember what it is on it.
    For instance, someone asked for a photo of the sign up list for our Thanksgiving potluck yesterday morning.  I was able to tell them everything that was on the list from just looking at it the day before (and being in the kitchen when someone else signed up for something).  /bow
  • I have this weird thing where I assess my food before I eat it.  I save the best pieces for last.  That said, if you ask me for a bite, I will reassess my food and give you a bite of medium quality.  You will NEVER get the middle bite of my burger or the rarest piece of steak... unless you steal it from my plate or you take it, which is a surefire way to set me off (as Teh WJL and Teh German learned last weekend).
  • I don't feel like I'm good enough at my job because I don't have enough technical knowledge to actually do my job without relying on my nerds.  I've even considered going back into the security world as of late for multiple reasons, one of which is because I wouldn't have to be on a contract for that job.
  • The idea of even voting for Goodreads' best books of 2016 made me want to vomit.  Mostly at the idea of voting.  It was helpful only a few books that I'd read made the list.  Only one of those books I actually voted for.
  • Instead of Christmas presents this year, I'm donating to a cause.  Sorry not sorry, friends and family.  I've not decided yet if it's going to be donations to aid in the wildfire situation or if it's going to be a local donation to a shelter, either way.  Ya'll ain't gettin' presents from me.  This may or may not apply to Teh German.  It depends on if I can figure out something for him or not.
  • I have a strong tendency to want to have heart-to-hearts when I get into bed after the lights are turned off.  Hear me out.  1- The other person (Teh German) can't escape.  He can't look at his phone, he can't love on the dogs, he can't do anything except hear me.  I guess he could fall asleep, but let's just be honest about what that would do... Initiate MEGAN RAGE.
  • There's a crazy story about the tattoo on my hand.  Nonetheless, I consider getting it removed regularly.


From the phone:

You may not be able to see it very well, but one of the networks near us is named "Accio Internet"
SOOOOO much joy.
I wonder if their password is "mischiefmanaged"

I had a migraine on Monday and went home after lunch, yay for flex hours!
Meri ensured that I was not without a caretaker..
and that she was not without a caretaker...

Halfway through the month and I finally got my shit together and swapped out the dog's collars from their Halloween collars.
Meri has something that could pass as maybe not seasonal, even though it's definitely reindeer.  She'll get her HO HO HO collar after Thanksgiving.
Phil supports Movember until it's time to put on his Christmas collars.

Post run dinner at the Ale House, which was probably 100% why Teh German agreed to go.

Winner, winner, chicken (wing) dinner!
That's actually true.  I had chicken wings.

I was obnoxiously excited to enter the Lowe's Winter Wonderland when we stopped in for some hanging hardware for our old windows.  I have a feeling that this will eventually be a place to get your photo taken with Santa.. or maybe this is the Santa and it's really just a selfie station.  Either way, I was amused.

If you can't read that it essentially says, "Fuck you." -Your Macbook Pro

"Heart-warming" tea is something that makes me afraid, very afraid.

This is a real brussel sprout.
I had to had photographic evidence of it's largeness (that's what she said).


From the internet:

Phil and Meri are my furbabies and I don't really care if you don't like the terminology.

To make your representatives listen to you, CALL THEM.

I can always claim language barrier if any of these things are said to me...

The fact that these wildfires in the Appalachians were from intentionally set fires makes me so angry and sad that people are the way they are.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Winning the rock-paper-scissors championship and getting a $25 gift certificate.  Seriously, I need to go play Power Ball, because my luck is never this good.
  2. Teh German initiating walks with the dogs after he gets off work.
  3. Completing projects for House.
  4. Motivation to do undesirable tasks... liiiikkkeee washing the dog's crate blankets.
  5. Teh German's approval on the random shirts I bought for him.
  6. Returning items.  #dollassaved
  7. New tea, even if it is caffeine-free (booo).
  8. Thanksgiving potluck at work today means less work and more partttayyy.  I should have been smart about it and brought in my flask since I know that I won't partake of the beer/wine.  #mycompanyrocks
  10. Hoodies with thumb holes.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. Look at you getting all the things done! #VirtualHighFive

    Or maybe their password is ISolemenlySwearImUpToNoGood ... cause stealing other people's internet is bad...

    I am so curious about this tea...where does one find it?? Did you try it??

    Thumb holes are the best! I've worked thumb holes into sweatshirts before just to have them.

  2. dang girl you've been getting all the things done. but ouch your knees! boo.
    look at you with your fancy photographic memory. i have the opposite haha. i forget all the things.
    i assess my food and eat the best thing last - unless i am at a restaurant and then i eat the best thing first or in the middle. i don't know why. and i straight up HATE sharing food. i will, if KC asks for a bite, but generally it just annoys me and i want all my food to myself. i am totally happy to eat other people's food though, so... i don't know. haha.

  3. Look at you getting things done like a boss! I have a photographic memory as well, that is why flashcards always worked really well for me in school. And I totally save my favorite bites of food for last. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Returning things always feels fabulous (as long as it is something you want to return - and you get your money back), and hoodies with thumb holes are DA BEST.

  5. Super busy week! I love how much you love your dogs. Seriously their pictures make my heart happy! I miss work potlucks, even though I still made food for my husband's!
    I just got Kyra a jacket that has the thumb holes and she LOVES them!

  6. You sound mad productive this past week, good for you. That's been my weekend and it feels so good to scratch a bunch of crap off my list.

    I love that you change up the kids' collars. I should do that and use that as an excuse to get some new collars for them. It's full blown winter today. Feels like minus 11 this morning!!! Yikes!

    Have a lovely week my dear :) :)


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