Friday, November 11, 2016

Five on Friday #93


I'm sure you're all chomping at the bit to know what the surprise was, so I'm just going to tell you now instead of being mean and putting it at the end of this post.  That'd be a real dick move, ya know.  I'd never do something like that.  Neeeeevvveerrrrrr...

Oh yeah, the surprise.

Teh German took me to see Disney on Ice.

I'm not sure if you remember a month ago when I said Teh German had invited me to a "surprise" event on the calendar, but my first guess had been Disney on Ice.  I asked Teh German about it when I saw an advertisement for it at the hockey game, he said no and asked me what it was.  He effectively threw me off, I figured there was no way he'd take me to something he didn't even know what it was.

Teh MD-AR and I did some detective work and figured out that Nov 10th is actually our Houseiversary.  Houseiversary to mean that was the day that we said yes to the lot and actually gave Dan Ryan a $2000 check for a deposit to build our house.  Maybe he had something sweet planned. 

Of course, like any stereotypical woman who has been in a relationship for longer than a year.. I had to talk myself down.  He wasn't going to propose.  We've talked about it, for his personal reasons, he's not going to propose.  Nothing regarding any of that stuff changed, so he won't propose.  But holy God, maybe he would propose.  Logic played no part in any of my thoughts related to this surprise.  NONE.  Despite how many times I told myself no, I always ended up at, "Maybe he's going to propose."

After handling a crisis regarding the payment for the patio/driveway extension and going to the chiro (sweet, sweet poppage went down), I met Teh German at his work.  We had agreed to go to Sesame before whatever the surprise was for dinner.  Dinner didn't take very long, what with us eating at senior citizen dinner time, and we were twiddling our thumbs by 5:30.  I made a comment about it being dark by the time we left, in case, ya know, he was aiming for something special at sunset....

We ended up leaving a few minutes later and as we were on our way to the coliseum, I again guessed Disney on Ice and he said he never said no.  I refreshed his memory regarding our conversation at the hockey game.  No comment.  A red light later, he said yes we were going to Disney on Ice.  I didn't feel victorious for guessing, ya know, how I normally am when I am right.  I just felt a hollowness in my stomach and I was glad I had only eaten half of my dinner.  In fact, I doubted it until the moment he paid for parking, maybe he was just messing with me.  I am extremely gullible.  We sat in the car for a bit waiting on my phone to charge some and I also figured the doors weren't going to open until 6, since they don't normally open until 1 hour before an event.

I couldn't even fake being excited.  God, I wanted to fake it.  I knew it would be forced so mostly, I was just quiet.  I had wanted to be wrong about Disney on Ice.  Yes, it's Disney, but it's for kids, even I can't deny that.  Also, despite all my talking myself down, it hadn't been successful.  I knew exactly what I wanted the surprise to be.  I knew for a month that a proposal is something he would have never put on the calendar, but I clung to that glimmer of hope in a desperate, desperate embarrassing way. 

He had told me to grab a coat before we left for work in case we were outside.  I won't lie, I wasn't dressed for anything on ice.  I dressed kinda cute, ya know, just in case.  Flats, jeggings, cute tunic top I got in Germany, a thin sweater, perfect for work and something after work that I didn't know what we were doing, inside, in a normally temperature regulated environment. 

Teh German had gotten us 2nd row seats ON the ice.  Guess who was freezing?  Me.  I normally go to ice hockey games in jeans, sneakers, socks, at least one layer of long sleeves, and a hoodie.  Additionally, there are more people at games (body heat) and we don't sit on the ice.  I will not lie and tell you that hour before show I wasn't miserable.  I tried to hold out on putting on my coat, but I couldn't.  Bundled in my peacoat (because I didn't know I'd be spending a long time in whatever jacket I chose) and sweater and flats, I was still freezing.  I tried not to whine, but I did and I'm embarrassed by it.

Teh German was doing something sweet for me, a surprise.  Why couldn't I just be excited?  It was my own fault for having unreasonable expectations of what would be going down.  I think I had multiple issues going on.  1- I had guessed this a month ago and had just not believed myself that I was right.  2- It wasn't a proposal.  3- Disney on Ice is a kids event.  4- I wasn't dressed to be anywhere near ice.  5- It wasn't a proposal.  It's not like anything Disney isn't a guarantee with me, so really, the hardest part was not confirming what the activity was to ensure the surprise was really a surprise. 

We endured the merchandise hawkers for 30 minutes before the show finally started.  Holy moly, they were annoying.  I like to believe that Disney isn't a commercial money making machine, but when vendors are yelling in your face to buy their overpriced snow cones, "homemade" lemonade, coloring books, and flashing lights, the magic isn't there. 

Once the show got started, it was actually quite impressive.  I've never seen figure skating in person and it seemed extra difficult.  Add costumes to the mix and I was spellbound.  Was it cheesy?  Yes.  Were we the only ones without children in the entire coliseum?  99% certain.  Was it fun?  Yes, once I was distracted from my freezing feet and how uncomfortable it was to sit in my peacoat was for 3 hours.  Really, it was like a Disney sing along live, with figure skaters as actors.

I am disappointed to report that I couldn't see Aladdin almost drop Jasmin on her face.  I think she landed on her side instead, better than the face, but still, a fail that had the crowd gasping.  When Elsa came out, you'd think that some famous tween popstar had come on stage.  Holy moly.  They went crazy for Anna too.  I, on the other hand, saw a character with a rose and knew that Belle would be coming out and almost lost my mind.  We had to wait a ridiculous amount of time for Ariel to come out and Ursula's mask was the stuff that makes nightmares. 

I was that obnoxious person taking photos.  Fortunately, I wasn't really blocking anyone's view.  There are a lot more photos than what I'm putting here, but 2 problems.  1- The wifi situation at the new location Company moved to is absolute garbage and it's not letting me upload to Dropbox or Google Photos, so data is a concern.  2- I'm not really sure how many pictures you'd really want to see of ice skaters dressed up as Disney characters.

Overall, I had a good time, once I got past the freezing part of the evening and the disappointment of no proposal (although, that hope tried to well up when we sat down, "maybe after, on the ice?" but I finally squashed it).  Teh German did offer me his socks and his coat for my feet, but I turned down both because the socks things was a little too gross for me to overcome, no matter how much I love him, and I didn't want him to get cold either. 

I did inform Teh German that the next time he has a surprise, he needs to make up for my ignorance deficiencies.  He knows very well what I wear to hockey games, so really, he should have either told me to bring a warm change of clothes or grabbed stuff for me to put on (socks, a hoodie).  After my appearance when I showed up at the airport on Monday evening, he knows I'm not afraid to look ridiculous for the sake of warmth.


Teh German and I attended the Yelp Ballot Bash downtown on election night.  Back when I was basking in the blissful ignorance of my like-minded cloud.

Blissfully ignorant.

Free drink and paint!

I'm an artist!

I got way too much joy from that to be sober.

Teh German actually tried to steer me away from the photobooth, which was strange since he knows how much joy photobooths bring me.  That big hand actually had a cup holder and I could drink from it.  It was pretty badass.


From the phone:

What it looks like when I'm cold and give zero fucks.

First time using the seat heater for winter 2017.

Fuck time change.  Seriously.  These beeches were begging me for dinner at 3pm.
NO.  So much no. 
On principle, they've been getting fed around 6pm so that way they reset to a "normal" schedule.

I hadn't chucked the baby caterpillars in a while and it looks like they are back to raping my passion fruit vine with a vengeance.  Look how big that sucker is!

My luck yesterday on my way to the bank...
Traffic on the interstate was stopped for a funeral procession.
While I respect the dead, maybe a funeral procession on roads that aren't the interstate are a better idea?


Edits from last weekend in MD:

DC from the air.

That long area is the "Mall" where the national monuments and (some) Smithsonian museums are.
Essentially, if you look close enough you can see the Washington Memorial (the toothpick one).


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Surprises from Teh German and no one ruining it and giving me hints or telling me.
  2. Teh German telling me what a fun bike Bagheera is after he rode it to work on Wednesday to bring in for the final equipment to be added.
  3. Making chicken and dumplings for dinner this week.
  4. Friends who tell you not to get your hopes up.
  5. Flowers on the counter when I got home from DC.
  6. Extra snuggly Phil and Meri.  Due to the cold, due to my travels, don't care.
  7. Direction on work projects.
  8. The concrete project being complete, for so, so, so many reasons.
  9. Visiting Teh Chiro and getting all the pops and being able to breathe easier and walk better.
  10. Teh WJL is on her way to see me as of the time I hit publish on this post.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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  1. Hi! I'm a first-time visitor (from Krysten's blog). Your German sounds very sweet and what a nice surprise!
    Beautiful fall foliage pics ;)

  2. Yay for Disney on ice!! I seriously need to Yelp more... looks like a ton of fun. I am in love with your tree & fence photos.

  3. I love Disney On Ice!!! I have been the last three years it has been here, all different shows of course. But I could understand being a little let down if you were expecting something bigger out of it. All of your DC pictures are so pretty and festively fall!

  4. Your German sounds sweet, but I would have died being that cold! Guys don't always notice things like that though... and chicken and dumplings sounds AMAZING!

  5. Although it wasn't exactly the surprise you expected, it was nice that he took you to Disney on Ice. My 22 yoa daughter recently went to a couple Disney on Ice shows, and she went by herself. I really like those heart flag paintings.

    1. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Disney on Ice. But for the record: Elsa is no Pocahontas.

      Those paintings are actually the outline of South Carolina. I didn't even notice the heart shape until you pointed it out and now I like them even more! :)

  6. Even though you were expecting something else, you gotta admit it was thoughtful of your man, since he knows how much you love Disney shit. :) But it sucks bo proposal too. It'll come my dear.

    I dunno if it's the cold,the time change or nothing, but our boys are snugglier more than usual as of lately, too, and I'm loving it!
    Have a wonderful week girl! :)


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