Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Weekend Review {3/2}


Friday was work, then school, then home to hang with Granny and avoid all things political people related.  We had debated going out to dinner and I was tired of trying to decide, so I threw a porkloin in the crockpot in the AM and when Teh German came home, threw together a salad and mac and cheese and that was that.

It was a quiet evening and I can't remember what we did.  Maybe watch hockey?  I can't remember.  Time passed, we went to bed, thank you, next.


I woke up at 7 with the dogs because I had shit to do.  I started working on my homework and slowly, others woke up.  Knowing that I wouldn't be able to attend the Burpees and Brews workout class all of March because of run commitments, I made it a point to attend on Saturday.  I got my ASS kicked and then handed back to me, then kicked again.  Moving on Saturday was fine, but Sunday... lawwwwddd, Leslie Knope gets it, "Everything hurts and I'm dying."

On my way home from the workout, I hit up my polling place and cast my vote.  It's it's not a general election, it took me longer to walk into the building to vote than to get checked in and cast my vote.  For real, from parking to leaving the parking lot was less than 5 minutes.  #WIN.

After getting home and eating lunch (because I was a hangry hag), I showered and then we headed out to the new Firefly Distillery location in Park Circle with Teh Neighbor Besties.  Granny even tagged along (I didn't give her a choice) even though she doesn't partake.

Because Firefly doesn't have food, you are limited on the number of beverages you can have there (2).  So when all our drinks were consumed, we headed across the street to Holy City Brewing since they have "a full bar" now.  They don't.  They really need to fix that.  Since it was cold and dusty, we had an appetizer and a few beers were consumed, then we headed to Commonhouse.

I had a beer and ordered some tater tots that I was afraid would never arrive.  They did after Husband went to order another beer and ask where they were.  It got cold-er, and we finally headed home.  Teh German went over to Teh PT House for smoking time and Granny and I held down the couches until Teh German came home.

We had some snuggle time and then it was bedtime after some screen time.


Sunday was adulting day.  Teh German got up with the beasts and I slept in.  Eventually, I got up and showered and headed downstairs for chats with Mama G and Papa G.  We were out the door by 1030 to go to brunch at Metro Diner then to Sam's/Walmart for groceries.

I finally found the Funfetti creamer Teh Advising Sister... advised me of.. after a month of searching.
It's not the worst I've had, but it's definitely not my peppermint mocha creamer.

After getting groceries put away, Teh German went out for a ride and I pulled the meat from a rotisserie chicken for dinner later.  I had wanted to accomplish some homework, but my body was so excruciatingly sore from the Saturday workout that I laid on the couch instead.  I tried to nap, but every time I was almost asleep, Granny's phone would make some sort of loud ass noise or she'd say something that would rouse me.  Siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

Teh German texted to ask what time he should be home and I told him 7.  I started working on dinner shortly before 6 and when he got home at 6:15, I wasn't disappointed.  We ate dinner and then I headed to the office for some homework and sorting out my life time.  I also printed out directions for Granny to get back home and then from her house to Charleston, if she wants to come back.

Eventually, it was sleepy time, bedtime chores were accomplished and then bedtime.


Overall a great weekend.  It was also a good visit with Granny and I think she was ready to leave since I make her participate in activities, which is more work than just sitting on the couch all the time watching Fox News and Dr. Phil (Jesus take the wheel).

I love hate the Saturday workouts.  Being soooo sore is miserable, but I feel so accomplished after I do the workout.  I really need to do some running, but grappling myself to get out of the bed has been impossible.  And as someone with a full race schedule.. doing some runs between the races probably wouldn't be a bad idea... Just sayin'.

Midterms are coming, so I'm trying not stress about school things, but there's so much going on in March that my anxiety is creeping up... in addition to some professor issues (PITA professor broke his hip and wrist and got a concussion over the weekend and a professor on sabbatical has been subbing in for him, other professors going on travel, + midterms still happening = anxiety).

It's finally March.. and we're marching through 2020 and I'm not sad about it.

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