Monday, March 30, 2020

Weekend Review {3/30}

I'm gonna be honest, all the days spent in front of my computer are blurring into each other.  To the point that Saturday, after spending my day in front of the computer doing homework things, when I went to bed, I thought I had forgotten to log my time for work that day and I had to remind myself it was Saturday, not a work day... because I had actually done a few work things on Saturday...  Work times blur into not work times and it's just such a surreal world I'm living in now.


Work things. School things. Dog pics. 

During the day my German Runner friend messaged me and asked if I was interested in doing a virtual COVID-19 run for a medal with he and his running partner.  Of course I said, OF COURSE!  So, he ordered it for me and when mail it to me when it comes.  #RunningGang goes international!

In addition, I enabled my domestic #RunningGang to agree to do a virtual run all "together" to earn a virtual run medal.  I'm not sorry for the way I am, mmkkay?

Eventually, Teh German came home and we agreed to go pick up Sesame for dinner and take it to my office to eat since they are down the street.  Sadly, Sesame has completely closed, which was the true motivation for going there for dinner.  After dinner, we did a long loop back home to get in some riding time since it was nice out.  All.the.bugs.  I should have held a funeral service for the bugs that went SPLAT on my visor... but I didn't.  Instead, I sprayed it with windex and cleaned that bad boy off for next time.

Then, I went upstairs and took a bath and Teh German had some screen time. 

Eventually, it was bedtime.


Saturday was homework day.  I spent over 6 hours in front of the computer doing computer science/databases stuff and I didn't hate it.  I'm actually pretty sure I finished my final project soooo that was also not a disappointment.  I wanted to get some German hw done, but there was just so much of it that I couldn't even force myself to start it (after speaking with a classmate, she was in the same boat). 

In the evening, we did some social distance socializing with Teh PT Husband/Wife.  We were going to order dinner at Wild Wing Cafe, but the online system wasn't working and they didn't answer the phone.. so then I repeated the same process at Texas Roadhouse and finally Teh PT Wife was like, fuck this, I'm driving to Zaxby's and I tagged along.  When we got there, we were able to pull in off the street and stop, because the drive thru line was that long.  See photo for evidence.

We put in an online order sitting in the drive thru line and picked it up at the window.  That was nice.

After dinner, it was back porch time for a while until we all got tired, then it was bedtime.


Sunday at 0800, the Runner Gang had agreed to run our virtual run.  Teh PT Wife and I ran together and she endured almost 7 miles because I was tracking a new course for myself.

After the run, I took the dogs on a 1 mile loop.  When I got home, Teh German was Skyping with his mom, but I headed upstairs for a shower.  After he finished up his call, I made breakfast and then we set about doing our tasks.  Me: laundry, etc crap, then to the computer for homework.  IDK what Teh German did.

Teh German ended up going out on a ride while I attempted to do German homework, but instead spent 2 hours texting with various people and then forced myself to do German homework because there was just so much of it I had to accomplish something

Teh German came home and we had dinner and then after being unsuccessful at getting my German video to play on his phone (for casting to the TV so we could suffer through it together), it was decided that I needed a break from all the work and school things and we could watch something together that wasn't related to any of my problems.

So we started watching Tiger King and we're 2 or 3 episodes in and I don't get the hype. 

Eventually, it was bedtime.


This week is more school and work.  This is the worst Corona-cation EVER.  These weirdos have went about their normal operations (ignoring me) now that they realize I'm here all the time.

I'm over all school things.  To the point that I'm curious if I do no more homework for the entire semester and just do tests/quizzes/finals, how badly will it tank my grades and will I still graduate with some type of honors? 

If I allotted myself one day for each final I have to take (3 days, which is extremely generous since I could probably knock them all out in a day), then I could be done with school by May 30th.  The only kink in that plan is that PITA Professor is very inflexible and I imagine him doing some shit like "holding" our exam on the day it was scheduled for (May 4th), even though no one is on a fucking time table and needs classrooms anymore.  Siiiiigh.

Maybe I'm impatient because my routine is so off and the month of March has lasted approximately 4958928402 days.  Either way, I'm ready for the out like a lion, in like a lamb.

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  1. I'm so glad that March is finally over! Even though April is looking to be just as long if not longer. I NEED A ROUTINE AGAIN!


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