Friday, August 30, 2019

Five on Friday #209

EINS - Random Shit

Shit that makes me irrationally angry:
-When my wet foot gets caught in my underwear when I'm trying to put them on.
-When I get cash and it's in every possible fucking different direction rather than being organized.  What animal does that?
-When someone says, "Let's split the cost." Then that someone lets the cashier charge your card more.
-Why my radio volume is the same as my media volume in the car.  #FirstWorldProblems

Shit that makes me rationally angry:
-The motherfuckers who stood in the doorway of the conference room having a full blown conversation and then acted like I was interrupting THEM when I had to leave the room to go to the bathroom.  It's an INGRESS/EGRESS AREA ASSHOLES, not a fucking standing zone.


LAST* first day of school = check.
* because if I could make the same amount of money I'm currently making and ONLY do school, I'd do that.


You remember that one time when I said that 4 of 5 of my classes are in the same classroom?

Scratch that.  5/5 of my classes are in the same classroom.  The windowless room that I've just started calling "Megan's Dungeon."  If I hear another Cadet complain about how most of their classes are in that classroom, I may actually slap them.  Particularly if it's the same one that keeps bitching about it.

Fun fact, there are so many students in one of my classes, we don't have enough chairs and the teacher is the department head and rather than suggest changing classrooms, he said, "Well, you better get here early then..."  Uhhhh wut?  I'm wondering if he thinks someone is going to drop the class, but I doubt it since it's senior seminar and it's a required class for graduation that is only offered... you guessed it... once per year.

The 0800 class isn't listed, for whatever reason.


There were 2 highlights to my first day of school.

#1: My Precious and I were finally reunited.

After 2 months of strife and some tears and some laughter so there were no tears and 4 send backsies... My laptop has finally returned to me, WITH STICKERS, fully repaired.  I mean, of course, there was some strife, because I tracked my laptop and it actually arrived to Best Buy on Tuesday at 12:50, but I didn't get an email that I had an appointment to come pick it up until Wednesday morning.. and they set the appointment for August 31st.


I rescheduled the appointment to 7pm on Wednesday since it was available and actually just went by on my way home to pick it up, if I could.  I could.  All of my Geek Squad had dealt with me at some point through this disaster, so both the techs that were there were moderately invested in the situation.  They both gave the computer the once over, I checked to make sure the screen was still good and the parts were all back in their proper places, I signed some forms, and then My Precious and I headed home.

#2: My professor explaining the difference between SaaS and sass.

Prof: SaaS is not what we expect from Megan, SaaS is software as a service.
Class cackles.
Prof: I hope that's ok, Megan.
Me: Oh, it totally is.  I laughed on the outside and the inside.

There are perks to being in such a small department.  My NC State professors never knew me this well.  I was also 1 of almost 200 graduates in December.  I don't know how many graduates the Communication department had in the spring.  I'll be impressed if there are more than 30 computer science graduates at my spring graduation.  There are a few December computer science graduates, so that eliminates a few as well.


Soooo, a millionty years later, I finally made a VA doctor's appointment.  Because I was diagnosed with GERD while I was in the Navy, I'm hoping that maybe the VA will cover my Nexium prescription that the ENT prescribed to me, since my health insurance won't...

The steroid hasn't helped my throat issue (where it feels like there's something stuck in my throat) and the ENT suggested doubling my OTC dose of Nexium (which would make the mg equal to the prescription my health insurance won't cover), but I didn't like that idea since my monthly cost would double the $50 a month I already spend.  After some painful indigestion/GERD issues on Wednesday, I started doubling my Nexium on Thursday morning.  I'm not sure if it will help or not.. butttt I have nothing to lose besides $$ at this point.

I'm also considering starting some therapy stuff through the VA, if I can make it fit into my schedule.  Additionally, I said I would make an appointment for more anxiety meds, soooo this would check that box.  Also, I will eventually need more Lexapro, even if I'm only taking a quarter of the pill per day..

Annndddd finally, in health woes, the filling the dentist put on my broke tooth is almost completely chipped/eaten away.  Looks like I'm in for a crown and I need to stop by and have them check it out to validate my thoughts on the matter.  Ugh.



After my red sunglasses got fucked up on the dive trip, I messaged Goodr and they are going to send me some replacement lenses.  Wewt for my red glasses not being toast.


Since we haven't had any sagas lately.. Pax wanted to make sure that we did.

Last night, Pax ripped the webbing between 2 of his toes chasing Meri down the stairs.  Teh German actually was the one to notice the blood on the runner and I charged him with getting both dogs outside to staunch the bleeding inside.  I set about cleaning up the blood on the runner, Teh German fed the dogs and discovered that it was Pax who was bleeding.  I assessed the paw and had a feeling it was an emergency visit.  I facetimed with Teh Running Bestie who sent a screenshot to the GEGR group and asked for opinions.  It was a draw between clean it and wrap it and go to the vet, and I ended up taking Pax to the vet.

Solo car rides with Mom to the vet.

I'm glad I did, since once the vet put Pax under anesthesia, he noticed that the tear was a lot worse than we'd originally thought.  He used a few sutures to repair the laceration and after waiting on Pax to wake back up, the techs carried Pax to the car since he wasn't really walking well.  We stopped by Wendy's, per Teh German's request, on the way home for dinner, which didn't hurt Pax's feelings since I always order the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger 4 for $4, and I never eat my nuggets, so Pax got 3 and I saved one for Meri.

Mahm, I hear people out dere.

Injury site.


Mahm, why are there so many of you?

Awww yasss, nuggggggs!

After getting home and getting Pax settled, we ate and then I proceeded to do the rest of the things I had to accomplish in the evening, laundry, etc.  I didn't get to do any of my work-work or homework as I had planned.  In fact, I should be doing both of those things instead of writing this, but I need some me time, so here we are.

At bedtime, Teh Running Bestie suggested that we get out Pax's crate for the next day and I took this advice and at 9:30 we were pulling vehicles out of the garage to get to the storage closet where the crates have been put away... waiting for this opportunity to be released from their prison.

Thankfully, Pax had no issues going into the crate this morning and no issues sleeping with his muzzle on last night.  There was one point when I thought he popped some stitches, but he was just bleeding from the initial injury still.

Teh German handled feeding and medications and leash business (pee/poop) this morning while I was getting ready.  Before I left, I handled changing the bandage and getting everyone settled.  I worked out with my boss to come home after class, rather than going into the office so I could check on the children and make sure they were fine.  I also gated off the upstairs so Meri had to stay downstairs with Pax, so I didn't know how 1- Pax would do in the crate since it was never his favorite, and 2- how Meri would deal with not being able to get to her prime lookout spot.

The biggest reason for dealing with the stress of the crate is because cleaning up the carpets is making my back hurt in ways that I cannot accurately describe and it generally annoys me because it's never just one spot.  I'm glad that Pax was crate though because he ended up pooping in his crate, AND THANKFULLY, rolling the blanket over on the HUGE MOTHERFUCKING PILE, and didn't even up getting it all.freakin.over himself.  Just mostly on his tail.  He did remove his bandage-sock, but because of the way it was wrapped with vet wrap, the vet wrap came down over the wound and it protected the wound area from any poop he might have stepped in.

I have Pax on a sedative to keep him calm for, at least, the next few days, so the stitches can do their thing.  I also know that Pax is crazy and some puny laceration won't keep him down and stop him from bitey-face with Meri, so it's for the best.

That said, depending on how much more blood and shit I have to clean up, I'm going to be asking the vet for some Valium for myself soon. 

The patient resting.

Anyways, because of all that strife, today has been a mess.  I didn't prepare for any of my classes, I was barely paying attention because I'm not focused since I'm worried about the children.  It will be fine, it always is... Sometimes, it's just harder getting there.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-New "professional" sunglasses (black frames instead of crazy red)
-Dive adventure snacks
-Dive trip cost (for boat ride and dive masters) + tip
-Puma shoes (most of which will get returned since I wasn't sure of my size)
-Baskets for organizing
-Travel lotion
-Bojangles breakfast x1
-Offsite meeting lunch
-Bojangles lunch because dinner woes
-Massage (pre-paid, woot)
-Plastic/rubbery Birks x2 (I ordered 2 pairs, but then I had to return those wrong sizes and get correct sizes, so 2 pairs and 2 orders, ugh)
-Car wash subscription
-Water bill
-Emergency vet bill - thanks Pax.

My spending has been a lot more in check since school started.  And it's only been 3 days.  Hallelujah.  I wrote this on ThursDAY and jinxed myself since I went to the vet on Thursday evening with Pax.  I have no one to blame but myself...  Siiigh

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Anemone update.
It's looking rather happy in it's new under-rock location.
Also wrote this earlier in the week.
Friday morning, the anemone had released and was sitting on the rock.
Friday afternoon, the anemone was behind the rock.

Teh Running Bestie suggested I burn it all after I sent her this pic asking for her "Spidey Knife".

100% my new Jira avatar.
I'm considering making this my new avatar image for all the things, because Hot Dog Face (aka the Wobby Wiener on Snapchat) is fucking hilarious.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

**Some of these could be repeats because I had to merge my internet entertainment folders and I didn't delete the images used from my laptop before I brought it to Best Buy, so I can't recall what I have and haven't used..  So if you're seeing these again, you're welcome.

Do not think less of yourself if you can't be fearless...
Doing it afraid is just as brave.
-Morgan Harper Nichols

And when you look to the ocean,
I hope it reminds you:
you are connected to something more.

She is making the brave choice to live beyond the boundaries of who her inner critic has told her to be.

and I will keep going.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Morgan Harper Nichols quotes the night before school started.  Gotta get my mind in the right place and not let the anxiety spiral take control.
  2. Being on time for class, all 3 days.
  3. Teh German thanking me for taking care of the family on Thursday night.
  4. Not needing to get a divorce after unloading the generator that Teh German finally purchased from the back of the truck with just Teh German and I.
  5. Being able to come home and be with the dogs, even if they were just napping, on Friday after class.
  6. Taking care of errands and or making the decision to delegate shit... I do NOT have to do it all.  I need to stop forgetting this.  I need to STOP trying to make everyone else's life convenient at the sake of my own inconvenience and stress.
  7. Upper level classes where the professors are human and personable.
  8. Shipments finally arriving.  For real, why do we even use FedEx anymore and why are they so fucking slow?
  9. Tattoo appointment tomorrow.  One piece closer to completion.
  10. My people.  

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Weekend Review {08/26}


The older I get, the more I notice how sensitive I am to other people's feelings.  Not sure if I'd called myself an Empath or a Highly Sensitive Person, but maybe kinda?  IDK.  There was a lot of frustration and irritation running rampant through the office on Friday and I picked up on it and I felt MYSELF being irritated for NO REASON.  Kind of annoying, honestly.  One coworker was so angry/frustrated that she announced she'd be cleaning up the game room and it meant that I could FINALLY move the table that has been sitting in the fire exit that makes it difficult for me to turn off the alarm in the morning, so I volunteered to help.  We turned on some jams and got shit done. 

When we were taking a cleaning break to accomplish some work things, I noticed that the dive shop had posted on FB that they had some openings for a chartered dive trip on Saturday and I asked Teh German if he was interested.  He was.  I ended up having to be the one to call and put us on the list, and the ONLY information I got was that we should be at the dive shop by 0700 on Saturday, and then the shop had a call, so I didn't get more info that that.  Kinda frustrating, but I knew it would be fine.

When I left work, I still felt the irritation of my coworkers.  I didn't end up leaving work until almost 5 because I was kinda avoiding going home because Teh German and I were having a "not fight" over things we were both not wanting to discuss, because he's an ostrich who sticks his head in the sand when shit happens instead of facing it, and sometimes I encourage that behavior by also not acknowledging issues right away... Just call us the ostrich family. 

Because it was so late when I left work, I didn't go to the gym.  I could have, but my irritation wasn't motivation to beat myself into submission on an elliptical, so I went home.  Found this strange urchin/snail situation when I got home.  I was actually alarmed because we couldn't figure out who was eating who in this situation.  Teh German said there was a dead snail in the tank and hopefully that's what it was and the urchin was eating it.  Nature being cruel, as it is wont to do.

In more stress, the anemone had moved in the middle of the night, but when we got home, it had put itself under a rock and Teh German was HIGHLY stressed about the fact that if it stayed there, it would die because it wouldn't get any light.  In the photo below you can see a bubble of a sort between the rock and the sand, that's the anemone foot.  Eventually, it poked it's tenticles out from that spot and put it's foot down under the rock.

After Teh German showered, we agreed to head to Sesame for dinner.  We went to the Citadel Mall location since we wanted to sit outside.  Because Sesame does happy hour from 4-7 Monday-Friday, we got there during happy hour time and I enjoyed TWO adult beverages, like the lush I am.  This is what happens when it's too late to order sweet tea.

After dinner, we stopped by a shoe store in the mall for new flippy floppies for Teh German and then to Target to pick up bread for dive sammiches and puzzles because why not.  I almost went by Dick's and picked up a pair of new school shoes for myself, but I was tired by that point and I had placed a Puma shoe order since their shoes were 50% off earlier, so I'm going to wait and see what I keep before dropping the dollas on the Brooks shoes.

Turkey burger, pimento cheese, mushrooms.
It was more delicious than it sounds.  I, too, was skeptical.

When we got home, Teh German fetched the dive gear out of the storage closet and I went through it to make sure everything was there.  Teh German loaded it up in the truck and I prepped food stuffs for the next day.  Then, we opted for an earlier bedtime since we had to get up at work-day time.


Alarms went off at M-F time, which wasn't overly pleasant to be completely honest.  Teh German wanted to get up at regular time so he could enjoy his coffee and take care of his Teh German Time before we left the house.  We made it to the dive shop by 0710, which wasn't a problem since we knew that they'd have to load all the stuff and we had some buffer time.

By 0840, we were on the boat and headed out of the Charleston harbor.

Ravenel Selfie!

Bye CHS!

Because of some intense diesel fumes and moderately rough seas while in a small craft, I got sea sick.  I didn't puke, but I wished I could.  I tried sitting in different places on the boat to avoid the fumes, to no avail... andddd it took over 2 hours to get to the dive site, a sunken barge with some submarine things that have become a haven for fishies and coral.  It was actually super cool.

We did 2 dives in total.  On the first dive, I found several shells and an urchin shell!  I was super pumped about the urchin shell because they are super fragile.  I handed it to a dive master with my fins while I was getting back on the boat and then he crushed it when he came to get back on the boat and I didn't cry, but I really wanted to.  I tried to hide my disappointment, like why wouldn't you just hand the shit off before you try to climb the fucking ladder, but it didn't matter because the shell was crushed.  He did apologize and he obviously felt bad.

Between dives, I tried not to be sick from the rocking.  I almost got sick, and then it didn't happen and I was super disappointed.  When we went down for our 2nd dive, I searched everywhere for another urchin shell, but the one that had been crushed was obviously the only one that existed at that wreck.  The dive master admitted that he also looked for a replacement urchin.  He did find a different shell that he gave me, so, he gets a gold star for trying.

When we got out after our 2nd dive, we started breaking down our gear while dive masters were pulling up the anchors.  As soon as the boat was turned on and the diesel fumes resumed, it finally happened, I finally puked.  But it was like a puke and rally, because I felt infinitely better after I puked.  I felt bad because there were people eating as I'm squatting on the dive deck regurgitating stomach acid, but I had no where else to go.  They, fortunately, all understood.

That wonky horizon.. Ugh.

Once we finally started heading back to dry land, the seas were calmer than when we went out and the forward motion really helped disperse the fumes.  I was one of three females on the trip and we'd all been feeling, at least, some mild sea sickness on the way, and another diver mentioned how well we'd all recovered on the way back because we were all smiling and laughing and eating on the return trip.  I was relieved not to be sick on the way back.  The feeling kinda returned when we slowed down to get into the marina and the fumes got bad again, but I managed.

It's hard to see, but a film was fucked up on my glasses and it made seeing very difficult,
especially with the added salt water.

We made it back right in time.  We'd went through a few sprinkles on the way into the harbor, but when we turned around and noticed a huge rain cloud over the place we had just been, we were grateful for perfect timing.

Adventures with Husband are the best.
Even if my new name is Red Skull (because sunburn)

I did manage to get a pretty wicked sunburn on one side of my face because sea sickness removed any self-preservation thoughts I could have had regarding protecting my skin from the sun.  And, when we'd left, it was pretty cloudy so it wasn't even sunshiny.  #LessonLearned.

I've suffered worse burns and this is mostly just on the one side of my neck/ear, so it's nothing worse than I've dealt with before.  Any burn where your bra straps touches is infinitely worse, trust me.

While other helped loaded up the truck, one of the other female divers and I sat in the truck and enjoyed the AC, since when we returned to dry land, it was hot and humid AF.  Honestly, being so sick took everything out of me.  I also realized that we were going to miss doggy dinner time and Mom Guilt had me frantically texting Teh PT Wife and Roux's Humom.  Roux's Humom went over to release the beasts and feed them dinner for us, because she's, seriously, so fucking awesome (have I mentioned lately how lucky we are to have such good neighbors?). 

We finally left the marina after 6 and made it back to the dive shop by 6:30.  Teh German had to rinse out his rental gear and since it was already set up, I went ahead and rinsed my gear as well.  We finally made it home around 7:30. 

So here's a small world story for you.  While I was rinsing out my gear, a dive shop employee was looking for one of the rental regulators that happened to be in our dive bag.  I caused some confusion with my answers and she ended up seeing my Aqualung BCD and regulator in the dive bag and she said, "That's exactly what I would have sold you!"  I said, "Well, I got that in GTMO."  She was like, "Are you serious right now?!?"  Me, "Yes." 

And then it hit me, SHE SOLD ME MY GEAR.  I thought her face looked familiar, but I just associated her with the dive shop.. I had associated her with the WRONG dive shop.  She ran the dive shop in GTMO for YEARS.  I'm not sure what brought her to Charleston, but I made sure to send our selfie to my former GTMO dive partner.

Noticed this sexxxyy Teh Dad Tan on the way home.
Teh Dad is notorious for wearing shorts and getting his thighs burned.

Teh German and I hung up our gear to dry in the garage so Teh German could still get his truck in and then we headed over to Teh PT House for some minimal socializing since, originally, we had committed to being there for the afternoon for a gathering.. but then the dive opportunity came up.

We stayed for a short while, but we were both wiped, and probably weren't really good company.  Teh German didn't even enjoy smoking time and only had ONE beer.  I stayed in the AC and chatted with Teh NY Chef after everyone else went outside.  Eventually, we headed home and showered and it was bedtime.


Sunday morning, I woke up at 0400 because my toe was itching because something bit it and then I had to pee, so I got up to pee.  Meri got up, trying to get her breakfast early, and I was like, "Definitely not," which roused Teh German who was super confused.  I ended up having to tell him to go back to sleep.  It took me almost an hour to get back to sleep.  I didn't actually hear the dogs rouse for breakfast, but I guess Teh German did so he got up with them and went downstairs and didn't come back up.  Oh well.

I slept a short while longer, then couldn't sleep anymore, so I scrolled for a little while, then finally got up.  I went ahead and got dressed and took the beasts on a walk and it was absolutely perfect outside.  A nice breeze, a "cool" 68°F, PERFECT for shorts and a t-shirt.

When I got back from the walk, we opened the windows, ate leftovers for breakfast, and I made the week's dinner menu.  Then, I started the laundry and I changed into pants so I could go to Lidl and pick up the groceries we needed for the week since it's always the temperature of the arctic in that place.  I also made a stop by Dollar Tree for some new baskets to organize the closets.  I love baskets for organizing!

After I got home from my errands, Teh German helped me put away the groceries and I set about my basket business.  I cleaned up the dog closet, which was the original motivation for buying baskets, then headed upstairs to reorganize our bathroom cabinets.

I finished up the laundry after finishing up the cabinets.  There are few greater feelings than an aired out house after organizing the shit out of some cabinets and accomplishing all the laundry/chores.  So much bliss.  When I finished, I headed downstairs for a snack, and Teh German and I continued our Marvel trek.

A blue tailed lizard on the succulents box.
It's good Meri didn't see it.
She's a lizard chaser.

My middle toe is the bit toe.  This photo doesn't do the red, itchiness justice.
I'm assuming it was a spider bite.

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching movies and snuggling with my Monkey-Doodle.

We had leftover for dinner and then watched another Marvel movie before turning off the TV.  Teh Dad called right before I went upstairs, so we chatted for a bit, and then it was finally pre-bed-chores time and bedtime.


Sunday night felt like Saturday night, which was mildly disappointing, but dive adventures were worth it, despite the sea sickness, sunburn, and price.  It was my last weekend before school, so it was spent well, IMO.

This week includes:
-All day, off-site meeting on Tuesday, thoughts and prayers requested.
-School starts Wednesday, thoughts and prayers requested, lol.
-Saturday is my next tattoo appointment, more thoughts and prayers requested, lol again.

Also, please send out a cool weather dance for us.  It was so delightful on Sunday and I need more of that in my life.  I posted on FB about how I'd like a hurricane to come so the temps would cool (and a hurrication never hurts my soul) and some people got really upset over it.  Twin Mom suggested maybe a few tropical storms and I agreed with that.  I don't want people's shit to get ruined, I just want temps in the 70s again.

Happy end of August, Gentle Readers!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Five on Friday #208

EINS - Random Shit

Nothing makes me more competitive than putting me on a team.  There was a screenshot, but now it's missing.. Last week on Duolingo I leveled up to the Sapphire Level or Club or whatever stupid term they've given it.  You're on a team where you have to get a certain number of experience points for the week to progress to the next level.  Well, I earned almost 300 exp last week so, 1- I could be #1 ranked in the group, and 2- our group would reach the goal.

What did I get for my efforts besides German practice?  Useless "lingots" which are used to buy stuff from the "store".  But here's the thing, before I even made the group I had over 2800 lingots.  There are a limited number of items in the store you can purchase so I've already purchased everything that can be purchased.  What a waste.

Also stupid, the levels on Duolingo go like this:
Bronze, silver, gold, sapphire, ruby.

Also, if you use Duolingo to "learn" a language that you already speak (ex: someone who speaks Mexico Spanish learning Spain Spanish), you're cheating, IMO.

Also, Duolingo started offering a "double your experience points for the next 30 minutes" thing and I've been taking advantage of that and it brought me from #19 to #4 in the group.  Soooo, there's that.  AND NOW that I'm so close to being #1, do I just go for it?  These are tough decisions people.


The difference between "Megan is being dramatic" and "Megan is actually injured":  If/when I tell you about something that happened or not.  If I don't tell you right away, then I am legitimately injured.  If I start complaining about something as soon as it happens, I'm being dramatic.

How did I come upon this assessment?

Monday, when I was leaving work, I tripped over a cable that is stretched across a walkway near the never-opened restaurant by my office.  I tripped and fell, to be explicit.  I was wearing jeans, even thought I had feared it would be too hot and since it was only lunchtime, I had my work computer in my backpack.  The backpack fell first and I kinda landed on my backpack, my hands, and my knees.  It was such a serious fall that a hole was ripped in my jeans.  And I know people pay for that look, but I'm not that people.

Hard to see, but the cable is definitely there just being a trip hazard...

I immediately Snapped a very limited audience about this, Coworkers, since they would know exactly where I tripped and it would prove the lack of attention given to the place and joked about suing.. but as the day progressed and my knee hurt more and more, the idea maybe wasn't so much of a joke.  I even looked up in-network doctor offices in case it finally came to me going to the doctor, which I was seriously considering.

Update: Within a few days, the knee was sore, but fine.


This week's morning songs:
Monday: Katy Perry - Never Really Over
Tuesday: Miley Cyrus - Mother's Daughter
Wednesday: Dan & Shay - Speechless
Thursday: Audioslave - Like a Stone
Friday: Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams

I put a dry erase marker in the bathroom so I can write the songs on the mirror now.  This information is completely useless, but moderately fun to track, considering the wide variety of songs.


Because my dogs are assholes, I have to take them to the vet to get their nails cut.  I used to try to take them to a pet supply store's grooming place, but they NEVER did more than just cut the tip off the nail and the clicking would resume within a week and that is not my jam.  The vet does a legit job and they like seeing the dogs.  I also like bringing them to the vet so they are known there.

Another customer did ask if Meri was a mini/baby Irish Wolfhound and I was like wuutttt???  But I guess I can see it, if I try.  Then again, at first I thought the man was talking about Pax and I was suuuper confused how he'd confuse a greyhound with an Irish wolfhound, if he knew what an Irish wolfhound looked like.


While we were at the vet, I also asked for a refill on Meri's trazadone so maybe she won't vibrate in the car the next time we go for nail trims...  In September, the appointment is already made.  Appointments = Megan accountability.


The anemone keeps moving.  It's moved 3x this week.  This morning, when I went downstairs at 0430 to let the dogs out after Pax gave us the puke alarm, the anemone was MIA from the spot where it'd been when I went to bed.  I was alarmed at first and then finally located it in a new position.  The tank lights were off and it was 0430 and I was blinded by the island lights that turned on when we went downstairs, so it wasn't concerning that I couldn't find it, just that it had moved again, and please lawd don't let that fucking thing get sucked up in the filter.

I'm glad it tends to do most of it's movement at night when Teh German can't freak the fuck out about it, although I did forget to alert him before I left, so I'm sure he had a heart attack this morning when he checked the tank. 


I'm selling the Fossil watch, because it needs to get off my desk and this way I can also get rid of the watch band and screen protectors.  Anyone interested?


The power went out at work on Thursday around 10, which meant that we all got to go home and telework, one of my favorite things.  Turns out, a crane working on Madra Rua had broken a power pole.  Thanks, bro!

Soo dark.. except for when the emergency lights are blinding you.


Before going home to telework, I stopped at the gym for a workout, ran Willow through the car wash and gave her a blow dry (with the pressurized air gun they have at the car wash), then picked up my prescriptions from Walmart.  #Productive.

Then I went home and worked for the evening to get my hours in.  I really like and appreciate being able to be productive in the middle of the day when traffic is less bad.  All of those activities taking place in the evening would have taken me no less than 45 minutes longer just because of traffic and general wait times.


So I've had this feeling like I've got something in the back of my throat for a while now and it comes and goes, but for the past few weeks, it's been more comes than goes (that's what she said) and so I scheduled an appointment with an ENT. 

$248 to have afrin and lidocaine sprayed up my nose, a scope put through my nose to look into my throat, and to be told nothing looks out of the ordinary.  Prescriptions were written for prednisone and Nexium, after I explained I have GERD and after getting out of the Navy, I started taking the OTC version when my prescription wasn't covered by my insurance.  The ENT is testing to see if the steroid takes down any swelling that might be causing the feeling.

Fun fact #1, the Nexium is still denied coverage by my insurance...  I'm hoping that the doc and the pharmacy can resolve this issue, but I haven't heard from either of them, soooo we'll see what happens.  I will say that the last few weeks I've had more issues with reflux than normal, but sometimes that happens and I take Tums and just wait for it to pass.

Fun fact #2: I checked into the ENT office on Yelp and was scrolling through the not so stellar reviews, most of which were related to the billing situation.  So when I paid and the cashier asked me if I wanted my receipt, I said yes.  It was just the credit card receipt.  I asked for an itemized receipt and she said she couldn't give me one of those since my account hadn't gone through billing yet... UHHHHHH WUUUUUTTTTTT??????  So you just charged me $248, all willy nilly?  Before she had charged the card she had said, you don't have to pay the full amount now.. but I was so caught off guard by the fact that the bill was $248 and not the expected $75 that I just told her to charge it all, then asked for the itemized receipt after the fact.  Now I understand why she said that I didn't have to pay it all then. 

Fun fact #3: I HHHHAAAATTTEEEE the US insurance system.  I don't miss the Navy, but I miss the simplicity of Tricare Prime.

After my appointment, rather than go to the gym, I went to Cookout and bought a milkshake.  I actually posted about this debacle on the Tweeter, and Cookout responded saying they were sorry and to contact customer service..  I guess the social media bot thought I was complaining about Cookout?  IDK.  It was a fail.  Turns out, I probably Tweetered wrong and they didn't see that it was part of a bigger thread?  IDK.  #SocialMediaNewb here.


School started here this week and I need Jesus to take more wheels because traffic went from bearable with everyone going, at least, the speed limit, last week, to this week when traffic has been absolutely miserable and now we have to go 10 under the speed limit everywhere when we aren't just randomly stopping, despite nary a school bus in the vicinity.


I love technical writing.  I do.  It's very strange to the people I work with, 99% of whom despite the work they have to do for me to do my job.  That said...

When the super nerds come in and say, "We're changing all documentation from here on out.  We're going to use a new process and a new style," and then don't train me, the technical writer, I get extremely frustrated. 

I'm finally getting to draft up my first document in the new style with the new process and it's cool except for the part where it's painful having to figure everything out myself instead of someone who actually knows what their doing giving me a rundown, since they are all super busy being super nerds...

My job is not hard.  It's not.  I swear.
It's the people that make my job frustrating and difficult.


Lee Brice is coming to put on a concert for a local hospital opening and it's free and I already signed up Teh German and I for "reservations".  I don't know what that actually means since the sign up form said the "tickets" would be mailed out the week before the concert, but I can online imagine what a clusterfuck it's going to be, so I made sure to register twice in case one registration is only valid for one person.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Hairs Did
-Aquarium parking
-Dropps samples
-Bojangles x1
-Woot shirt
-Dog nails
-Cookout milkshake
-ENT appointment
-Puma shoes that will probably get returned because I wasn't sure of my size.
-Amazon things: dryer balls, Meri's toys (for the next year or more), dog food, new cheap/dishwasher chopping knife
-Prescriptions for Meri and I

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Stepped on this fucker.. We have no idea how it even got out of the tank..
#AquariumLife #WorseThanALego

I realized that I have ZERO new mice in the house to give Meri for her birthday this year...
Unfortunately, the mice have been discontinued.
Soooooo... I stocked up on some new options.

I'ma need Duolingo to stop fucking knowing me so well.
Because, I was, in fact, using the toilet while doing this lesson.

One skillet meal that didn't disappoint.

Meri's new toys.
I'm pissed that the containers don't squeak or crunch or anything.  #MoneyWasted

I lurve when she's so snuggly.

What did the pot eat on it's birthday?

VIER - From the Internet Shit


Do not be afraid of what is new. 
It will challenge you, but it will also prepare you for the journey you have been called to. MHN

You already have what it takes to breathe deep and be brave. -MHN

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Long dresses with pockets, because pockets and because unshaved legs.  #NotSorry
  2. Feeding the anemone efficiently, even if there was a fight about it.
  3. Randomly wearing jeans on Monday instead of a dress.  I can't imagine what would have happened to my knee if I had worn a dress like I usually do.
  4. Only having Bojangles once this week, even if Friday was a clusterfuck of breakfast woes.
  5. Finally learning the new documentation process we've moved to.
  6. Valid reason to telework on Thursday.
  7. Getting the laundry done.
  8. No school all week.  Can't say the same thing about next week.  (insert all the crying emojis here)
  9. 90s/Captain Marvel music.
  10. Starting a fiction audiobook, even if it is dragging.  My brain needed a break from nonfiction.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.