Monday, August 19, 2019

Weekend Review {08/19}


Friday was work.  My hair lady moved to a salon in BFE, so I had to spend half my life driving there to get my hairs done.  Maybe some of that was an exaggeration, but Waze said it would take 40 mins to get there from the office, which is like half my life, soooo.  My hair actually looked pretty good, to the point that she said, before she started, that it didn't really need to be colored, but we both knew my roots were gonna start being super obvious and my opportunities to get my hairs did were about to drastically reduce once school starts aaaannnnndddd we had an event that night sooo fancy hairs would be nice.

Said event was an Aquarium After Hours event, featuring "Beer From Here" aka local breweries and some noms.  I'd say the beer and food was free, except it wasn't since we had to pay for tickets to go.  But, it was worth it.

Even I had some tastings.
Selfie with Liberty the Bald Eagle.

Petting the sea critters

Neighbor Besties

Asshole reef killers.

Teh German was "eaten" by a lego shark!

After beer drinking was finished, we had agreed to stop by Dairy Queen on the way home for dessert and we pulled into the drive through at 10:07 and the witchest bitch mumbled, "We're closed" no less than 3 times, which was so many because we had to keep asking her what she said and she's mumble the same way and we wouldn't understand again.  I hate people like this.

We went home, dejected and dessert-less.  Teh German went over for smoking time and I stayed home and went to bed.  It was not a sad decision for me.  I slept like a motherfuckin champ with both earplugs in and Teh German didn't even rouse me when he came home and came to bed.


I had to pee at during-the-week-wake-up-time, which was annoying, so I peed and fed the beasts so Meri wouldn't wake me again in an hour for breakfast, and then went back to bed.  Teh German and I woke up around 9 and decided on a plan of action: breakfast, walk the dogs, adult/house things.

I made eggs and toast for breakfast and then we walked the beasts in the drizzle turned full-on rain.  When we got home, everyone got toweled off, 2-Leggers changed into dry clothes, bully sticks were distributed, then home improvements/chores were started.  It rained all day, so it was a perfect get-shit-done inside day.

Curly, wet Monkey-Doodle

I love when he closes his eyes because my scritches feel so good.

When sorting the laundry is no longer a thing.

After getting the laundry started, I headed downstairs to try to install a pot lid organizer in the cabinet.  I posted my debacle on Snapchat and then didn't save it before it expired, oh well.  I installed the organizer, almost screwed a screw through the front of the cabinet door because the screws were too long.  I finally managed to get the fucking holder attached to the cabinet door with lids in it.. annnddd thhheeennn the fucking cabinet door wouldn't close because we have pull out shelves in the cabinets.  There was no way to make it work so I gave it up and took it down and vowed to return the damn thing to Amazon and then just went back to my ghetto pot lid organization with command hooks.

I looked at the pantry door shelving to start installing it and the instructional images showed the use of a level and I told Teh German that was probably a better job for him..

Hello sea urchin!
This thingy is better than Waldo.
It's always moving around the tank.
For some reason I had to go into the dog cabinet and while I was there, I just started organizing it... oops.  I purged so much stuff I haven't used in a few years and cleaned up the stuff I have in there.  Since I was there, I also pulled out new brushes and (air) filters for Roomy and the Shark.  I'm excited for a trip to Dollar Tree to obtain more of the plastic basket/organizer things.  I love that their plastic containers are fun AND only cost $1.

All the while, Teh German installed the new door handle.  I think it was easier than we both expected.

Post-organization dog closet.
Please also see: Next time we're invited to a cookout, we're bringing napkins...

After Teh German got the door handle installed, he installed my over-the-door pantry shelves.  I didn't realize there was an over the door option.. orrrrr I could have done that myself.  Oh well.  I did end up having Teh German screen the shelves to the door since they were floppy and I didn't like it that way.  We agreed it was much better screwed in.

Pre-pantry clean out/organization.
Please note the expired shit on the island.. Ugh.

After lunch and adulting was complete, Teh German asked if I wanted to watch a movie and I agreed.  We agreed on Captain Marvel...


I was legitimately disappointed that none of my friends forced me to sit down and watch the movie when it was released.

I loved it so much that I looked up the movie trivia and facts and read at least half of them aloud to Teh German.  I loved it so much that I finally, finally, had a desire to watch ALL the Marvel Avenger movies.. also, it really all started because Teh German asked me if I wanted to watch End Game and I said I couldn't until I watched the movies before that, which I didn't really have an interest in, which meant that Teh German would watch End Game on his own at a later time....

I later explained to Teh German that many of my ex's have tried to get me into the Marvel comic movies and I was just never really interested.  I tolerated watching the movies for others, but didn't particularly enjoy them.  That he was getting to experience a turn of events that many people who know me tried to make happen/wanted to happen.  I don't think he appreciates it as much as he should, but he did acknowledge that it was a surprise.

And so.. we started watching the Avengers movies, from the beginning.  At first, chronologically, with Captain America, but I was educated that movie release order was better, so we switched lists.  Between movies, we had frozen pizza for dinner, and then it was back to the screen for moar until bedtime.

Meri doesn't seem to mind all our screen time.
<3 my Doodle snuggles.


Sunday, I woke up Teh German at whatever time Meri woke me up and told him he was on duty.  He's not had to deal with the dogs on the weekend for a bit, sooo he didn't argue.  I expected him to come back to bed, but he didn't, which threw me off.  I couldn't go back to sleep, so I had some screen time, then I got up after 0730 and showered and got dressed. 

Teh German and I had agreed we'd go to brunch on Sunday, so when I went downstairs, Teh German knew that it was his time to get ready.  He had made coffee and he poured it in our take away mugs then headed upstairs to get himself ready.  While he was showering, I walked the dogs.  When we got back, I started doing my Duolingo lessons.  This is significant because I spent a LOT of time doing lessons on Sunday just so I could compete with the group I was in to get #1 and so our group could advance to the next level since we were only 100ish pts away... and because I apparently have too much free time on my hands.

Usually, I do my 3 lessons per day and that's enough.  When I have people to compete with, I'll do 10+ lessons per day to be #1.  Competitive much?  Me?  Nahhhhhhhhh.

Fat Stripe and her anemone.

After brunch and grocery shopping, I put away the groceries and started spaghetti sauce in the crockpot.  Teh German mowed the yard jungle and tried to fix the door issue with the smart lock not locking via Alexa because of the way the lock goes in.. idk, there was frustrated yells, so Meri and I snuggled on the couch while that issue was being handled.

"NOT begging, but whoring for pettins" by Meri.

After Teh German gave up on the door situation (thankfully, because the yells were giving Meri and I anxiety), we got back on our Avengers marathon.  We took a break after The Hulk to eat dinner, spaghetti and meatballs.

After dinner, it was Iron Man 2 and doggy dinner beggins.  Please see photo for Meri's whore-ness.  Pax was at me begging for dinner, so I gave him scritches and Meri was jealous, so she came and literally sat her ass on my arm so I'd pet her too.  It's good she's cute.

I did eventually feed these starving beasts and then we started the movie.  I'm also not minding all the Meri snuggles that watching TV earns me.  <3

After Iron Man 2 ended, Teh German looked over at the tank and the anemone was missing!  He'd released and blown back to where he originally settled in the tank.  It was quite alarming and SUPER stressful for Teh German.  Thankfully, this time, Teh German's normal assholery was more controlled.  He was still a bit mean because he was stressed and frustrated, but a change from last week, so I mean.. progress?

We agreed that he would relocate the anemone to another corner.  There was a crisis because the pumps were creating a current that was too strong, and once those were turned off, there was less chaos.  Teh German and I were both scouring the internet to see what to do about the anemone and everything we read on the internet conflicts.  There's not even a general trend with what to do regarding anemones.  Ugh.  This only further frustrates Teh German.  We did agree to feed the anemone since we now have 18" tongs.  You guys, these tongs are fucking ridiculous and awesome.

I pulled a frozen shrimp from the freezer and let it thaw while we watched an episode of The Americans.  After the episode ended, Teh German cut up the shrimp and gave it to the anemone.  I made some adjustments to get the shrimp into the anemone's mouth and made sure that Fat Stripe didn't harass the anemone while it was taking in the shrimp.  It was kinda cool and weird at the same time.  Teh German and I both watched the anemone completely absorb the shrimp piece and then we did bedtime chores and went to bed.


That anemone is going to be the death of me.  Lawd.  Teh German gets so stressed out about it.  I'm sure it's similar to my anxiety about Meri and Pax in certain situations.  I don't want the anemone to die, but shit, it's not THAT important to me.  There's more anemones in the sea... LOOOOOOL

This is the last full week of no school.
Yes, we can cry together about it.
Oh, I'm the only one crying?  That's fine too.

I did get to talk to Teh Running Bestie this morning on my way into work, which didn't hurt my heart, so the week has started off pretty good.

Nothing on the calendar this week, but there are goals:
-Drop off donations, Roux's Humom will be helping with this!  YAY!  This will make space in Willow for the beasts... becauseeeeeee...
-Get the dog's toes (nails) cut off, is the other goal for this week.

If you or yours went back to school recently, good luck, may the force be with you, thoughts and prayers, or whatever, lol.

Please know that there will 100% be a back to school photo taken this year, as it will be the LAST first day of school for me, unless someone gives me a lobotomy or a LOT of money to get a Masters degree.

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  1. -I've never sorted laundry #aintnobodygottimeforthat
    -My pots and pans and lids have NO your command hooks are still better, haha!
    -Dollar Tree baskets FTW...recently bought fun colors for Babycake's closet, and some for my own...about to tackle our "junk/spare" closet next, haha!
    -Soo jealous of your Marvel marathon! That's on the "someday" list for me, haha.


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