Monday, August 12, 2019

Weekend Review {08/12}


Friday was work and I left around 3 to hit up the gym.  While I was working out, Best Buy called to say my computer was ready for pick up and I scheduled to pick it up at 7.  After my workout, I went home and showered.  Teh German came home a few minutes after me but did some job/computer things before he showered.  Around 6:30, we headed to Best Buy to pick up my laptop.

Guessssss whhhhaaaatttt, Gentle Readers....
The screen is ACTUALLY fixed!
ANNNDDD yet again, my laptop did NOT come home with me!!!!  Crazy, right?
Honestly, I'm not even a little bit surprised.  I actually laughed when the tech told me it'd need to be sent back, again, for the repairs.

So what had happened wasssssss...
When the tech opened the laptop, right away he noticed that the laptop hadn't been reassembled correctly and tabs that shouldn't be showing, were, in fact, showing on top of the keyboard.  ANNNDDD, in addition to that, the plastic piece covering the rear hinges/guts was broken.. ANNNDDD it had to be sent back because the tech couldn't put the tabs back in without taking the computer apart AND since it was broken, the plastic piece had to be replaced, which they don't keep in stock, understandably.

Sooooooo, I mean, I didn't cry this time, that's progress.  Teh German asked if I was really ok and I was.  I think he was surprised I wasn't more pissed off about the situation, but when you're me, you just go into shit expecting to be disappointed and then it's not overly surprising when you ARE disappointed.  🤷 And #DemAnxietyPillsYo

We had agreed on the way to Best Buy to go to my fave Mexican place for dinner, La Nortena.  Thankfully, Teh German acknowledged that Wild Wing Cafe, which is in the same parking lot as Best Buy, had recently received pretty poor sanitation ratings and he didn't really want to go there.  Fun fact, had he suggested WWC, I would have informed him about the poor sanitation ratings and we wouldn't have went there anyways.  I was glad I didn't have to disappoint him.

Lingua chimichanga with a side of cilantro.

After dinner, we headed home and released the beasts, then headed over to Teh PT House for socializing.  At yawn-o-clock, we finally headed home for bedtime.


Saturday was lazy day.  I'm not used to not having things to do.  Soooo, I woke up early because I had to pee, fed the dogs, then went back to bed.  When I got up later, I decided to walk the dogs before it got too hot (I was too late).  I took the beasts on a walk and I was literally dripping sweat by the time I got back. 

Gentle Readers, I am a Southern Belle, in all ways except for the part about glistening.  No.  I sweat.  Like a pig.  Sometimes, I drip sweat.  It's the most disgusting thing to me.  Hate, Hate, HHHHAAATTEEEEE.

The only silver lining to the sweating session was that Meri was giving a toy lawn mower in someone's yard the motherfuckin stare down and she ran into the silk fence around one of the construction lots and because that surprised her, she then jumped and got caught halfway on the silk fence.  The commotion and noise was so abrupt that it freaked out Pax, who also jumped, but did not come in contact with any silk fence.  I, on the other hand, lost my shit cackling at everything that had transpired.  I was not laughing when I got home, dripping with sweat.  Ugh.

I called Teh Running Bestie and told her and Teh German of Meri's demise with the silk fence and they both got a chuckle.  For many years I've waited on Meri to hit her face on one of the steel rods holding up the silk fence or some other issue and finally the day came!  Her near misses have baffled me for years, but my wait was worth it.

After getting back home and drying myself off, I had breakfast and coffee and then we videoed with Mama G for a bit.  I managed to toss in some German and understood enough of what was going on the majority of the time.  After it was over, Teh German and I worked to get Skype working with Alexa so we can just use the Show next time for video.  It would be awesome if Amazon also integrated with WhatsApp, butttt that's probably never gonna happen.

I moved to the couch and finished a book, nothing great, and Teh German left to go "help" Teh PT Husband smoke a turkey as a pre-Thanksgiving trial.  And by "help" I mean, they sat outside together in the mabillionty degree weather and watched the electronic smoker do what it does without assistance.  I refused to go outside after my stint with the dogs, so after I finished my book, I laid down and took a nap...

..and woke up 3 hours later... and then I just laid on the couch because I had nothing to do.  I'm not good with having nothing to do...

Around 4, Teh German texted telling me smoked turkey was almost done and asked if we had any sides we could contribute.  So, I made mac and cheese and warmed up peas and baked beans.  Pantry hoarding to the rescue!

August Thanksgiving

By 5, we were enjoying the fruits of our labors.  I'm not disappointed by smoked turkey.  We hung out for a while longer, Teh PT Husband introduced me/us to Big Mouth, a show on Netflix, which had me cracking up.  Teh German and I agreed that we would watch it next/when The Americans gets too heavy and we need something funny to watch.

When we got home, Teh German offered to let me peroxide his ears.  It was gross and awesome.  After, it was bedtime.


Again, with the needing to pee super early.. Ugh.  I fed the dogs while I was up, because #BestWifeEver, then I went back to bed.  Around 8 or 0830, I woke up to some beeping and was super confused and then finally deduced that it was probably the fish tank, so I woke up Teh German, told him the fish tank alarm was going off and he got up and I went back to sleep.  When I did wake up again, I got dressed and took the dogs on a walk... again. 

Sunday was not as miserable as Saturday, thankfully and there was sweating, but not dripping. 🙌

When we got home, Meri insisted on going outside for a while, then came in and watched the front door for a bit, then she laid down for less than 3 minutes and was up being a busy body again.  I swear to Buddha that dog is solar-charged.  Like, I joke about it, but I was ready to take a nap and I'd only been awake for 45 minutes.  Pax was laying on the floor panting with me questioning if I'd almost given him heat exhaustion.... and Meri was like, MOOOAAARRR!!!  Weirdo.

I finally got tired of dealing with her, so I gave both dogs bully sticks and after, they finally settled.  Shitheads.  Teh German left to go help the Biker Gang move something, so I had another boring day ahead of me.  This time, I decided to be productive. 

First, I repaired Pax's caterpillar.  I had to repair it in the guest room because when I took it into the loft, Pax did not approve and we played tug until I finally gave up and he brought it back into guest room.  He supervised my work, then he DNGAF when I was finished with it.  #RUDE.

Next up, I showered because I was gross.  After the shower, I started laundry and purged my clothes, as I had planned.  Then, I headed to Walmart to pick up my hot flashes BC and a few items that were on the list.  Then I came back home and made brownies for the cookout Teh German and I were going to for dinner.  Then... I waited for Teh German to come home.  I did my Duolingo lessons and played Solitaire and talked to Teh Dad, who I almost hung up on because he insisted on comparing me to Karl, which he thought was funny for some reason, but 100% was not since Karl was a fucking douchewad and he was saying I was being like Karl since I was pissed at Teh German for being late.  Anxiety pills did NOT help in this situation.  Then again, neither did Teh Dad, who seemed to be insistent on trying to piss me off more, even though he thought he was being funny.  Only one of us was laughing and it sure as shit wasn't me.

Teh German came home an hour later than we had agreed on, then he tried to pull some shit where "[I] said 3:30."  Bitch please, I literally broke down the schedule for you and repeated you should be home to get ready by 2:30 no less than 2 times, and then we'd leave at 3:30.  Don't pull some shit with me like you were confused.  Own it, because it's not MYYYYY fault that YOU are late.  In the end, he didn't get to shower before we left and I didn't care.  He knew that he was wrong, even if he'd never acknowledge it and will blame it on the people he was helping, because I'm 100% confident at no point did he ever say to them, "I need to be home by 2:30 because we have plans this afternoon."

We made it to Teh Advocates' house shortly before 4:30.  The rest of the guests arrived around 5ish.  We had burgers and socialized with their new German exchange student and each other.  I didn't understand everything, but it was super loud and I couldn't hear well, so it was fine.  I was struggling to understand English conversation as well, so it was NBD.  Around 7:30ish we headed home to feed the beasts the other half of their dinner.  We watched an episode of The Americans and then it was bedtime.


Part of me hates weekends with nothing to do, but most of me loves them.  It's a difficult situation because I'm so programmed to be doing something.  I also know that in the very near future, my weekends will probably be shit because they will be filled with homework and I'll be having to coordinate my time again.

This is another quiet week, as I purposely planned.
I have a massage today.  🙌🙌🙌
Friday is hairs did day and then we're going to an Aquarium After Hours event with Teh PT Husband/Wife.  Yes, I purposely rescheduled my hair appointment for a day when I knew we had activities going on so I could show off my fresh hairs.  #NotSorry

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  1. Learning to handle do-nothing weekends is a surprisingly hard part of adulting. Like...what do people do?


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