Friday, August 16, 2019

Five on Friday #207

EINS - Random Shit

If your candid photos are blurry, they are really just shitty photos... And if people don't have their eyes open, it's not "natural" photography, again, just shitty photos.  Finally, if you take your candid photos on purpose while someone is taking a bite or eating, you are just an asshole.  If you wouldn't want to be portrayed in the way you are portraying your subjects, don't tap the shutter button.


To the CS professor who emailed out an email over 2 weeks before the semester started saying something to the effect of, "if you are signed up for my class AND you're signed up for this OTHER class, you should probably take one of those classes next fall, if possible because of the extremely heavy workload.",

Guess who is signed up for BOTH classes?  THIS GIRL.  FML.
Guess who cannot take either class at a later date?  THIS GIRL.
This is the downside to being part of such a small department at school.  There aren't enough professors as is to offer more than the minimum required classes.  There's not even an option to take another section, much less take this class the following semester (spring), rather than the current semester.  The classes are only offered once a year and you take it or you don't and if you don't, you're only setting yourself behind.

So, thanks, Professor, for ensuring that my school anxiety nightmares have already started. 

I almost responded to his email saying that, but I think I'll save it for the first day of class.


Finally! An anemone! And also an urchin, which is harder to see, but is there.

Acclimating it to the water.

Just after placing it in the tank when it hadn't attached to anything yet.

It's really difficult to get a good photo of the anemone because of the tank lights, so mostly I just post videos of it on Snapchat.  It has moved from where it first placed itself (against the side of the tank in the above photo) to more towards the front of the tank.  Fat Stripe hogs the anemone for herself and never lets Thin Stripe enjoy it.  Maybe one day, when the anemone is bigger they can both enjoy it?  IDK how it works.

I do know we tried to feed the anemone last night and it resulted in a pretty nasty fight because Teh German expected me to be a master at feeding it, even though we didn't have tools to make it easier and I'd never done it before and I'd only read a few websites and watched like 2 videos about anemones.  This resulted in him being an asshole and me being a bitch in response and later we had a chat about it.. and then.. AND TTTHHHEEENNN... I'm talking about how he made me feel and he's saying shit like, "Well I was mad because I expected you to know how to do it."  I tell him that is an unreasonable expectation for someone who has never fed aquatic creatures before.  Then, I point out that I was talking about feelings and he's focused on the tank.  He, no shit, says something about, "Maybe we just need the right tool," and he I grabbed his face and said, "THE TOOL WE NEED IS COMMUNICATION, ARRRGHGHHH!"  Jesus, fuck.

I'm still not sure if he actually understood what I was trying to communicate (my feelings), but we did discuss that his frustration with my not meeting his expectations was unfair because why should I be expected to be perfect at something I've never done before and also he was mean to me after the fact because I'd disappointed him, which frustrated him. 

I tried explaining that sometimes I get frustrated and angry and I have to make a choice not to take it out on him and maybe he should try this method of making a choice about the way he reacts to his feelings.  I mean, it probably won't happen, but I'll keep banging my head against this wall, because Mawwiage.


After a millionty years of using Feedly as my Google Reader replacement, this week I finally added content to it so it actually IS like Google Reader was.  IDK why I had only used it to read the blogs and webcomics that I follow, but that's what I did.

I subscribed to so much shit that there's no way I'll ever keep up with it, but it brings me joy now and that's a positive.

PS.  This is what happens when you're bored AF at work.  Could I have been working on Security+ things?  Definitely.  Did I feel like?  Definitely not.

PPS.  I went through and unsubscribed to several feeds today and cleaned everything up.  There are still several article repeats, but that will eventually get sorted out.. anddd I can say that I tackled the feed today!  Feedly said 1k+ unread articles this morning and now there are less subscriptions and 0 unread articles!  #WIN


Dear Spotify,
When you notify me that there is an update after I've already lined up a playlist, you won't get restarted until the end of the day.  That's just how it's got to be.  Also, maybe just installing your updates without me needing to restart the program would be nice.  Siiiigh.  #FirstWorldProblems


In an unexpected/moderately expected turn of events, Willow is paid off.  Unexpected because I never expected to pay her off in such a short amount of time.  Expected because we recently discussed finances and paying shit off.. and knowing I had the money to pay Willow off meant that I couldn't stop thinking about it, so now my coffers are empty now, but I'm debt free again.  Her title should come in the mail in the near future and that will bring me much joy.  Thought not as much joy as cooled seats...................................


Teh German: Can I have $5 [for coffee]?
Teh Megan: No.
tG: Can I have $10 or $20 then, if you don't have a $5?
tM: No, I have no cash at all.  Sorry.
Teh German grumbles.
tM: Wait. 
I go to my nightstand and fish out $10.
tG: Where did that even come from?
tM: Someone gave me cash once, years ago, and I put it in the nightstand for some reason and then we moved and it's just been there, so I figured that was a good place for it.  And I figured it was a good idea to have a little bit of cash on hand if there is ever a hurricane emergency and ATMs don't work.

Teh German just kinda stared at me.
#MarriageGoals: being able to randomly surprise your spouse with shit they didn't know... and save the day by providing money for coffee pods at work.

Also, writing this prompted me to get off my ass and walk down to the bank with the ATM down the street from my office and withdraw cash for things (Teh German's coffee money, tattoo, random other shit).  Thanks, Gentle Readers, for being there for me!


....Gentle Readers....
I'm considering buying those expensive ass, super nice, noise cancelling headphones for work.  You see, what had happened was... there was a vacant desk by me and then we hired someone who really isn't here all that often because he's on base.. buttttt when he is here, it seems like he never shuts up.  He's either talking to coworkers or on the phone, and almost always about work things, but the pitch of his voice is one that I am unable to block out and it is VERY distracting for me... to the point that I'm about to take matters into my own hands.

On Wednesday, I ended up leaving the office early because he hadn't stopped talking (on the phone and later to a coworker) from 1:15-2:45.  Not that I was doing anything in particular, but that I couldn't NOT hear him was annoying me.

Then on Thursday, when I actually had tasking for the entire day, he came into the office earlier than normal and then proceeded to talk to everyone about everything randomly throughout the day, which was extremely distracting. 


I bought shelled pistachios at Bilo since they were 40% off.  I am sad they are not crunchy like if you had shelled them yourself.  Buuttttt, I was able to eat a handful without having to work for them, so I guess that's the trade off.


The brand Magic Bullet NEVER makes me think of a blender.  It just doesn't.  I worked at a sex toy shop, "magic bullet" will always make me think of sex toys.  Now you know.


Days when I forget a hair tie are very few, but on the days that does happen.. IT'S THE WORST.  My hair tie is like my security blankie.  You never know when shit is gonna get serious and you need your hair out of your face.  Or what if you're eating something messy and you don't want to get hair in your food or food in your hair!  These are important situations to plan for, Gentle Readers.


The Cleaners threw away the plastic cover for our peeler.  It was laying on the kitchen window sill while the peeler was in the dishwasher.  I'm torn between sadness and gladness.  Sad because we'd kept it for so long, glad because now I don't have to deal with that thing.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Power bill
-Hot flashes BC
-Pot lid organization thing
-Door organizers for the pantry
-Dog dewormer.. because hookworms will plague me for the rest of my life.
-The final car payment.  When I did my calculations, I thought the phone lady said $9990.  No, she said $9900.  Siiiiiiiiigh.
-Bojangles 1x.  I mostly wanted to get the memory of the gravy-jelly from the mtn weekend out of my mouth memory.  I didn't get a sweet tea though, so I consider this a trade off.
-cash withdraw for things.

-I returned several dresses, as expected, last week and those refunds came in.  #SoRich

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Teh Sister bought these knives for me in 2013 after she had to use the shitty knives I had.
This was my favorite knife.
We had such a good run.

She insists that I have to take like 20 photos of her to get a good photo.
Annoying ass.

Gratuitous cute photo

The mailbox passionflower vine has blooms!
After some conflicting stories, I have determined that the blooms actually open and close depending on the weather.
So now you know that fun fact.

Where would Voldemort go if he played trumpet?

This SUV had a catahoula magnet on it and my first thought was, "Oo, they'd be friends with Roux's Humom and Mr. Golfer!".  Then I noticed the "I love golfing" licence plate frame.  I thought, "Wow, they'd be besties with Mr. Golfer."  Then I saw the sticker on the window and realized, WAITTTT THAT IS MR. GOLFER!! 🤦🤦
He recently got a new vehicle and it keeps messing with my brain since he's always had a truck since we've known them.
I shared this story with them and they both laughed at me.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

This article talks about how subscription services (i.e., Netflix, Adobe, etc) are like dying by a 1000 cuts since it's just a little bit each time, but will ultimately kill you.  And by kill, I mean, make you poor.

Letting go does not mean you are ok with everything that happened or the way it happened,
it means that in spite of what happened,
you are allowing yourself to find peace, anyway.

One day you will look back and see:
Despite everything you were missing,
you did not miss out on what was meant for you.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Trying to update the GEGR website... even if it was pointless.
  2. Tech writer things.
  3. ANEMONE!!!!
  4. Walks with Husband and Dogs in the rain (we were already sweaty and wet from working out, so why not?)
  5. The lamps all working after the cleaner had come.  *insert praise hand emojis*
  6. My tattoo finally being out of the itchy phase.
  7. Back to back workout days, since I knew I wouldn't be able to go to the gym today.
  8. $10 off a Dropps order thanks to Steph's Code (STEPHANIETRIAL1).
  9. Weekend plans for some adulty shit like installing some organization things in the kitchen and a new doorknob for the front door (so Teh German will stop locking the door handle, rendering the smartlock useless).
  10. Hairs did tonight AND an After Hours Event at the Aquarium with Teh PT Husband and Wife (yes, it was planned this way on purpose, now to ensure the hair lady doesn't get hair dye all over my face....).

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. -Oh my gosh, talking about "the problem" (aka tool) versus THE PROBLEM (aka communications & expectations)...that struggle is so real. Also, once during a discussion Hubs said "that's just my personality/how I am" and I said "You say that like you can't choose to be different, and intentionally modify your behavior." He literally looked like his mind was blown, it never occurred to him that personalities could evolve.
    -Magic Bullet 100% does not sound like a blender...
    -Yay for paying off the car!
    -I have one of those plastic hair ties that looks like an old phone cord on my key ring, and ties stashed at work, because it's so terrible to not have one when you need it.


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