Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

To my American friends, Happy Turkey Day!
To my not-American friends, sorry you don't have a short work week.
To my Canadian friends, thank you for your Thanksgiving being in October so I can put up Christmas decorations after Halloween since it's technically "after" Thanksgiving.

Despite yesterday's post, I have everything to be thankful for and I'm sure you've seen it on every other blog you've read this week and on all your other social media sites, so lets just say all those same things apply to me unless it's talking about being a parent or being married or several other scenarios that I can't really think of right now.

So here's to health and happiness....

...and the last day of blue hair..

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Beyond exhausted.

You know that point at which you know you're exhausted?  You tell everyone how tired you are.  They know you're exhausted.  You know you're exhausted.  Yet, you can't stop...  There are things that can't be ignored just because you're exhausted.

You get home from working all day and the house is a wreck and the laundry needs to be done and the dogs would really like some attention but the effort to bend over to pet them is just too much and you need to cook dinner because you need leftovers to bring for work the next day and while no one has really texted you all day, suddenly everyone NEEDS you, right then, and they don't call (which is infinitely easier than texting, even if you really don't want to talk to anyone at all) and all you'd really like to do is just take your bra off (if you're me) and put on fuzzy socks and jammies and just crawl in the bed and have a good cry and lay there exhausted thinking of all the things you need to do but just don't have the energy to do because just laying there, breathing is too much work.

I'm there.

I'm at the point where I just want to stop but I can't.  I can't just stand here while everything else around me keeps moving, no matter how strong the desire is.  Instead, I stand here in my kitchen, typing this with tears streaming down my cheeks while I make dinner, fighting a headache, a sore throat, a runny nose, sore feet, and the desire to just stop standing for more than 15 minutes at a time since I've been on the move for 10 hours now, ignoring 2 adorable dogs that are begging me for dinner (mine or theirs), wishing that the laundry would put itself in the dryer, wishing that I didn't have to be at Target for 8 hours so soon, and wondering just how long I can keep this up.  All the while, I berate myself for not being thankful enough for the all the things I have; the kitchen to make dinner, the money to buy groceries, the ability to stand at all, the clothes that I have to wash and the ability to wash them in a machine that does the work for me, the job that I have, the life I lead.

This guilt trip can't make me feel more grateful though.
Is this what they meant when they said cognitive complexity is the ability to see all the facets to each situation, because if so, I'm over it and my COM 230 teacher can have it back.

Honestly, my strength is my weakness.  I am relentless.  I am stubborn.  I will not let this beat me.  But it's beating me right now and I'm hurting and broken and I'm running on fumes and 100% sure this is what depression looks like because I wasn't always in this place.

My positivity is gone.  I've been lured in over and over, only to be turned away again and again.  I'm searching for anything that will disperse the cloud that seems to permanently reside over my head.  I continue faking it till I make it, hoping that one day I do actually make it.  I'm starting to take it personally, even though I'm not sure it's really all that personal.  It's just the world operating in the way the world works, which often isn't in the best interest of the little (wo)man.

I know that there is no where to go but up when you hit the bottom, but this isn't the bottom, which makes it infinitely more scary.  I'm still falling.  I'm not completely broken yet.

Already I don't recognize the woman that looks back at me in the mirror.  The stress written on her face, the fear in her eyes, the lethargy in her posture.  She endures each day, knowing the next day is probably not the day the tables will turn.  This woman wants to celebrate with her peers for their accomplishments, but her lack of accomplishment dampens the sweetness and turns things sour.  She sees instead opportunities she missed out on, wondering how fortune smiled on those she knows, questioning why she was skipped over.

This is what a bad day looks like.
Is it over yet?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Music Monday #13 and Weekend Review {11/24}

Music Monday

can I decide another day?

There's a band call Like a Storm that has been playing on Sirius Octane.  The song I normally hear is "Wish You Hell" but I was unable to find that on grooveshark, so I sampled a selection of their music and picked another one for you.

"Everything I'm looking for 
Is right back here where I belong"

It's hard to have faith that you make the right choices when nothing seems to be going the way you planned.

Southern Skies by Like A Storm on Grooveshark


I left Target early on Friday to interview at a temp agency.  I had to stop at Walmart before going to work to pick up pantyhose since I knew I wouldn't have time to buy any before I needed to leave for the interview.  I left Target and parked in a deserted area of the parking lot and changed into my dress and put on my pantyhose, ick.  

Despite all my efforts, it didn't go nearly as well as I had planned.  I kind of expected a temp agency to have a list of positions available since they said I was a perfect match and they specialize in secretary/administrative support positions.  When I asked her how long till a position opened up, she refused to even estimate a time frame for me, telling me only that their agency brings in 20-50 new clients each week with only 15-35 positions to fill per week.  Excellent.  Additionally, I think the interviewer definitely had an issue with my blue hair, which she brought up before I could ask if it was a problem.  She didn't even tell me what the next steps in the process was.  Fail.

I came home afterwards in a pretty serious funk.  I also had a comment from Jana on Thursday's post about how maybe baby-sitting wouldn't be such a bad gig, which encouraged me to actually get serious about the profile and applying for some jobs on there.

Mr. Mystery's birthday presents arrived and so did my Disney Movie Club order!  Woot!  Maleficent was part of that order, which we watched while we were eating dinner, which was pizza because I just couldn't be bothered to stand in the kitchen and make dinner, even though kielbasa had been the push back menu item for several days running.

Mr. Mystery came home from his motorcycle ride and opened his birthday present (the beer of the month club for the next 6 months) and "helped" me with dinner, as in, watched me add the extra cheese and mushrooms and put it in the oven.  He did take it out of the oven though, so he did actually help.*  

Meri fell asleep watching the movie.
She's so unbearably adorable, I can't even handle it.

After the movie, it was bedtime since he had to be up early for his motorcycle class and I had to be at work.

*Mr. Mystery was sitting beside me as I was writing this and he wanted to make sure everyone knew that he helped!


After working till noon on Saturday, I met Teh SC House Finder and her family at The Citadel stadium where the Charleston Animal Society was holding a chili cookoff.  There was a photobooth!

lots of people!

Sesame was there with their alligator chili.
It was interesting.

We were obviously unprepared for it to start.

I felt awful because I told Teh SC House Finder that I'd give them a ride home since her parents left, and the tiredness hit me very suddenly around 4.  I'd been on my feet since 0630, except for the 15 minute break at work and the car ride to the event.  

When I got home, I was exhausted.  I had to make dinner since I had to work on Sunday and I needed leftovers to bring for lunch.  Standing in the kitchen was painful.  It hurt my soul and my feet and my body all over.  

Mr. Mystery came home from his class, despite his desire to go on a ride since the day was gorgeous and it was forecasted to rain all day on Sunday.  We ate dinner and watched some TV and Mr. Mystery gave me a foot rub because he's a saint.  Later on, he started a bath for me because he realized just how burned out I was.  After some relaxin' in the tub (tmi: together), we went to bed where Mr. Mystery gave me a back rub because really, he's a saint.  

Sorry ladies, he's mine.  I'm not big on sharing (or team work, so I'm learning from working at Target).


My shift at Target was for the backroom on Sunday, which was delightful.  The entire work day, which was 3 hours longer than I'm used to working, was less stressful than working with the flow team for a short day.  It was nice being back in the backroom, because that's where I worked when I worked at Target in college and back when I enjoyed working at Target.  I was able to figure out most of the things on my own.  I did ask where all the employees were that pushed the stuff to the floor and I got laughed at.  Apparently, that's the backroom's job at this store.  Seriously?  You have timed pulls and you expect the team to be able to complete those AND push it to the floor?  I was not impressed.

I've not been impressed with very much of anything about the North Charleston Target.  I'd love to tell the store manager all about it, but my opinions are quite negative and I'd like to continue receiving a paycheck until I have found other employment.

I came home to bathed dogs and a dinner plan and a response to one of the applications I'd put in.  Mr. Mystery made scallops wrapped in bacon, mac and cheese, and broccoli for dinner and it was delicious.  I always like it when he cooks since he always makes delicious noms, but since I'm usually already home, I take care of dinner so we don't end up eating at super-late-o-clock at night.

While we were watching TV (and I was writing this), I made Mr. Mystery read the story of Beyonce by The Blogess.  He thought it was hilarious.  I was pretty sure I liked him, but that might have pushed me over the line.  I might love him.  I once had to deal with someone who didn't think that a huge metal chicken wasn't funny.  

Finally, it was time for bed.  Thankfully, Monday is the 5th and final day of working with no days off.  DISLIKE.  Terminal leave ruined me.  Or the fact that I've not had to do much manual labor for the last 6 years, which I was fond of and my old ass body appreciated immensely.  My body is ready for a break.

In exciting news, Teh Sister is arriving with her household on Wednesday!  I'm supposed to work a split shift that day, buttttttttt we'll see about that.  Honestly, it's not high on my list of things to do.  I purchased all the goods for thanksgiving dinner and I'm excited to see the battlefield happenings of the kitchen with Teh Sister AND Mr. Mystery at the same time... AND EAT ALL THE TASTY NOMS!!!

Finally, Mr. Mystery's bday is on Wednesday and I really would like to do something awesome that isn't making dinner and sitting in front of the TV, but he's extremely difficult to impress and I have no idea what to do to make his bday special.  Suggestions are welcome!

Monday is upon us, Gentle Readers.  Hope this week treats you gently.
Also, it's Music Monday so tell us about your jamz and link up with us.  We're fun and musical.  

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday #38


After a particularly rough week on the job front, I have an interview with a temp agency today.  It's for office assistant/secretary positions and hopefully I have a lead on another job that isn't temporary.  It's not my ideal "real life" job, but we'll see what happens.  Keep your fingers crossed for me because this working at Target thing.. despite the discount... needs to end sooner rather than later.


I played Katamari yesterday for several hours.  I didn't work out.  I was lazy all day.  It was a successful day off.  I did NOT day drink, because that turned out poorly last time.  I did get a call from the temp agency, so it was probably for the best that I wasn't drunk.  I spent the morning applying for jobs, but the afternoon was all for me.  I even beat the game, even if poorly.  Now I just need to go back and get better scores on the levels to unlock the stuffs.


I have to work Saturday and Sunday.  I'm really not interested in that.  Mr. Mystery has a motorcycle class on Saturday, so it's not that big of a deal, but still.  I don't like working on the weekends after so many years of not having to deal with that mess.


I'm sad I don't have anything to blog about besides job searching and how I want things different than they are now.  That seems pathetic to me, but it is what it is.  It doesn't help that when I write posts, the TV is usually on which is unbearably distracting to me.


I thought living with someone meant a mostly unlimited sex pass.  I was wrong.  That may have been TMI, sorry not sorry.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wednesday/Thursday Ramble #3

-NEWS FLASH LADIES (if you're a dude this doesn't really apply to you unless you really love your woman and if that's the case, you need to tell her about this)!!!!  There's a thing called a Menstrual Cup.  Yep, that sounds gross, but how does it sound to not have to deal with bloody feminine hygiene products in the trash each month?  Or better yet, not having Teh Sister recce a pooped out, used tampon in her yard when you come to visit that one of your dogs left while you were in Raleigh...  Yeah that happened.  Anyways.  Menstrual cup is a thing.  Brit and many other smart women before me posted about it and if you're tired of the tampon string going up your butt crack when you wipe and finding ways to keep your blood thirsty animals from eating your monthly sacrifice, check this baby out.  It's also on Amazon.

-Extra news flash:  Teh Sister informed me that these menstrual cup things exist at Walmart in a disposable form.  Interesting.  I told her she could get them for me for Christmas.  Definitely a sister-to-sister gift.

-I learned on Monday that I look pretty much worthless via my resume.  This was from a stranger who pointed out all the things I'm lacking and suggested I look for a job "up north."  Granted, he looked at my resume and compared it to a job posting that I was looking at and gave me his honest opinion, but still.  To be told to look in a different area (he wasn't aware of the whole moving to Charleston for a purpose thing) and to have someone point out just how little experience I have in any single field (thanks Navy) burned.  I just want to ask him, should I stretch the truths to get a job?

-My tolerance for bullshit is getting lower and lower the longer I'm employed at Target.  Why didn't I apply at a small company that actually gives a shit?  Ugh.  Working a split shift the day before Thanksgiving isn't really high on my list of things to do.

-When I sit down at the computer, I automatically go to indeed or linkedin or some sort of job hunting website.  Honestly, it's consuming my life.  I sat down Tuesday night and Wednesday night to write this blog and then squirrel-ed to indeed and then had dinner and watched Mr. Mystery play video games while I was on more job sites.  I feel like it's all I ever talk about anymore and that makes me sad.

-Mr. Mystery wants me to get a "real life" job so household morale improves.  The dogs don't seem to care either way.

-Every time I want to play Katamari, I get distracted by hours of job searching.

-I've considered getting a part-time nanny/babysitting job and starting my Master's classes again, but that thought is always fleeting.  Additionally, there is something incredibly scary about being the carer of a child.  What if the child is a little shit?  Either way, I started the registration, but I've yet to apply for any positions what with still being employed at hell Target.  Also, children are little germ buckets and I hate being sick.  But still, better than Target?  Probably.  My fear is also that I wouldn't get lucky to get an awesome family.  I've been lucky like that in the past, in college and even keeping Navy coworker children, but those were people that I knew.  Strangers are a whole different story.

-Since I no longer live with a teenager, my hip vocabulary has significantly decreased.  Apparently "basic" now has a special implied pop culture meaning that I'm not yet privy too.  But if I had to guess, it probably applies to me.

-I still say "swerve" to Teh MD Teenage Roomie while doing a butterfly with my hands because to me swerve is what a butterfly does when there is a strong breeze... like say when you barely miss hitting it with your car and it has to get realigned for flight.

-I feel like I should apologize to all the people in my life that I whine to.  I feel like the last 2-3 months I've been incredibly whiny when really I should just be incredibly grateful., which I am.. I just whine louder.

-While I'm hoping for new/better employment, I'm still loving the blue hair and I really wonder how much it will affect an interview.  Granted, my roots are starting to show, which makes me sad, since I'm not planning on bleaching them to redye them.  I haven't decided what my next color should be yet, but I have a feeling it's going to be a burgundy-purple color from the box, which kinda makes me sad because the blue is aweeeeesome.

Prob darker than this.

-More about blue hair, I often forget I have blue hair.  Seriously.  I don't really pay attention unless it's down or I'm shedding and even then, it no longer seems unnatural.  Having blue hair has definitely earned me some nicknames at Target.  If I were to quit there and dye my hair to a more "normal" color, I doubt anyone would recognize me.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Music Monday #12 and Weekend Review {11/17}


can I decide another day?

Sooo I have several Canadian friends and Thanksgiving for them was in October, so technically it is after Thanksgiving.  I give you the best Christmas song there ever will be.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Carol of the Bells


After another Target session, I headed home to find a sickly, sleeping, Mr. Mystery on the couch.  When he woke up, he insisted on doing something that afternoon.  We finally agreed on dinner and watching 21 Jump Street to pregame the release of 22 Jump Street on DVD Tuesday.  He decided on Texas Roadhouse for dinner since we hadn't been able to get in on Tuesday.  Sadly, we had such super shitty service that we were both pissed.  Both of our steaks were undercooked, mine to the point of sending it back with NOT our waitress, Mr. Mystery's margarita had sugar instead of salt, we saw our waitress a total of 4 times.  It was just not good, Gentle Readers.  

After dinner, we stopped by Target to pick up some (more) things (as I had already shopped at Target before I left the first time).  I scored some clearance 8x10 frames that I ended up getting for $4 after cartwheel and employee discount were taken off.  Woot.  

We came home and watched 21 Jump Street and actually stayed up later than the football game went on.  HA!  Take that youths!


Before coming down to SC, I stalked researched the group in the area.  They were having an event at a pet store and I wanted to go see how they did things.  It didn't start until 11, so I had plenty of productive time in the morning since I got up with the dogs at 0730.  I finally organized the man room.  I stacked all Mr. Mystery's boxes of crap that he refuses to go through and set up the tables so it was actually a usable room to be in rather than a storage room, which is still is, but now its organized clutter rather than boxes strewn all over the room.  It was a decision to the man room instead of the guest room.  

I know that Teh Sister and Teh Utah Specialist are coming for Thanksgiving, so I will have to set up the guest room, so there's my motivation for that room.  I need Mr. Mystery to purchase a bookshelf so I can unpack those book boxes and that will eliminate boxes in the guest room and several boxes in the man room.  I'm serious business so I bought a bookshelf that I'll pick up before I leave Target tomorrow.  Done and done.

While I was organizing the man room, I also washed the dog blankets in the crates, which definitely helps eliminate some smell in the house.  I discovered an air filter thingy that Mr. Mystery had, which had a filter so dirty I refused to even turn it on in that state.  Instead, I got on amazon and purchased a filter, so we can start using it soon and hopefully that will help Mr. Mystery's allergies some.

I woke up Mr. Mystery around 1030, apparently nyquil really works wonders on him.  He decided to come with me to the dog event, which was awesome.  It's difficult to wrangle 2 dogs at the same when one is afraid of slippery floors and the other just wants to go-go-go.  

Honestly, I wasn't super impressed with GPA-Charleston.  I think most of this is because I'm GEGR biased.  GEGR is an excellent group with amazing, dedicated volunteers and it's a HUGE group.  GPA here is a small group.  Also, it was the first time they'd done a meet-and-greet at the location we went to, but there wasn't even a HUGE sign outside to advertise greyhounds, just the pet store's dry erase board and we had to find the group in the store.  GEGR also had a policy that only greyhounds were allowed in the pen, this group pretty much had to let Meri in with us since it was just an enclosed area.  Meri was the favorite of the ladies that were there.  Most of the people that came in the enclosure to see the greyhounds were also slightly distracted by her.  She's adorable, she can't help it.  I mentioned leaving her at home, but Mr. Mystery said it was unfair.  

We had lunch at Five Guys before heading home, since it was already 1.  Teh SC House Finder had messaged me when we were on the way to the M&G to ask if we wanted to come over for a bonfire later, which turned into coming over for dinner and smores and Cards Against Humanity (CAH).

Mr. Mystery and I went home after the M&G and he left for a motorcycle ride.  I proceeded to job hunt/sign up for a headhunter and listen to Katamari play in the background because I had intentions of playing it but then kept getting side tracked.  

When Mr. Mystery came home, we (including the dogs) left to go to Teh SC House Finder's house.  We socialized while dinner finished up (I made the brussel sprouts in bacon grease at their house so they were fresh) and then after clean up, we went outside to enjoy the fire and smores.  After a while we came inside and we talked in Teh SC House Finder's parents into playing CAH with us.  It was excellent to hear a Mom read out "double penetration."  The best part about playing CAH was that my CAH order had been delivered so we got to play the 90's Nostalia, Box, and the 2012 and 2013 Christmas expansions.  I also realized that I'd failed at ordering the 5th expansion, as I'd intended on doing.  Ugh.  But I did finally get my bigger blacker box.  WIN.

9 dogs, 7 humans.  We were outnumbered.
Only bad things could have happened.

Another Olive!

The marshmallow toasting master got to show off her skillz.

Way past our bedtime, we finally headed back home.  


I finally went to the United Methodist church.  It was.. interesting.  I went to the "contemporary" service, which I learned didn't necessarily mean new but fast.  We sang every song at double tempo.  Again, I compared it to my MD church, which wasn't a good idea just like comparing the greyhound group wasn't a good idea.  The MD church I went to had a large congregation.  This church, not so much.  Additionally, I was spoiled by the laid-back-ness of LPUMC.  There was sitting and standing and sitting and standing and sitting and standing and I had to hold back my comment that the Catholic church was next door... I thought.  

The Pastor pretty much read his sermon, which infuriated me.  It's a thing I have.  You have ONE job on Sunday dude, talk to the people.  I appreciate that you had to write this sermon, but you WROTE it, don't READ it to me.. You obviously know it if you wrote it.  Argh.  Apparently that public speaking course in college stuck with me.

On the other hand, despite the older crowd, they were all super friendly and welcoming and I got several (genuine) compliments on my blue hair and how pretty it was.  Why thank you, thank you very much.  The lady in front of me told me several times how she hoped I'd be back next Sunday.  Honestly, I'm not so sure.  Sometimes, you just know the fit isn't there.  

I talked to Teh Sister on the way home about my church experience and I finally was able to talk with her and Mr. Mystery at the same time to collaborate a Thanksgiving dinner list... FINALLY.  Mr. Mystery had started laundry (which is always a sketchy situation since he doesn't know my laundry rules very well), because despite my very strong feeling to tell him not to worry about doing the laundry, I didn't say anything and well... he was doing laundry when I got home.  Yay? Ugh?  

95% of the day was spent on the couch, in my spot.  I worked on this post for 70% of that time.  I dealt with dog distractions and general ADD and laundry.  Most of the reason it took so long to write the post was because the TV was/is on and I just don't operate well with the box distracting me with the things.  Even if its something I don't necessarily want to watch.  We also watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  Not gonna lie, I have absolutely no idea what was going on, despite actually trying to understand.  

Adult Peppermint Hot Chocolate + extra marshmallows = WIN.

Yes, they fell asleep like that.
Be still my heart.

Overall, great weekend.  It was much needed knowing that next week I start working 5 days a week.  Granted, I'm only scheduled for 4 hours each day, they prefer you stay as many hours as possible.  I usually leave at noon, despite the fact that I need the dollas, my body can't handle the work anymore.  Which is sad but true.  There's only so many boxes I can lift and steps I can take before I set off my back, at which point I'm worthless.  Oh and btw, I hate cat litter.  The.MOST.

I really wish I could catch a job break.  I'm doing the LinkedIn premium thing and trying to comment on people's threads so I can get more views, but really, I don't feel like that is going to help me much.  Getting a job in this area is going to take someone handing someone else my resume and saying I should be hired, not a freak internet connection.  

Le siiigh.  One day.  Till then, I'll be working on Black Thursday, I mean Friday, oh wait, no I mean Thursday, much to Mr. Mystery's dissatisfaction (and my own).

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday #37


I don't know if you've ever noticed or not, but I don't really do fashion posts, unless it's ridiculous and I'm doing it in jest, which btw is all of my "Fashion doesn't agree with me..." posts.  That said, I noticed that Target has women's boots on sale for 20% off + my 10% employee discount + 5% off from the Cartwheel app... so I tried some on.

I wasn't impressed.  It kinda felt like you get what you pay for if you buy cheap boots.  Or maybe I'm biased because I'm used to actual boots with a thick sole on the bottom?  Either way, I don't wear skinny jeans, nor do I have any intention to (since that means buying new clothes and I had to majorly purge when I arrived in SC), so I just put the boots back (in the correct place).

At least I entertained the thought of owning boots?  Does that count for something towards "girl" points?

The other part of the problem is that I wasn't sure about my paycheck situation and I really shouldn't be spending dollas, even if the boots are 35% off of $40.  Especially with Mr. Mystery's bday coming up and Thanksgiving coming and Christmas soon after.


I finally finished The Help.

Now I want to watch the movie to see how it compares.  Overall, I enjoyed the book.  I did just want to get through it though.  I felt like I'd been reading it forever, which really wasn't actually the case, since I only started it a week or so ago... butttt the pressure was on since I bought some actual books from the clearance section at Books-a-Million last Tuesday and I want to read those too.


Speaking of Tuesday, it's thrown my week for a loop.  I thought it was Monday all day on Wednesday and on Tuesday, which felt like Saturday, I kept thinking I should find a church to attend on Sunday, but I would then realize that it was only Tuesday, not Saturday.  Middle of the week days off are confusing.  Granted, I'm used to having the days off in the middle of the week now, but Mr. Mystery was also off, which was what really threw me for a loop.

We were gonna do Texas Roadhouse for Veteran's lunch but the wait was too long and Mr. Mystery suggested Poe's, so we went there instead.  Poe's was the first restaurant Mr. Mystery and I went to when we got to SC, so it always holds a special place for me, I know, I'm cheesy, whatevs.

For dinner we ended up at Olive Garden since TRH only did a lunch special.  Since the wait was about an hour, we went to Books-a-Million to pass the time, thus #2.  It's been a hot minutes since I've been in a book store so it was absolutely glorious.

There's lots of time that I feel like the formatting on my Nook books is jacked up, but how would I know unless I see cut off words or weird spacings.  I don't have that concern with actual books, but I do have to hold them open and physically turn pages.  I guess this could assist with the problem I have with my arms falling asleep due to the way I'm holding Nook.  Whatevs.  First world problems.


I have a confession about #2 and #3.  I bought a Nicholas Sparks book.  This is a confession because I'm kinda ashamed of myself.  Let me explain.

Back in the day, so when I was in college, before The Notebook was something everyone had heard of, I enjoyed reading Nick Sparks.  After several years of reading his books, which included catching up on the ones he wrote prior to "being discovered," I finally realized they were all pretty much exactly the same book, but the characters changed.

Let me set up a Nick Sparks book for you:
Somewhere in NC
Crazy life event happen
Girl+Guy have to interact
One of them fights it
They fall in love and live happily ever after.

Sorry if I just ruined it for you.  Blame Nick Sparks for being so predictable.  I became bitter.  I stopped reading his books.  Why would I pay to read the same story over and over?  Kthxno.

I bought Safe Haven.  I'm pretty sure it's already a movie, but it was on clearance and it's been a while since I've read Nick Sparks and this is one of his new books, so maybe he's moved away from his scripted novel?  Only time (and my reading the book) will actually tell.


Don't judge me.

I'M SO UNBEARABLY PUMPED ABOUT 22 JUMP STREET COMING OUT ON DVD!!  Every time I see it advertised, I freak out and Mr. Mystery just glares at me like I have a horn growing from my forehead.

I've already told him that's a movie we will obtain on it's release day.  I'm serious bizness, yo.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wednesday/Thursday Ramble #2

-Mr. Mystery does this thing where he likes to make the most obnoxious noises ever.  Generally, it's when he's in the bathroom for a long time or when he's playing video games.  It's like he's making noise so I don't forget he's here (or in the case of the bathroom, so I don't hear him, because I guess he thinks I have freakishly good hearing where I can hear the splats through the door and walls and whatever TV he has left on at the time).  Sometimes, it's endearing.  Sometimes, I want to SLAY HIM.

-Mr. Mystery flipped out on me for popping my knuckles.  As in, even asked me NOT to do it when I'm around him.  I've been a finger popper all my life.  I even pop my neck and elbows and ankles and back and  Popping isn't something I think about before I do it, I just do it.  My fingers start to get stiff and hurt and I pop them.  Apparently he's not a fan of that.  Or chewing noises.  (We might both be PMSing this week.)

-I hate that I miss running.  I do.  I'm not a runner.  Running hurts all my body pieces.  After all the blisters from my half marathon and breaking in new shoes and now running randomly, I'm not sure how I actually have skin left on my ankles/toes.  Yet, I feel better after a run.  Not like happy feelz, no.. like I don't want to eat that Snicker's ice cream bar and I'll have fruit instead, thanks.  Also, I'm more regular (sorry for that TMI).  And there's also the added benefits of calories burned and more energy and hopefully burning off this spare tire that I've managed to build over the last month of being a fatty with very minimal exertion.

-When I stopped taking classes, I had all this free time that had been previously dedicated to doing homework.  I had to figure out how to fill that time.  I managed to figure something out, obviously, but I keep thinking about what I'm going to do with my free time when I've finally acquired a "real life" job and don't feel obligated to job hunt when I could be relaxing.

-I've now programmed THREE tv shows to record on the DVR all via my computer.  It's really the only way since I only think about it while Mr. Mystery is watching TV.  So far we DVR: Jimmy Fallon, Grey's Anatomy, and I set the Concert of Valor from Veteran's Day in DC to record so I can see the whole thing without Mr. Mystery channel flipping through everyone but Metallica.

-I may have gotten a bit excited about seeing 101 Dalmatians on Disney Movie Club.  If you wanna be a member, let me know and I'll send you a link and I can get 2 free movies!  I think it's worth it to be able to get the Disney movies for pretty cheap, usually $8-15 on sale for a Blue-Ray and sometimes they put out the old school movies that you can't find in stores, if that's your jam.

-Hearing about awesome things happening in DC makes me miss being so close to the city.  There's cool things in Charleston that don't have to deal with eating, right?

-Speaking of cool things in Charleston, I looked up runs to do and I still really want to do the bridge run.  I'm waiting to see about the payday situation before I finally bite the bullet.

-I had a phone interview Wednesday afternoon and I wasn't impressed with the position.  It's not the "real life" job that I wanted, but I was hoping it was going to be better than working at Target.  Ugh.  Actually, I'd rather just get my dream "real life" job.

-I'm reading The Help and I really want to to finish it, but I never feel like I have enough time.  Siiiiigh.  Job hunting takes so much time from my life.

-I don't seem to be able to go shopping without spending at least $100.  Ugh.  This means that when I went to Walmart on Wedneday for a few things, I ended up spending $225.  In my defense, I bought 2 bags of dog food which are $40 each and I bought Teh Sister and her fiance something aweeeeesome (we'll say it's for Christmas, but I'm giving it to them at Thanksgiving).

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Feed Reader vs Teh Blog

**Navy internet users, please be aware that NMCI hates you and me and well, everyone, and they block websites if they are clicked on from a pushed source.  This does not mean Teh Blog is blocked by NMCI, I'm not that dirty.  If you go straight to the home page,, you will be able to see all the things!**

Apparently, you can set how you want your blog posts to appear in feed readers, did you know that?  Well, I didn't.

I was playing with my settings a few weeks ago and decided to change some things and I never made the connection that the thing I changed also was the start of when my blog posts started to get cut off in Feedly.***

Now that I've peaked your interest (and so I won't forget next time I decide to fiddle with my settings), I'm gonna show you what I'm talking about.

BTW, this applies for Blogger, but when I hit up the Googles for answers on why my posts were cut short, I found a WordPress article, so if you're a WordPress user this might still apply to you as well.

To make your full posts appear on feed readers:
1.  Go to settings.
2.  Under Site Feed, click the drop down to the right of "Allow Blog Feed".
3.  Select Full.


To show all embedded links, click on the drop down menu beside "Enable Title Links and Enclosure Links."  Select Yes.  The end.

***When I got an email from I remembered WHY I had changed the feed setting to short, wasn't forwarding my posts to the cIdad? FB page.  Problem solved, I went back to Twitterfeed to push my posts.  Ain't nobody got time for shortened feed reader posts!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Music Monday #11 and Weekend Review {11/10}


can I decide another day?

SO what had happened was... Amanda posted this song on Friday and I've yet to get it out of my head.  She was right, songs that build up are the shiznit.  I think this song does kinda reflect on my life a little bit, the move to SC mainly.  I'm sure there are other things, but that has been a big thing right now when I'm facing the difficulty of obtaining that "real life" job that everyone said would be easy to get (nope, not bitter).  Maybe I bet my life on this?

Imagine Dragons - I Bet My Life

I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons on Grooveshark

PREFACE: After looking at my photo gallery from this weekend, I realized that 95% of my photos were of food and the other 5% were of dogs and/or selfies with dogs.  Welcome to my life.


After being at Target until noon, I left, went by Walmart (yes in my Target clothes) to pick up a rotisserie chicken for chicken and gnocchi soup, then went by base to PSD to see about getting my new, not-active-duty ID.  Apparently, I have to wait until I'm actually no longer active duty.  Meh.  That does mean more days to practice my new ID face.

I came home and tried to relax some.  My back has been killing me from 3 days of walking/standing/lifting at Target, which really just shows me how bad my back is.  Thanks Navy.  Mr. Mystery came home, changed and left to go on a ride.  

In a state, I started cleaning and finally decided I'd had enough of the clutter on the dressers in the bedroom.  I put all that shit in boxes and threw it in the man room, which is less of a man room and more of a storage room for all the random shit that Mr. Mystery refuses to go through, even though he tells me he has.  Nope, if you're reading this, I found that box you relocated before you got distracted and forgot to move the other box, which you then left sitting on the recliner for another week.  

I made chicken and gnocchi soup for dinner, which was delicious.  Mr. Mystery came home and marinaded the chicken for tomorrow's dinner and cleaned off the grill and finally set up the hammock that has been waiting on him since... uhhh.. August 15th.  NBD.  He got to it.  /rolleyes.

After dinner, Mr. Mystery played his video game and made as much noise as possible while I pittered around on the internet and mostly tried to ignore the yells of "I'ma kill you bitch!" until there was a, "This is an awesome part, you should watch."  At which point, I'd look up and be as interested as possible (which translates to not very much at all) and then continue whatever I was doing online.


I tried to sleep in, but at 6 the dogs woke me up and 6-7 was spent trying to go back to sleep unsuccessfully.  I finally got up at 7 and fed the beasts and didn't fight the 7am productive streak where I felt like cleaning the bathrooms.  Don't judge me.  It's a sickness.

We had company coming later in the day, so it kinda needed to get done anyways, but I wasn't planning on doing them at 0700.  After showering, I decided to make breakfast and delivered to Mr. Mystery in bed.  See sometimes, I can be nice.  We finally got out of bed and I started the laundry and Mr. Mystery helped me vacuum and we finally decided to lay out the rugs and hang the last of the living room wall hangings.  Now if I could just get some wall anchors for the entryway mirror, I'd be DONE with the common areas!  Woot!

We ran out before the guests arrived because Mr. Mystery was concerned that we weren't going to have enough beer.  Three 12 packs later, he was certain we were not going to run out.  We came back home and waited on company to arrive.  I got to play some Katamari and finally our guests arrived!

We were having a doggy play date at our house since we have the huge backyard.  Teh SC House Finder, Teh Architect, and her parents came with 4 of their 6 pups.  Side note: Teh SC House Finder's Mom was my 1st grade teacher's assistant, so it was awesome being able to catch up with her after so many years of not seeing each other.

We had planned for lots of doggy playing and dinner and it was aweeeesssome.  So awesome in fact that I took ZERO photos.  No jk.  Mr. Mystery did chicken on the grill and Teh SC House Finder and her mom made sides.  I sat in the kitchen and fetched items they needed and supervised.  Everything was delicious and we ended up with the leftovers (not complaining)!  After Teh SC House Hunter's parents left, we broke out Cards Against Humanity and A Game for Good Christians, which go so well together.  After it was past everyone's bedtime, the guests and the pups left and we cleaned up and called it a night.  The dogs were aboslutely exhausted and so were we.  It was great having people over for the first time.

My new favorite compliment was given by Teh SC House Finder when she said, "Your house is just so cozy!  I love it!"  Me too.  

Having company wore Phil out.
It's not like he even ran much.

Mr. Mystery giving love.

Sleepy Meri-Meri

Addie Mae enjoyed CAH.


We had been planning to go to brunch at Hominy Grill all week.  We arrived around 10 and were told it was a 45 minute to an hour wait.  Mr. Mystery and I decided to walk around while we were waiting.  We ended up going towards King Street and I decided to stop into Glazed because I have no will-power when it comes to new food places.  I picked up a glazed and a black and white to go.  The glazed was mostly just to compare to Krispy Kreme.  If your glazed is delicious, everything else has a chance.  We headed back to Hominy Grill and as Mr. Mystery put the doughnuts in the truck, I checked to see if our name had been called.  It had and we were able to be seated immediately, WIN!

This is what happens when you take too big of a whiff and the flowers stink.

We ordered shrimp and grits and grillades and grits.  We shared because we're a good team, and because Mr. Mystery liked mine better than his and I liked his better than mine.  Overall assessment: the food was good, but the shrimp and grits was $18 and I expected it to come in a bowl or something with depth.  Nope, it was on a plate and there wasn't really much.  Granted, it was a decent sized serving, but if it's the most expensive thing on the menu (by $5), make it overly impressive.

After brunch, we came home and Mr. Mystery talked about going on a ride, but then the 49ers were playing and it was aired on the east coast, so he was obligated to watch.  I decided to take a nap.  There was a problem with this situation.  Mr. Mystery feels that in the hierarchy of things that are the most important in the household, 49ers football is #1.  What he doesn't realize is that me sleeping is the #1 priority in the hierarchy of things that are the most important in the household.  So after he woke me up with his yelling at the TV, we had a chat.

I had planned to go to Magnolia Gardens after my nap with Teh SC House Finder and Teh Architect, but ended up not going because I couldn't find a utility bill with my name on it and when I checked the comcast bill, it still hadn't been autodrafted from my checking account, which meant I had to call comcast, which is NEVER on my love to do list.  Since I was in a such rage, I had to stand up them up for the gardens, which was disappointing, although I was told later that it was super crowded.

Instead, I got up from my nap and hung out with Mr. Mystery on the couch.  My 2nd intention was to go lay on the hammock and read since it was gorgeous outside after my nap, but I ended up getting lost in the abyss that is job searching while Mr. Mystery yelled (ok, I might have also yelled some too) at the 49ers for a very stressful game.  In the end, he was we were happy with the results, since the 49ers won.

I took a short break to make pigs in a blanket for dinner, per Teh MD Adult Roomie's former guidance.  It was a hit.  After a mabillion job applications, my first and subsequent cover letters, and Meri snugglin' later, it was finally time for bed.

It's a Meri knot!
Phil deserted us for the bedroom.  He's such an old man.

The idea of going to Target int he morning makes me want to weep a bit, but dolla dolla bill ya'll.

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