Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wednesday/Thursday Ramble #2

-Mr. Mystery does this thing where he likes to make the most obnoxious noises ever.  Generally, it's when he's in the bathroom for a long time or when he's playing video games.  It's like he's making noise so I don't forget he's here (or in the case of the bathroom, so I don't hear him, because I guess he thinks I have freakishly good hearing where I can hear the splats through the door and walls and whatever TV he has left on at the time).  Sometimes, it's endearing.  Sometimes, I want to SLAY HIM.

-Mr. Mystery flipped out on me for popping my knuckles.  As in, even asked me NOT to do it when I'm around him.  I've been a finger popper all my life.  I even pop my neck and elbows and ankles and back and  Popping isn't something I think about before I do it, I just do it.  My fingers start to get stiff and hurt and I pop them.  Apparently he's not a fan of that.  Or chewing noises.  (We might both be PMSing this week.)

-I hate that I miss running.  I do.  I'm not a runner.  Running hurts all my body pieces.  After all the blisters from my half marathon and breaking in new shoes and now running randomly, I'm not sure how I actually have skin left on my ankles/toes.  Yet, I feel better after a run.  Not like happy feelz, no.. like I don't want to eat that Snicker's ice cream bar and I'll have fruit instead, thanks.  Also, I'm more regular (sorry for that TMI).  And there's also the added benefits of calories burned and more energy and hopefully burning off this spare tire that I've managed to build over the last month of being a fatty with very minimal exertion.

-When I stopped taking classes, I had all this free time that had been previously dedicated to doing homework.  I had to figure out how to fill that time.  I managed to figure something out, obviously, but I keep thinking about what I'm going to do with my free time when I've finally acquired a "real life" job and don't feel obligated to job hunt when I could be relaxing.

-I've now programmed THREE tv shows to record on the DVR all via my computer.  It's really the only way since I only think about it while Mr. Mystery is watching TV.  So far we DVR: Jimmy Fallon, Grey's Anatomy, and I set the Concert of Valor from Veteran's Day in DC to record so I can see the whole thing without Mr. Mystery channel flipping through everyone but Metallica.

-I may have gotten a bit excited about seeing 101 Dalmatians on Disney Movie Club.  If you wanna be a member, let me know and I'll send you a link and I can get 2 free movies!  I think it's worth it to be able to get the Disney movies for pretty cheap, usually $8-15 on sale for a Blue-Ray and sometimes they put out the old school movies that you can't find in stores, if that's your jam.

-Hearing about awesome things happening in DC makes me miss being so close to the city.  There's cool things in Charleston that don't have to deal with eating, right?

-Speaking of cool things in Charleston, I looked up runs to do and I still really want to do the bridge run.  I'm waiting to see about the payday situation before I finally bite the bullet.

-I had a phone interview Wednesday afternoon and I wasn't impressed with the position.  It's not the "real life" job that I wanted, but I was hoping it was going to be better than working at Target.  Ugh.  Actually, I'd rather just get my dream "real life" job.

-I'm reading The Help and I really want to to finish it, but I never feel like I have enough time.  Siiiiigh.  Job hunting takes so much time from my life.

-I don't seem to be able to go shopping without spending at least $100.  Ugh.  This means that when I went to Walmart on Wedneday for a few things, I ended up spending $225.  In my defense, I bought 2 bags of dog food which are $40 each and I bought Teh Sister and her fiance something aweeeeesome (we'll say it's for Christmas, but I'm giving it to them at Thanksgiving).

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  1. Hubs pops his neck all the time and it freaks me out. But I pop my toes, especially when in bed before falling asleep, which he hates.


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