Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hello? Is this thing on?

This is going to be a random brain dumping post, so hold on for a wild ride read.

Teh Ginger told me when he was editing my resume that 2 spaces after a period is antiquated.  Is that true?  If so, I don't care.  I still hold to my 2 spaces after a period unless I'm writing a paper for a class and I've went over the page limit and I need to tighten it up some.  I'm not a little bit sorry.  And yes I said go OVER the page limit.  It's a common problem I have.

I went to Target orientation to Thursday.  It was strange to me to FEEL overqualified for a job.  I was handling it pretty well until I saw that they scheduled me for 24 hours in a 2 week period.  Then I did the math.  $8.50 an hour (yes, that's what I'm getting paid and yes I'm slightly ashamed) for 24 hours = $204 for 2 weeks.. and that's NOT deducting taxes.  So lets just roughly estimate $175ish for 2 weeks.  There might have been tears when I figured that out.

Additionally, going back to a place that I worked at in college and earning almost minimum wage again has been a difficult pill to swallow.  Some of the people who hold leadership positions at this Target graduated from college THIS year.  As in gradated college with their Bachelor's in 2014.  I graduated college in 2007, did 6 years in the Navy, and started on my M.A. and I'm working part-time for minimum wage under someone that graduated THIS YEAR.  My soul is crushed.  Additionally, listening to the HR manager tell us how much better her life was once she left the floor and got into management didn't help the situation... AT ALL.

To all those people who told me how easy it would be for me to find a job with my security clearance and my job history and already having my B.A.... What were you talking about?!?!?!  What am I doing wrong?  Am I just being impatient?  Do I not have enough faith that things will work out?

I know that with the house and the move, everything fell into place at, what felt like, the last possible minute.  I was hoping to start work on October 20th, so that last possible minute would have been a few days before that.  Is this some type of joke where God's "last possible minute" is November 9th?  Because if that's the case fine, I just need a little heads up so I can fuel a little more patience and put these breakdowns on the back burner.

On the other hand, working at Target means I get to keep my blue hair.  Since it was my first day of work, I wore it in a very "professional" sock bun, per Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover's suggestion.  She doesn't understand just how uncool sock buns are, but that's because she was never in the military.  Additionally, I don't use a sock, I use the As-Seen-On-TV Bun Maker thingy.  It's pretty sweet because it weighs so much LESS than an actual sock, which I have used before... ouch.

My first official day of work was Monday and it was more disappointing than I expected.
The Target that I work at seems to be a shit-show.  If I had been a customer walking into that store when it opened and saw what I saw, I'd have walked out and never went back.  There were all kinds of shopping carts all over the stores with merchandise to still be put out.  That first day, I worked in clothes, or what Target refers to as Softlines.  There were clothes on wrong racks, unfolded clothes all over the tables, men's clothes in the women's section, women's clothes in the kid's sections, gaping holes where merchandise should have been in women's socks/underwear.  It was bad.  Then after we'd finally finished putting the clothes away wherever we could find a place (even if it didn't go there), we moved over to HBA (health and beauty aids, so your cosmetics, hygiene products, etc).  I almost lost it when I couldn't put product out because the wrong product was in it's spot.. because the wrong product was in the wrong product's spot.  After rearranging 3 different types of shaving creams and several different types of deodorant, I was done.

There was another new girl who was working with me and she and I had been told that it was someone else's job to zone (i.e. fix what wasn't in the correct places), so we shouldn't worry about it.  Wait, what?  I shouldn't worry about the fact that I can't put this product out because something else is in the wrong spot?  I can't even.  By the time I left, I was hangry and frustrated.

Additionally, I find it ridiuclous that we were schedule 0630-1030, but they were planning on asking us if we wanted to stay for longer.  Why not just write the schedule for as long as you wanted us to stay?  I can make plans to be at work for as long as you schedule me for.. if I am schedule to work that time.  If I'm not scheduled, then what?  This Target is unbearably frustrating to me.  I don't remember this kind of scenario at the Target in Cary.

Anyone wanna hire me for a "real life" job in the Charleston area?

The afternoon after my first day of work, I posted on FB asking if anyone knew of companies in Charleston that were hiring or had any contacts they could pass my resume onto since networking is the best way to get a job.  I had a few people who offered to pass on my resume and then I had people say shit like, "You should have moved to DC," or "I could help if you were in my location."  Not helpful.  Seriously?  Why would anyone say that?  I'm not moving to DC, I moved to SC for a reason, and yes it was a risk, but I still have faith that it will work out better than I planned... or at least I have a blind faith that it will hope out better than I planned.

I went through motorcycle safety class last weekend and I loved riding a motorcycle.  Now, we didn't go faster than 20mph, and I think that driving on the highway would terrify the bejesus out of me, but maybe one day when I can afford more than the $10 water bill I might be able to afford a motorcycle.  Hahahhaha... /sadface.

I missed my linkup Monday with Britt and Emmy and I feel a little bad about it, but I've just been wiped out.  Between feeling pretty worthless about this job situation and having the determination to even walk into Target and then dealing with things on the homefront, it's just been a difficult time.  We've finally reached a month of living together and rather than just sit back and let things bother me, I've been speaking up about it, so that way it's not assumed I'm ok with things.  Additionally, I didn't really have much of a weekend to review.

Friday was Halloween and I had nothing to do (except for meet Mr. Mystery for lunch and then we went to the Ducati motorcycle shop to size a helmet and jacket for me) until class that started at 5 and was supposed to end at 9.  We got out early at 7:30, which was nice.  I didn't get home till 8 since I had to pick up some candy on the way home since we ran out.  I heard that Meri and Phil were a hit though, even if Mr. Mystery didn't put their costumes on them.

Me: Thing 2
Phil: Drunk Mexican
Meri: Princess Leia

Saturday I was in class all day and when I came home from class, we went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner since we had both been thinking about it earlier in the day.  Sunday was class again all day, then after I got out of class, I met Mr. Mystery at his boss's house to watch foosball.  Around 6, we finally left and came home to feed the dogs, then we went back out for dinner at a mexican place around the corner.

Did I mention I've gained about 10 lbs since I arrived in SC?  All this eating out and not running is absolutely killing me (literally cause fat kills you? get it?  get it?!).  I'm not complaining, but I really need to self-motivate more and get off my ass.  Working out makes for a happier Teh Megan, overall, not just in a yay-my-pants-fit-again-thank-God-because-I-work-at-Target-and-can't-afford-to-buy-more type way.

In Charleston, people rarely go over the speed limit.  Sometimes, people don't even go THE speed limit.  But these bitches are HAPPY to run red lights.  Been sitting at the red light too long and there's no oncoming traffic?  Oh, nbd, just gonna make my turn now, but I just drove down the road doing 35 in a 45mph zone, don't mind me.  #RAGE!

I was shopping at Bi-Lo so Mr. Mystery could get credit towards his gas.  But when I had to pay $2 more for the same beer that I didn't get a Publix, I told him I was done with Bi-Lo.  #sorrynotsorry Also, why wasn't I using the gas credit????  I'm not the one with the motorcycle.  Then again, apparently, the motorcycle requires premium gas.  Whatevs.

I'm so stressed about all.the.things that my hair is coming out.  All this expensive blue hair, just falling out of my head.  /weep.

I have been spending significantly less time on the computer since I got to SC.  Mr. Mystery isn't as technologically superior dependent as me, so I try not to be on the computer all the time when he is home, unless I'm applying for jobs or talking to people or he's playing video games.  This has been detrimental to my blogging... along with my pretty busy schedule last weekend.

We were actually asleep before 9:30 Sunday night, which I only know because I had missed texts from Teh MD Adult Roomie and Teh Sister around that time that I didn't see until I woke up late (i.e. 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave for Target) on Monday morning.  Going to bed that early meant no time for blogging, even though I gave the computer a longing look when I turned off the lights and went into the bedroom, that counts for something, right?

At 2:20 on Tuesday afternoon I started drinking because all of these things, plus dealing with the phone insurance company set me over the edge.  I'm just over it all right now and while I wish this was all PMS invoked drama, it's not even close to PMS time.  Le sigh.

When you're at the bottom, you can only go up from there right?  Riiiiight??????
(Let's just say that was a rhetorical question or that you said "yes" so I don't have a breakdown.)

I started reading The Help the other day and I love it.  I don't know anything about the book, other than it is supposed to be really good and that's not the reason that I love it.  I love it because I can read and comprehend southern dialect and it feels like home in my brain.  As much as I fight the country, reading the southern dialect makes me incredibly happy.  The Help keeps making me think of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (I just remembered that title randomly because earlier when I was trying to think of it, I couldn't remember to save my life, take that brain!) that we read in 7th grade English.  Mostly because they are set around the same time and talk about segregation.  Granted I'm only 20 pages into The Help, so I'm sure there will be more to rave about later, but seriously, southern talk makes my brain happy.

I finally put Meri and Phil's jammies on them.  Then I took them out in public on a walk.  We got so many compliments.  Then we ran into a group of boys who were 6-10 years old and 2 of the boys were walking their dogs.  The dogs proceeded to drag them down the street in an attempt to get to us.  I huffed it down the street and around the corner so Meri would refocus and so their dogs wouldn't catch us.  Instead of going down a different street, they followed us and I wanted to slaughter a group of children.  Also, what parents thinks letting their 6-8 year old walk their dog is a good idea?  It's not.  Your 80 pound kid can't control your 80 pound dog.  I know you want both the kid and the dog out of the house, but that's not a solution.  EVER.  I wasn't worried that either dog was going to attack us, they just seemed overly interested and the boys were unable to control the dogs like an adult would have been able to.  It wasn't the kid's fault.  It wasn't the dog's fault.  People make me rage.

I bought Beautiful Katamari for the Xbox 360 since that's what Mr. Mystery has (and since Teh Bear took the PS3 I bought for Christmas with him, yay for unlabled, ambiguous Cmas presents) and I'm still not the best at Katamari.  It doesn't help that with the 360 controller, the joysticks aren't on the same horizontal plane.  I figure with practice I'll get better.  I also purchased Viva Pinata, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, which came with Forza 2, a racing game.  The purpose of buying all these games was twofold.  1.  They all have a multiplayer function so Mr. Mystery and I could play together.  2.  I was "celebrating" getting the job at Target.

Please note that very rarely do I say I went to work.  I just say I went to Target.  I'm hoping that I won't be working there for very long.  Dear Work Gods, please please please please pleaseeeeeeee bestow a delightful full-time job upon me.  Plskthx.  -Desperate Teh Megan


  1. The Help was a great book! I liked the movie but as usual, the book was better.

    Sorry to hear you're having such a difficult time but as you said, it can probably only get better. And as far as Target, I'm sure it's just temporary and something better will come along!

  2. First off, LOVE the blue hair and I'm super jealous of the sock bun, I wanted to master it but I'm just terrible when it comes to doing something interesting with my hair. I know it stinks having to go back to Target but there is something else better out there for you. I'm happy to look over your resume if you want another set of eyes. :) And if you haven't already, create/update your LinkedIn profile. I swear it really does help and you can finf people who know people in the places you might want to work.

  3. Before I forget, I love your blue hair and your sock bun. Also, yes to the notion that two spaces after a period is antiquated. It served a purpose when typewriters were in use. Now that they're largely phased out, it does not.

    I just read an article in a magazine last month about women coming out of the military with all sorts of training and clearance and being unable to find well paying jobs. I don't think this is the actual article, but it's about the article:

    I hope things get better. I know something better is out there for you.


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