Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Feed Reader vs Teh Blog

**Navy internet users, please be aware that NMCI hates you and me and well, everyone, and they block websites if they are clicked on from a pushed source.  This does not mean Teh Blog is blocked by NMCI, I'm not that dirty.  If you go straight to the home page, www.canIdecideanotherday.com, you will be able to see all the things!**

Apparently, you can set how you want your blog posts to appear in feed readers, did you know that?  Well, I didn't.

I was playing with my settings a few weeks ago and decided to change some things and I never made the connection that the thing I changed also was the start of when my blog posts started to get cut off in Feedly.***

Now that I've peaked your interest (and so I won't forget next time I decide to fiddle with my settings), I'm gonna show you what I'm talking about.

BTW, this applies for Blogger, but when I hit up the Googles for answers on why my posts were cut short, I found a WordPress article, so if you're a WordPress user this might still apply to you as well.

To make your full posts appear on feed readers:
1.  Go to settings.
2.  Under Site Feed, click the drop down to the right of "Allow Blog Feed".
3.  Select Full.


To show all embedded links, click on the drop down menu beside "Enable Title Links and Enclosure Links."  Select Yes.  The end.

***When I got an email from dlvr.it I remembered WHY I had changed the feed setting to short, dlvr.it wasn't forwarding my posts to the cIdad? FB page.  Problem solved, I went back to Twitterfeed to push my posts.  Ain't nobody got time for shortened feed reader posts!

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