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Music Monday #11 and Weekend Review {11/10}


can I decide another day?

SO what had happened was... Amanda posted this song on Friday and I've yet to get it out of my head.  She was right, songs that build up are the shiznit.  I think this song does kinda reflect on my life a little bit, the move to SC mainly.  I'm sure there are other things, but that has been a big thing right now when I'm facing the difficulty of obtaining that "real life" job that everyone said would be easy to get (nope, not bitter).  Maybe I bet my life on this?

Imagine Dragons - I Bet My Life

I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons on Grooveshark

PREFACE: After looking at my photo gallery from this weekend, I realized that 95% of my photos were of food and the other 5% were of dogs and/or selfies with dogs.  Welcome to my life.


After being at Target until noon, I left, went by Walmart (yes in my Target clothes) to pick up a rotisserie chicken for chicken and gnocchi soup, then went by base to PSD to see about getting my new, not-active-duty ID.  Apparently, I have to wait until I'm actually no longer active duty.  Meh.  That does mean more days to practice my new ID face.

I came home and tried to relax some.  My back has been killing me from 3 days of walking/standing/lifting at Target, which really just shows me how bad my back is.  Thanks Navy.  Mr. Mystery came home, changed and left to go on a ride.  

In a state, I started cleaning and finally decided I'd had enough of the clutter on the dressers in the bedroom.  I put all that shit in boxes and threw it in the man room, which is less of a man room and more of a storage room for all the random shit that Mr. Mystery refuses to go through, even though he tells me he has.  Nope, if you're reading this, I found that box you relocated before you got distracted and forgot to move the other box, which you then left sitting on the recliner for another week.  

I made chicken and gnocchi soup for dinner, which was delicious.  Mr. Mystery came home and marinaded the chicken for tomorrow's dinner and cleaned off the grill and finally set up the hammock that has been waiting on him since... uhhh.. August 15th.  NBD.  He got to it.  /rolleyes.

After dinner, Mr. Mystery played his video game and made as much noise as possible while I pittered around on the internet and mostly tried to ignore the yells of "I'ma kill you bitch!" until there was a, "This is an awesome part, you should watch."  At which point, I'd look up and be as interested as possible (which translates to not very much at all) and then continue whatever I was doing online.


I tried to sleep in, but at 6 the dogs woke me up and 6-7 was spent trying to go back to sleep unsuccessfully.  I finally got up at 7 and fed the beasts and didn't fight the 7am productive streak where I felt like cleaning the bathrooms.  Don't judge me.  It's a sickness.

We had company coming later in the day, so it kinda needed to get done anyways, but I wasn't planning on doing them at 0700.  After showering, I decided to make breakfast and delivered to Mr. Mystery in bed.  See sometimes, I can be nice.  We finally got out of bed and I started the laundry and Mr. Mystery helped me vacuum and we finally decided to lay out the rugs and hang the last of the living room wall hangings.  Now if I could just get some wall anchors for the entryway mirror, I'd be DONE with the common areas!  Woot!

We ran out before the guests arrived because Mr. Mystery was concerned that we weren't going to have enough beer.  Three 12 packs later, he was certain we were not going to run out.  We came back home and waited on company to arrive.  I got to play some Katamari and finally our guests arrived!

We were having a doggy play date at our house since we have the huge backyard.  Teh SC House Finder, Teh Architect, and her parents came with 4 of their 6 pups.  Side note: Teh SC House Finder's Mom was my 1st grade teacher's assistant, so it was awesome being able to catch up with her after so many years of not seeing each other.

We had planned for lots of doggy playing and dinner and it was aweeeesssome.  So awesome in fact that I took ZERO photos.  No jk.  Mr. Mystery did chicken on the grill and Teh SC House Finder and her mom made sides.  I sat in the kitchen and fetched items they needed and supervised.  Everything was delicious and we ended up with the leftovers (not complaining)!  After Teh SC House Hunter's parents left, we broke out Cards Against Humanity and A Game for Good Christians, which go so well together.  After it was past everyone's bedtime, the guests and the pups left and we cleaned up and called it a night.  The dogs were aboslutely exhausted and so were we.  It was great having people over for the first time.

My new favorite compliment was given by Teh SC House Finder when she said, "Your house is just so cozy!  I love it!"  Me too.  

Having company wore Phil out.
It's not like he even ran much.

Mr. Mystery giving love.

Sleepy Meri-Meri

Addie Mae enjoyed CAH.


We had been planning to go to brunch at Hominy Grill all week.  We arrived around 10 and were told it was a 45 minute to an hour wait.  Mr. Mystery and I decided to walk around while we were waiting.  We ended up going towards King Street and I decided to stop into Glazed because I have no will-power when it comes to new food places.  I picked up a glazed and a black and white to go.  The glazed was mostly just to compare to Krispy Kreme.  If your glazed is delicious, everything else has a chance.  We headed back to Hominy Grill and as Mr. Mystery put the doughnuts in the truck, I checked to see if our name had been called.  It had and we were able to be seated immediately, WIN!

This is what happens when you take too big of a whiff and the flowers stink.

We ordered shrimp and grits and grillades and grits.  We shared because we're a good team, and because Mr. Mystery liked mine better than his and I liked his better than mine.  Overall assessment: the food was good, but the shrimp and grits was $18 and I expected it to come in a bowl or something with depth.  Nope, it was on a plate and there wasn't really much.  Granted, it was a decent sized serving, but if it's the most expensive thing on the menu (by $5), make it overly impressive.

After brunch, we came home and Mr. Mystery talked about going on a ride, but then the 49ers were playing and it was aired on the east coast, so he was obligated to watch.  I decided to take a nap.  There was a problem with this situation.  Mr. Mystery feels that in the hierarchy of things that are the most important in the household, 49ers football is #1.  What he doesn't realize is that me sleeping is the #1 priority in the hierarchy of things that are the most important in the household.  So after he woke me up with his yelling at the TV, we had a chat.

I had planned to go to Magnolia Gardens after my nap with Teh SC House Finder and Teh Architect, but ended up not going because I couldn't find a utility bill with my name on it and when I checked the comcast bill, it still hadn't been autodrafted from my checking account, which meant I had to call comcast, which is NEVER on my love to do list.  Since I was in a such rage, I had to stand up them up for the gardens, which was disappointing, although I was told later that it was super crowded.

Instead, I got up from my nap and hung out with Mr. Mystery on the couch.  My 2nd intention was to go lay on the hammock and read since it was gorgeous outside after my nap, but I ended up getting lost in the abyss that is job searching while Mr. Mystery yelled (ok, I might have also yelled some too) at the 49ers for a very stressful game.  In the end, he was we were happy with the results, since the 49ers won.

I took a short break to make pigs in a blanket for dinner, per Teh MD Adult Roomie's former guidance.  It was a hit.  After a mabillion job applications, my first and subsequent cover letters, and Meri snugglin' later, it was finally time for bed.

It's a Meri knot!
Phil deserted us for the bedroom.  He's such an old man.

The idea of going to Target int he morning makes me want to weep a bit, but dolla dolla bill ya'll.

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  1. I've never heard of the Game for Good Christians. Must look into this!

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