Friday, November 7, 2014

Five on Friday #36


There is nothing about going to Target today (or any day) that appeals to me.  At all.  Not even for the dollas.  I'd rather just save myself the effort and frustration.  After 2 working days, I'm over dealing with bitches who are only concerned about themselves.  I forgot what dealing with civilians was really like.  FML.

Thanks for all the comments and emails with your positive thoughts after my last debbie downer post.


I went retail therapy shopping at the commissary yesterday.  $215 and a freezer puzzle later, I felt like I had contributed to the groceries through at least the rest of the month, since I'm not sure how much I'll be able to contribute after the 15th.  $8.50 per hour means that I'm not sadly not expecting the ability to contribute very much... le sigh.

It should also probably mean that I restart taking my classes so I can get some BAH.  I need all the dollas I can get.


I'm pretty pumped about having company this weekend.  Granted, the curtains are still tacked up and there are still wall hangings that have yet to be hung and the TV is still not mounted.  I've given up caring.  Teh SC House Finder and her husband and her family are coming over.  Her Mom was my 1st grade teacher's assistant and Teh Granny actually stayed with her Granny for a while, so our families go way back.

They are also bringing their puppies and we're gonna grill for dinner and I'm pumped to finally get to have people over.

Shit, this means I should clean the everyone bathroom.  I will probably be hiding stuff in the spare rooms.. like every good hostess does.


Playing Katamari could take up 100% of my time, but I'm fighting not to let it.  After figuring out how to actually save the game, which you have to do, unlike in on the PS3 version, progress can be made.  I tried to play when I was day drinking earlier this week (after that debbie downer post) and I got progressively worse as I got progressively drunker.

Mr. Mystery got a super sexy photo of me hugging a trashcan around 7pm.. yep, that kind of drunk.. nope, I'm not sharing that classy photo.  I did some investigating the next morning and I had downed over half a bottle of delicious Blackheart rumsy-rum.  Because when I was standing at the counter debating which beverage I wanted, the day warranted 93 proof over 92 proof (Sailor Jerry), or at least that was my logic.

I haven't talked Mr. Mystery into playing Katamari with me yet, he keeps spouting some shit about finishing one game before starting another, even though he admitted he's already beat the game he's been working on before.  I think he's afraid my simple Katamari game is actually going to be fun and then he will forget about his stupid alien killing game.


I asked Mr. Mystery to set up the DVR to record a show.  This will be my first ever DVR recording experience.  Yep, I'm that person who survives better WITHOUT television, but apparently we have to have it to watch sports.  Bleh.

Oh what was the show I asked him to set up?  The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon.  He's hilarious and his clips end up going viral on FB anyway, so why not watch the entire episode instead of flipping between 3 channels in the evening?  Me so smart!

I think if they did reruns of The Late Show with Johnny Carson, we'd have to record those too because Johnny was hilarious which I learned from watching a documentary.

PS.  I still haven't caught up on Grey's Anatomy, although now that I'm thinking about it, I could watch the beginning of this season online and DVR the remainder of the season.  Oh my, the possibilities are endless.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. I feel you on the games. This week I've been off while waiting to start a new job on Monday, Sadly I've spent far too much time playing Disco Zoo on my iPad. It's literally a game about collecting animals and having a dance party. I need to go back to work...

  2. I love Jimmy Fallon! He is hilarious!

  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa... you just DVR'd your first show?!


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