Monday, November 17, 2014

Music Monday #12 and Weekend Review {11/17}


can I decide another day?

Sooo I have several Canadian friends and Thanksgiving for them was in October, so technically it is after Thanksgiving.  I give you the best Christmas song there ever will be.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Carol of the Bells


After another Target session, I headed home to find a sickly, sleeping, Mr. Mystery on the couch.  When he woke up, he insisted on doing something that afternoon.  We finally agreed on dinner and watching 21 Jump Street to pregame the release of 22 Jump Street on DVD Tuesday.  He decided on Texas Roadhouse for dinner since we hadn't been able to get in on Tuesday.  Sadly, we had such super shitty service that we were both pissed.  Both of our steaks were undercooked, mine to the point of sending it back with NOT our waitress, Mr. Mystery's margarita had sugar instead of salt, we saw our waitress a total of 4 times.  It was just not good, Gentle Readers.  

After dinner, we stopped by Target to pick up some (more) things (as I had already shopped at Target before I left the first time).  I scored some clearance 8x10 frames that I ended up getting for $4 after cartwheel and employee discount were taken off.  Woot.  

We came home and watched 21 Jump Street and actually stayed up later than the football game went on.  HA!  Take that youths!


Before coming down to SC, I stalked researched the group in the area.  They were having an event at a pet store and I wanted to go see how they did things.  It didn't start until 11, so I had plenty of productive time in the morning since I got up with the dogs at 0730.  I finally organized the man room.  I stacked all Mr. Mystery's boxes of crap that he refuses to go through and set up the tables so it was actually a usable room to be in rather than a storage room, which is still is, but now its organized clutter rather than boxes strewn all over the room.  It was a decision to the man room instead of the guest room.  

I know that Teh Sister and Teh Utah Specialist are coming for Thanksgiving, so I will have to set up the guest room, so there's my motivation for that room.  I need Mr. Mystery to purchase a bookshelf so I can unpack those book boxes and that will eliminate boxes in the guest room and several boxes in the man room.  I'm serious business so I bought a bookshelf that I'll pick up before I leave Target tomorrow.  Done and done.

While I was organizing the man room, I also washed the dog blankets in the crates, which definitely helps eliminate some smell in the house.  I discovered an air filter thingy that Mr. Mystery had, which had a filter so dirty I refused to even turn it on in that state.  Instead, I got on amazon and purchased a filter, so we can start using it soon and hopefully that will help Mr. Mystery's allergies some.

I woke up Mr. Mystery around 1030, apparently nyquil really works wonders on him.  He decided to come with me to the dog event, which was awesome.  It's difficult to wrangle 2 dogs at the same when one is afraid of slippery floors and the other just wants to go-go-go.  

Honestly, I wasn't super impressed with GPA-Charleston.  I think most of this is because I'm GEGR biased.  GEGR is an excellent group with amazing, dedicated volunteers and it's a HUGE group.  GPA here is a small group.  Also, it was the first time they'd done a meet-and-greet at the location we went to, but there wasn't even a HUGE sign outside to advertise greyhounds, just the pet store's dry erase board and we had to find the group in the store.  GEGR also had a policy that only greyhounds were allowed in the pen, this group pretty much had to let Meri in with us since it was just an enclosed area.  Meri was the favorite of the ladies that were there.  Most of the people that came in the enclosure to see the greyhounds were also slightly distracted by her.  She's adorable, she can't help it.  I mentioned leaving her at home, but Mr. Mystery said it was unfair.  

We had lunch at Five Guys before heading home, since it was already 1.  Teh SC House Finder had messaged me when we were on the way to the M&G to ask if we wanted to come over for a bonfire later, which turned into coming over for dinner and smores and Cards Against Humanity (CAH).

Mr. Mystery and I went home after the M&G and he left for a motorcycle ride.  I proceeded to job hunt/sign up for a headhunter and listen to Katamari play in the background because I had intentions of playing it but then kept getting side tracked.  

When Mr. Mystery came home, we (including the dogs) left to go to Teh SC House Finder's house.  We socialized while dinner finished up (I made the brussel sprouts in bacon grease at their house so they were fresh) and then after clean up, we went outside to enjoy the fire and smores.  After a while we came inside and we talked in Teh SC House Finder's parents into playing CAH with us.  It was excellent to hear a Mom read out "double penetration."  The best part about playing CAH was that my CAH order had been delivered so we got to play the 90's Nostalia, Box, and the 2012 and 2013 Christmas expansions.  I also realized that I'd failed at ordering the 5th expansion, as I'd intended on doing.  Ugh.  But I did finally get my bigger blacker box.  WIN.

9 dogs, 7 humans.  We were outnumbered.
Only bad things could have happened.

Another Olive!

The marshmallow toasting master got to show off her skillz.

Way past our bedtime, we finally headed back home.  


I finally went to the United Methodist church.  It was.. interesting.  I went to the "contemporary" service, which I learned didn't necessarily mean new but fast.  We sang every song at double tempo.  Again, I compared it to my MD church, which wasn't a good idea just like comparing the greyhound group wasn't a good idea.  The MD church I went to had a large congregation.  This church, not so much.  Additionally, I was spoiled by the laid-back-ness of LPUMC.  There was sitting and standing and sitting and standing and sitting and standing and I had to hold back my comment that the Catholic church was next door... I thought.  

The Pastor pretty much read his sermon, which infuriated me.  It's a thing I have.  You have ONE job on Sunday dude, talk to the people.  I appreciate that you had to write this sermon, but you WROTE it, don't READ it to me.. You obviously know it if you wrote it.  Argh.  Apparently that public speaking course in college stuck with me.

On the other hand, despite the older crowd, they were all super friendly and welcoming and I got several (genuine) compliments on my blue hair and how pretty it was.  Why thank you, thank you very much.  The lady in front of me told me several times how she hoped I'd be back next Sunday.  Honestly, I'm not so sure.  Sometimes, you just know the fit isn't there.  

I talked to Teh Sister on the way home about my church experience and I finally was able to talk with her and Mr. Mystery at the same time to collaborate a Thanksgiving dinner list... FINALLY.  Mr. Mystery had started laundry (which is always a sketchy situation since he doesn't know my laundry rules very well), because despite my very strong feeling to tell him not to worry about doing the laundry, I didn't say anything and well... he was doing laundry when I got home.  Yay? Ugh?  

95% of the day was spent on the couch, in my spot.  I worked on this post for 70% of that time.  I dealt with dog distractions and general ADD and laundry.  Most of the reason it took so long to write the post was because the TV was/is on and I just don't operate well with the box distracting me with the things.  Even if its something I don't necessarily want to watch.  We also watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  Not gonna lie, I have absolutely no idea what was going on, despite actually trying to understand.  

Adult Peppermint Hot Chocolate + extra marshmallows = WIN.

Yes, they fell asleep like that.
Be still my heart.

Overall, great weekend.  It was much needed knowing that next week I start working 5 days a week.  Granted, I'm only scheduled for 4 hours each day, they prefer you stay as many hours as possible.  I usually leave at noon, despite the fact that I need the dollas, my body can't handle the work anymore.  Which is sad but true.  There's only so many boxes I can lift and steps I can take before I set off my back, at which point I'm worthless.  Oh and btw, I hate cat litter.  The.MOST.

I really wish I could catch a job break.  I'm doing the LinkedIn premium thing and trying to comment on people's threads so I can get more views, but really, I don't feel like that is going to help me much.  Getting a job in this area is going to take someone handing someone else my resume and saying I should be hired, not a freak internet connection.  

Le siiigh.  One day.  Till then, I'll be working on Black Thursday, I mean Friday, oh wait, no I mean Thursday, much to Mr. Mystery's dissatisfaction (and my own).

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  1. Too many years in retail have ruined Black Friday (Thursday) for me. I will probably go out Friday, but it won't be until 6-9 (I only say 6 because I think hubby has to get up early for work that day). Good luck!

  2. I am WAY too excited for 22 Jump Street. I never get excited for sequels. Like, ever. So this one better not let me down.

    How have I missed this Music Monday thing? I must make it a point to remember participating going forward!


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