Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wednesday/Thursday Ramble #3

-NEWS FLASH LADIES (if you're a dude this doesn't really apply to you unless you really love your woman and if that's the case, you need to tell her about this)!!!!  There's a thing called a Menstrual Cup.  Yep, that sounds gross, but how does it sound to not have to deal with bloody feminine hygiene products in the trash each month?  Or better yet, not having Teh Sister recce a pooped out, used tampon in her yard when you come to visit that one of your dogs left while you were in Raleigh...  Yeah that happened.  Anyways.  Menstrual cup is a thing.  Brit and many other smart women before me posted about it and if you're tired of the tampon string going up your butt crack when you wipe and finding ways to keep your blood thirsty animals from eating your monthly sacrifice, check this baby out.  It's also on Amazon.

-Extra news flash:  Teh Sister informed me that these menstrual cup things exist at Walmart in a disposable form.  Interesting.  I told her she could get them for me for Christmas.  Definitely a sister-to-sister gift.

-I learned on Monday that I look pretty much worthless via my resume.  This was from a stranger who pointed out all the things I'm lacking and suggested I look for a job "up north."  Granted, he looked at my resume and compared it to a job posting that I was looking at and gave me his honest opinion, but still.  To be told to look in a different area (he wasn't aware of the whole moving to Charleston for a purpose thing) and to have someone point out just how little experience I have in any single field (thanks Navy) burned.  I just want to ask him, should I stretch the truths to get a job?

-My tolerance for bullshit is getting lower and lower the longer I'm employed at Target.  Why didn't I apply at a small company that actually gives a shit?  Ugh.  Working a split shift the day before Thanksgiving isn't really high on my list of things to do.

-When I sit down at the computer, I automatically go to indeed or linkedin or some sort of job hunting website.  Honestly, it's consuming my life.  I sat down Tuesday night and Wednesday night to write this blog and then squirrel-ed to indeed and then had dinner and watched Mr. Mystery play video games while I was on more job sites.  I feel like it's all I ever talk about anymore and that makes me sad.

-Mr. Mystery wants me to get a "real life" job so household morale improves.  The dogs don't seem to care either way.

-Every time I want to play Katamari, I get distracted by hours of job searching.

-I've considered getting a part-time nanny/babysitting job and starting my Master's classes again, but that thought is always fleeting.  Additionally, there is something incredibly scary about being the carer of a child.  What if the child is a little shit?  Either way, I started the registration, but I've yet to apply for any positions what with still being employed at hell Target.  Also, children are little germ buckets and I hate being sick.  But still, better than Target?  Probably.  My fear is also that I wouldn't get lucky to get an awesome family.  I've been lucky like that in the past, in college and even keeping Navy coworker children, but those were people that I knew.  Strangers are a whole different story.

-Since I no longer live with a teenager, my hip vocabulary has significantly decreased.  Apparently "basic" now has a special implied pop culture meaning that I'm not yet privy too.  But if I had to guess, it probably applies to me.

-I still say "swerve" to Teh MD Teenage Roomie while doing a butterfly with my hands because to me swerve is what a butterfly does when there is a strong breeze... like say when you barely miss hitting it with your car and it has to get realigned for flight.

-I feel like I should apologize to all the people in my life that I whine to.  I feel like the last 2-3 months I've been incredibly whiny when really I should just be incredibly grateful., which I am.. I just whine louder.

-While I'm hoping for new/better employment, I'm still loving the blue hair and I really wonder how much it will affect an interview.  Granted, my roots are starting to show, which makes me sad, since I'm not planning on bleaching them to redye them.  I haven't decided what my next color should be yet, but I have a feeling it's going to be a burgundy-purple color from the box, which kinda makes me sad because the blue is aweeeeesome.

Prob darker than this.

-More about blue hair, I often forget I have blue hair.  Seriously.  I don't really pay attention unless it's down or I'm shedding and even then, it no longer seems unnatural.  Having blue hair has definitely earned me some nicknames at Target.  If I were to quit there and dye my hair to a more "normal" color, I doubt anyone would recognize me.


  1. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about that menstrual cup.

    I have zero tolerance for bullshit or drama and if someone brings too much of it into my life, I drop them instantly with no regrets and I seriously don't even care. I'm too old for that shit.

    I'm sorry you hate your job. Babysitting or nannying probably would be infinitely better, even if the kid or kids are little shits because when they start to bother you, you can give them timeouts and honestly, I sometimes get my best work or reading done when my daughter is watching TV. So there's that, too.


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