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Music Monday #13 and Weekend Review {11/24}

Music Monday

can I decide another day?

There's a band call Like a Storm that has been playing on Sirius Octane.  The song I normally hear is "Wish You Hell" but I was unable to find that on grooveshark, so I sampled a selection of their music and picked another one for you.

"Everything I'm looking for 
Is right back here where I belong"

It's hard to have faith that you make the right choices when nothing seems to be going the way you planned.

Southern Skies by Like A Storm on Grooveshark


I left Target early on Friday to interview at a temp agency.  I had to stop at Walmart before going to work to pick up pantyhose since I knew I wouldn't have time to buy any before I needed to leave for the interview.  I left Target and parked in a deserted area of the parking lot and changed into my dress and put on my pantyhose, ick.  

Despite all my efforts, it didn't go nearly as well as I had planned.  I kind of expected a temp agency to have a list of positions available since they said I was a perfect match and they specialize in secretary/administrative support positions.  When I asked her how long till a position opened up, she refused to even estimate a time frame for me, telling me only that their agency brings in 20-50 new clients each week with only 15-35 positions to fill per week.  Excellent.  Additionally, I think the interviewer definitely had an issue with my blue hair, which she brought up before I could ask if it was a problem.  She didn't even tell me what the next steps in the process was.  Fail.

I came home afterwards in a pretty serious funk.  I also had a comment from Jana on Thursday's post about how maybe baby-sitting wouldn't be such a bad gig, which encouraged me to actually get serious about the profile and applying for some jobs on there.

Mr. Mystery's birthday presents arrived and so did my Disney Movie Club order!  Woot!  Maleficent was part of that order, which we watched while we were eating dinner, which was pizza because I just couldn't be bothered to stand in the kitchen and make dinner, even though kielbasa had been the push back menu item for several days running.

Mr. Mystery came home from his motorcycle ride and opened his birthday present (the beer of the month club for the next 6 months) and "helped" me with dinner, as in, watched me add the extra cheese and mushrooms and put it in the oven.  He did take it out of the oven though, so he did actually help.*  

Meri fell asleep watching the movie.
She's so unbearably adorable, I can't even handle it.

After the movie, it was bedtime since he had to be up early for his motorcycle class and I had to be at work.

*Mr. Mystery was sitting beside me as I was writing this and he wanted to make sure everyone knew that he helped!


After working till noon on Saturday, I met Teh SC House Finder and her family at The Citadel stadium where the Charleston Animal Society was holding a chili cookoff.  There was a photobooth!

lots of people!

Sesame was there with their alligator chili.
It was interesting.

We were obviously unprepared for it to start.

I felt awful because I told Teh SC House Finder that I'd give them a ride home since her parents left, and the tiredness hit me very suddenly around 4.  I'd been on my feet since 0630, except for the 15 minute break at work and the car ride to the event.  

When I got home, I was exhausted.  I had to make dinner since I had to work on Sunday and I needed leftovers to bring for lunch.  Standing in the kitchen was painful.  It hurt my soul and my feet and my body all over.  

Mr. Mystery came home from his class, despite his desire to go on a ride since the day was gorgeous and it was forecasted to rain all day on Sunday.  We ate dinner and watched some TV and Mr. Mystery gave me a foot rub because he's a saint.  Later on, he started a bath for me because he realized just how burned out I was.  After some relaxin' in the tub (tmi: together), we went to bed where Mr. Mystery gave me a back rub because really, he's a saint.  

Sorry ladies, he's mine.  I'm not big on sharing (or team work, so I'm learning from working at Target).


My shift at Target was for the backroom on Sunday, which was delightful.  The entire work day, which was 3 hours longer than I'm used to working, was less stressful than working with the flow team for a short day.  It was nice being back in the backroom, because that's where I worked when I worked at Target in college and back when I enjoyed working at Target.  I was able to figure out most of the things on my own.  I did ask where all the employees were that pushed the stuff to the floor and I got laughed at.  Apparently, that's the backroom's job at this store.  Seriously?  You have timed pulls and you expect the team to be able to complete those AND push it to the floor?  I was not impressed.

I've not been impressed with very much of anything about the North Charleston Target.  I'd love to tell the store manager all about it, but my opinions are quite negative and I'd like to continue receiving a paycheck until I have found other employment.

I came home to bathed dogs and a dinner plan and a response to one of the applications I'd put in.  Mr. Mystery made scallops wrapped in bacon, mac and cheese, and broccoli for dinner and it was delicious.  I always like it when he cooks since he always makes delicious noms, but since I'm usually already home, I take care of dinner so we don't end up eating at super-late-o-clock at night.

While we were watching TV (and I was writing this), I made Mr. Mystery read the story of Beyonce by The Blogess.  He thought it was hilarious.  I was pretty sure I liked him, but that might have pushed me over the line.  I might love him.  I once had to deal with someone who didn't think that a huge metal chicken wasn't funny.  

Finally, it was time for bed.  Thankfully, Monday is the 5th and final day of working with no days off.  DISLIKE.  Terminal leave ruined me.  Or the fact that I've not had to do much manual labor for the last 6 years, which I was fond of and my old ass body appreciated immensely.  My body is ready for a break.

In exciting news, Teh Sister is arriving with her household on Wednesday!  I'm supposed to work a split shift that day, buttttttttt we'll see about that.  Honestly, it's not high on my list of things to do.  I purchased all the goods for thanksgiving dinner and I'm excited to see the battlefield happenings of the kitchen with Teh Sister AND Mr. Mystery at the same time... AND EAT ALL THE TASTY NOMS!!!

Finally, Mr. Mystery's bday is on Wednesday and I really would like to do something awesome that isn't making dinner and sitting in front of the TV, but he's extremely difficult to impress and I have no idea what to do to make his bday special.  Suggestions are welcome!

Monday is upon us, Gentle Readers.  Hope this week treats you gently.
Also, it's Music Monday so tell us about your jamz and link up with us.  We're fun and musical.  

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  1. Beyonce the chicken is hysterical and anyone who thinks so is a keeper!

    I'm glad you signed up for I can't imagine babysitting would be any worse than what you describe at Target and at least with babysitting, depending on how old the kids are, they do nap. Which means a break for you!

  2. I think it's ridiculous to write someone off because of the color of their hair... or ANY physical thing about them, really! It has nothing to do with how well they can perform or how hard they'll work. RUDE.

  3. That's the rough thing about interviews. You never know who you're going to get or what they're looking for. So many recruiters are literally right out of college and just don't have the life experience to realize that appearance doesn't matter.


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