Friday, January 31, 2020

Five on Friday #224

Let me make this quick with 5 words:

I have the influenza virus.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Weekend Review {1/27}


When you spend an obscene amount of time in the bathroom, you learn new things.. like the fact that your soap container is glow in the dark.  YAY for clearance halloween soap.

Also, when your dogs are fucking creepers, you will NOT poop alone.  Even though you're living in the bathroom.  No man gets left behind.. and if you dare to shut the door, all you'll hear outside the bathroom is the sound of dog feet dragging on the floor like their leg weigh triple their entire body weight.  Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

And that's essentially the tale of that one time Megan couldn't stop pooping for 36 hours.  Not sure if it was food poisoning or a virus but either way, no thank you.  Since I had morphed into a poop monster, I notified my PM at 0443 that I would NOT be coming into the office since I was probably going to change my permanent address to my toilet.

I did manage to sit through class and it was a mad dash after class was over to get to the bathroom.  After, I went to pick up my race packet, got gas, picked up flushable wipes, and by the time I made it home, it was bathroom time again.  Teh Bestie encouraged me to take some Imodium, which I discovered we had (since I had forgotten it when I was at Walmart, even though I knew I was forgetting something) even though it was expired.

When I got home, I did more work things and took the beasts on a walk and took care of Teh German's chores and ensured that Teh German didn't die and was unmotivated for the majority of the evening.

Teh German spent the entire day in bed.  He came home Thursday afternoon from work feeling poorly and he was already in bed when I made it upstairs (after I had come home and then had to spend some time in the bathroom).  He called someone at work to let them know he wasn't coming in because he was sick and went back to sleep and that's where he stayed.  When I got home from school, I fed him soup for lunch and ensured he was medicated.  He texted me from bed to inquire where his meds were later in the evening and I asked what he wanted for dinner and delivered it to him with his meds.  I was kinda pissed to see that he was functional when I delivered dinner, having turned the bedroom lights on and was scrolling, but couldn't be bothered to come downstairs to feed himself, but fine.

After he ate, I brought his dirty dishes back downstairs, started the dishwasher, did my own pre-bedtime chores/grooming and went to bed.  When I said that it was lights out, there was no question about it.  Thankfully, Teh German didn't argue, because if he had, his ass would have been kicked out of the bedroom.  #NotSorry.

I kinda felt like Nurse Rachet about him being sick and then I felt like I was being taken advantage of after serving an alert, functional Teh German dinner in bed.  Mostly because I don't feel like I receive that same type of treatment when I'm sick, but let's not keep score.


Saturday, Teh German got up at regular work time and headed to his former German company to work one of the agreed upon Saturdays for training his replacement.  This was not an issue for me since I was doing the Post Charlie Classic 15k at Sullivans Island. 

Knowing the course was boring AF reallyyyyy helped me not get bogged down this year, unlike last year.  I stopped to pet a greyhound and take selfies with the library and the beach and I walked at the water stops.  RunKeeper said my time was 10:34/mile, but the race tracker said 10:44/mile and I'm going with the faster time on principle.

After my race, I stopped by Metto and picked up treats for myself, Teh German, and his replacement, then I dropped them off at the company.  I had considered messaging Teh German beforehand, but I was afraid he'd tell me not to come, so I didn't.

I went home and walked the dogs and talked to Teh Granny for 3 hours.  I was not planning on that time commitment.  I took a bath while I was talking to her and couldn't wet my hair because every time I said I needed to get off the phone, she'd start up talking again.  Like, I love my Granny the most, but jjjjjeeezzzzuuuuussssssss. 

Eventually, I did get off the phone because Granny started fussing that when she was looking for something, she wanted peace and quiet to do it, and I was like, uhhhhh ok, byeeeeeee.  Teh German and I took to the couches for recovery time with Meri.

I think we dozed for a short while, but we did eventually get up.  We went to Page's Okra Grill for dinner because I wanted chicken livers, then we accomplished our grocery shopping at Sam's and Walmart.

When we got back home, I put away the groceries and Teh German turned on the NHL All-Star game.  I wasn't overly interested and I was tired, so I went up to bed and read until Teh German came to bed.

I ended up finishing my Stephen King book after Teh German came to bed.  I also finished the Jojo Moyes audiobook on my way home from the race.  Woot, book accomplishments.


I got up earlier than I felt it was on Sunday, around 0930, feeling like it was 1030 at least.  I finished up the laundry that I'd been avoiding since Friday (using the excuse that Teh German was trying to rest on Friday and recuperation on Saturday) and went downstairs and had breakfast.  Then it was homework time.

I really hate when I put stuff on shelves and it just slides around and falls off in the floor...
so I finally decided to hang my running skirts.

In working up to be motivated to do homework, I picked out the colors for my next medal rack that I'm waiting on Teh German to size and sand for me to paint and cut stickers on the Cricut.  Grey will be the letter color, I'll then put the decal on, then paint over it with the green, then peel the stickers.  Hopefully it won't look too bad.  We'll see what happens.

I did finally chug through my German homework and looking over the suggested readings for my databases class.  I considered doing Stats homework, but we haven't covered the questions yet and rather than be frustrated, I figured I'd just wait for the lecture. 

I finished my homework at 3, right as Teh German left to go to some brewery event with Teh PT Husband and Teh Ret AF Maintainer, so I had to deal with my boredom all by myself.

I did go over to Teh PT House for a little bit to visit with the Huddie-Wuddie and we watched some Zucko's baking challenge show on Netflix that we enjoyed snarking.  But then it was doggy dinner time and I headed home to ensure the beasts didn't die of starvation.  I settled on the couch for a little bit to play my stupid game and read and scroll.  Teh German wasn't home by 8:30 so I headed up to bed and read my MHN book and finally went to sleep.  Teh German came home while I was still reading, but didn't come upstairs before I went to sleep.  Oh well.


Overall, a decent weekend, despite the ending of the week being so... poopy.  I didn't have any issues during my run (no runS, ha!), so all the praise hands for that.  I also felt confident with my time and I will have a good feeling going into the half marathon next weekend.

This coming week is rather busy.
-The beasts will be doing their trial daycare run at the boarding place.
-Teh PT Kid's bday
-VA appt on Friday
-My bday celebration event on Friday night.
-Saturday is the half marathon and Teh PT Kid's bday gathering (which I will make bday mac and cheese for him)
-Sunday is that stupid football game that everyone cares about
-Monday is my BIRFDAY!!!

I'm still kinda struggling with how little demand for my time school has this semester.  Granted, I really should be doing more research stuff.. but YOLO.

Other things I need to accomplish are booking lodging for Teh German and I in Denver and reserving a rental car.  I need to get with Matilda and Teh Bestie to see what the lodging situation is for Charlotte later in Feb.  There's also something else I'm forgetting.. but I'm sure I'll remember eventually..

Happy End of January, Gentle Readers!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Five on Friday #223

EINS - Random Shit

I allow myself to play very few games on my phone.  The Solitaire Suite was it for the longest time, but then I started playing Disney Emoji Blitz... and I can't stop.  I have forced myself to stop during semesters when I'm drowning.

I'm embarrassingly proud of this achievement:

After I finish the 50 missions, I'll have accomplished 100 levels and I'll get the Yin Sid emoji.  Does this mean anything in real life?  100% definitely not.


It's been a cold week here and by that I mean the high temp for the day has been in the low 40s(°F) + a brisk wind.  Nonetheless, I've taken my ass out in it to walk the Bridge with Teh PT Kid and to walk the beasts.

15°F in Denver didn't feel this cold.


Recipe: 1 8oz container of mushrooms.
Megan: 2 8oz containers of mushrooms.


Speaking of Denver, that's where I'm gonna be March 12-17th for a conference.. and Teh German will be joining me on the 14th after the conference ends.  Can.not.wait.


I preordered the Morgan Harper Nichols book. It arrived early this week, but it wasn't until Wednesday night that I had a chance to even read 3 pages. So much joy.

There will be days when you do not feel
and you choose to get up
and go out to sea anyway.

And my friend,
let me tell you,
that is what it means to be brave.
It is that gentle shove toward the water
that says, "I will go,
and I will go afraid."

It is not a feeling.
It is not a thought.
It is that inward wind that pulls you out of sleep
and says, "I will go forth,
with all I have now:
a breath, a dozen steps,
and a pocket full of tears,
but no matter what tries to pull me back,
I will find the strength to be here."
(Morgan Harper Nichols)


My new favorite jam:


Roux's Humom likes to use Meri as a model sometimes and it never makes me sad.  If you're local, check her out for your pet photography needs.


A few months ago, I finally added content to my Feedly, after years of only using it to read blogs I subscribe to.  I read an article this week about moderators and abstainers.  I'm 100% a moderator.  An easy example to figure out which you are is using snack foods/treats... let's pretend that everyone loves Oreos (and if you don't, thank you for ensuring that I have extra).  I am the person that can bring home a pack of Oreos (or a box, if you prefer to call them that like it's still 1955) and that pack will last longer than a week, as I will only eat 3-5 cookies per day.  There are other people who can't bring a pack of Oreos in the house because they will consume ALL of them RIGHTNAOW.

That said, while an abstainer will refuse to allow any temptations by avoiding temptations all together, moderators must have the will power to refuse the temptation if something is a temptation assuming it is obtainable.

The article explains it much better.  Anyways, I found it pretty interesting.  Teh German is probably more of an abstainer than a moderator, IMO, and probably another way we balance each other out... Also, he helps me save calories when he also eats the Oreos when they are in the house.


Speaking of Oreos.  Teh Bestie brought me Peppermint Bark Oreos because she gets me and I gave one to Teh German and you would have thought I'd given him rotten milk based on his reaction.  I'm so glad so many of my friends don't love all things peppermint like I do... MORE FOR ME!


Do you what to know how to learn to deal with the betrayal of something/one you love?  Get food poisoning from your favorite variety of pizza from the pizza place by your office.


Also, now I know what it feels like if I were to have thousands of tiny paper cuts on my butthole.
I ultimately ended up buying disposable wet wipes because using toilet paper was giving me PTSD.

I say that only semi-jokingly.  I would sit on the toilet for longer and longer because I knew that wiping was going to hurt so bad.  I even debated how quickly I could obtain a bidet and how long it would take me to learn to use it. 

Wiping PTSD.  It's real.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Textbooks, UGH.
-Ladies night beverages.
-Audible credit.  I need to use these 7 credits and just cancel Audible.  I can't keep up.
-Teh German's flight from Denver to Charleston.
-Lunch with Teh PT Kid
-Milkshakes with Teh PT Kid
-Rock n Roll Chicago 5k
-Rock n Roll Virginia Beach 5k
-June local 5k
-Sleeveless long dress
-New lid for Teh German's water bottle
-Fitness tracker for Teh PT Kid's bday present
-Bday reservations
-Flushable ass wipes
-Hairs did
-Metto (since I was right there for packet pickup)

DREI - From My Phone Shit

I made crockpot beef stroganoff.
It was so good, Teh German requested it again.

A coworker's daughter left ME a joke.
I definitely lol-ed.

Fucking T-Mobile actually did something that makes me happy!
Apparently they do T-Mobile Tuesdays on their app.  It's usually discounts for things, but a $15 Barkbox was not to be passed up.  Please note, Teh German has T-Mobile, not me.

Study buddies.

Having this tiny research room to myself for a few hours brought me an insane amount of joy.

Me: It's 1100 on a holiday, I-26 will be fine.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

This is the part of the journey where she is leaning into this hope:
through all that is uncertain,
there is still more road to go.

And no matter how others perceive her,
their words do not define her.
She is still on a journey of becoming who she is meant to be,
with or without what others say or think.

I cannot tell you how long you will have to wait,
but I can tell you that you are being prepared for what's to come breath by breath,
day by day.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Actually dressing like a professional since the CEO and COO were in our office this week.  As much as I love my hoodies, I also like wearing my dresses.
  2. That stupid dance workout making me super sore.
  3. Scheduling my birthday shindig.
  4. Teh German finally starting to go to the gym before work.  It means I'm more likely to get my ass out of bed and workout.
  5. A good conversation with the CEO about CO possibilities.
  6. 12 credit hours.  Gentle Readers, I feel lazy AF.
  7. Moving every day this week and finally unlocking the 31 Day Challenge Store (which was a disappointment since there was no medal).
  8. Notes from my German German course because I needed some tutoring about if I was using the right articles.
  9. Hairs did.  While it doesn't look BAD when it fades, it definitely looks BETTER after a refresh.
  10. Getting this posted even though I almost forgot multiple times.  #YOLO

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Weekend Review {1/20}


School and work on Friday.  I went into the office super early so I could leave early.  When I got home, I walked the beasts and waited on Teh German to come home.  Our evening plan was a group Halls Chophouse dinner. 

My bison filet was fucking delicious.  Some of the company left things to be desired and Teh PT Wife and I agreed that we'd keep our Halls dinners to the ladies from here on.  We made it home by 9 and shortly after it was bedtime.


Saturday, Teh German got up to feed the beasts and never came back to bed.  I woke up and scrolled for a little bit and went back to sleep.  I woke up later and when I finally willed myself to get out of bed at 10, Meri started using me as a headrest and I was stuck in bed for 30 more minutes until she moved.  #Rules

Once I got up, I willed myself to go run.  I started my run and met a neighbor and his wheelchair dog, so I walked their circuit with them.  Then I went on my run, adding a few new streets to bump up my miles, which I'll do again, but slightly different next time.  When I was almost home, I saw Roux and his Humom and said if they came back to the house, I'd get Meri and Pax and we could do a group walk, so that's what we did. 

When I finally returned home, I saw a text from Teh PT Wife asking if Teh German and I wanted to go to Smokey Oak for a dog event they were hosting.  I said yes, that'd I'd be ready in 20 minutes.  I didn't clarify until I got in the car without Teh German that he was already out running his errands and maybe he'd meet us after he was done.


We walked around the tents and petted stranger dogs and worked up an appetite.  There was a bully rescue, the greyhound rescue, and a great dane rescue at the event and those are all the collective's favorite breeds, so it was a win.  Teh German did ultimately end up meeting us and eating late lunch with us.

When we got home, it was chill time.  Teh German left for planned hockey activities around 5, then was back home by 5:30 after finding out someone cancelled and the group was less interested.  He headed over to Teh PT House while I held down the couch.  I headed over to Teh PT House to catch a ride to a ladies night event at Honkytonk Saloon with Teh PT Wife.

As someone who was only allowed to listen to country music until she was 12, I have pretty country roots.. but Gentle Readers, this was too much for me.  I will say the people watching was on point, but I learned there is a line dance for every song now, which is exhausting.  Also, as someone who doesn't know all these new line dances, the Alpine Skiing event on one of the TVs was more interesting than the girl on the dance floor with her ass hanging out of her booty shorts who knew every dance to every song.

I danced to 2 songs and got kicked in the ankle during the 2nd dance and that was it for me.  I was pissed.  How much fucking flailing are you doing to KICK SOMEONE during a line dance that doesn't involve ANY kicks?!  Ugh.  Since I was in a rage, I wasn't sad when Teh PT Wife said she was ready to go home. 

We were home shortly after 10 and I wasn't sad.  We hung out with the husbands for a bit and told them about all the sights we got to experience.  Not long after, it was sleepytime, so we headed home and took care of bedtime chores and went to bed.


We stayed in the bed until 11 on Sunday.  IDK why, it wasn't like we'd partied hard or did anything overly strenuous Friday/Saturday.  Meri wasn't disappointed since she was stretched out between us for her post-breakfast nap.

When we got up, we had breakfast and I finally headed to the office to start Spring 2020 homework.  I also took care of some managerial tasks for organizing my life and finally started the tedious process of German homework.  For the millionth time, I questioned if I should drop this German class and take a different, easier, class, but I actually enjoy this class, despite the workload, so it's complicated and I'll stick with it, even if I have to whine about it first.

This girl makes me swoon.

Due to ADD, it took me a lot longer than it needed to, to do my homework.  YOLO.  Also, Teh German decided to hang the dining room curtain rod and do tank things, neither of which is quiet or conducive to studying.  Ultimately, I ended up having to put on my fancy headphones to block out his noise.

It was leftovers for dinner and Modern Family in the evening.  We finally caught up on Modern Family, so we started watching Community.  Teh German isn't sure about it.  I explained that first seasons are always rough, so we'll carry on.

Around 9, it was time for bedtime chores and sleepytime.


Overall, a fantastic weekend.  I did finally get a run in and it was fabulous and then on Sunday I was such a slouch that I broke my 19 day activity streak and I'm disappointed in myself, but not overly.  It is what it is.

No school today as it's MLK day.

This week includes:
-Finally starting my research class.
-Work happy hour with corporate visitors
-WiCyS meeting
-Hairs did
-15k on Saturday

The other big thing I need to do is get back to the gym.  Since I've been running only, my mid-back has been absolutely KILLING me.  I've read up on how to deter arthritis pain and turns out, strengthening and working out help the most.  Ugh.  So, that's a thing.  I've charged up and update my tablet for watching Netflix while on the elliptical (warm up/gym cardio) and then post elliptical, it will be weights and core.   Siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.  I really need an accountability buddy because, as of late, I'm the BEST at demotivating myself.  It's the worst.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Five on Friday #222

EINS - Random Shit

The day before classes started (so Tuesday), I had a crisis about what I would actually DO with my computer science degree. I mean, full on CRISIS.  What started it was a tempting tech writer position in my LinkedIn inbox (which I never check).  Actually, what started it was this Women in Cybersecurity conference in March, since I signed onto LinkedIn to add that I was a member of the WiCyS group on my profile page, then I saw the message, and then I was like, hrm I should look up computer science jobs.. and then I did and was like, but I can't do any of these jobs.

So that's where we are in life.


I finally purchased my flights for Denver this week.  I won't be pocketing much of that stipend I'm getting for going, which is a bummer.  I'm still hoping I can talk to someone at work about the conference and see if I can get some expenses paid.  Fingers crossed.


Teh German started his new job on Monday and we're still dealing with that situation I've been vague about for a month.  I swear that once it is all worked out I will stop being vague about it.


After waiting (im)patiently all week, Teh German and I received the email we've been waiting for that was the breeze that blew the dark cloud from over our heads.

So here's the situation I've been vague about for the last month.

Teh German landed a new job in December.  When he told the German company he worked for that he was quitting without fulfilling his contractually obligated 60 day termination notice (yes, that's exactly the same reaction everyone else had to that statement too), they set out to make an example of him (per the CHS CEO).  What could have been worked out prior to Christmas stretched halfway into January, causing quite a bit of stress in our lives.

We talked to so.many.people about this situation, from my company's HR/recruitment team to legal professionals from other states to people who logic-ed out the situation the same way I and everyone else did: SC is an at-will employment state and Teh German's contract was for an unspecified length of time, thus making him an at-will employee.

Because Teh German was breaking his employment contract, the company decided to threaten him with "consequences" that they would never specify, despite us point blank asking what said consequences would be.  Threats from "German law is higher precedence than US/SC law" (incorrect) to "owing $50,000 in loss for the company" (wtf?) to "having to pay for an external trainer to come and train someone to move into his position" (wut?) to "having to pay for someone to go to training" (despite 2 someone else's having already been to the training).  There was no straight answer and I was relieved when they finally hired a local lawyer to move forward.  And then we hired a lawyer too because there are few things that freak me out more than when I second-guess myself about things I was extremely confident about... like Teh German being an at-will employee, and anything related to legalities.

Fun fact, in SC, if you've signed any type of employment contract, you are NOT an at-will employee.  This is less of a fun type of fact, considering the situation.  BUT, everything I'd read online said that it was NOT worth it for a company to sue an employee for not fulfilling a termination notice.  THAT fact, I was confident about.  I also pointed out to Teh German that it makes even less sense to hold the quality manager against his will since that person could do considerable damage to the company, if they chose (not that Teh German would ever do this because he's a better person than me).

Despite my confidence, and everyone else's advice of the situation, the lawyer we hired point blank said that Teh German was definitely breaking the contract and was in the wrong, which clarified on that at-will situation that had been a grey area.  Even after hiring the lawyer, the following/this week was stressful.  The attorney had to respond to the letter they send Teh German saying that his notice wasn't accepted, which was delivered on Monday.  Since we're dealing with German time and east coast time, that was another complication.  When we had met with our attorney last week, Teh German explained the situation, offered to give up his remaining vacation days, and offered to train the person that was taking his job on Saturdays.

For the last week and half, we've been in a weird state of trying not to worry that they would actually fulfill their statement of making Teh German an example for other employees trying to quit without fulfilling their contract.  We have been worried about legal things with this situation stretching on for months to years.  Not only would it cost THEM a lot of money, but also us in trying to fight them.  I prayed that it wouldn't be worth it for them.  PRRRAAAYYYED and prayed and prayed and prayed and send up positive vibes and only discussed the situation with limited individuals as to not jinx us (because I'm not superstitious, but I'm a little-stitious, you know).

Our attorney spoke with their attorney and our attorney presented some facts that their attorney was not aware of: 1- Someone else had already completed the training, they just didn't have hands-on experience, 2- Teh German had trained the person replacing him for 3 days prior to his last day, 3- Teh German had offered to NOT take his post-Christmas scheduled vacation to train the person replacing him but he had been told to take his vacation.

When she got back to us, she explained that at most, the German company would want him to pay for training his replacement which was $3000-5000, not chunk change, but an actual number that was manageable, considering the threats that had been floated.  We didn't really agree with this since 2 coworkers had already been through the training, but we were willing to fork over the cash to wash our hands of the situation.

Finally, Thursday (yesterday), we received an email from our attorney that the company had agreed to Teh German's suggestion of giving up his remaining vacation days and coming in for 4 Saturdays to train his replacement.  Even better, they are going to PAY HIM to train this person.  These days will help us recoup the lawyer fees we paid, which is irony at it's finest.

There are not sufficient words to describe my relief.  Actually, I was mildly-relieved when they finally gave a solid number of dollars that we could be liable for.  Getting the news that they agreed to Teh German's suggestion of Saturday training and us not owing money is like a cool breeze on a spring day, blowing the clouds that have been hanging over us since mid-December away.

Teh German refused to celebrate after he got the new job, knowing that there would be complications with the German company.  He barely even let himself be excited or happy about it.  Then add on the frustration of dealing with an organization that is outright bullying you?  It was everything in him to actually show up to work last week when things were at their worst and I do not blame him.

I'm super proud of the fact that he kept showing up and doing his job as he had always done, well past the point that I would have walked out of the building with two birds blazing on each hand while yelling at everyone to suck my dick.  Teh German is well known for his asshole-ish-ness, so for him to hold his head high and not let their bullying provoke any reactions from him is crazy impressive to me.

His new job seems to be providing a challenge that he was looking for and he now works on a team which wasn't the case at the German company.  He has already provided positive impact on ways of doing things that will make processes more simple and save time, thus saving money.  I know there will be struggles eventually, but after emerging from the dreary cloud over us for the last month, I'm going to take this win and run with it.


It's not a secret that Trump is my least favorite president.  Also not a secret is that I'm a huge Elizabeth Warren and/or Andrew Yang fan.  Obviously, no candidate will meet all my various opinions, but I was interested after Ali posted the Washington Post "Which Democrat candidate do you agree with most?" quiz.

If that is difficult to read, I will embarrassingly admit that the candidate that I had the most same views with was Steyer, which is semi-hilarious because the only reason I know of this dude is because 1- he spoke the least at the democratic debate that I watched last year, 2- Teh PT Kid (and Teh PT Husband) HATES this guy because of all his ads on all things media related.


I have only FOUR classes this semester and one of them is research, so it kinda doesn't count, but it does because I will have to do things for it, even if we only meet once a week.  I'm not used to having this light of a load.  Ironically, already this semester I've heard of 2 classes I wish I could take, siiiiigh.

Classes this semester are:
-Databases, my lone computer science class with PITA Professor
-Data science research


It has been incredibly warm in all of the classrooms on campus this week.  It was so warm in our Stats classroom that we opened the windows, but then the HVAC outside kicked on and it was so loud we had to close the windows.  At which point the instructor said, it's too hot in here to learn, so we'll just go over the syllabus and start lectures next Tuesday.

We all looked around at each other like, "Is this really happening?"  It was.  We were finished with class at 0830.  I spent the time until my German class being productive.  I took some Megan Time (aka, I went to the bathroom), stopped by Starbucks for a treat, called and made a VA appointment, had my labs sent from the OB-GYN to the VA clinic, and checked the internets for things.


Meri and Pax cuteness:


A coworker's boyfriend had flowers delivered to her at work, a huge bouquet of lilies.  Guess what I'm allergic to?  Lilies.  Fun.  Soooo, I told my boss that I was going home to telework because I didn't want to make it awkward.  NBD.

I get home and the guy pressure washing the house was blocking the entire driveway, so I parked on the street.  When I got inside, I realized the internet wasn't working.  I reset the router.  I reset the modem then the router.  I flipped individual breakers.  I flipped the breaker for the ENTIRE HOUSE.  I went outside and inspected the cable box on the outside of the house.  I gave up.  I used my phone as a mobile hotspot to check my email and make sure I hadn't missed anything.

Since the pressure washing guy was gone, I decided to move Willow to the garage... and the garage door wouldn't open.  Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.  So I backed Willow into the driveway at least and tried to troubleshoot again.  I finally located the GFCI outlet that was tripped in the garage and reset it.  Nothing.  I unplugged one item and tried to reset it, nothing.  I unplugged the other item and tried to reset it, nothing.  I got the step stool and unplugged the stuff in the ceiling outlet and reset it, nothing.  Then I texted Teh German about the situation, completely out of ideas of how to fix it.  I explained that I was trying to fix it prior to him coming home so he wouldn't have to be frustrated over it, he said I'd done everything he would have done.  I even sent him a snap of me resetting the GFCI outlet.  He said it was NBD and I opted for a nap because I had overwhelmed myself.

When Teh German got home, he went into the garage and did exactly the same thing I did and it fucking worked.  The internet came up, the garage door opened.  Part of me was annoyed, but most of me was just relieved that it was fixed.  I had him show me exactly what he had done and it was exactly what I had done, so I didn't feel bad.  We have no idea why he fixed it, but we were both glad.  Also, fuck home ownership.



The actual temperature was 79°F.  It's January.  Fuck.this.shit.

The most accurate weather meme I've ever seen:

This is accurate, as I currently have flowers that are sprouting from the ground!


Citadel things.

Last first day of the semester!

114 days.

Found this on a whiteboard in one of my classrooms.
It's not wrong.
(It's worth clicking on to actually read it.)


If you are ever in Charleston, you NEED to visit Park Circle Creamery and get the Lemon Crunch flavor.  I know I talked shit about this place a few months ago because I was never able to get service there, but I finally broke down on Wednesday and hiked down.

OMFG.  A FRESHLY MADE waffle cone with lemon ice cream?  Be still my heart.  I could eat that shiz for the rest of my lifeeeeeeee.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-KFC for lunch
-Coworker's going away lunch
-Power bill
-Shave oil
-Flight to Denver for the WiCyS conference
-Textbook rental
-Starbucks treat
-Pill splitter
-Groot planters as a pick-me-up for Teh Bestie
-Dog sustenance

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Cadbury mini eggs are LYFFFEEE

Some of you might call these paper towels, but after Navy bootcamp, these will FOREVER be called "Brownies".

When your dogs are DEMANDING a walk.

Skrimp fried rice.
I linked the print version so you don't have to read her life's story.

For years I avoided these samples at race expos and then I tried it once and now I'm addicted to it for my minimal shaving needs.  I bought 4 bottles since they were a clearance bundle because of messed up labels.  Mmmmkay.

Celebratory beverage for personal victories against bullies and for the coworker's going away.

We all know who the asshole is that refuses to pick up their paper towels off the floor when they miss the trashcan.
Still, she refuses to correct this.

Ordered new Goodr sunglasses because they are cheap and also I might have scratched up the lenses of my newest pair..
Yes, already.  Ugh.  Even though they are cheap, I am now vowing to treat them better.
These are my Ursula gafas through since they have purple tentacles on the arms.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

As someone who fought with opening a damn cereal bag yesterday, I yelled outloud:
If you're not gonna make this fucking bag ziploc, at least make it easy to open, Jesus Christ!

I need to watch this movie.

This the meme that made me need to watch the movie.
Please also know, I am Kat Stratford.  I was in 1999 when this movie came out and still am in 2020.

Cam is 100% my fave.

This has happened more than once this week with Matilda. /shrug

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. The last semester of school starting.
  2. German class.  I wasn't able to keep up 100%, but I don't think that was expected, but we talked about the history of the German language and if you're a long time Gentle Reader, you might recall that History of Languages is my JAMMMMM.
  3. New Company hoodie, even if it is too big.
  4. "Cold" weather after over a week of temps in the mid-to-high 70s. FUCK THAT SHIT.  IT IS WINTER DAMMIT.
  5. Going to bed without Teh German.  Like, not really, but I'm insisting on taking care of myself and going to bed at MY bedtime and not waiting for Teh German to finish his scrolling/chores/Teh German Time and turning off the lights and going to sleep.  His loss.
  6. Accomplishing dog walks all week, even at the cost of running, which I cannot seem to talk myself into doing.  IDK why.  I need some serious motivation though.
  7. Birthday celebration plans.  I need to make some calls, buttttttt here's a hint: a rage room.
  8. A surprise donut from Duck Donuts as a treat for bringing a coworker to the airport Thursday afternoon.
  9. Open windows to cool the house down.  
  10. BISON FILET for dinner tonight and celebrating Teh German's new job, FINALLY, since things with the German company are handled, we are allowed to be happy/excited about the new job.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.