Monday, January 27, 2020

Weekend Review {1/27}


When you spend an obscene amount of time in the bathroom, you learn new things.. like the fact that your soap container is glow in the dark.  YAY for clearance halloween soap.

Also, when your dogs are fucking creepers, you will NOT poop alone.  Even though you're living in the bathroom.  No man gets left behind.. and if you dare to shut the door, all you'll hear outside the bathroom is the sound of dog feet dragging on the floor like their leg weigh triple their entire body weight.  Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

And that's essentially the tale of that one time Megan couldn't stop pooping for 36 hours.  Not sure if it was food poisoning or a virus but either way, no thank you.  Since I had morphed into a poop monster, I notified my PM at 0443 that I would NOT be coming into the office since I was probably going to change my permanent address to my toilet.

I did manage to sit through class and it was a mad dash after class was over to get to the bathroom.  After, I went to pick up my race packet, got gas, picked up flushable wipes, and by the time I made it home, it was bathroom time again.  Teh Bestie encouraged me to take some Imodium, which I discovered we had (since I had forgotten it when I was at Walmart, even though I knew I was forgetting something) even though it was expired.

When I got home, I did more work things and took the beasts on a walk and took care of Teh German's chores and ensured that Teh German didn't die and was unmotivated for the majority of the evening.

Teh German spent the entire day in bed.  He came home Thursday afternoon from work feeling poorly and he was already in bed when I made it upstairs (after I had come home and then had to spend some time in the bathroom).  He called someone at work to let them know he wasn't coming in because he was sick and went back to sleep and that's where he stayed.  When I got home from school, I fed him soup for lunch and ensured he was medicated.  He texted me from bed to inquire where his meds were later in the evening and I asked what he wanted for dinner and delivered it to him with his meds.  I was kinda pissed to see that he was functional when I delivered dinner, having turned the bedroom lights on and was scrolling, but couldn't be bothered to come downstairs to feed himself, but fine.

After he ate, I brought his dirty dishes back downstairs, started the dishwasher, did my own pre-bedtime chores/grooming and went to bed.  When I said that it was lights out, there was no question about it.  Thankfully, Teh German didn't argue, because if he had, his ass would have been kicked out of the bedroom.  #NotSorry.

I kinda felt like Nurse Rachet about him being sick and then I felt like I was being taken advantage of after serving an alert, functional Teh German dinner in bed.  Mostly because I don't feel like I receive that same type of treatment when I'm sick, but let's not keep score.


Saturday, Teh German got up at regular work time and headed to his former German company to work one of the agreed upon Saturdays for training his replacement.  This was not an issue for me since I was doing the Post Charlie Classic 15k at Sullivans Island. 

Knowing the course was boring AF reallyyyyy helped me not get bogged down this year, unlike last year.  I stopped to pet a greyhound and take selfies with the library and the beach and I walked at the water stops.  RunKeeper said my time was 10:34/mile, but the race tracker said 10:44/mile and I'm going with the faster time on principle.

After my race, I stopped by Metto and picked up treats for myself, Teh German, and his replacement, then I dropped them off at the company.  I had considered messaging Teh German beforehand, but I was afraid he'd tell me not to come, so I didn't.

I went home and walked the dogs and talked to Teh Granny for 3 hours.  I was not planning on that time commitment.  I took a bath while I was talking to her and couldn't wet my hair because every time I said I needed to get off the phone, she'd start up talking again.  Like, I love my Granny the most, but jjjjjeeezzzzuuuuussssssss. 

Eventually, I did get off the phone because Granny started fussing that when she was looking for something, she wanted peace and quiet to do it, and I was like, uhhhhh ok, byeeeeeee.  Teh German and I took to the couches for recovery time with Meri.

I think we dozed for a short while, but we did eventually get up.  We went to Page's Okra Grill for dinner because I wanted chicken livers, then we accomplished our grocery shopping at Sam's and Walmart.

When we got back home, I put away the groceries and Teh German turned on the NHL All-Star game.  I wasn't overly interested and I was tired, so I went up to bed and read until Teh German came to bed.

I ended up finishing my Stephen King book after Teh German came to bed.  I also finished the Jojo Moyes audiobook on my way home from the race.  Woot, book accomplishments.


I got up earlier than I felt it was on Sunday, around 0930, feeling like it was 1030 at least.  I finished up the laundry that I'd been avoiding since Friday (using the excuse that Teh German was trying to rest on Friday and recuperation on Saturday) and went downstairs and had breakfast.  Then it was homework time.

I really hate when I put stuff on shelves and it just slides around and falls off in the floor...
so I finally decided to hang my running skirts.

In working up to be motivated to do homework, I picked out the colors for my next medal rack that I'm waiting on Teh German to size and sand for me to paint and cut stickers on the Cricut.  Grey will be the letter color, I'll then put the decal on, then paint over it with the green, then peel the stickers.  Hopefully it won't look too bad.  We'll see what happens.

I did finally chug through my German homework and looking over the suggested readings for my databases class.  I considered doing Stats homework, but we haven't covered the questions yet and rather than be frustrated, I figured I'd just wait for the lecture. 

I finished my homework at 3, right as Teh German left to go to some brewery event with Teh PT Husband and Teh Ret AF Maintainer, so I had to deal with my boredom all by myself.

I did go over to Teh PT House for a little bit to visit with the Huddie-Wuddie and we watched some Zucko's baking challenge show on Netflix that we enjoyed snarking.  But then it was doggy dinner time and I headed home to ensure the beasts didn't die of starvation.  I settled on the couch for a little bit to play my stupid game and read and scroll.  Teh German wasn't home by 8:30 so I headed up to bed and read my MHN book and finally went to sleep.  Teh German came home while I was still reading, but didn't come upstairs before I went to sleep.  Oh well.


Overall, a decent weekend, despite the ending of the week being so... poopy.  I didn't have any issues during my run (no runS, ha!), so all the praise hands for that.  I also felt confident with my time and I will have a good feeling going into the half marathon next weekend.

This coming week is rather busy.
-The beasts will be doing their trial daycare run at the boarding place.
-Teh PT Kid's bday
-VA appt on Friday
-My bday celebration event on Friday night.
-Saturday is the half marathon and Teh PT Kid's bday gathering (which I will make bday mac and cheese for him)
-Sunday is that stupid football game that everyone cares about
-Monday is my BIRFDAY!!!

I'm still kinda struggling with how little demand for my time school has this semester.  Granted, I really should be doing more research stuff.. but YOLO.

Other things I need to accomplish are booking lodging for Teh German and I in Denver and reserving a rental car.  I need to get with Matilda and Teh Bestie to see what the lodging situation is for Charlotte later in Feb.  There's also something else I'm forgetting.. but I'm sure I'll remember eventually..

Happy End of January, Gentle Readers!

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