Monday, January 20, 2020

Weekend Review {1/20}


School and work on Friday.  I went into the office super early so I could leave early.  When I got home, I walked the beasts and waited on Teh German to come home.  Our evening plan was a group Halls Chophouse dinner. 

My bison filet was fucking delicious.  Some of the company left things to be desired and Teh PT Wife and I agreed that we'd keep our Halls dinners to the ladies from here on.  We made it home by 9 and shortly after it was bedtime.


Saturday, Teh German got up to feed the beasts and never came back to bed.  I woke up and scrolled for a little bit and went back to sleep.  I woke up later and when I finally willed myself to get out of bed at 10, Meri started using me as a headrest and I was stuck in bed for 30 more minutes until she moved.  #Rules

Once I got up, I willed myself to go run.  I started my run and met a neighbor and his wheelchair dog, so I walked their circuit with them.  Then I went on my run, adding a few new streets to bump up my miles, which I'll do again, but slightly different next time.  When I was almost home, I saw Roux and his Humom and said if they came back to the house, I'd get Meri and Pax and we could do a group walk, so that's what we did. 

When I finally returned home, I saw a text from Teh PT Wife asking if Teh German and I wanted to go to Smokey Oak for a dog event they were hosting.  I said yes, that'd I'd be ready in 20 minutes.  I didn't clarify until I got in the car without Teh German that he was already out running his errands and maybe he'd meet us after he was done.


We walked around the tents and petted stranger dogs and worked up an appetite.  There was a bully rescue, the greyhound rescue, and a great dane rescue at the event and those are all the collective's favorite breeds, so it was a win.  Teh German did ultimately end up meeting us and eating late lunch with us.

When we got home, it was chill time.  Teh German left for planned hockey activities around 5, then was back home by 5:30 after finding out someone cancelled and the group was less interested.  He headed over to Teh PT House while I held down the couch.  I headed over to Teh PT House to catch a ride to a ladies night event at Honkytonk Saloon with Teh PT Wife.

As someone who was only allowed to listen to country music until she was 12, I have pretty country roots.. but Gentle Readers, this was too much for me.  I will say the people watching was on point, but I learned there is a line dance for every song now, which is exhausting.  Also, as someone who doesn't know all these new line dances, the Alpine Skiing event on one of the TVs was more interesting than the girl on the dance floor with her ass hanging out of her booty shorts who knew every dance to every song.

I danced to 2 songs and got kicked in the ankle during the 2nd dance and that was it for me.  I was pissed.  How much fucking flailing are you doing to KICK SOMEONE during a line dance that doesn't involve ANY kicks?!  Ugh.  Since I was in a rage, I wasn't sad when Teh PT Wife said she was ready to go home. 

We were home shortly after 10 and I wasn't sad.  We hung out with the husbands for a bit and told them about all the sights we got to experience.  Not long after, it was sleepytime, so we headed home and took care of bedtime chores and went to bed.


We stayed in the bed until 11 on Sunday.  IDK why, it wasn't like we'd partied hard or did anything overly strenuous Friday/Saturday.  Meri wasn't disappointed since she was stretched out between us for her post-breakfast nap.

When we got up, we had breakfast and I finally headed to the office to start Spring 2020 homework.  I also took care of some managerial tasks for organizing my life and finally started the tedious process of German homework.  For the millionth time, I questioned if I should drop this German class and take a different, easier, class, but I actually enjoy this class, despite the workload, so it's complicated and I'll stick with it, even if I have to whine about it first.

This girl makes me swoon.

Due to ADD, it took me a lot longer than it needed to, to do my homework.  YOLO.  Also, Teh German decided to hang the dining room curtain rod and do tank things, neither of which is quiet or conducive to studying.  Ultimately, I ended up having to put on my fancy headphones to block out his noise.

It was leftovers for dinner and Modern Family in the evening.  We finally caught up on Modern Family, so we started watching Community.  Teh German isn't sure about it.  I explained that first seasons are always rough, so we'll carry on.

Around 9, it was time for bedtime chores and sleepytime.


Overall, a fantastic weekend.  I did finally get a run in and it was fabulous and then on Sunday I was such a slouch that I broke my 19 day activity streak and I'm disappointed in myself, but not overly.  It is what it is.

No school today as it's MLK day.

This week includes:
-Finally starting my research class.
-Work happy hour with corporate visitors
-WiCyS meeting
-Hairs did
-15k on Saturday

The other big thing I need to do is get back to the gym.  Since I've been running only, my mid-back has been absolutely KILLING me.  I've read up on how to deter arthritis pain and turns out, strengthening and working out help the most.  Ugh.  So, that's a thing.  I've charged up and update my tablet for watching Netflix while on the elliptical (warm up/gym cardio) and then post elliptical, it will be weights and core.   Siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.  I really need an accountability buddy because, as of late, I'm the BEST at demotivating myself.  It's the worst.

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